Consumer Electronics Show (CES) – Preview – Digital Trends Live 1.06.20

by birtanpublished on April 6, 2021

this is digital trends live I'm Gregg nibbler and this is our special CES twenty20 preview episode hello this is digital trends live thank you very much for joining us wherever you're watching we do appreciate it and I want you to hit that subscribe button because this is important we're gonna be covering everything that's going on at

CES this week there is so much to talk about and this is just a bit of a preview episode we're gonna walk through certain segments that we're gonna be covering here during the during the show this week of all the different tech that's happening we're gonna give you a little bit of a guide on how to get through it if you're if it's your first time or if you just want to know what really goes on behind the scenes we're gonna talk about that to you but to get it going right now I'm Greg nibbler here with drew Pardo hello drew how's it going Greg going well this is basically

Like the Christmas season that Rita for retail this is what it is for tech oh yeah that comparison makes sense we often call this the Super Bowl for us yes yeah and there's so much that's going on for this and this is why it's a really exciting time for everybody who's who's just a tech aficionado but also for all of us covering it there is so much to talk about and this is where we get to see the preview of what's coming up for the rest of this year and sometimes even beyond yeah and what we wanted to do is actually just talk to you a little bit about you know we're

Gonna we're gonna walk through some smart homes we're going to walk through some computing things that we expect to see at CES but we also want to give you a little bit of behind the scenes and that I think is really important so whether you're going to be attending CES this year or you've always wanted to know what goes on at CES like behind the cameras what's really going on there we're going to talk a little bit about that and so we have a bit of a guide that we put together that really drew is put together yeah you're an experienced CES er I think at this point I could

Call myself a veteran maybe yeah like it's been like six years or something like that that uh I think that's not only veteran status this will actually be I think this is my sixth year as well yeah yeah so seeing the sights the sounds and the smells of hard-working CES conference let me this is what we want to talk about it's just kind of give you give you an idea of what to bring so with your tips you know you do walk around a lot yeah the Las Vegas Convention Center is huge and to give a little bit of context it's probably gonna be around 180,000 people

There attending this maybe more than maybe more because it's bigger every single year that's like imagine the biggest music festival you've ever been to and multiply it by five is how I describe it to people that is a fair assessment it hacked just as tight yes because everybody wants to see what's going on well the the stuff that you listed here on stuff to pack for a guide comfy shoes comfy shoes is number one like your feet are your vehicles at CES and if they break down you were screwed you're not gonna see any more of the show like you

Dog blisters you don't want so like fallen arches you don't want any like foot problems at all so skip the formal shoes if you can is like my best advice to anybody who's attending for the first time yeah if you can't if you can't like put in some like dr. Scholl's inserts or something like this it gets something cushy on your feet because if you're not gonna be like walking everywhere you're gonna be standing for hours on end and really at the end of the day the nicest thing ever is sitting down and getting off of your feet but yeah we're good shoes packed like multiple different

Pairs because you're gonna sweat through one of them and that's true sweating yeah that's definitely bring extra shirts yeah Bri some bring some foot deodorizers maybe I don't know just just think of your feet as like you're your main tool for the show and that's true I mean if you have a SmartWatch or a Fitbit or anything like that you're going to blow through whatever your goals were you need ten times the mountain it's crazy like Vegas always blows my mind just because of like the sheer amount of like indoor space like even when you're just at the casinos but

Like the Convention Center takes that and multiplies it to like you know an order of magnitude and then it's spilled over into the sands yeah so there's like these two giant venues that you have to walk through so you're easily putting in like 10 miles a day if you're walking around like as a journalist as an exhibitor it might be different cuz you're just standing at a booth but like if you're planning to hit a bunch of different booths ya plan on walking a lot and this is again just a little bit of insight to if you're gonna be watching what's going on for the show

Just to know what all of our editors go through to bring you all this information and that that idea you know there's a 180 thousand different people maybe more attending and then exhibitors I mean it's thousands thousands of exhibitors and we have to scour those to find you know the best stuff the things that we think are the most important so comfy shoes is number one that's very important yeah hand sanitizer also important oh my god so that's a lot of people that are attending and your very close proximity to a lot of people here germs are at issue CES is basically

Giant petri dish as far as I'm concerned and the worst part about it is is you go there and it's like people from all over the world attend the show yeah and it happens right during the peak of flu season right which is like the if you wanted to spread a virus to as many people as possible this is the way to do it so like if you're attending just religiously sanitize your hands wash your hands try not to touch things that other people touch a lot so right demo products that people who sneezed on just like be careful you're gonna touch them

Just squirt some Purell in there and yeah be on your way it's you know and then that solves everything that's that's good that's a good advice no all right company shoes hand sanitizer or portable batteries those are really important yeah because gotta drain your battery outlets are more scarce at CES than they are at most airports yeah and more painful forums so like if your stuff runs out of battery you're screwed so bring backup is probably I mean that's an obvious one but so it's crucial I cannot understate that enough I've seen so many people just sitting

There glaring at somebody who's using of charger yeah and just like and sitting there getting on their phone while they're charging it and just seeing the death glares they come down on that person yeah bring it bring them back up battery draft that's good you wrote down here I think I'm walking through Drew's list here snacks and water and then breath mints breath mints being an important thing yeah that is true those two go hand-in-hand snacks and water because quite frankly the food options of the Convention Center and just in Vegas in general are low quality but

High price and there's always a huge line just because there's so many people's so um and you're most likely gonna be busy so just do yourself a favor pack some snacks and some water so you're not hungry and angry and dehydrated and then also breath mints for the love of God you are talking to people all day I can't tell you how many people I've spoken to and they're giving me the PR pitch and you're just like ah garlic garlic pizza was it that's true and everybody's drinking coffee and yeah like you said you're talking all day you know it happens it's okay it happens to

Everybody bring some breath mints but really yeah there's no better way to make a worse impression than just blowing hot halitosis that somebody just met and expecting them to like you know give you their email address just do yourself and everybody else a favor and get breath mints and ice mints not gum because another thing that's hard to find is trash cans you're not going to place to spit out gum so that means the dissolve yeah and that's just because it is so big I mean this is this is a huge huge convention that we're talking about

