Coronavirus: How China Spun Criticism Into “Racism”

published on July 3, 2020

if you don't like how China handled the

coronavirus you better keep your mouth

shut or else you're a racist dead leads

that's what the Chinese Communist Party

says welcome back to China uncensored

I'm Chris Chappell

in our last segment I showed you how the

Chinese Communist Party covered up the

corona virus and used ruthless

authoritarian tactics to suppress its

citizens and yet still managed to turn

it into a propaganda win watch that

segment if you haven't already it's a

great lesson on how to create a huge

mess and then make everyone believe you

are saving them from the mess that you

created but some people here in the West

continue to criticize how the Chinese

Communist Party has handled the corona

virus like how they covered it up for

weeks which is why it's now a global

pandemic that makes it much harder for

the Chinese Communist Party to claim

they've saved the world which is why the

party has a new term for the people who

criticize them racists just look at this

article in my favorite Chinese state-run

media the Global Times racism shows ugly

side us-china fights coronavirus I feel

like the Communist Party really gets us

as soon as they made it about racism

American media latched on to it and sure

I get it there have been documented

instances of racism from the predictable

to the weird like this questionable

corona Time photo from Belgium and this

Mexican performance with a dancing

coronavirus during a conical hat and a

foo Manchu and then from New York City

this video showing a man on the subway

spray an Asian man with Febreze which is

not only racist but also bad science

Febreze cannot neutralize the virus also

what kind of person carries around for

breeze there have also been more serious


allegedly racist attacks anyway all of

this is to say there have definitely

been cases of individuals being racist

towards Chinese people or I guess Asians

in general since racist people don't

always try to make that distinction

but that's not what the Chinese

Communist Party is concerned about what

they're doing is accusing governments

and media organizations of being racist

and using that to push their own

propaganda for example in February as

the Chinese economy was crashing from

the impact of the Communist Party's

massive quarantines The Wall Street

Journal published this editorial calling

China the real sick man of Asia sick man

of blank actually refers to a country

that's in trouble economically and

that's very clear if you actually read

the article but as I talked about in a

previous episode sick man of Asia is a

term that's historically been considered

racist in China dating back to the early

20th century so it's not surprising the

Chinese state-run media demanded an

apology for the racist headline in fact

they published dozens of articles that

criticized the racist and anti-china

reaction to the coronavirus that used

the Wall Street Journal article as the

main example and Chinese authorities

expelled three Wall Street Journal

reporters from China after it came out

though the expulsion was probably not

really about the headline as much as it

was getting rid of Western journalists

in China Chinese state-run media also

cried racism when a newspaper in Denmark

published this image the article

criticized the Chinese regime's cover-up

of the coronavirus the Chinese Embassy

demanded an apology which they did not

get because the image wasn't racist

against Chinese people it was satirizing

the Chinese government which allowed the

virus to spread because it covered it up

for almost two months foreign

governments are not immune to charges of

racism either that Chinese state me

article says the Australian Government's

travel ban on people who had recently

been in China provoked a new resurgence

of racism even though the ban was only

on people coming to Australia from

mainland China it did not target

ethnically Chinese people from coming to

Australia from elsewhere including

Taiwan so the travel ban targeted the

country that had the outbreak not

Chinese people so really when it comes

to media and government's what we've

been seeing is not racism but words and

actions specifically targeted at the

country of China and its ruling regime

the Chinese Communist Party but that

nuance is intentionally ignored by the

Chinese Communist Party and its

state-run media they want to conflate

those issues to play the racism card let

me show you exactly how they do it

here's an opinion piece in the LA Times

written by the head of the Chinese

consulate in Los Angeles he spends the

first half of the article praising

China's response to the coronavirus

claiming that its response saved the

rest of the world and repeating how the

World Health Organization is also

praising China this is exactly the type

of propaganda spin we talked about in

our previous segment but here's the key

paragraph the Chinese diplomat brings up

disturbing reports from around the world

about discrimination and stigmatization

of the Chinese community what kind of

discrimination xenophobia on social

media attacks on Chinese people and

discrimination against Chinese doctors

then in the very next sentence he says

and despite its unparalleled response to

the crisis the Chinese government has

been attacked by some people out of

ideological prejudice in three sentences

this Chinese diplomat equates criticism

