Coronavirus: How WHO Corruption Helped It Unfold

published on July 3, 2020

us taxpayers are the biggest funder of

the World Health Organization but it's

rife with corruption and it's done some

sketchy things when it comes to China's

coronavirus outbreak

this is China uncensored I'm Chris


when the world is threatened by an

outbreak of a deadly coronavirus from

China who are you gonna call know who

the World Health Organization I can see

how that could be confusing let's just

stick with w-h-o and I can see how the

wh OHS response to the corona virus

could also be confusing because it's

hard to understand how the main global

organization charged with handling it

could have screwed up so badly the World

Health Organization is a United Nations

body concerned with world health at

least supposedly but it turns out

corruption in the agency is putting

lives at risk by now it's a recognized

fact that the Chinese Communist Party

has used a 2-step solution to deal with

the corona virus step 1 cover it up they

arrested whistleblowing doctors and

journalists and state-run media either

kept numbers of infections impossibly

low or didn't report on it at all

but after weeks of cover-up allowed the

virus to spread across China and around

the world it became too big to cover up

so then step 2

authoritarian crackdown the Chinese

regime is quarantined much of Hubei

province where the outbreak began it is

the largest quarantine in human history

with tens of millions of people affected

and now much of the rest of the country

is under lockdown as well now you might

be thinking a quarantine makes sense

right except on this ginormous scale it

doesn't actually work well it's been a

Thorat arian heavy-handed and often

arbitrary varying from one village or

city to another and this has made

Chinese people lose trust in their

government some people look for ways to

escape the quarantine zones and many

don't report to authorities when they

get sick because the consequences could

include being put in a quarantine Center

next to hundreds of other sick people in

some cases people have said that the

quarantine centers don't have enough

medical staff or even food according to

an expert at the University of Edinburgh

the way Chinese authorities have gone

about it is quite dangerous because you

actually start to erode that trust in

the government you want citizens coming

forward and saying I feel unwell the

Chinese Communist Party is getting

slammed with international criticism for

how they handled the corona virus but

guess who hasn't been criticizing them

the World Health Organization in fact

the wh show has been praising how the

Communist Party has handled it this is

the director-general of the WH o Ted

Rose at Hanauma meeting with Chinese

leader Xi Jinping three weeks ago at the

time Ted Rose said we appreciate this

seriousness with which China is taking

this outbreak

especially the commitment from top

leadership and the transparency they

have demonstrated he also said China is

actually setting a new standard for

outbreak response hmm detaining

activists who criticized Xi Jingping

technically that is a new standard for

outbreak response anyway Ted Rose

lavished praise on China despite the

fact that it took nearly two weeks for

the agency to get a go-ahead from China

to send even an advance team which

arrived in Beijing on February 10th to

discuss a joint mission did Rose's

praise of China has been so lavish he's

been featured repeatedly in Chinese

state-run media like this video from the

People's Daily China

took action

massively at the epicenter at the source

of the algebraic this is heroic the

actions of China is making us safer

maybe it's just me but I don't feel a

whole lot safer and keep in mind

Ted Rose was praising China's

authoritarian response to the virus at

the same time he was criticizing other

countries especially the US for travel

bans to and from China there is no

reason for measures that unnecessarily

interfere with international travel and

trade we call on all countries to

implement decisions that are

evidence-based and consistent good thing

no one listened to him major world

airports set up screening procedures for

travelers who had recently been to China

many airlines simply stopped flights to

and from China you know it's not a great

thing when people ignore the main global

organization that's meant to advise

everyone on health crises

deados also said in an interview that

the quarantine of tens of millions of

Chinese people is consistent with the

WHS regulations call for the least

intrusive measures possible and strong

protection for freedom of movement and

other human rights least intrusive I

would hate to see what the w-h-o

actually considers intrusive

incidentally Ted Russ was a leader in

Ethiopia's tigre People's Liberation

Front that's a wing of the ruling

Marxist rooted Ethiopian People's

Revolutionary Democratic Front he served

the violently repressive regime as

minister of foreign affairs from from

2012 to 2016 after a stint as health

minister so I would really hate to see

what Ted Rose considers intrusive though

he did say I think that human rights and

so on should be respected yeah human

rights and so on yada yada yada

but Ted Ross isn't the only one in the

w-h-o who's praising the Chinese

Communist Party's response to the

coronavirus another w-h-o representative

recently told a panel the people of


feel protected we all need to take a

step back and admire what's happened

remember Peter Humphrey the British

private investigator who was jailed in

China in 2013 he had been drugged

chained to a chair locked in a cage and

then made to read out a statement

written by the police in front of the

cameras the anchor who presented the


James Chao is now a goodwill ambassador

with the World Health Organization this

kind of praise for China has been going

on for years

this statement from former w-h-o

director-general Margaret Chan says in

the eyes of the world China is

increasingly seen as a model for

development at many levels

China has lifted millions of its people

out of poverty and China is extremely

fortunate to have a president who has

made health the center of all government

policies and if the people don't want to

be healthy sometimes you just gotta

force them incidentally Beijing back the

appointment of Margaret Chan a former

director of health in Hong Kong as w-h-o

director-general from 2006 to 2017 but

beyond just praise the Chinese regime

seems incredibly successful at getting

the WH out to bow down to its claims

over Taiwan in case you don't know

Taiwan is a sovereign country with its

own government military and currency but

the Chinese regime considers it part of

China and China has used its influence

in the wh o to keep Taiwan out here's a

speech given at a w-h-o meeting last


there's simply no principled basis why

Taiwan should not be here the only

reason why it is not here now is because

of the fact that the government in

Beijing does not like the current

administration in Taipei and yet Taiwan

is not allowed to join the World Health

Organization as a member state or even