Okay so going from that from from that side of things what are some of the things that that you do as a journalist as somebody covering it that you would suggest just somebody who's out there maybe cover here for the first time if you are traveling between the Convention Center and the sands Expo which is like kind of the two main hubs of the show don't take a cab okay for the love of God take one of the buses that they supply or the shuttle that runs between the two because the congestion is unreal like it's exactly what you would expect for a hundred thousand people and like

It's just like gridlock for miles like you don't go anywhere in taxis it seriously takes like 45 minutes to go a couple miles yeah so you can alleviate that by taking the buses that they run between the two they can get like way more people on those it keeps cars off the road and it just makes everything more efficient security clearance that's another thing I mean with this many people naturally security is very tight at the events and and yet you still have to bring in your computer and your laptop and your bag or whatever you have to have to bring in there so what do you

Suggest on that to try to speed up that process um so they do this thing where you can go to these special special security desks and they'll check your bag and give you a little band to put on it ask them to put it on the shoulder strap if you're wearing a backpack so they can see it when you're walking up because then they won't stop you and say hey can I say oh never mind you got the thing you they just see it as you're walking up and like yeah you can breeze through okay and that keeps lines from filling up too much and you can just whiz right through security so what are

Some things to avoid like I said taxis taxis that's the big thing let's see you talk about Wi-Fi oh yes so there's like thousands of Wi-Fi like right because every individual booth that you walk that usually those people have their own individual like Wi-Fi network so that they can run all of their gear they can do their displays or whatever and the people that are working at access to you know whatever but a lot of them are you don't know where they're coming from and there's like unsecured Wi-Fi networks everywhere and it's

Really hard to resist that temptation and be like I need Wi-Fi there's a free one I'll go to it but like I've heard any horror stories of people just like getting their data stolen because they didn't realize their phone just connected to the first network and like somebody was like who who's this a browse through stuff they have on their phone that I have access to seeing a lot of this general advice for no matter where you go you're going any kind of eviction I mean it's not necessarily specific to CES but that is a hundred percent something good to worry about it

Yeah I actually just turned my Wi-Fi off of what I'm on the floor because I'm not using Wi-Fi and unless I'm in like a press booth and if your phone is constantly looking for a Wi-Fi signal it drains the battery faster so just turn your Wi-Fi off if you're walking around the show floor all right well this is some great advice again if you're going there for the first time if you want to know just a little bit about what behind-the-scenes it's like for everybody covering this and in trying to find all of the best tech and that's maybe we

Should go into that go into that out start talking about actually some of the textures one final a piece of advice you have I think that's pretty much it okay that's a braid and that's some experience talking and that's what part of the fun of this is you know it's it's wild it's crazy and there's a lot going on all at the same time but that's why here digital trends we want to find you the best things and there's so much to cover and that's why we have all this coverage at digital trends calm slash CES you can go to so anything you can think of we will be covering it and we

Will have people on the ground going to take a look at all of it so that's why on this show right now this CES preview episode that you were watching currently we're going to go through some of the things that we're gonna be covering we're not gonna hit everything here on this episode that's what eight hours of broadcast for the four three days this week that we're gonna be doing that's where we'll hit a lot of it but let's talk about one of Drew's specialties which is rideable technology yes this is like my favorite thing to check out at CES a because it's just super fun and

You get to ride around a little wheelie gizmos and you know that's detector annoy people all up in the CES hallways that they're all crowded and everything but it's really like so so much of the hype of this show like goes toward autonomous vehicles mm-hmm yeah really really yeah I mean because I mean yes that's like the future of Transportation right but the thing is autonomous vehicles aren't really having a massive impact on like city streets right now or just streets in general because they're not approved right like we're still building the foundations and those

Technologies and one of the things that is affecting transportation right now is these little right gizmo's yeah personal electric vehicles like ebikes and scooters and Electric skateboards and all of these like alternative modes of transportation that have kind of just like taken the world by storm lately and which are a big part of the Consumer Electronic Show I mean it shows kind of the growth of this show if you think about how many different things tech is involved with I mean really everything has tech of some sort in it now but this is a big section for

CES and yeah all these companies like there's an example a boss you know coming out with one and and all these different um patís trying to come up with their own takes on this this you know mobility movement that we have yeah I think it's interesting because CES is simultaneously like a great place to check the pulse of like what's going on with these world we're not alternative vehicles but it's also like the worst place ever because it's just a thousand million people packed into a room and the CTA won't let you ride them often so you have to go

Like off-site to do it but I try and do it every year because there's so much interesting new stuff and and that's the thing like and like you said you go off-site to go try all this stuff out so I mean for this year is there anything in particular you're looking forward to or that you think is going to be a trend this year with when it comes to writable technology so I think the trend this year is like practicality okay which sounds extremely boring but like in order to get a sense of like why we're at this point where everything's very practical you kind of have to get a

Sense of like where it's come from so like in the early days it was just electrification it was just like find whatever mode of transportation it is and put an e at the beginning of it right mike ebike we're gonna put a motor on it like skateboard let's get a battery pack on that sucks motors exactly that was it was just electrification it was basically the only thing but then after that happened and like batteries got cheaper and you know more power dense and everything like that then we started seeing like really weird

Designs and like new forms of transportation and that's when we saw things like hoverboards and like the one wheel which I mean I'm sure everybody knows what the one wheel is exactly and it's just like a single wheeled skateboard this is the the one wheel pint which I checked out earlier in the year it's one of the coolest rattles and it's totally a product of dislike rideable revolution where batteries have gotten more power dance and motors have gotten more powerful and it's kind of given designers this freedom and flexibility to play around

With new forms of transportation so there's this there was like hoverboard you've seen people unlike those self-balancing like unicycles that you can stand on yeah and that's kind of like the new era right but then after that we had this weird era where ride-sharing happened and they were like instead of buying these things why don't you just rent one on the side of the street like you do with bird scooters and lime scooters yeah which really blew up I mean it has not been that long that those have been available no may feel like it's been

Forever but this is like less than two years yes we gave scooters in general our best tech of the year in 2018 because it was so transformative and crazy but yeah those were it was such a shock to this this thing because suddenly you didn't have to pay for a writable device outright right like you could just rent one for a couple bucks when you needed it so they were kind of thought of as like last mile vehicles you didn't need to own one you could just use it whenever you needed to between us in your house he's got an app for easy stuff so that caused this kind

