Coronavirus: Is China Getting Higher?

published on July 2, 2020

is China recovering from the coronavirus

China does even more mass surveillance

what happens when anime goes wrong that

and more on this week's China News



this is China uncensored I'm Chris


so the Chinese Communist Party has been

saying for a while now that it no longer

has a coronavirus problem China still

has a CCP virus problem though

but we've now seen a clear sign that the

Chinese leadership thinks they've got

the corona virus under control the party

announced it will hold the two sessions

the biggest political meeting of the

year in late May that's big the meetings

were originally set for March but the

commies party postponed them because

they didn't want top officials getting

the corona virus in fact according to a

leaked internal memo the whole reason

for the corona virus cover-up was

because social stability were key

priorities during the long lead-up to

China's two biggest political meetings

of the year in March so the CCP covered

up the corona virus so they could hold

the meetings and then their cover-up

caused them not to be able to hold the

meetings this is called maintaining

stability with Chinese characteristics

but on the plus side schools in China

are reopening and kids are turning up

with social distancing hats aren't they


they're actually in the style of Song

Dynasty hats I can't wait to see that on

the New York subway but it is New York

so no one will bat an eye the Communist

Party has been ramping up surveillance

in China dissident artist Ai Weiwei says

the coronavirus has only strengthened

China's police state and that includes

installing surveillance cameras outside

people's front doors and in some cases

even inside their homes

how many cameras are there inside China

well according to this report has of

2018 China already had close to 350

million surveillance cameras and

remember they've been installing a lot

more since the corona virus outbreak so

there's a lot of cameras in China the

good news is they're made in China in

the past being under virtual house

arrest was only experienced by Chinese

dissidents but thanks to the corona

virus locked down everyone in China has

gotten to experience the pleasure of

worrying about everything they say and

do inside their own house also locked in

their house I like to call it the 1984

staycation but in tough times

heroes will emerge like this guy who was

so furious about being under

surveillance that after his quarantine

ended he took out a hammer and smashed

the device in front of the community

workers truly an act of courage but even

if you smash the cameras you're still

being watched on the Internet the

Communist Party is trying to scrub out

the online history of the corona virus

outbreak and that's why Chinese internet

users trying to preserve information

about the pandemic that was censored

online have been arrested reminds me of

doctor Li one Liang he tried to sound

the alarm about the corona virus way

back in December but authorities

detained him for spreading rumors he

later died of the corona virus but now

he's being honored with a medal from the

Chinese Communist Party Youth League

yeah they're attempting to turn him into

a martyr for the Communist Party see he

stood up to local police who were very

bad and it was local officials who

blocked the information from getting to

the core of the Communist Party that

loves the people very much and would

never cover up the virus I mean except

that they did but the Communist Party's

attempts to rewrite history are facing

some challenges namely the rest of the

world has a memory slightly longer than

a goldfish President Trump is talking

about holding China accountable well

Charlie there are a lot of ways you can

hold them accountable we're

doing very serious investigations as you

probably know and we are not happy with

China we're and so Chinese officials are

talking about holding the us

accountable you know for all the time

the us wasted when the Chinese

Communist Party was covering up the

virus meanwhile the Chinese regime is

threatening economic consequences if

Australia follows through with an

investigation into the origin of the

corona virus truly the actions of a

perfectly innocent party but the Chinese

regime believes it can bully Australia

into not doing that investigation except

now other countries are joining team

Australia like Sweden which plans to ask

the EU to look into the origins of the

corona virus that's after China has

slowly ruined its relationship with

Sweden by bullying and now the UK is

also joining in on calls for an

investigation into China's role in the

corona virus outbreak and in a totally

unrelated story British doctors are

warning that ventilators the UK bought

from China could kill patients yeah I

think there's gonna be an investigation

so the world is pretty tired of the

Chinese regime's nonsense and now the

us is imposing new export rules to

keep sensitive technology out of the

hands of the Chinese military the new

rules will require licenses for US

companies to sell certain items to

companies in China that support the

military even if the products are for

civilian use they also do away with a

civilian exception that allows certain

US technology to be exported without a

license the real question is why did it

take a deadly pandemic for the US

government to figure out that giving