as an observer and that puts Taiwan's

population of 23 million people at risk

Taiwan's exclusion from the double

leaves its population vulnerable during

this crisis a lack of direct and timely

channels to the w-h-o have already

resulted in inaccurate reporting of

cases in Taiwan Taiwan has repeatedly

complained that China and the w-h-o

aren't sharing information about the

corona virus outbreak with them that's

also what happened back in 2003 when the

deadly SARS epidemic broke out in China

besides putting 23 million Taiwanese

lives at risk that also affects the 50

million foreign travelers who pass

through Taiwan's airports every year

they might assume the w-h-o is taking

care of things they would be wrong in

fact the w-h-o can't even figure out

what to call Taiwan last month a w-h-o

spokesman called it China Taiwan and

then a February 4th report flipped it

and listed Taiwan chilena but got the

number of cases wrong relying on data

from Beijing not Taipei now the w-h-o

doesn't even mention Taiwan they

recently called it Taipei and environs

in a list of affected cities in China

why does China have this kind of

influence over the World Health

Organization it turns out the w-h-o is

horribly corrupt an audit revealed there

has been a surge in internal corruption

allegations across the whole of the

organization with the detection of

multiple schemes aimed at defrauding

large sums of money from the

international body that included an

upsurge of internal complaints of

corruption fraud and even sexual

harassment from across the 7,000 strong

organization overwhelming an internal

team of four full-time investigators and

two consultants and yet the division of

the whu-oh responsible for handling the

corona virus outbreak is so chronically

underfunded it has repeatedly been found

to pose a severe and unacceptable level

of hazard great

so some people in the whao are scamming

loads of money and getting rich while

the coronavirus team is way underfunded

maybe that's why the WH o delayed

issuing a global emergency over the

corona virus even though human to human

transmission had already been confirmed

or maybe it's because of China's role

has a donor to the WH o after this 2017

meeting between Ted Rose and high-level

Chinese leaders the WH o got a big new

financial contribution from China China

also wants to build an 80 million dollar

headquarters for the Africa Centers for

Disease Control and Prevention guess

where they want to build it in Ethiopia

wow what a coincidence that that's ten

roses home country the us is pretty

sure it will be used for spying but

China's importance to the w-h-o derives

not so much as a current donor but as a

future source of funds and a partner

with which to tackle the biggest global

health problems well China's got the

money and twenty percent of the world's

population but is the ruling Communist

Party really a good partner with which

to tackle the biggest global health

problems a lot of health experts are

furious at the w-h-o for their praise of

china's response to the corona virus and

their delay in issuing a global

emergency according to Lawrence gostin a

professor of global health law at

Georgetown University who also provides

technical assistance to the w-h-o we

were deceived myself and other public

health experts based on what the World

Health Organization and China were

saying reassured the public that this

was not serious that we could bring this

under control

allegations of corruption in the WHL are

nothing new in 2017 this expose from The

Associated Press found that nearly half

of the WHU shows two billion dollar

budget went to first-class airfare and

five-star hotels the United States is

the largest contributor US taxpayers

fund about a quarter of the WHS budget

and get this that doesn't include costs

covered by host countries seeking to

curry favor which are off wh shows books

and if you know anything about the

Chinese Communist Party and how they buy

influence it's often by spending on

lavish trips now there's no evidence

that's what happened with the WH oh I'm

just a bit concerned you know what with

all the corruption and bootlicking

especially because the WH o relies on

the funding and the cooperation of

members to function giving wealthy

member states like China considerable

influence so I know right now you're

probably pretty worried about getting

accurate information about the corona

virus outbreak fear not the wh o is also

battling misinformation working with

Google to ensure that people get facts

from the UN health agency first when

they search for information about the

virus and that's why below this video on

YouTube a platform owned by Google

you'll see a link to the WH show the

most trustworthy source of coronavirus

information they put it there

automatically I can't remove it of

course if that's not enough to point

your opinion in the correct direction

YouTube has also demonetised almost

every video I and everyone else on

YouTube has published about the corona

virus you know to discourage us all from

even talking about it outside the

official channels but what Google

YouTube the WH show and China didn't

count on was the amazing support what I

call the China uncensored 50-cent army

they're fans of the show who contribute

on the crowdfunding website patreon

because of their financial support I can

make an episode about how China the

w-h-o and Google don't have your best

interests at heart when it comes to the

corona virus outbreak they can to

monetize China and censored all they

want and I'll just keep making episodes

anyway so as a thank you to members of

the China uncensored

Center me I answer questions from them

at the end of some of my episodes

today's question comes from Tony Chuck

go Skee he asks Tedros Tedros really on

the ball

China has huge investments in Ethiopia

where he hails from and their airline is

still flying to China

it makes Kenya next door very afraid you

know I never even thought about that but

it turns out that yes China is investing

heavily in Ethiopia and since Chinese

investment is called debt trap diplomacy

it should come as no surprise that about

half of all Ethiopia's debt belongs to

China the largest part of the debt was

for the construction of the 4 billion

dollar Ethiopia Djibouti railway the

export-import Bank of China backed the

project with 33 billion dollars in

loans the railway has so far been

crippled by light loads electricity

shortages and disruptions due to

protests but hey it connects Ethiopia to

China's first overseas military base in

Djibouti so that's worth it right

Chinese investment in Africa has been

called a new colonialism could Chinese

investment in Ethiopia affect Ted roses

decision-making as director in chief of

the w-h-o obviously I can't say for sure

but let's just say I feel extra

comforted by the WHL link YouTube is

putting below this video

take it away Ted Rose the actions of

China is making us good thanks for your

question Tony and thank you for watching

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once again I'm Chris Chappell see you

next time


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