Of tectonic shift basically what happened was because you didn't need to buy a last mile vehicle all of the people who were making like devices that you buy instead of rent had to demonstrate value somehow they had to make devices that were practical enough that you would buy them outright instead of like renting them and using rideshares so now we're seeing stuff which has like it's legitimately a replacement for your car and a lot of situations so ebikes with really really long range scooters with built in specs and things like like built-in GPS super

Lightweight form factors there's also like electric motorcycles are coming out a lot more right yes so yeah I'm seeing a lot of that this year that's like really they're coming after cars they're they're coming to replace your vehicle at least in the city yeah which I mean it's that's why it's so exciting to when it comes to you know the writable technology just pretty much everything you said or at this really transform or transformative moment excuse me I'm getting excited about it transform in a moment where we're seeing all this innovation coming to these kinds of

Things and this is something that we've never really had before yeah you know when it comes to this kind of technology yes so I'm really pumped to see a few things I really don't know exactly what we're gonna see we have like the jump on a couple things like Segway which is owned by a company called nine BOTS they were like you know Segway was the company that made that original like right mallcop chariot yeah they were like the granddaddy of rye tables or whatever they have a bunch of new stuff they're breaking out past just scooters they're

Making like like Vespa style electric scooters storage on them that you can once again use to replace your car in a city they also have a couple new kick scooters they have an e dirt bike which I'm not sure if they're gonna show off or not they have it's on IndieGoGo right now okay and I'm hoping they'll have it at the show because I really want to ride it and and well I mean you have like you said companies like Segway and then there's all the independent manufacturers that maybe some people haven't heard of you know there she totally is and that's the other big part

Of CES is you have the huge companies and and you know we expect some really cool things from them but there's all these smaller ones that are gonna be there as well things that you know could be the next Segway exactly Samsung could be there you know we don't know and that's the thing is all of these big companies that we already know about are good at PR which is why we know about what they're bringing but all of the smaller companies are terrible at PR they can't pay for PR which is what I have to go to CES to find them on the show floor yeah so that's why I'm super

Excited to go to like the sands Expo go to Eureka Park which is where all the startups are yeah and just run around a little bit and see what's there cuz every year is a surprise so with all of these different companies just real quick I have a question for you because you know you were looking for something like that something it's yeah standout what's something that when you walk up to a booth that you look for like right out of the gate is there something in particular or you just have to know it when you see it it's kind of like you can't be like expecting anything yeah

You kind of got to just let it hit you and like if you're intrigued go look at it but uh really I'm just looking for different things like if I see something I've seen before I'll usually just walk straight by it or right just go up to and ask what's what's new yeah what's that what's the depletes don't give me your pre-canned spiel but uh yeah there's not anything in particular that I look for except for new and different yeah which is why your segment is so cool I mean you get to really take a look at some of this cutting-edge stuff yeah III simultaneously love and

Hate Z yes because it's like it's a wild goose chase you never know what you're gonna see I try my hardest to plan but it's like I said you kind of just got to go into it and let the show the show wash over you exactly man you just got to embrace the chaos and something Goods putting gonna pop up yeah just make sure that you have a lot of Purell when you're doing Oh totally you let it wash over you well oh so again we're talking about CES and this is our preview episode where we're just taking a look at some of the different a few different segments on this episode and we have all

The coverage in the world at Digital Trends calm slash CES and drew is a perfect example of somebody who's there you know walking the show floor finding the cool things so you can know about them and going through all of these thousands of exhibitors to find the stuff that that we think you're gonna be excited about that we want to share with you and that's what this is all about it's kind of a journey now we get to show you what we find at this event and that's that's really just a lot of fun of it any other final thing that you're looking forward to this year in general

So one last thing that I kind of forgot to mention if you were attending CES you need to make time to get off of your feet and find one of these massage chair recliner pods every year invariably there is like it's like a lazy boy type company or something like that and they make these super cushy leather massage chairs and they line them up in a big circle or sometimes like rows upon rows and they're seriously just sitting there for people to use and test out so it's mostly just like journalists who have been on their feet all day just like going and see I've seen people fall

Asleep oh yeah you see people falling asleep everywhere it's yes actually I've I remember in the hallways where they'll be just passed out against a wall you know where they probably been up for who knows how long traveling however far to get there real and they're just falling asleep so if you're going to fall asleep do it in one of these chairs they're awesome you don't have to pay a dime for them you can just sit there as long as you want nobody's like hey get out of this chair man somebody else is waiting yeah there's always like hundreds of

Them there's never a wait and they're excellent I have never actually taken that advice before I'm gonna have to try that just just after you do it pure L okay yeah and the key Purell that's one of the key things that we're getting through to you here so so again we're talking about CES this is our preview episode coming up we're gonna be talking to Nick mocha is gonna talk about some of the automotive technology that's gonna be there we've got John Velasco talking about smart homes Luke Larson is gonna be talking about some of the computing events that

He thinks are gonna be the most exciting or some of the trends he's looking forward to seeing so a lot that we're gonna be talking about just on this episode alone we also have some videos of our own Caleb Dennison talk about a veteran of CES caleb is Caleb's such a veteran that usually on his tag he puts Reverend although I think that's just a him doing thing no it's it's the Honorable the Honorable he's a judge these days the Honorable Caleb Denison that's how we have to refer to him it's really weird you can't make eye contact now Caleb's been there a lot so we've

Got some videos that we want to showcase of him as well just kind of walking through CES and what he's expecting and what we're kind of looking for overall so we're gonna roll one of those here coming up now drew thank you very much yeah always a pleasure thanks for the advice I'm looking forward to see what you find you know whatever it is that you find among the masses whatever cool new gadget it is or rideable technology or anything else that you find it's gonna be awesome and all that covered skin is gonna be Digital Trends dot-com / CES

Says to Graham back here in a few with more coverage hey everyone 2020 is upon us and now that we've spent some time reminiscing about tech from the past ten years it's time to take a look at what we expect from the next ten years art expectations if you will we've got a big list on our site but here are some of my favorites we're gonna start out by talking about how IOT devices are getting better I'm sorry IOT not a fun acronym but it

Does stand for the Internet of Things and it's kind of a principle or a vision and it starts with stuff connected to the internet that didn't used to be connected to the Internet it's birthed a bunch of smart devices and appliances like smart doorbell smart vacuum smart refrigerators for example now it's time for the next step since everything is internet connectible let's network them here's an example right now your smart smoke detector can tell you it sniff smoke or detects fire and that's kind of it imagine sitting across the nation and you get that push

