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by birtanpublished on August 15, 2020

U.s health secretary alex azar has accused china of resisting information sharing and failing to warn the world on the covet 19 pandemic speaking on a visit to taiwan he said this had led to increasing costs

For the rest of the world it isn't a new allegation from the united states and some other countries but inside china too stories are emerging of people who've paid the price for the alleged

Lack of transparency zhang hai a resident of shenzhen is angry with the government for not making public details about the virus which he claims could have prevented the death of his

Father in wuhan here's more the small neighborhood park near his home in shenzhen is a place filled with memories for zhang hai last year my father used to sit at this

Place time i come to these familiar places places i used to visit with my father i'm overwhelmed with grief at the same time i feel anger

Father was a veteran of china's nuclear testing program he was a wuhan resident but he spent his last years at his son's home in the coastal city of shenzhen about one thousand kilometers from wuhan

In january he broke his leg as a veteran he enjoyed good medical insurance but he was required to get treated in his hometown when he needed treatment i took him to and when he was in hospital i sat by his

Bed this was my way to show my love for him we chinese don't like to talk about our feelings to express our love with words but we show them with deeds now i feel haunted by remorse i feel

That by taking him to wuhan i sent him to his death at that time covet 19 was already spreading in the city but local officials were reassuring people that the virus could not be transmitted

From person to person a lie as it later turned out his father contracted the virus in hospital shanghai could do nothing but to sit by his bed and watch him get weaker and weaker

He has kept videos of his father's final days on his phone struggled for one week before he died his body was immediately taken for cremation in my opinion the officials who covered

Up the disease in its early days have behaved like criminals china has since largely managed to control the spread of the virus life is back to normal in most places the government prides itself

On its ability to contain new outbreaks through testing and quarantine the public mood has shifted from anger to appreciation of the government's response and those who want to remember the

Sufferings of the past under pressure to keep quiet zhang hayes tried to file a case in court against the authorities his case was rejected his social media accounts were shut down

He has received threats from the authorities these events have left us relatives of the victims with a boundless feeling of pain it's a pain

That will stay for the rest of our lives but the local authorities just say this matter is already over their tone shows a complete disregard of other people's lives

All that's left of his father's life are pictures of happier days zhang has not even retrieved his ashes from the crematorium for fear of public outbreaks of anger the government requires that victims

Have to be buried in the presence of officials a condition he refused that report by correspondent matthias berlinga in the philippines president rodrigo

Duterte has volunteered to be the first in his country to try a claimed new corvid 19 vaccine developed by russia duterte suggested that russia wanted to offer the vaccine for free

To the philippines there has been no confirmation from russia on this but a senior official said clinical trials were expected to begin in the philippines soon here's more of what duterte said

I will tell president putin that i have huge trust in your studies in combating covet 19. your studies in converting and i believe that the vaccine that you have produced is really good for human humanity

To show my trust in them i will tell doctors that i will be the first to get vaccinated when the vaccine arrives we will see if it works if it works on me

Then it is good for everyone for more let's go across to my colleague dw correspondent anna santos who joins me now from manila anna good to see you um i'm wondering how filipinos view

Rodrigo duterte's offer to try out the claimed russian covet vaccine on himself well it's that statement has gotten a lot of mixed reactions there are a group of people who are saying that it's absolutely preposterous to

Volunteer himself and at the same time there's another group that just says you know what sir if you want to be the first one to try out a vaccine that has not according to global health authorities

Has not gone under mass clinical trials then be our guest you can be the first one in line for that we have to remember that the philippines is still suffering from its traumatic experience with

Vaccines because of the botched dengue vaccine program from a few years back that's where a lot of this is coming from so this lack of confidence in vaccines in

General plus this overconfidence in an over promise of a russian vaccine has caused incredulous sarcasm among the public and just a lot of skepticism as well and of course anna this offer from the

President is coming in addition to a resurgence in cases in the country and this has already pushed the capital manila into another lockdown something you are experiencing yourself

How is that going well we're in uh the middle of the first week of lockdown and we have yet to see a drop in the new covet infections this lockdown was called for by the medical

Community who issued out a distress call saying that if we do not do this the health system can collapse you can imagine the the kind of state of emergency that that call from the medical community had

Spurred now emotionally if i could just go into that what people are telling me is that they're very emotionally and economically hurting this we had three months of lockdown before this

Starting march so a lot of people feel that those valuable three months of one of the longest and most punitive and strict lockdowns could have been used to prepare the

Health system so that we could have avoided this kind of mismanaged approach to covid19 additionally a lot of people are just so very emotionally distraught just today

If i may share you know there was a friend who had to deal with the death of a parent and a husband who she had lost in a span of one week both due to covet the cases are hitting very close to home

And underneath all of this economic suffering and this emotional pain is a lot of i should say simmering of anger now people are calling for three things the resignation of the

Health secretary a complete revamp of the covid task force which is mostly comprised of retired generals and replaced them with scientists and

Epidemiologists and mostly they are demanding for a concrete health-driven plan and they're telling the president that waiting for a vaccine no matter where it falls or comes from

Is not a plan tough times for us all anna santos and manila thank you so much and please stay safe it's not just the philippines but vietnam as well which is fighting a resurgence in corona virus cases

After more than three months without any domestic transmission the latest outbreak began in the central city of danang and then spread to more than 13 locations around the country authorities have

Moved quickly to contain the latest outbreak planning for the worst vietnam has converted this sports arena into a backup coveted hospital should the outbreak worsen

The thousand beds here would ease the pressure on hospitals in vietnam's coronavirus epicenter the city of da nang there on july 25th vietnam confirmed its first domestic coronavirus case in

Three months two more infections were reported the next day the government wasted no time in responding it banned wildlife imports reimposed social distancing suspended the domestic football league

And on the 27th all tourists were ordered to leave da nang 80 000 people mostly vietnamese holidaymakers were abruptly evacuated from the beach resort

Authorities were taking no chances and people were not protesting i should go back tomorrow afternoon but i'd rather fly back tonight this is a situation no one wants so even

Though it's not convenient we totally understand i just want to return to hanoi da nang emptied fast a shock for vietnam which earlier won international praise for being a

Pandemic success story no domestic cases in months thanks to quickly imposed travel bans lockdowns quarantines and widespread tracing and testing suddenly those achievements seemed in

Danger provinces are at high risk and should raise their alert level senior officials there and the whole political system should take action the public should be careful and alert

And follow instructions the virus has since spread past da nang with over 400 additional cases and at least 16 deaths compared to most countries those numbers remain minuscule

The government hopes the tactics that prove themselves in the past will again do the trick but this latest outbreak shows how quickly the virus can re-emerge when people think

That it's been beaten you

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