Corsair VOID Pro RGB Wireless Gaming Headset Review!

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

hi guys it's mark from silenced Tech
today we are checking out the void Pro
Wireless RGB a gaming headset from
Corsair before I start though I'd just
like to say that I've currently got a
terrible sore throat so I might sound a
little bit strange for out this review
but please bear with me guys
here I have the white and black version
of the Corsair VoIP pros and they look
absolutely stunning they're priced
around 94 pounds in the UK and 99
dollars in the US if these are a little
bit too much for you Corsair offer the
voids in many other variants costing a
lot less so you're probably asking
what's the main difference between the
older voids and the new pros against
that a little bit later but on the
outside nothing has really changed
everything is exactly the same not that
they needed to change the styling as
they look fantastic although a
detachable microphone would have been a
nice upgrade over the older voids
included with this headset you get the
same USB dongle as the previous course
air voids there's also a 1.5 meter USB
cable for charging that's more than long
enough in the box that's all you get
making the setup process simple clean
and fast plus if you have a keyboard
where the k95 platinum is possible to
charge the headset straight from that
since I'm a tech reviewer I've used
untested a fair amount of headsets in my
time there's only two that I always find
myself going back to the original voids
are one of them one reason for that is
durability the voids are built like a
tank just look at me flexing these bad
boys about without a care in the world
the hinges are made of aluminium or
aluminum providing strength and rigidity
to the most stressed areas of any
headset the headband also has metal
inserts meaning it won't break even when
bent or twisted regarding comfort how
well the VoIP rows are going to fit your
head will greatly depend on your head
size my circumference is 60 centimeters
and the VoIP Rose feel just tight enough
for my head
the headset weighs 390 grams even after
long gaming sessions I never felt any
discomfort while wearing them but
there's been a fair few people stating
they aren't quite tight enough so they
snip off your head gradually over time
I've never actually experienced this
although they do feel slightly loose
when I shake my head from left to right
Corsair in my opinion did this on
purpose to help eradicate sweating from
your ears over long gaming sessions and
they actually see the looseness at the
benefit rather than a drawback as my
ears stay nice sound cool that said I
certainly won't feel confident using the
void pros with a VR headset as they were
more than likely fly off my head at some
point while I was gaming checking out
the ear cups and headbands and they are
padded with a memory foam and the cloth
used has a fairly rough feeling that
should last a very long time in fact my
older voids have lived up to the test of
time very well on the left ear cup for
this various controls that are easy to
get out quickly there's a power button a
mute button and lastly a volume wheel
that can also be pushed in to change the
EQ settings as I mentioned previously
the mic remains non-detachable but has
been greatly improved over the previous
voids as it now features a new noise
cancelling microphone plus raising the
mic arm up mutes your voice which is
really convenient here's a mic test so
you can decide for yourself whether it's
any good here's a microphone test for
the corsair void Pro Wireless RGB gaming
headsets I think overall the quality has
been improved greatly compared to the
previous course air void headset
definitely acceptable for online gaming
and maybe some Skype calls or discord
noise cancellation I'll let you judge
for yourself
was fairly loud that's generally what
you're gonna well someone's gonna hear
while you're gaming today go guys
testing out the wireless range of this
headset I found it was fairly good I
could move around my house with other
audio dropping outs in most places
courses state that the range is around
40 feet and not agree with that even
with the 2.4 gigahertz receiver tucked
away behind my PC battery life is rated
to 16 hours and that of course depends
on if you have the RGB lighting on or
off my own testing with the lighting on
it was more like 10 hours so around two
long nights of hardcore game in overall
the audio quality and of course their
voice are fairly good first of all the
50 millimeter drivers that Corsair have
used were lacking in the bass
departments there isn't really any punch
whatsoever that doesn't necessarily
matter as the highs are really good
which is exactly what you want from a
gaming headset when trying to hear
footsteps and enemy gunfire that said I
certainly wouldn't recommend them for
listening to music checking out the
software really quickly there's various
settings for the lighting effects you
can customize the EQ settings and adjust
the mic level although realistically you
can do most of that on the headset
anyway ok rounding off this review now
guys my voice is nearly gone I don't
reckon I'm even gonna be able to talk
tomorrow the VoIP Rose deliver for
gaming but they fall slightly behind
when you're listening to music in fact I
couldn't tell much difference between
the audio quality of the old Lloyd's
versus a new pros although there is a
slight difference there if you're
wondering whether you should pick up a
pair of pros versus the older voice I'd
say grab the pros since they're around
at the same price unless you see some
older ones on offer Oh
the award for the Corsair void wireless
RGB gaming pro headsets is gold they're
not the best gaming headsets on the
market I've ever tried but they're right
up there with some of the best and I
will certainly be keeping mine that's
for sure anyway guys my name is Mark I
hope you've enjoyed the review don't
forget to leave a like if you can good

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