Notification on your phone best you can do is call the fire department and hope they get there in time now instead let's imagine that smart detector could set off a chain of events that actually did something valuable for you so the detector thinks there's a fire then it would shut down the gas stove and gas furnace shut down power to the room maybe even shut the doors and then notify the fire department all automatically that's what I OT in the 2020s is going to start looking more and more like not just stuff connected to the internet for the sake of accessing

It with your phone but a network of devices that talk to each other and can complete tasks now that's actually starting to happen now so where's step three for IOT taking us well it's taking us to a I which is going to start taking the massive amounts of data all these devices generate and doing something useful with it right now we have something like that tons of smart phones on the roads are feeding the Maps app Waze with data about slowdowns and speed traps Waze takes all that data and routes us around problem areas and helps us avoid getting

A speeding ticket thank you Waze now let's take all that data and process it into information that city plan and state and federal government can use what we should get is smarter streets and highways fewer collisions and just generally safer streets we can do it but AI is going to have to grow a little bit more before something like this becomes a reality ai and machine learning aren't just for crunching data they're for interacting with us right now and for the foreseeable future our interactions with AI are with a voice not a face of course

I'm talking about the Google assistant and Amazon's a well you know who I don't want to set off your smart speaker but Amazon's voice assistant currently lives primarily in smart speakers maybe your car but just before Thanksgiving Amazon announced it had figured out how to reduce the hardware requirements to make a voice assistant device so that it can fit in much smaller devices and more cheaply instead of meeting a hundred Meg's of RAM and an ARM Cortex a-class processor Amazon's you know who can now run off of just one megabyte of RAM and a much cheaper processor what that means

Is that we should now expect to see voice assistance in just about everything a lamp a light switch a power port and they will be smarter listeners as well hearing stuff like dripping water footsteps and other auditory cues they can help them decipher what's going on around them and enable them to act of course this means true always listening technology so the real question isn't around what voice assistants will be able to do it's about whether you'll let them do it and that's our wrap-up of the big changes expected in tech in the coming 10 years of course we also expect

To see growth in autonomous cars lots of 8k TVs and 8k content to go with it and much more who knows what your smartphone will look like in 9 to 10 years it'll definitely be fun to find out and welcome back to digital trends live in a very special CES preview episode taking a look at some of the biggest things that we are expecting from the Consumer Electronics Show and certainly

Smart homes are a huge part of that it's every year it's more and more a part of CES we're to talk about that right now I'm Greg nibbler joined by John Velasco hello John hey what's up not much excited for CES as usual but excited for smart homes just because every year it feels like they take over more and more of of CES they integrate more into other products and I feel like it's not gonna be any different this year but let's walk through just a couple of things a few things that you're most excited about this year yeah so I'm gonna jump right in and just talk about ring I know

Ring has been in the news of late but here at CES they're expanding their smart home offerings you're looking beyond just home you know the usual doorbells the indoor cameras now they're expanding into things like LED light bulbs solar light bulbs for outdoors and they have also a Controller Pro which basically is a gate access controller now they're gonna have a total of six devices they're gonna launch at CES they're gonna bail them there the first one like I said is the ring Access Controller Pro and that's basically a gadget that allows you to

Open up a gate let's say you have a gate in the side of your home or in the backyard you could actually remotely open and close that you could pair it with a ring video doorbell of course if you want to the other thing they're gonna be entering in is to be LED light bulbs market so this is gonna be an interesting area they're gonna have two bulbs that they're gonna be showing off they have been a 19 smart LED bulb and they're also gonna have a Pete par38 smart smart LED light bulb and honestly these are just very generic they're just they just work with the

Ring ecosystem so you could remotely turn monter moth you could set routines if you have let's say someone's front door or you need someone at the front door detects motion you could set it so that the lights will automatically turn on home to no make it seem like someone's there and then they have the ring smart lighting solar they're gonna be two of three different solar light bulbs you're gonna have a solar floodlight a solar step-length and a solar pack light so if you want to accent your home the front yard just have your the past illuminated you could

Have a different automation setup so if there are any motion motion detected it automatically will turn on and of course you can always turn them on turn them off remotely at your disposal and it's just expanding expanding rings presence in smart home beyond just the typical video doorbell that are used to yeah and they really do seem to have every year they added more and more of those products and update things and and that ever-expanding you know a way to just have have control over everything in your home is huge I do just really quick on your opinion

You know with all the smart home things you kind of alluded to it there at the beginning just eleve some of the issues that have come out you know whether it's with ring or with pretty much every smart home manufacturer has had an issue at this point do you think that some of the companies are going to address those issues at this absolutely rain is making a big effort on security and privacy so now they do mention in the app when you set up the devices like a video doorbell to have two-factor authentication so in the event that something someone trying

To login that it's not supposed to you'll get a notification about that and they still need that access so it's nice that they're putting it right in front of customers when they first set it up but I know the you know what happened has been unfortunate so this is their their resolution going forward well it'll be interesting to see and this is you know just a great time for companies to address all kinds of things including the new products but also some issues too so going from there though let's talk about some of the other innovative products that are gonna be at CES and

Smart hose and what are some ones that you're excited about so there's this system it's called the Julia intelligent autonomous cooking system now at first when I read about it I thought it was gonna be some sort of automated robot but actually isn't it's more of an appliance that will help you cook dishes at home they make it as simple as possible so basically Julia is this automated cooking system and it's going to turn any person the average Joe into a master chef basically I liken system yeah it's so if you're not it's cooking it's gonna

Give me step-by-step directions and of course you're gonna have the we have two main components there you have a smart kitchen appliance it kind of looks like a food processor and this food processor can do pretty much anything mixing you could chalk it also will cook to the extent and you have also a tablet a ruggedized tablet and it's tablets interesting because yes it's designed for the kitchen so getting dirty and all that it's it's gonna be able to withstand that but it also has some useful things like making dishes getting recipes the system the Julia system

Actually also incorporates a scale so the thing about getting the perfect dish is that have to have the correct type of ingredients and also the correct weight because they'll factor into the cooking times and all that so basically what happens here it's like you look for a dish one make on the tablet you buy the ingredients obviously and then you're gonna get step-by-step instruction on the tablet how to use this food processing unit that they have with the scale and the mixer and everything together and basically the end result is making you know healthy this just at