this technology to the Chinese regime

was a bad idea

speaking of the military us senator

Ted Cruz is also pushing a bill that

would block the Pentagon from working

with Hollywood film studios that edit or

alter their movies on behalf of Chinese

censors the bill is called the stopping

censorship restoring integrity

protecting talkies

Act protecting talkies because Ted Cruz

is a time traveler from 1929 Cruz is

also criticizing the World Health

Organization and YouTube he tweeted the

w-h-o shamelessly broadcasts Chinese

communist propaganda and now YouTube is

saying it will censor anything contrary

to the w-h-o the CCP shouldn't be

running Silicon Valley or trampling free

speech in America and I just want to say

Ted Cruz back off I Love You Tube please

don't do monetize this episode US

Senator Tom cotton has been one of the

loudest voices calling for an

investigation into a Chinese lab in

Wuhan to look into whether it may have

been the source for the corona virus

he's now also saying the US should deny

visas for Chinese students to study

science in the US now that sounds really

racist but there's a reason behind the

idea US law enforcement agencies have

investigated numerous instances of

intellectual property theft by Chinese

nationals generally in science and

technology fields some of those

suspected of theft have obtained Chinese

patents for work owned and funded by the

US while others have duplicated US

research in secret labs in China so

there's a reason for it

it just sounds really really racist

though he's only talking about students

from mainland China not ethnically

Chinese people from other countries like

Taiwan but I don't think it's gonna


what does need to happen is a serious

look at how American universities have

become dependent on Chinese money

Taiwanese health officials are thanking

the US for pushing for Taiwan's entry

into the World Health Organization

Taiwan has by far done a better job with

the corona virus than any other country

there's only about 400 confirmed cases

and six deaths there but at the behest

of China the World Health Organization

has kept Taiwan locked out

have fun stewing on that while you're in


joining the ever-growing list of people

who want to sue the CCP nigerians

Nigerian lawyers are seeking two hundred

billion dollars in damages for the

corona virus and it sure isn't helping

that Nigerians inside China are being

blamed for the corona virus and kicked

out of their homes and I join us in

China I saw stream there something well

where were my days in China sorry

he said pizza city C CPC Nigel I trained

my software it's a pity oh my god oh my

god oh my god starting next month China

is rolling out a new state-run digital

currency because what the commies party

really needed was more control over

people Chinese state-run media reports

that some American companies will be

part of the experiment including

McDonald's I'm loving it because I have

no choice really the Communist Party

knows the way to people's hearts and for

the kids it's anime Billy Billy is an

incredibly popular Chinese video sharing

website it's mostly for sharing anime

clips and video game tutorials but the

Communist Youth League and other groups

have been flooding Billy Billy with

coronavirus related conspiracy theories

and Fanning anti-american sentiment the

Youth League the party's branch for

younger members is among the site's top

7 creators with about 6 million


another fun example this anime series

about Karl Marx what high tech tree to

Chile the dog shot PGG

car nigga up

it was co-produced exclusively for Billy

Billy by several state institutions

Communist anime Shinji getting the robot

and fight the us next I'll answer a

question from a member of the China

uncensored 50-cent army since YouTube

has been de monetizing a lot of our

videos the China uncensored 50-cent army

has stepped up their viewers like you

who helped us keep up the fight of

truthful uncensored information by

supporting China uncensored through the

crowdfunding website patreon so today's

question comes from Joe Roy I have

friends in China that yearn to openly

discuss serious topics we don't dare do

so on WeChat for obvious reasons some

are even afraid of VPN use these days

what technologies are considered the

most safe at this time unfortunately I

can't recommend much people have been

jailed for sending texts in China more

secure messaging apps like telegram and

signal are often only available over VPN

and the VPNs aren't much better people

have been fined for using them to access

overseas websites and arrested for

running VPNs even Chinese people abroad

need to be careful recently a Chinese

student at University of Minnesota was

arrested for tweeting this it's the

villain from an old cartoon show called

Biker Mice from Mars

he noticed the bad guy looked a little

like Xi Jinping now to be clear he

tweeted this in America but when he went

back to China he got arrested for it and

this is how the Chinese Communist Party

does it they make it so Chinese people

can't even safely talk to one another

even if you have a great VPN but somehow

your name is identifiable you're not

safe you can't have an open conversation

online anymore because big brother is

watching you thanks for your question

Joe if you'd like to hear your question

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next time


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