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by birtanpublished on August 28, 2020

Hello and welcome to crumbs and doilies HQ and welcome to a masterclass video I'm going to be doing master classes the first Thursday of every month so make sure you check them out every time we did a little poll on Instagram a few weeks ago and asked you guys what you

Wanted to be master clost into sort of thing is now and this is one of the most popular things you can ask for it is a cookie decorating master class and there's just so many things you can do with cookie so this is gonna

Be really fun so all of the techniques I'm going to be using today involve royal icing I've made royal icing a few times on my channel and but today I'm gonna make it with egg white some of you can't get ahold of egg white powder

Which is one of the components of royal icing so I'm gonna make it with real eggs it's very very simple so I've got 450 grams of icing sugar just shuffle that arrested oh my goodness oh it's sweet and now I'm gonna add my

Egg whites now royal icing is available to buy in a lot of UK supermarkets certainly and one that some of the larger supermarket chains will have like ready-made royal icing that you just add water to and whip up obviously that

Super convenient and otherwise you can buy dried egg white powder as I say you can get that from most online cake decorating stores but if you don't have either of those and you do have icing sugar and eggs actually usually readily

Available then it's super easy so they're 450 grams of icing sugar to 2 large egg whites obviously you can keep your egg yolks keep them in the fridge or you can even keep them in the freezer and then use them when you want to make

Like loving curd or something like that now and I'm gonna add them to my sugar but I'm gonna add them while the mix is going around so obviously I'm using a free-standing mixer you could do this just with a hand whisk one of the

Electric hand whisks that will work candor with a whisk like a regular unpowered with but it will take a little time time but I'm just cheating I'm just having it on a low speed at the minute because as you saw earlier this icing

Sugar of super cloudy so I don't want it to all like float off but once it all starts coming together you want to speed that up to quite a high speed and let that go for about four or five minutes oh hey

So my royal icing has been going for about five minutes now and it's looking a really good consistency for like piping like piped messages or like like a little bit stiffer but because what we're going to be doing in this video is

A lot of like run out sort of stuff what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take some of the stiff stuff out stiff stuff just to keep to one side so that I can use it for things like letters or you know dots or whatever and the rest of it I'm going

To use for flooding and run outs but before I move on I am going to just clean fill my bowl because royal icing dries really hard and really crispy so if it's exposed to the air for very long time it will just go like really gross

And crunchy you don't want that so with the rest of my royal icing I have some water here with a little teaspoon and I'm going to start adding it and mixing it a little at a time the consistency I want to get it to is kind

Of loose ribbon stage and I'll show you what that is but you want to make sure you do it in little stages because if you go too far you're gonna have a mega runny royal icing you know you never get it back I'm just going to test it just

By picking a bit up on the spatula and just drawing it back and forth across the surface of it and it's kind of taking a bit too long to sink back in and become one so I think it needs a little bit more water so when it is

Ready what you want from your ribbons is for it to sink in and become one again within about 10 seconds so this is just right so that's it that's how to make royal icing and that's how to make both of the consistency that you might need

For decorating so I'm going to clear the decks and get some decorating done so I'm using my simple vanilla cookie recipe it's a bit like a shortbread it's the one not used in my ice gems video so I'll put a link to that in the

Description marks and I've also got a really good one for a chocolate cookie the main thing is that you don't want to use a recipe that's gonna spread too much or be too textural otherwise you're never gonna get a nice clean finish and

What you don't want is to you know hope for a star shape and end up with a spread out blob but these recipes are absolutely foolproof I hope unless you're you know real fool I've actually already colored my royal

Icing so I've got a few colours in the more runny consistency for run-outs and I have a few colors in a stiffer consistency so I can add detail and the first thing I'm going to show you is how to do run out so you might have seen

Some of my other videos where I have actually used the stiffer consistency to build a kind of wall around the shape that I'm making and then flooded it with a looser consistency and that's absolutely fine especially if you are

Doing an awkward shape that needs really really very definitive like corners and edges and dips and stuff but if you're just doing simple shapes like stars or hearts or circles then you can go ahead and just use the runny one and it

Has a really good effect as well so I've got my runny one and I've got it in a piping bag with a number 2 nozzle on it and you can use anything to a nap maybe not for I might leave it bloody and and the first thing I'm going to do is to