Home and for the most part it looks like most ambitious are gonna be steamed because that's how it's gonna cook it's an interesting use of it in its that whole field of just cooking technology of just how much that is changing constantly this almost feels a little bit like cheating but at the same time I would probably use it and then I would hide it afterward and then just pretends you don't like maybe I shouldn't say that out loud but that's uh that's where I'm working on bad words so that's the Julia and that's something that's gonna be there

What what's the pricing do you know the price they may say is gonna retail under $1,000 when it launches so maybe $9.99 okay all right well there we go so Julia let's take a look at one more product and there's so many we'll have all the updates at Digital Trends calm /li yes where you can follow along what's one other product that you're excited about so this next one here I actually got a chance to get a sneak peek before CES so I thought this is pretty interesting it's a smart cooler so think about about it as a an appliance kind of looks like a Keurig a

Giant-sized fury that you place on your kitchen counter or somewhere and it's made by this company called matrix industries and basically what it is it's a cooling system that uses thermo electric technology to cool beverages say a beer can soda even a bottle of wine and it does it in in an insane amount of time for a can of beer from normal room temperature to something that's ice-cold it only takes approximately two minutes to do and if you want a bottle of wine chilled very fast it does it in five minutes and I was now I was skeptical

When I saw this at first Greg and I thought hey yeah you know room-temperature beer how long is it gonna take to get it to that nice chilled temperature you know frosted beer and I was amazed you basically put the can of beer into the machine and basically usually utilizes this this liquid inside I believe they told me it's sort of a mixture of water and basically it's rotating of the beverage back and forth using this thermoelectric technology what does it kills the beverage very fast so when I open up that can of soda

It was cold so I was kind of impressed so the case use for this is yes if you obviously most people will have their beverages in the fridge at home but let's say if you are having a party and just don't have no space and you want to quickly chill you know maybe this one type of beer bottle beer if you have you can do that very quickly with the Juneau cooler or in the case of let's say hotels you know if they don't want to they want to give you an extensive lineup of different beverages to choose from and they don't want to put all that into the mini fridges there you have you

Have the Juno cooler right there you just place your you know beverage and that's it and yeah it worked it worked perfectly I was impressed by it that is pretty cool and actually now that you mentioned that with the hotel I think we need those at CES clearly on the stage when we're yeah we have to have them well Mike OPA yeah exactly well John thank you very much and I know there is so much going on with smart homes and you are very busy of all of our editors are busy this week but that's what we're trying to do is bring everybody all of this news about CES and

All these cool new products that are happening what's the coolest what's the greatest we will let you know and John thank you so much I will see you on the show floor thank you alright and again thank you everybody for tuning in the digital trends can follow along with everything we're talking about at digital trends calm slash CES coming up next we're gonna talk about some computing news computing is a huge part of CES just like everything else and we're gonna have Luke Larsen kind of walk through what he is most excited about with that so stick

Around back here in a minute with more gentle trends live and welcome back to Digital Trends live I'm Gregg nibbler thank you for joining us as we continue on with our CES 20/20 preview hit that subscribe button wet that we get two notifications when we do go live and right now we're gonna talk about computing technology so to do so we have mr. Luke Larsen hello Luke hi

Greg hello it is a big week a big week for tech the biggest week I've been asking kind of everybody how many CES is they've been to which number is this for you this is three for me number three like in the decades yet yeah I think mochi is the only one so get out there but that's still though three CES is I mean you get to see a lot of what the changes are that have come through with computing technology and that's what we want to talk about right now is what we expect with this year there's always so much everybody wants to bring their

A-game all these manufacturers let's kind of go down the list of a couple of things that you're expecting maybe a laptop to start off with yeah a lot of laptop a lot of lap you know for me it's basically just laptops all the time at CES because yeah in terms of trends it's like the big trends are set at CES for the whole year and then we get to kind of see them play out and see different companies takes on them so there's a number of big trends I'm gonna get to you but first I want to talk about just a single laptop okay just one that has already been announced one that is

Really gotten me excited and that's the new XPS 13 from Dell and that is a very popular computer as far as all of our reviews yeah it's just a solid laptop right totally it's been at the you know the top of our list for a really long time and the design of it hasn't changed a ton over the years they've always had that really kind of iconic thin bezel design they kind of pioneered that from the very beginning but it's really been years since it's gotten a full redesign and this year 2020 a CES we're getting a as close to a full view design as we've had in a long time what's really

Exciting what are some of the key things that they're changing up with this so the the biggest thing they're changing kind of right off the bat is the screen you can see it in some of the some of the video and the photos but the basically they've erased the bottom bezel completely so before they had the three bezels that were small and now that bottom bezel is just as small as the other ones which is really impressive and the way that the just kind of sits below the screen a little bit really makes it seem like there is just no edge down there at all

Which is great yeah when you see it in person it's just like whoa this is all screen for the finally you know yeah finally finally getting that and that seems like that's a trend you know across the board when it comes to products as far as any kind of I mean as a screen whether it's a television yeah phone or you know a laptop a computer it's getting rid of those bezel yeah an XPS has always been at the top of that and so it's kind of fitting for them to kind of finish it off in terms of getting all four sides and with that the the screen is actually a little bit

Taller now it's a 16 by 10 instead of a 16 by 9 so that's kind of a change it's kind of like the macbook pro size so it's pretty familiar for a lot of people I think and that also gives you a little more space in the body of the of the device so you have a brand new keyboard a larger touchpad it's got new internals a lot of new stuff that's really really cool the the keyboard itself is is one that is something that I think is a standout it's always been a standout for the XPS 13 but this keyboard looks really cool cuz it goes edge to edge so there's no like spate and no wasted

Space on the Kinneret yeah so it's a larger keyboard even though this thing is really small it's a larger keyboard it's really spacious and comfortable type on but it doesn't like take out any of the like comfortable like typing there's still a millimeter of travel on all that so just a really like they've really made all those the small touches to make this thing just like better than ever well I love it when companies use their innovation just to like try to maximize every single yeah millimeter yeah on something like this because every part

