by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

mischief has appeared on the land and
sea because of of the reward that the
hands of men have earned that Allah may
give them a taste of some of their deeds
in order that they may turn back so the
reason that Allah makes our negative
actions have negative repercussions is
in order for us to return back to Allah
I want every Muslim to reflect on this
ayah Allah saying facade corruption
mischief appeared on land and sea
corruption everywhere corruption on the
land corruption of the sea why because
of the world that the hands of man the
hands of human beings have earned that
Allah may give them a taste of some of
their deeds in order that they may turn
back from evil but Allah is saying that
corruption caused by man and then man
was thought to suffer man will be

because of what he did and this is
exactly what is happening man is
suffering because of his own deeds

our commentators say the herald facade
oh it means and Knoxville higher odds
feel very well Bihari
it means the diminishment of the
blessings of the earth you lose the
blessings of the earth and it means also
a lot witches droughts and and and
famines and all the harms that come with
agriculture the fruits of the land start
they stop giving forth and it also means
that the benefits of the ocean will
diminish from the fish and other animals
the highe not in the ocean like the
whales the whales are mammals and and
and this is because of what we've earned
from our sinfulness the facade in the
ocean the corruption in the ocean is
that the fish diminish because of the
sins of the children of Adam
what's the mischief on the land first of
all if we translate it into English it
means rotten as spoiled nurse corruption
decay decomposition putrefaction
Putridity depravity wickedness
viciousness iniquity immorality weakness
pervertedness wrongness incorrectness
all of these are meanings embodied in
that word if you look at the word
pollution in the English language and
this is taken from a dictionary
undesirable state of the natural
environment being contaminated with
harmful substances as consequences of
human activities Bhima cassavetes Eden
Ness this is the result so even in our
language pollution which is a dominant
problem on the planet today is recognize
that as a result of what human beings
earn one of the meanings of it in many
of them will fuss you don't mention this
the commentators say that it means that
fires were manifest on the land and
people don't realize this but there are
fires all over the world spreading and
greater in intensity they're becoming
greater in intensity and they're
threatening the great forests of Europe
nobody talks about this but you can you
can research this and you will find
Russia has a major crises
as a major crises many fires we're on
the west coast of the United States we
have many many great fires that they
can't put out they're so difficult to
put out the climate changes also driving
up temperatures because as the
temperatures rise there's more incidence
of fire they're projected to burn more
land as temperatures continue to rise
this is what is projected increase in
annual burn areas an increase of 650
percent in some of these areas another
aspect of this facade in the bottom is
the air itself in India they say
estimate every year half a million
people die from air pollution half a
million people
there's no where's the war on air
pollution you can see all over the world
now we're polluting the earth polluting
this air these are small pictures of
small people can't even see in many
places now they have to wear masks
people are getting asthma getting sick
Mexico City Tokyo Beijing another aspect
of this is soil degradation look at the
red here very degraded soil all over the
world we're seeing the acidity is
increasing in the soil
we're losing topsoil many places are
going to become uninhabitable we're
seeing death certification these are all
realities that are happening there's
degraded soil all over the world
desert a'f ocation is literally where a
place that once had foliage becomes
desert and and you can see the red here
is extreme it's already happened the
other places is where it's happening in
the yellow and then the green we still
have forests but there was a time when
all of North Africa you see where that
white is all of that is desert but even
has dune said that before Benny he Lao
got into Africa a squirrel could go from
Egypt all the way to Morocco without
touching the ground there were so many
and he said that Ben will head out came
they were like locusts that devoured the
resources Allah subhana WA Ta'ala says
mom and dad buttons NRT what I didn't
dijanna hey Ruby Jenna hey Ella oh my
moon I'm the Neukom that there's no
creature on the earth that walks the
earth there's no bird that flies with
its two wings except their communities
like unto you Allah tells us that the
animal kingdom have communities like
unto us and then he tells us that he
left nothing out of this book Mohammad
Khatami min Shaikh we didn't leave
anything out even the animals are
acknowledged in the Quran and trust me
going on right now on those Gulf states
people are suffering not just the
animals the animals are suffering in the
ocean but humans are suffering because
of all the toxic chemicals that they put
into the ocean to dissolve that this is
what we're doing to the oceans the
hundred fasaad oh look at this what that
animal do to deserve us we're supposed
to be caretakers when corruption
pollution spreads from human activities
on on the land and the sea it causes a
loss of the blessings of the land in the
sea and one of the things that we're
seeing since 1950 they estimate in
nature magazine one study said 90% of
the large fish are gone
ninety percent people ninety percent we
have literally decimated the oceans from
overfishing they estimate that in just
20 years tuna fish will be completely
extinct at current fishing rates there
are no longer huge fish they're not
finding these giant Marlins Euromaster
sushi chef in Japan said that he can't
find the good fish that they used to
have in the marketplaces anymore because
of overconsumption and also be all this
cat food fish being fished for cat food
I asked my friend from Afghanistan what
do cats eat in Afghanistan he said
that's what cats used to eat everywhere
leftover so you didn't waste food but
now you've been convinced by marketers
that you have to buy special food for
them and this is all just a way of
making more money look at what's
happened to the cod these are the
diminishing numbers that we're seeing
this is best-case scenario but the
future by 2048 they're estimating that
most of the fish will be dead according
to the the current rates and big fish
stock fall ninety percent since nineteen
fifty this was in the National
Geographic ten years ago nobody is
talking about this jellyfish I'm reading
a book right now called stung by the
world's foremost leading expert on
she said it's already too late the
jellyfish are taking over the ocean now
I want to tell you something about
jellyfish jellyfish are mindless they
have no brain and they are spineless
they have no spine and all they do is
consume and if you want to understand
that oceans cosmologically have always
represented human consciousness
that's the exteriorization of human
what's taking over our minds is
jellyfish we're becoming mindless and
spineless consumers this is what's
happening to human beings and we were
told to be caretakers but let's look at
the root of the crises the first and
foremost cause of all of this is the
economy of usury that creates this
cancerous growth this idea of completely
uncontrolled growth and this is where
the banksters are much to do with all of
this and and they have to be seen for
the criminals that they are and all you
have to read is Confessions of an
economic hitman to know the type of
things that they do in these third-world
countries to create permanent debt
they're borrowing from from the Federal
Reserve at 1% and they're loaning it out
to students at 7% student loans to get
an education in the United States the
student debt in the United States now is
1.2 trillion dollars it's criminal these
are criminal activities done there's now
greater student debt in my country than
there is credit card debt and this is
because they want people to be permanent
servicers of debt this is a new type of
slavery indentured servitude mortgage
mortgage the death grip until you die
but our law says yeah unda the
innominate with ductile law
guard yourselves against God guard
yourselves against God while Adam about
the immunity bar in kuntum mu'minin' if
you're believers guard yourselves avoid
Ussery that in l'm Tufano
that'll be out of a middle life what a
suti he and if you don't know that
there's gonna be a war Allah will bring
you down
God will bring it down he'll bring the
system down it will collapse


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