Coronavirus: China Cancels Big Authorities Assembly

published on July 3, 2020

The deadly coronavirus:

Chinese leaders say things are getting better,

but should you believe them?

Welcome back to China Uncensored

I’m Shelley Zhang, filling in today for
Chris Chappell,

who has been temporarily taken down by YouTube

Well, I’ve got some good news and bad news

about the coronavirus disease that started
in China—

called COVID-19

First, the good news

The head of the World Health Organization

said this week that their team in China

has made a range of findings about COVID-19,

including this:

“They found that the epidemic peaked

and plateaued between the 23rd January and
the 2nd of February

and has been declining steadily since then”

What a relief!

The WHO says the epidemic

peaked in China three weeks ago,

and now it’s been declining

And if you want to verify that,

just read Chinese state-run media

which just cites the WHO again

Creating a perfect, harmonious circle of information

that is definitely both believable and trustworthy

Let’s see how things are on the ground this
week, like in Beijing

Well, that’s pretty light traffic for rush

And all these shops seem to be closed

What’s going on?

“Our company has less than 100 employees,

and now we only have around 10 people working
in the office”

That does not sound good

Well, unless he hates his co-workers;

then it’s pretty great

Look, we’ve all been there

Now, I think it’s time for the bad news

The bad news is, when Chinese state-run media

and the WHO say coronavirus cases are on
the decline

that is a lie

Did you hear that?

That was the sound of this episode

being demonetized by YouTube

I hope you watched our recent also demonetized

about how corruption in the WHO helped
the coronavirus spread

If you did, you’d know that you should not
trust the WHO—

because while their top executives

are galavanting around the world in first

the division responsible for handling the
coronavirus outbreak,

“is so chronically underfunded it has repeatedly
been found

to pose a ‘severe’ and ‘unacceptable’
level of hazard”

That certainly hasn’t stopped the WHO
from partnering with China,

and taking China’s money

Which is another reason that you shouldn’t
trust what the WHO

says about how the Chinese Communist Party

has handled the coronavirus

Look how close they are

Wait, don’t get that close

There’s a coronavirus spreading

Wash your hands, Wang Yi

Meanwhile, Chinese leaders

are encouraging Chinese peopleto return to

because they don’t want the economy disrupted

But Chinese leaders *themselves*

have just canceled their hugely important
“Two Sessions” meeting,

because the fight against the coronavirus
is actually intensifying

Yes, everything is fine and the masses have
nothing to worry about

Go make the economy strong

But the Chinese government is going to call
in sick

Just in case

Look, nobody actually likes the Two Sessions

Which is an annual meeting of the National
People’s Congress,

or the NPC

And the Chinese People’s Political Consultative


Mostly it’s an excuse for the attendees
to get in a good nap

Unless you’re Yao Ming

He can’t exactly blend in

But you know who’s really glad the meetings
have been postponed?

The tea ladies

So gross

Postponing the two sessions is a political
blow, and a loss of face

But, Chinese leaders don’t want hundreds
of Party delegates

from all those possibly disease-ridden provinces

coming to Beijing next month,

thank you very much

This is called “setting the right example”

It’s like how, as the masses deal

with a severe shortage of face masks

Chinese leadersset the right example

Seriously though, when it comes to the coronavirus,

don’t look at what Chinese leaders say

Look at what they do

So the WHO is corrupt

And the unholy alliance between the WHO

and the Chinese Communist Party could also
be leading to,

at bestmixed messages,

and at worst, dangerous lies

So take their advice with a grain of salt

And a handful of Purell

What do you think?

Leave your comments below

And before I go, it’s time for me to answer
a question

from one of our contributors on Patreon

Episodes like this one usually get demonetized
by YouTube,

so we rely on viewer support to keep this
show going

And as a reward,

we answer some of our contributors’ questions

at the end of some episodes

Today’s question comes fromCoralline

“Do you think it would be beneficial for
president Trump

to take a hard stance against the WHO?

Perhaps something similar to the hard stance

he took against NATO early in his presidency”

Well, that’s a big question

The WHO is definitely corrupt

But how much can the US really do?

The WHO is a United Nations organization

No single nation can control it,

and that’s by design

That’s a good thing when it’s running

But it doesn’t seem so good when US taxpayers

are forking over half a billion dollars a
year to a corrupt,

ineffective, and wasteful organization

But this isn’t just an issue for Trump

Leaders from both major political parties

should unite behind this issue,

and publicly criticize the WHO for corruption

Beyond that,

the US could consider reducing its funding
for the WHO

or putting conditions on it,

like what Trump did with NATO

But the WHO is the only major international
health organization

So while it’s hard to live with,

it’s also hard to live without

It’s a lot more complicated than NATO,

so there are no easy answers here

Thanks for your question, Coralline

And thank you for watching

Go to Patreoncom/ChinaUncensored

and contribute a dollar or more per episode

to help us keep making episodes like this

Once again, I’m Shelley Zhang,

filling in for Chris Chappell

Thanks for watching China Uncensored

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