Of it is so valuable yeah and finding that right balance is a difficult thing to do but that's that's a really interesting design change that's what it takes because right now laptops have been you know around for so long and they just people keep entering on and every year yeah like you've got to use every single you know millimeter you know to the best that you can the one downside I will mention with this new keyboard as you lose one of the USB sea ports so ok used to come with three and now this just has one on either side

Some people's yeah some people really hate that for me two is enough to get me by so yeah I'm okay with it no matter what I end up having there's never enough ports anyway I just conceded yeah I just gave up on that part well that's that's interesting that's the Dell XPS 13 the new redesign on that something to expect here from CES that we know it's coming let's talk about some more conceptual things I guess yeah other things that we think may be happening some trends in technology yeah so one really big trend for this whole year is gonna be 5g

Laptops yeah I know you know we've been talking about 5g forever but this year with laptops I think for the first time it's gonna become a thing hasn't really been talked about much in terms of laptops but we're already seeing for the first 5g laptop getting announced and getting pushed out there and the first one that got announced here at CES is the HP elite dragonfly this is a laptops kind of a business II kind of laptop which makes sense with 5g right because you want to take your work on the go yeah upload speed yeah yeah exactly so this this you know business laptop which

Actually got they actually got launched just late in late 2019 but they've already kind of like pushed out another version because they have this 5g chip in it now so like you get 5g access and you know that's basically that's basically it but we're gonna see a lot of other laptops obviously jump on board with 5g and that's it's gonna be a thing yeah out of the year as 5g starts to roll out and become more common right I mean 5g has a trend just at this show I feel like it's going to be I mean it was big last year I think it's gonna be even bigger this year yeah because we

Have that coverage willing out more and more a lot of service providers are you know it's still a slow process it takes a lot of infrastructure to change that up to get that to everybody but you do so have a lot more cities anyway at least put certain parts of cities getting access to that yes means more people can utilize something like this and that's that's an interesting tech trend when it comes to 5g other than I mean and I know there's only so much you can say or that you know because there's a lot that goes on at this and certain things get released at certain times are

There any other trends with 5g or things that you think 5g would allow a laptop to do that you that you would be excited about I mean the main thing that companies talk about with 5g is like taking two and ones on the go so like a lot of these devices like that HP one is a two and one so – tablet laptop type of thing that can fold around you can use as a touchscreen and all that you can use with a pen so I think you know what they have in mind is taking your work on the bus or on the plane or wherever it wherever you want to take it that you don't typically have

A Wi-Fi connection or something like that you know we've always had laptops with you know 4G or LTE connections but 5g really will make a difference I think especially if these laptops start coming out and they're not crazy expensive they don't have any extra costs associated with them which was always the problem in the past so I think I do think you know it's starting it's starting now and I think like it's starting to become a real thing and I think 5g rolling out with laptops will feel pretty nice for people who actually need that connection I mean I love that idea just to be able

To not have to worry you know and again the infrastructure is gonna go in there's a lot of things that have to happen to really make that something you use all the time but I love that five 5g connected laptops yeah I think it's great yeah you know just to be able to know that you can have that connection no matter where you are yeah and fast speeds and yeah that's that's exciting stuff to me it is it totally is so that's one more trend you know that we're expecting and computing here at CES anything else that you're looking at that you're excited about so the other

Big one is gonna be dual screen devices because and the main reason why I say this because you look back just a couple months ago Microsoft makes this big announcement yeah with its surface devices one of the most exciting product launches I've ever been to because they announced all these new things that like some of them we didn't even know existed and there were all these two screen PCs basically they had the really small one which was an Android powered one was more like a phone and then they also had a two screen which was the surf that was the

Surface surface duo and then the surface neo which is more of a PC kind of thing but both of them have two screens kind of a clamshell laptop and you know that's just gonna spark this huge like this huge move towards trying out this new form factor which is fun it's really fun yeah it's really fun and so like there's good reason to think we're gonna get a lot of these at CES because both these surface devices are due out holiday 2020 so you know if you kind of look at that as he you know we have basically a full year come other companies are gonna start jumping on

Board because this is a Microsoft Windows product you know so they always involves getting the the Dells HP's Lenovo with all those rigs every three are totally yeah so I'm expecting to see a lot of those types of devices now what they will actually do how good they will be whether they will be enticing to people or not or well they'll just people kind of write it off as an experimental thing that's you know who knows right that's it's it's totally up in the air what these things will be like it's kind of the Wild West when it comes to that like the tech is finally

Rolling out to where more people can do can can use it yeah but what does it actually do yeah yeah like how are people gonna want to I think the biggest thing you know with these with these types of devices is the keyboard you know like nobody wants a to be typing on a on a flat surface like on an iPad you know it just doesn't feel natural it just you know you use you use that that sense of touch that have to get back so much yeah that's why people want to use a laptop most of the time you know you can do a lot of things on your phone but you're like okay I need to write a bunch

Or I need to like do a bunch of like intricate things with a keyboard like that's why you want a lab right so they you know these companies will have to find different ways of implementing actual keyboards on today's devices without actually having it there so you know the like Microsoft showed off a magnetic little keyboard that kind of flips up onto the second screen that can move around and you know kind of interact with the screen in different ways really cool ideas but like you like you said it kind of is the Wild West I think we're gonna see a bunch of

Different experimental concepts for like how did how to accomplish that you know well that's part of the fun of CES it really is what people come up with and and you'll be on the ground floor take a look at all of this and part of our continuing coverage this week because we've got lots of coverage here for CES the broadcast alone we're gonna be broadcasting Tuesday Wednesday Thursday at least eight hours a day bringing you all kinds of technology and that is packing in as much as we can in that amount of time and there's way more at digital trends calm slash CES because

Luke's gonna be covering everything going on in computing we've got automotive technology we've got drew with you know writable tech I mean they're just televisions speakers everything everything you can think of we're gonna be covering all of it thank you very much for just a little bit of a preview of what you expect and then we get to find out what actually yeah stay tuned yeah stay tuned indeed so stay tuned wherever you're watching I love that and so hit that subscribe button that we get the notifications when we do go alive

And join in the conversation we're gonna take a break we're gonna come back and continue on with our CES twenty20 preview coverage no sooner will we have finished recovering from New Year's Eve parties then it will be time to hop a plane to Las Vegas for the biggest tech show in the world CES 2020 while we can't dig into any specifics with any certainty