Make my outline so when you're doing outlines you want to have a little bit of distance between the cookie or a cupcake or whatever it is that you're icing and the nozzle because that way you can use it as a kind of almost like

A piece of string I've done a few videos on piping with royal icing so make sure you check those out for extra hints and tips so once you have your outline you can then what's called flooding it and I mean if your nozzle was a bit bigger you

Could just really really flood flood it but because mine's not that big just the best I can but don't worry you don't have to fill all the holes just yet as we're gonna use a little neat trick so I've basically filled my shape but I

Have a little bit of holes to fill and also some areas where the circle might not be quite straight the circle is not straight you know what I mean the outline isn't quite perfect enough so I'm using one of these very pointy pokey

Things if you don't have a pokey thing of your own you can use a toothpick I'm sure it's got a name but I don't know what it is and you just want to use it to gently guide the icing to anywhere that you feel like it's missing so any

Holes that you've got if you want to adjust the edges of your shape maybe your circle is a little bit overly you can actually push the walls out as you sort of well round this pokey thing to make your circle completely perfect

So that is basic run out or flooding if you like and normally if you decorate on top of that you would need to wait for that to dry completely and that does it quite a long time anywhere between one and three hours sometimes depending on

The consistency of the royal icing but you can actually get a really nice effect if you decorate using wet royal icing on top of wet royal icing so I'm going to show you how it's done so we start with a run out

so now that I finished that while it's completely wet I've got another color I'm using pink and I'm using a runny consistency one as well and I'm just going to start by putting little dots on

And then using a clean pokey thing every single time you do this you want to drag from the top to the bottom that makes a little heart now that is a really really cool technique and you could just leave it at the dots if you wanted or you

Could do stripes and drag your pokey thing through it to make it kind of spiders where there's tons of stuff you could do and the next thing we're gonna do is a thing called quilting this is where you want to get a bit of

Definition between two sections of a pattern so I'm going to show you how to do it on a round one the first thing I'm going to do is to draw out my basic pattern so I'm going to start with my circle and I'm just using an edible pen

Here don't worry this isn't a Sharpie and now I want to kind of turn into you for the beach ball would be a basket ball so when you want to do this quilted style or where you wanna have definition between two different shapes you want to

Color in alternate bits so I'm gonna start with the edges and when it gets to the corner bit I don't want to go all the way in because I can always drag that out using my pokey make sure you cover up all your pen don't want any

Black bits coming through and once you finish that section you can move on to the next door but one section once you've done all of that you then need to wait for that to dry that's

Going to take an hour or two if you do it when it's still moist it's just gonna completely melt together and you're not going to get that definition and luckily I did want earlier so I'm going to show you here it is and it's completely dry

It's gone really nice and firm and I'm going to do a contrasting color you could do the same color but maybe slightly darker or lighter for a bit more definition and just repeat the same thing that you just did but in the hole

so that is essentially how you get that technique obviously you're going to need to wait for the whole thing to dry completely before you really see it popping because they're both are

Completely different sort of well one of them is really matte and one is really glossy so explored at the minute but it's gonna look great in a couple of hours I promise so the next one we're going to do is painted colors onto wet

Run-outs so I'm gonna start by doing a simple circle run out I think it's always worth going around the edges with your pokey just because you're never going to get a perfect circle the first time around I mean

Unless you're a genius and this way you can just fix those little bits that aren't quite right but in a really controlled way so now that I've got my almost perfect circle I am going to you while it's still wet I have some food

Coloring here and some vodka or some just alcohol you can probably just use water as well if you don't want to use alcohol but what I'm gonna do is get a really nice sort of pale color first of all and starting with blue it's nice and

Wet and I've got a nice big paintbrush here and I'm going to just kind of dab it around randomly it doesn't have to be neat or anything and now a little bit of pink as well and now some purple this looks pretty cool as it is actually and

You can get some really nice effect but with the power of the pokey thing I am going to make this really amazing and marbled now I think that is a really really cool technique and obviously once you know how to do that you can really

Let your imagination run wild with it you can do things like galaxy style or even add little stars and kind of make them spread out or even hearts like we did earlier but I just think that's really fun now the next thing we're

