Coronavirus in closed worlds in Israel, Iran, Greece | DW Documentary

published on July 2, 2020



I swap after I live in Lunia refugee

camp unless this island in Greece

country for five months


we're living here without sanitary

facilities and without electricity how

can we protect ourselves in here from

the coronavirus our tent is tiny how

should we protect ourselves here I hope

that Moria won't become a place for the

dead we escaped through the mountains

and didn't die in the attempt we came

here by boat and survived that I don't

want us to die in Moria


the camp has a capacity for 3,200 people

currently 25,000 people live here


my mother my brother and I live here too

right now the corona virus is spreading

all around the world everyone has to

quarantine themselves and stay at home

we are unable to quarantine ourselves

how can we protect ourselves from the

virus we lack the means to do that


today is the first day of Favot in the

beginning of the Iranian calendar year

corona is definitely not good but it

does have something positive it ensures

that the streets in Tehran are emptier

there are fewer people out and about so

the air is cleaner

a man in love Jean I wonder if the virus

kills more people than the polluted air


man to tarnish god that's and I taught

at a university in Tehran hushed Sauron

eh come after eight years they're happy

that he needed an ideological values

Commission fired me because of my

pro-western thoughts of korah parody


laughter that I planned on going to

Austria to work at a university there

they already had a promise of a job from

Vienna but the Iranian embassy refused

to give me a visa since I didn't have

enough money to go to Austria after that

I became unwell and had to put myself

through chemotherapy

I find it fun to paint my toenails I

enjoy that I really like it but he ran

around people react strangely to colored

nails they don't say anything completely

insulting but some they ask for example

if I am homosexual sorry do you think

you buy a gay has the owner how are you

how's it going good good have you got

corona no not yet hopefully you catch it

super dish huh why would you say that I

believe that we won't get a treatment

instead of hiding oneself for as long as

possible it's actually better to be

unwell and then get better again quickly

okay the more you soit Sh'ma sorry

my name is Gershon Moscovitz

from Jerusalem Israel so we are now in

extreme lockdown still continues in my

neighborhood in Jerusalem since many of

my neighbors my sect old hot dogs

I see compared to secular Jews realize

that's it we live in new and we have to

change our customs what we see now is

the silent prayer

it's called Pilate Shamu nice way we

pray three times a day it's a silent

prayer it means to speak to God alone

people are praying you can see people

sit far from each other the streets are

quite empty silence hardly any cars

well Troy I'm especially an academic

people want to pray to God for a long

time that he should give them salvation

should help them to say to stay safe but

now there is a feeling of importance of

change it's very interesting for me as a

Jewish young man it was a big discussion

if to close the issue votes because

usually we believe that if people study

it helps the world survive


josè stick to two meters is rack watch

out if you love the not keep the two

meters is rock you aren't keeping to two

meters here is my balcony with my lovely

flowers it's spring i shrank by horror

masse they have strung up and dried

these chilies now I've got to

chop them up to make chili powder from

the blenders you they say here the

people say that the Americans have

developed this virus to kill Iranian

because Iranian genes are similar to

Italian genes Italians have been killed

by accidents I don't think about the

virus so much if I think too deeply

about it then that just makes me and

well did if 10 mm oh dear I have the

feeling of being trapped

we're in able to leave Iran at least

it's difficulty our currency has no

value our passport is worthless tomorrow

is another day

well if everyone now says that we should

stay at home then I say I was already

locked up before this publisher


the everywhere the loads of rumors are

circulating unborn it will do real show

you ought to and that's is it it's

already bad because the Iranian

government does not have the situation

under control it's a third world

government there is no access to

firsthand news well that's another and

there's no freedom of the press and no

reliable media that you can trust


I'm Phileas a square a huge poster has

been put up normally you would see

political propaganda here stay at home

it's very quiet right now I wish that

Corona didn't exist you but this silence

is very nice so kids worship my name is

Ahmed Nazari I'm four I'm Afghanistan

I'm 30 years old I'm living at the

moment is country of Ireland this was

all a tant at Mario Cantone I'm the

fugitive and I'm here for two years

lucky everywhere even by the tents

there's rubbish all around nobody deals

with it Honduran rubbish is simply

stuffed into plastic bags it stinks

really badly slowly now with corona this

situation can become even more dangerous

if the virus gets into the camp here how

should we fight it in these

circumstances unless you have to hold it




in order to explain to the people have a

spread of Corona can be reduced posters

were put up here it says how we should

wash our hands and this is what it looks

like in the toilets



it is dirty everywhere in Moria and

there is hardly ever water how are we

supposed to wash our hands and face when

there isn't any water



everyone can see how catastrophic it is

here and how much worse it can still get

morias was not made for 25,000 people

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