It's safe to talk about some trends we will be seeing it's never too soon to get amped for this show so let's do this I'm gonna start off with computing because I think we're gonna be seeing some big stuff this year from Intel AMD Nvidia AMD came big with a GPU last year while Intel announced it's ice Lake processors and NVIDIA came through with graphics cards for gaming laptops I expect we'll see more big announcements with some of the slimmest lightest and fastest laptops ever and possibly better mobile graphics as well

Computing monitors will also see some big strides with more 4k more HD are more curves and more inches coming from the likes of Samsung and LG head phones will also be big at this show of course everyone is wanting to outdo the new air pods Pro so even more competitive true Wireless buds should be big including a possible pair from oneplus but then on the other side of the spectrum would be the Sony WH 1000 X m4 the successor to our number one headphone picked this year which came out back in October 2018 so I mean the timing is right and I'm hoping big for that one TVs always big

At CES and this year should be no different a European patent points to Samsung bringing a bezel askew LED TV and likely an expanded Hewlett TV line in general I'm also hoping to see more micro LED displays as well including one that is living room ready LG will definitely be there with a new OLED lineup likely several new 8k TV models and this might be the year that transparent OLED makes it to the show floor in the past I've only seen it in private rooms oh and I expect to see something around that roll-up OLED they showed off last year also in TV is

Hisense which could bring it to you LED tech to the US market for the first time while TCL will hopefully expand on its mini LED TV plans in fact I'm kind of hoping to see more mini LED TVs across the board health and wellness this one's different it's likely gonna be a big section at CES this year with more Fitness wearables than we could see in a single day but it's a one-year trial that has the health and wellness section blowing up this year after some controversy from disqualifying a sex toy for a CES award

Last year expect to see plenty of adult technology at this show and then we'll have to wait and see if the sector comes back or if it gets dismissed to be sure there will be a lot of conversation around this major appliances and robots will make a big appearance at this year's CES with Samsung likely to show off its chef bot a cooking assistant robot which we saw at Aoife earlier this year along with a range of refrigerators that don't really look like appliances in fact across appliances I think design will play a really big role and finally the

Convergence of IOT AI and 5g technologies will play out at CES 2020 what remains to be seen is how well the 5g infrastructure will develop over 2020 and therefore whether it can deliver on those dreams the hardware's coming but will the network be ready we'll be asking that question a lot at the show so that's a taste of what's coming up for CES 2020 of course every kind of gadget you can imagine will be represented we're gonna try and catch as many of them as you can so keep it tuned to Digital Trends calm for all the latest CES for 220

and welcome back to Digital Trends live I'm Greg nibbler thank you for joining us hit that subscribe button wherever you are watching to get the notifications when we do go alive which is going to be a lot this week as we continue with our CES 20/20 coverage the

Show hasn't even gotten going yet but we're doing a little bit of a preview right now and it's time to talk about automotive technology such a huge part of CES and to do that we have joining us right now mr. Hickman okay hello dick hey how you doing great how about yourself doing good how many CES is this for you do you even actually I was counting recently it's eleven eleven see I mean that's crazy I don't know if I should admit that yes CES is that's just incredible of just how much you know you've seen technology change over that amount of time well it's changed a lot

Over the years and one of the biggest things that we've noticed recently is actually how much of car show that it has become yeah because originally I mean 10 years ago when I first went there cars were very much a sideshow and now they are very much at the center stage yeah I mean it's almost supplanted some of the big auto shows that go on as far as all this tech that's involved with them absolutely in fact they're moving the Detroit Auto Show because it's so close to CES that the bleed-over has become too much they're pushing Detroit back further in the year that's

That's a huge thing to have happen I mean that's like a staple Auto Show in the movie I know they're bowing Detroit Auto Show because of CES I mean that really says something that's insane well let's let's walk through some of the different things that you're expecting me and there's a lot we're only gonna hit on a little bit here out of this broad range of different things that we're gonna be covering but I think to start off definitely in the realm of automotive technology what's made the biggest splash lately is the cyber truck can't mention automotive technology at

This point without talking cyber truck and I think everybody going to CES knows that all the big companies going to CES know that so I would not be very surprised to see this here at CES a lot of cyber truck maybe not competitors they're not gonna be the same as cyber truck it's kind of in a class of its own but more trucks SUVs off-road type vehicles well taking this cyber truck has kind of the extreme version of that and people either love it or hate it there's all kinds of opinions everybody has about that but like you said everybody else

Getting into the electric vehicle game in particular you know with pickup trucks for Dino is-is-is says they're gonna be coming out with something along these lines what do you expect yeah so Ford has kind of been teasing an electric f-150 for awhile I don't know if maybe you saw the trailer of an electric f-150 pulling a freight train that was a thing this year and so it's kind of been on the horizon for a bit but they haven't actually formally announced it one that you can buy I don't know if we're gonna see that at CES this year but I would be shocked if

We didn't at least see a new prototype or something from Ford it's kind of their time to meet the the cyber truck head-on I mean there's that comparison that everybody some people mocked it but the tug of war between the cyber truck and an f-150 Ford is very much in Tesla sights and if it doesn't come to CES with some sort of pickup technology I think it's really missing a shot and and that's something that I honestly I love so much about this about this competition that's going on you know Elon Musk like I said some people love them some people don't but but you have

To admit he brings a show to this and he brings the competition there and I think it's good for everybody and in particular consumers because we get to see this competition and they want to beat each other and we're the winners ultimately and all of that so that's yeah I mean he's they fired shots at Ford I mean Ford's you would think it doesn't have to come up again yeah I think I think Ford has to show up with something I don't know if it'll be the production model that's the option mark to me is are they going to announce something

That we can buy or are they going to show us another prototype again we've already kind of seen some prototypes the way I put the freight train so that's not totally unprecedented it'll it'll really be how close is this is something that we can buy okay and so looking at Ford from that aspect what about some of the other competitors in that space yeah I think you know Jeep and Ram have actually both kind of hinted at if not full electric than some electrification in their trucks and jeeps so I wouldn't be supply surprised to see either a hybrid or plug-in hybrid variant from

Them and the same actually goes for Toyota I don't know if you saw at the LA Auto Show the rav4 there is a plug-in version of that announced there was very very popular is a huge hit at the LA Auto Show and I would not be surprised if Toyota came out with either a Tundra or a 4runner that actually also was like a plug-in hybrid that would make sense actually go right in that competition with everything that Ford is doing and and Tesla well that's that's an exciting aspect itself just when it comes to what what all these

