Coronavirus: 2nd Wave Hits China

published on July 2, 2020

after months of massive lockdown

China claimed it beat the coronavirus

but now we're seeing a second way this

is China uncensored I'm Chris Chappell

hey remember when the Chinese Communist

Party locked down Wuhan the epicenter of

the corona virus outbreak they shut down

the entire province that was 58 million

people sure it was a harsh response but

according to state-run media it worked

but despite that china appears to be

seeing a second wave of infections I

mean who could have seen that coming

China is most likely going to see a

second wave of the corona virus outbreak

and guess what now another 100 million

people face a corona virus lockdown in

three provinces in northeastern China

over the weekend Jilin province reported

120 new cases reminder always take

officially reported statistics with the

grain of salt a large grain or maybe a

25 pound bag but the important thing is

these new cases couldn't have come from

people in China know

Jennie's officials claim the new cases

came from Russia so now they're blaming

foreigners I mean who could have seen

that coming we may be able to see it by

looking at what they are starting to

call imported cases and we'll see the

narrative shift to blame outsiders but

how bad is the second wave of the CCP

virus well there are signs that it could

be really bad the Chinese state is

seizing control of PPE factories

suggesting the communist regime might be

preparing to hoard medical supplies

again like they did when the corona

virus outbreak first began on the other

hand this might be a sign things aren't

that bad this week China began its

biggest political meetings of the year

the two sessions those sessions are a

big deal in fact one of the reasons the

Communist Party covered

the coronavirus initially was because

they didn't want to interfere with the

two sessions which were originally

supposed to be held in March since the

two sessions are happening now it might

mean things aren't that bad or they

could be getting bad but it would be too

politically embarrassing to postpone the

meetings a second time but either way

the delegates are wearing masks just in

case and now it's a time when I answer a

question from you my loyal 50-cent army

fans of the show who support what we do

through the crowdfunding website patreon

our swags asks is the Trump

administration the first to be critical

enough of China to tell the truth about

them an interesting question certainly

the Trump administration has been the

toughest administration on China in many

decades for years the prevailing wisdom

in Washington was that the Chinese

government would make reforms if we just

work with them but that idea eventually

just showed itself to be dead wrong but

is the Trump administration the first to

be critical enough of China the

administration has generally taken China

relations in a better direction at least

from America's perspective but there's

more they can do

for example stop saying things like that

great respect for President Xi instead

Trump should be saying that about the

president of Taiwan a president who

unlike Xi Jingping

was actually elected Pompeo is

congratulatory message to her last week

is a good start the Trump administration

has encouraged US companies to leave

China but they could go further the

Japanese government is now actually

paying some of the costs for its firms

to relocate elsewhere and the US could

put sanctions on Chinese officials who

are involved in things like the cover-up

of the CCP buyers or putting we Gers in

concentration camps and hopefully those

things will happen regardless of who the

US president is thanks for your question

our swags and for all of you watching if

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Communist Party and YouTube censorship

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notifications about new episodes fancy

that once again I'm Chris Chappell see

you next time



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