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published on July 19, 2020

New york eight million people fire two more risottos that's four all day everything we do is on a mega mega level it's a four-hour wait is that really all i want to do is just win win 24 000 restaurants i'm not going to close the restaurant hail to the now

You're losing money by the way about a minute family legacy is on the line here a million dollars is both it really is three businesses and a crossroads our goals are the same we both want to

Be fighting for their piece of a 34 billion dollar industry you got to bulldoze your way in this is crazy this requires my life it's going to work no matter what

A budding empire we've grown a 45 million dollar business meatball shop is a proven successful concept we need four million dollars to open restaurants either we gotta

Get off the pot man a fading mom and pop my great-grandfather started this place in 1927 the numbers are way down this year go to outside you might not go home we need more customers a neighborhood joint with

National ambitions i want to branch out into merchandising the price of doing everything on my own is that i'm the only one to blame kill me in this world you either eat or

Get eaten either you're with me or you're against me you really want me to say that on camera i want the truth consumed

I need plates i can't put out food because i don't have plates i got every goddamn chef in the restaurant and i can't get a dishwashed the food is taking way too long and actually people are complaining

You taking your time to let me know is actually gonna help me to slow down but thank you in 2009 my childhood friend michael chernow and i launched the meatball shop michael and i have been friends for over

20 years we had our first fist fight in high school we both got suspended for it we see things completely differently you think that you have to work harder i do have to work harder well that's not true

We fight about everything and the fights are what makes the meatballs shop the success it is today michael brings this cool factor all right i knew that if i went into business with michael the restaurant

Would be packed from day one pull it all out fix it all we got 10 minutes let's get through that and make it happen daniel holzman is the kind of guy you want to get

Caught in a foxhole with more butter more salt salt and butter he's not going to tell you how awesome you are those are not good but when it comes to getting done he will get

Done i love building a restaurant we wanted to have a very popular successful restaurant so we needed to do something that was unique and new and meatballs are something that every single culture

And every human being can identify with they're delicious they're inexpensive let's give them the best for as little as possible awesome service great atmosphere and a really delicious meal using high quality

Ingredients for nothing there was no meatball centric restaurant and the trick was to find a neighborhood that's right on the verge of happening that's

It like that formula works you guys are awesome by the way oh thank you man thanks so much daniel and i put our life savings everything on the line we literally

Built the meatball shop with our bare hands open for business open for business you ran the front of the house this is our opportunity to make perfect

Like let's just get the table settings done right and i ran the back of the house three roast veg three daily greens the success of the first meatball shop was immediate we had cookbooks in the

Works and we were in the new york times we were on television it was like you know never never land when we opened the first shop we projected a 20 check average we're gonna do two million

Dollars in sales it turned out we did twice that four million dollars a year in sales 600 people a day unbelievable we took every single penny and put it back in the business five

Years later we have six restaurants and a commissary plus the office over 350 people working for us and protected sales for 2015 are 22 and a half million dollars

The american dream we've developed an amazing team to help us as we grow into a nationally recognized restaurant group that's what i'm saying there's no reason that every major city

And large town can't have a meatball shop it's like a hamburger place we have six restaurants in five years and we've accomplished a lot even if michael and i don't agree on how to run

The business we definitely agree that we want to grow the business six restaurants is massive from the meatball shops perspective that's just getting started right now the meatball shop is at a

Crossroads you know we have a choice we can either continue to grow as a home-grown concept slowly one shop at a time or we can take investor money from the outside and grow exponentially definitely want to

Open a shop this year that is our goal not only will investor money help us to expand faster but we'll be able to take some money off the table thus far everything has gone right back

Into the business i'd like to have a thousand restaurants i'm never going to be satisfied i'm so hungry all i want to do is just win win i just want to win

how you doing anatomies is a family-owned restaurant that's been around for five generations my brother my mother and i run the business it's a traditional italian

Restaurant and basically it's been the same since i was a little kid what are you doing pretending to work my grandparents came from italy in 1927 and they bought this uh property chicken

Cacciatore and they turns it into a restaurant so they can always eat they said you'll never go hungry whatever you want throw my way i'm ready stepping in here is like stepping into a time capsule

Four generations passed through my great-grandfather grandfather to my father ralph and then down to my brother and i anthony i've worked here since i'm 11 i've worked in this restaurant

Never did anything else is the only job i've ever had in my entire life i remember being eight years old going downstairs in the basement and tapping kegs of beer i couldn't even move it i'd pull it they'd be yelling

And screaming at me too hurry up it's amazing what are you doing all right you got to take one of these up all right you got it you can hold it i'm in the back making the food most of the time chicken parmesan really good

Right so it's delicious my brother does more of the getting the people to come through the front door and trying to make sure they have a good experience call my ladies here my lovely ladies

When it comes to business my brother has his head in the sand and way up his ass put up a picture please i can't put a picture on it right you're wrong and that's it period this is the way business is done this is how

It works ralph he's a pain in the ass all right listen the guy wants the food turn this tv off turn it off even though ralph and anthony run the restaurant they still

Report to me every night oh shut up anthony i always worry about what my mother thinks i know you were here she's the owner me and my brother listen to her

To me there's nobody here well gotta get ready for the day i mean you know the bronx has changed they only used to be four restaurants here that was it now there's maybe i don't know how many

You know i'm here 50 years and i've seen ups and i've seen downs my husband and i ran this restaurant until the day he died my father he he was here every day of his life we work together it's not like

A regular or a father in some relationship i really want to cry when i see daddy's pictures but my children i don't want them to see that i get upset

Every day i miss my father it hurts though ten years later it's okay okay

That sign outside it says five generations my children don't work here yet but they want to work here i would love my kids to see what i saw the only thing is i don't know if it

Could happen anymore that's the problem pull up on top good job usually gross around 600 000 for the year this year has been a tough year our sales are down 20 that's a lot for a

Small little family business like this does that scare you always it's always very scary and attorneys does not make enough money to sustain three separate families that's it

i don't like change a lot i like everything to stay the way it is but things aren't the same i don't know if i could ever get back to that i wish it would

So what's going on so how do we do a little more than 2 400 for the day on saturday about 29 for the day down from last year look you got to start listening to my ideas man we got to start doing these

Things it just just it isn't going to work most of them you want my list of ideas i'll give you a little bit one we need a new video on our website another one what about the idea i had

For the taco tuesday my brother does have a lot of things he wants to do in the restaurant but i'm doing this almost 40 years of my life i'm not saying i know everything that's

For sure but i know when something is not going to work come up with a good idea from now on i'll listen but until you come up with a good one nothing to listen about


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