Coronavirus Started in Chinese language Lab? US Investigates

published on July 2, 2020

did the corona virus pandemic begin in a

Chinese laughs the us investigates

this is China uncensored I'm Chris


did the corona virus begin in a Chinese

lab the ongoing saga of the corona virus

what I call the CCP virus has taken a

new twist the us is now investigating

the possibility that the virus actually

began in a Chinese government laboratory

in Wuhan not in a wet market have to

start at the outbreak this is where

China directed the world's attention

suggesting that this Wuhan seafood

market was the source of the novel

coronavirus outbreak US intelligence

officials tell CNN they are

investigating another possible source

suggesting the virus may not have

originated naturally as China has

advertised but rather that it possibly

started in a Wuhan lab okay kind of an

old twist people have been talking about

whether the corona virus came from a lab

since the CCP virus outbreak began and

it's often been dismissed as a

conspiracy theory but once in a while

conspiracy theories are true in other

words they end up being investigative

reporting if you do the investigating

part it's not impossible for a virus to

leak from a lab in fact small SARS

outbreaks after the original one were

caused by lab leaks in Beijing but it's

been harder to nail down whether this

new corona virus could have leaked from

a lab president Trump was asked about

the Wuhan lab theory at a recent press

conference and Trump displayed his usual

art of subtlety use intelligence

analysts told you that they think

the virus escaped from a Chinese

research lab that it was at have US

intelligence agents told me I mean what

kind of a question you said do you feel

I can't I can't you want me to tell you

let me tell you what they told me

look they told me plenty they told me

plenty the lab in Wuhan called the Wuhan

Institute of virology obviously denies

the accusation in an interview with

Chinese state-run media the director of

the lab said there is absolutely no way

that the virus originated from our

Institute incidentally the director of

the lab is also the secretary of the

labs Communist Party committee and it

makes sense that the highest-ranking

person in the lab would also head the

labs communist party committee but when

was the last time the Chinese Communist

Party lied to us about the corona virus

anyway the World Health Organization is

backing up China's story saying the

corona virus came from an animal not a

lab and when was the last time the w-h-o

lied to us about the corona virus and of

course the w-h-o was wrong

but that's just because they believed

the Chinese Communist Party I see a

problem here

back to the virus originally it was

thought to come from this wet market but

apparently there's no evidence the

market sold bats or penguins the animals

from which the virus is thought to have

jumped to humans and the bat species

that carries it isn't found within 100

miles of Wuhan so there's a potential

hole in the wet market theory and in

2018 US diplomats in China who visited

the Wuhan Institute of virology warned

of a serious shortage of appropriately

trained technicians and investigators

needed to safely operate this high

containment laboratory and some of the

Chinese counties fireese actions are a

bit suspicious well okay I need to

narrow that down how the party treated

this specific lab in Wuhan was


in January the Chinese military posted

its top epidemiologist to the Wuhan lab

in February Chinese leader Xi

King began talking about biosafety

reforms in labs

that's an odd response to a corona virus

that supposedly came from a wet market

and as the us began to investigate the

origin of the corona virus the Communist

Party began to heavily censor academic

research about the origin of the virus I

mean science and Public Health are

always best served when communist

officials are looking over scientists

work of course if the corona virus

didn't begin in a lab the Communist

Party could clear its name by having

outside scientists come look at the

Wuhan lab and set the record straight

but according to US Secretary of State

Mike Pompeo China is not allowing that

we know that they've not permitted the

world's scientists to go into that

laboratory to evaluate what took place

there what's happening there what's

happening there even as we speak

and it's no longer just the us

investigating if the corona virus leaked

from a lab the UK is also looking into

it so is Australia by the way to make

things even more confusing there's

another lab in Wuhan where a corona

virus could have leaked it's the Wuhan

CDC lab and it's less than half a mile

from the wet market it doesn't get as

much attention because it's only a level

2 biosafety lab and not a level 4 lab

like the Wuhan Institute of virology

however the Wuhan CDC lab was definitely

studying back viruses as we can see from

this Chinese documentary from December

2019 woman I saw the governor hold


wow that was pretty intense I bet they

regret making that documentary now to be

clear the us is not saying the CCP

virus was man-made or an engineered

biological weapon just because one of

these labs may have been doing risky

experiments on bat coronaviruses does

not mean they were trying to make a

bioweapon and obviously an

uncontrollable coronavirus would be the

world's stupidest bioweapon and US

officials noted that the intelligence

community is also exploring a range of

other theories regarding the origin

ation of the virus so they're not just

looking into the lab leak theory but

they are also investigating to see if

the virus may have accidentally leaked

from a lab which has a checkered history

of safety problems American embassy

officials in Beijing made several visits

to the research facility and sent two

official warnings back to Washington in

early 2018 about the labs inadequate

safety measures this was at a time when

researchers were conducting risky

studies on corona viruses from bats so

what do you get when you combine risky

laboratory research with inadequate

safety measures an epidemic that totally

came from a wet market and if you say

otherwise you're a crazy conspiracist

next i'll answer a question from a

member of the china uncensored 50-cent

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website patreon today's question comes

from coralline algae if enough Western

countries pull manufacturing and

investment out of China in the coming

years do you think the CCP will react

aggressively or do you think they will

enact internal reforms to address

Western concerns not that anyone can

trust a thing they say very interesting

question I think the Chinese comics

party is absolutely terrified of Western

investment pulling out of China

that's a regime ender so how are they

dealing with it

well we've seen an increase in

surveillance now they claim that's to

combat the corona virus but I believe

it's because the party is preparing for

any social unrest that might arise from

the economy going down the tubes on the

flip side the Chinese regime will try to

lure Western investment back to China

they'll make it sound like a sweet deal

just like they did when China joined the

World Trade Organization for more on

that check out my recent interview with

Curtis Ellis called China is hoarding

the world's medical supplies but I hope

this time the world has wised up thanks

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