Gonna do is a really cool kind of what we're gonna call it like it looks a bit like embroidery it's probably got a name but I don't know what it is it's where you first of all have a base of very dried run out so I did this one earlier

And it's nice and dry it's been drying for about two hours and I'm going to do this with a stiffer royal icing so this is where my stiff pink is going to come in handy so I have a number two nozzle on it and I'm going to also need a small

Flat paintbrush so I'm gonna start with the outline of one side of a flower but it's not going to be a complete flower it's just going to be poking out this this circle and now using your little flat paintbrush just dampen it a bit and

Then you want to start in one of the nooks of your little flower petal and drag it into the center and now I'm going to go over that again but just to look a bit lower so I keep the definition I just made but make it look

Almost like an extra layer of petals so it's starting to take shape I'm just gonna finish that one off and do a couple more around the cookie and we'll see how they go so that is a really really pretty technique and it will look

Really good with different color contrasts and different backgrounds so give that one a go for sure and the next thing we're going to do is to pipe with a stiffer royal icing onto a completely dry run out so I've actually just got

Some white here and a very small tip it this is a 1.5 tube and I'm just going to pipe directly onto my dry run out as you can see piping using stiffer royal icing on to completely dry royal icing is it really nice raised texture

Rather than sinking in when you do wet on wet so you can get some really nice detail in there now obviously at the moment some of these ones look a little bit unfinished particularly this one but that's really

Easily remedied by using a border and I'm going to show you how to do two kinds then what I'm gonna do on this one is like a continual border using little beading so you want to start with a little blob which you will drag

Backwards and then do another one on top of that drag it backwards and so on in the crease of your cookie and icing so that you're joining those two up and helping it all make sense so as you can see that has had such a nice effect on

This cookie it looks completely well complete I hope it looks really classy and I love it but there's another one you can do which is also really simple doesn't take quite as long as that one and that is where you kind of almost

Stitch the two sides together so the cookie the naked cookie and the iced bit of the cookie oh here we go so with this one you want to start by doing a blob on one side of the cookie going into the seam and then your next blog you want to

Be doing on the ice bit going into the seam the next one I'm going to show you is another one where we have a wet

Background and wet features going on I'm going a little bit of dragging and it's gonna be really awesome so start by doing your background just a full circle and then get some different colors of your choice and do some horizontal lines

When you're doing lines you always want to make contact with the first and then the last bit at the end of the line and then using your magical pokey you want to start dragging down make sure you clean your pokey in between each

Drag and the last thing I'm going to show you is a way of getting a really cool background just using lots of different colors and we're going to kind of blend them together so I'm going to start by doing a stripe of yellow

Obviously taking into account the fact that I'm doing a stripe on a round thing will start off like this now for the next bit you can carry on

Using your pokey or you can use a really super small pallet knife and all I'm going to be doing is kind of blending each color together a little bit from pink to white white to blue and blue to yellow as you can see I'm just kind of

Dragging each color into the other one so on a bit of white to end up in the pink and a bit of pink to end up in the white and so on so that's it a ton of techniques for you to try I want your imaginations to run riot because there's

Tons of things you can do with these and I want to see all of your efforts on Instagram if you use the hashtag cupcake Gemma I will see it also don't forget this is the first of a series of master classes if the first Thursday of every

Month I've done master classes before and I'm going to bunch them all into a big playlist for you so you can check them out and if there's anything particular that you want me to go in deep on a

Master class then please write that in the comments box below and I'll check them out I'll probably also do a poll on Instagram again because that was really good yeah what else can I tell you you've probably been admiring my apron

And this is actually my apron not just the one that I own but also the one that I designed this is from cupcake Gemma's merch and you can get this on my website and I'm with a whole load of other stuff so go check that out

so I hope you enjoyed that and I also hope you enjoy Tuesday's tips with the Sandy gang they're gonna be doing those every other Tuesday also big news on the horizon is that this Sunday is gonna be

The first of a classic cake bake along come and join me at 11 a.m. there's going to be a recipe or for a really classic cake it's gonna be great I've already posted the ingredients and your shopping list on Instagram so go and

Make sure you see that obviously also make sure you follow me on instagram because that's also brilliant i'm gonna get all your ingredients and be ready and I will see you on Sunday at elephant early bird II see you there

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