Manufacturers are doing in that pickup market which by the way is the biggest has the biggest share of sales when it comes to vehicles in the United States and which I didn't realize that either like the pickup segment is so big so that's gonna be really exciting to see where that goes so again that's just talking about what aspect let's the cyber trek competition if you'll call it or whatever you want to call that the the pickup side of things but then you have some of the more outside of the the big manufacturers you have some of the other ones like Fisker Fisker which has

Been promising a pretty big debut here at this at this event yeah Fisker actually has been pretty forthcoming with some details before the show they're announcing an electric SUV called the ocean okay which is I think kind of targeted actually at the Rivia Ness SUV so it's got a three row SUV the big feature that they're teasing is California mode which is literally you hit one button and all the windows which is nine windows so including like the third row windows in a van typically never go down they all drop all the way and also there's a tailgate window that

That drops down I think in their in their little like you know prototype vision version of it they have a surfboard surfboard poking out the doors yeah it's a little bit cheesy but the specs on it seemed decent they're promising a 300 mile range in under forty thousand dollars for that which would be really impressive if they can deliver yeah that price range I mean that's a key point if you can get under 40 grand for that and I will say we had a Henrik Fisker actually on digital trans 5 not too long ago talking about some of this so I'm pretty sure we're

Gonna be over at the at the event space you know to see what it is and how this actually looks in for yes we will absolutely be touching base with Fisker so that is cool so there we go so talking about cyber touring to pick up side of things and Fisker with what they're bringing in and who knows what other manufacturers are gonna be showcasing something too you always get the ones kind of out of left field where you just get surprises like oh I love about CES yeah always know you're gonna see and some of these brands I mean who had even heard of Fisker or bitin or

Faraday future prior to a few years ago there's all these new brands that kind of used CES as their chance to grandstand so it's so much fun so we've got that side of things let's talk about the motorcycle side of things and this was big for us last year actually yeah so we we gave was the best best of CES wasn't the top I think it was the best automotive tech that's not a motive to last year was was the harley-davidson livewire which hardly had actually been showing that prototype since I think 2014 the big news last year was like you can you can

Buy this so in 2019 you can go out to a Harley dealership you can buy an electric live lawyer motorcycle so that was that was big news from CES last year it kind of proved that CES is a pretty good place to talk motorcycles yeah and this year we're expecting Canadian startup called Damon to announce something that I actually think is way cooler than a livewire which is not just an electric motorcycle but a shape-shifting motorcycle um so it's actually kind of supposed to change from a hunched-over sport bike position to more of an upright Cruiser position

Really you can you can have both aspects yes um I so they haven't announced a ton of details about this thing yet I have no idea how it does that we haven't seen like the mechanism but we again we're absolutely gonna go check out Damon on the CES show floor I think this is a really exciting announcement that I'm looking forward to checking out it's a yes that is that's pretty cool I want to I want to take that for a ride myself but probably not a good idea for me to do that so that's again taking a look at what we expect here from CES in the automotive technology side of things and

Then I guess just there's so much to cover but one final thing I want to ask you about is something that I'm sure a lot of people are gonna be bringing up is autonomous vehicles and you know what we're gonna see when it comes to self-driving are we finally gonna get completely you know self-driving cars driving around Vegas I know they've had some of that before I think lyft was doing it last year that's where you could take a lift ride now there was still a driver in there but what what do we expect in that what kind of advancements or what are you looking for

With the trends with that sure I mean every year people want to talk self-driving cars that's not going to go away I think the question of like will this you know 2020 be the year that we finally get self-driving cars in the driveway no I think we're going to hear a lot of people kind of blustering about that at CES that's something we've heard every year it's one of those things where it seems like we're 90% of the way there but that final 10% takes 90% of the time we're actually I feel long ways off there are a lot of strange driving conditions that pop up snow/rain weird

Pedestrian behavior those edge cases take a really long time to sort program four and build the technology four and so we're in that sort of uncomfortable stage now where it seems like it's really really close but to actually get to where you're going to be able to drive on them soon is a long way off what I think we'll see at CES is a lot of advancement we're not going to see a self-driving car announced there for 2020 I think we're gonna see a lot of advancement of the technologies that make self-driving cars possible okay off you go in the North Hall at CES it's

Kind of this Bazaar of all these companies that make the technical one of the big ones that we always check out every year is lidar which is kind of the eyes of an autonomous car and the big news there in the last few years has always been solid-state lidar so if you've seen autonomous cars they usually have a little spinny thing on top yeah that's kind of what makes it possible for the car to see the world they're building solid-state versions of that which basically they don't need to spin around they can put it in the bumper it's smaller it's a lot cheaper it's

More resistant to damage but a lot of companies have kind of promised those in years past haven't quite delivered yet there's a lot of hype there and I think that's one of the biggest holdups from actually seeing these cars on the street so I think we're going to see more announcements around that solid-state light hour which I know is a very grainy subset nobody wants to hear that they all want the actual car in the driveway but before we can get there we got to solve this lidar thing yes so it's I mean it's the proverbial tech under the hood you know that you have to have that

Before you can really have these things and plus you know security issues there as far as safety issues I guess would be yeah a bigger concern and then regulations so it's still exciting stuff though to see what they're gonna be doing with this because this is what's going to bring us those absolutely and I expect some awesome demos at the at the you know in the parking lot outside the LBCC but also driving around Las Vegas I think we're gonna see some really cool stuff just want to be very clear don't care hopes up too much for actually buying one this year well you can

Definitely follow along at digital trends comm slash CES Nick thank you so much for just a little bit of a preview I know you were gonna be so busy going through all the women every year let's do it it's fun yeah exactly 11 years of this and he's still still at it and still loves it so thank you thank you for your preview and thank you everybody who's tuning in to again digital trends will be all over CES we're gonna be bringing you all kinds of Technology news we're gonna be broadcasting eight hours a day at least every every single day so whatever platform you're walking

Watching on right now hit that subscribe button that we get the notifications when we do go live games right stations that we get to have and we love bringing you the coolest tech that we can find that's what we're gonna be doing so follow along digital prints comm slash CES thanks for tuning in we'll talk to you next live from the show

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