Cooler Master Cosmos C700P Review – An Epic Full Tower.

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

silence Tech deserves the damn good
award hi everyone is Mark from silenced
Tech back again with another video this
time were checking out a real special
case from Coolermaster the cosmos see
700 P which has a tempered glass side
panel with curved edges an invertible
motherboard tray and fantastic RGB
lighting although we get more into all
that a little later in the video
first of all if we look at the price in
the case will set you back a fair
amounts but you get a whole lot for your
hard-earned money in the US the cost
must see 700 P will cost 299 dollars in
the UK 270 for 99 pounds and 299 euros
in Europe those are some pretty hefty
prices the C 700 P is clearly aimed
towards and enthused he asked and it's
certainly going to be interesting to see
what crazy builds those models come up
with in the future every panel on this
case is completely removable leaving
just the bare chassis even the
motherboard tray can be taken out making
installation easier not only that the
modular system allows for an inverted
and rotatable layout so you'll be able
to have the build facing on the left
outwards or you can have it set with a
90 degrees orientation what interests me
most personally about this case though
is the world's first dual curved
tempered glass side panel it's taken
coolermaster a lot of efforts to get
this side panel rights in a
manufacturing process but boy oh boy was
it worth it
there's no visual mounting points the
panel just sits cleanly thanks to the
sturdy hinge on the inside also the
tempered glass side panel can be flipped
to the other side of the chassis
if you decide to invert the builds
layouts as currently the cosmos see 700p
only ships with one dual curved glass
panel thankfully no cooler master will
be selling a glass panel separately on
their website the new cosmos see 700p
has a much more modern
compared to the cosmos one or two the
handles and feet have a sleeker and more
futuristic design made from solid
aluminium or aluminum the feet of course
provides support to the massive 20-plus
kilograms chassis and the handles
perfectly matched the feet giving
symmetry to the top and bottom and
without the handles she would have an
extremely hard time moving the case
around the front panel of this case is
easily removable and although it looks
like metal is actually made of plastic
and that's a bit of a shame considering
the price of this case sure it keeps the
weight down but what some extra pounds
when it already weighs so much I just
believe a metal front panel would have
finished this case off nicely the dust
filters on the top and France are easily
removable as well and like the rest of
the case they are very high quality
there's no gaps and once they're both in
place it will help keep dust out as much
as possible checking out the front io is
very well laid out and it looks
fantastic especially when the light bar
around it is on it consists of a fine
control button that toggles between low
and high next there's a reset button a
power switch and a RGB control button
that toggles between various modes and
lastly the connections are 4 USB 3.0
ports one USB 3.1 gen2 type-c ports and
front audio jacks the RGB lighting on
the cosmos II 700 P is probably the best
case lighting I've ever seen on any case
ever this light bar surrounding the
front IO directly under the handles and
projecting down on the cases feet it's
Bryce the lighting also looks extremely
clean and even and I found each color to
give a very vibrant and accurate color
representation the button on the front I
Oh allows you to choose between seven
static colors and a color cycle effects
if you look inside the rear of the case
behind one of the two and a half inch
drive base there is a fan and RGB
controller and you'll be able to connect
her up to six fans including Peter
um plus all of the case lighting will in
fact the case lighting comes already in
stools there's also an RGB port
available that you can use to connect to
your motherboards RGB header and
depending on your board manufacturer the
cable will allow you to control the
lighting on the case with a particular
piece of software for example the board
I currently have installed in this build
is from MSI and I can use the MSI's
mystic light app to control all of my
case lighting and also cooler masters
RGB fans
so they're all in sync at the same time
awesome stuff once I removed the
tempered glass side panel the first
thing I noticed was the shrouds it's an
interesting approach from Coolermaster
although I'm not entirely sure I'm sold
on it I appreciate the layout but I just
wish the PSU shroud went all the way to
the front of the case and the top
section cut off here then we could have
had the option to remove the top section
leaving a completely closed off PSU
shroud that hid all of the cables also
the PSU shroud doesn't go all the way to
the back of the case leaving a lot of
the front IO cables visible removing the
shrouds we get a much better look in
size the case supports four motherboards
mini ITX micro ATX ATX and ATX and here
you can see the mounting points for
swapping over the motherboard tray to
create an inverted layout there's eight
PCIe expansion slots inside the case for
drive bays at the front you can fit a
five and a quarter inch drive and
there's two directly behind the front
shroud and they both support either a
2.5 inch or 3.5 inch drive lastly on the
back we find two two and a half inch SSD
drive bays but one is being used for the
RGB and fan controller the case comes
included with free 1200 rpm 140
millimeter fans and they aren't RGB like
the ones I have currently installed
overall fan support the case has room
for free 120 millimeter or 140
at the front and the same goes for the
top of the case and you can fit 120 or
140 millimeter fan at the rear and
bottom of this case liquid cooling
options are plentiful you'll be able to
fit a free hundred sixty millimeter rod
at the top a 240 millimeter rod at the
bottom a 420 millimeter rod at the front
and 140 millimeter rod at the rear
clearances on a GPU side there's enough
room for a GPU with a maximum length of
320 millimeters with the hard drive
cages installed without them installed
is four hundred and nineteen millimeters
the case allows for a CPU cooler up to a
hundred and ninety eight millimeters so
pretty much every CPU cooler on the
market noise levels of this case overall
they seem extremely good there's even
some noise dampening on the front cover
and I'll let you judge how the case
sounds are idle and under full load
while gaming
as you heard noise levels were extremely
good and the airflow because the case is
full tower was great as well my GPU and
CPU temps were a lot lower compared to
any of my other mid tower builds overall
the build quality of the cosmos see 700p
is fantastic a one all-round premium
doesn't even cut it and I can put my
channel on the line when I say this is
the best case I've ever got my hands on
regarding build quality and it doesn't
disappoint considering its high asking
price one area I would have expected a
little bit more is in the cable
management departments in the rear it
would have been nice if it had some
velcro straps to tie those cables down
luckily there is a cover in a rear that
can hide most of those cables although
if you then remove the shrouds in the
front of the case all those wires in the
back become exposed that said the
grommet holes are well placed and it
makes installing the cables very easy
building inside the sea 700p was very
straightforward from start to finish my
simple build I put in took no longer
than half an hour
PC builders with more time than me will
love this case as well the case is built
for water cooling in mind there isn't
any limits with the sea 700p only your
imagination and like I said earlier some
of the builds that's going to be created
it's gonna be jaw-dropping finishing off
the review my final award is gonna be
gold for the sea 700 P and I hope you
enjoyed my review my name's mark from
silence tech goodbye

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