of the Chinese government with

xenophobia and physical attacks against

Chinese people he's saying they're the

same thing that's the trick they're

taking individual cases of racism and

mixing them with targeted actions

against the Chinese government and

targeted criticisms of the Chinese

regime and state-run media are spinning

it as the West is racist against China

yes that's the trick and people are

falling for it in fact

Chinese state-run media have even gone

so far as to say racism is a worse enemy

than the epidemic oh right it's racism

that's killed 6,000 people in the past

two months in February Chinese state-run

media had criticized the us for

implementing a travel ban on people who

had recently been inside China and then

in March Chinese state-run media upped

their game

claiming it's racist to even say the

corona virus originated in China this

Global Times article says some American

officials including Secretary of State

Mike Pompeo are using Wuhan virus which

is considered a racist term so even

though the first cases of the corona

virus were in Wuhan China it's racist to

say that yes apparently it is because

starting in late february chinese state

media began spinning a new narrative the

idea that the corona virus may not

originate in China yes the origin still

hangs in the air and soon Chinese social

media sites began pushing the idea that

the virus really originated in the

United States and then the Chinese

foreign ministry spokesperson tweeted

that it might be the us army who

brought the epidemic to Wu on now at

first glance this seems crazy but the

more they push that idea the more people

will actually start to question whether

it really did start in China especially

when you can't say it did without being

called racist the good news is the US

government is not letting them get away

with it last week the State Department

summoned the Chinese

ambassador over the foreign ministry

spokesperson x' tweets and Secretary of

State Mike Pompeo condemned China's

efforts to shift the coronavirus blame

on the us in a phone call with the

Communist Party official but that hasn't

stopped the Chinese government from

pushing the idea that no one really

knows where the corona virus came from

and now when someone suggests the corona

virus originated in China they cry

racism what's incredible is how quickly

the narrative shifted because just eight

weeks ago chinese state media had

specifically referred to the corona

virus as the wuhan virus but what's even

more incredible is how some Western

media companies have completely bought

into the Chinese Communist Party's

narrative about racism for example after

a US congressman referred to the Wuhan

virus in a tweet the media jumped on it

saying the remark stirred a racism

debate GOP lawmakers continue to use

Wuhan virus or Chinese coronavirus and

Republicans face backlash over racist

labeling nicely done Chinese Kanye's

party you know us so well it's only been

a few months since the outbreak and

instead of the West criticising you for

your massive cover-up that turned it

into a global pandemic that's killed

thousands of people

you've got us fighting ourselves for

racism now I'm not going to argue about

whether the term Chinese coronavirus or

Wuhan coronavirus is racist or not no

I'll be tackling that in an episode of

my new show

racism unleashed what's that Shelley

okay I'm being told that's a terrible

idea for a show but my point is the

Chinese Communist Party is using

accusations of racism to cover their own

butts the fact that they can also use

accusations of racism to get us to fight

with each other forever is just a bonus

so dear viewers I have a suggestion

let's not call it the Wuhan coronavirus

or the Chinese Corona

virus it was the Chinese Communist Party

that turned a small number of infections

into a global pandemic by covering it up

and that's exactly what they're trying

to distract us from so let's call it

what it really is the CCP coronavirus

it's hard to argue that's racist next up

I'll answer a question from a member of

our 50-cent army those are people who

support China uncensored through patreon

des brains asks does the CCP have any

influence in choosing medical managers

inside Chinese hospitals if so how does

it work in the US a Board of Directors

chooses the most qualified and

experienced medical professional in a

department to be the manager good


broadly speaking the answer is yes I'm

not saying US hospitals are always a

meritocracy but in China qualification

and experience cannot be the most

important criteria in any big

organization that's because

organizations with 50 plus employees in

China are required to have a communist

party branch party representatives will

make sure that the decision makers in

that company are loyal to the party a

company that's disloyal to the party

will be punished or shut down so it's in

each company's interests to make sure

the people in charge toe the party line

that's why many people joined the party

it's not because they're fans but

because it's a solid career move the

person in charge might also be qualified

professionally but the party generally

has a hand and who gets promoted thanks

for your question and thanks for


support China uncensored by pledging a

dollar or more per episode so we can

keep covering the coronavirus even as

YouTube de monetizes us once again I'm

Chris Chappell see you next time



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