Connecting All The Kitchen Plumbing And Mounting The Sink

published on July 13, 2020

Okay hey it's Jeff from Homer Division DIY and today I'm here showing you how to do all of the plumbing installing your sink and faucet on a brand new build island now listen there's a lot of information here because it's a new build we're going to show you some tips

And tricks and sequences of events that'll help make life easier for you let's get into this right away so first of all before we get started we have to think through our process because the other sink we have a faucet and we have

A dishwasher now there is a lot of cramped spaces involved in this so if you have an opportunity after your counter goes in to take care of drilling all your holes and sorting out all your mechanical

Issues that is the time to do it before you put your sink in right now in the bottom of this cabinet I've got my holes drilled for my water supply and from my dream but what I don't have is I don't have the holes drilled for the

Dishwasher yet so what we want to do is we want to put in a hole for the water supply going to the dishwasher and a hole for the pipe that comes to the dishwasher for the discharge and generally you want that pipe coming up

Near the top of the cabinet and then coming down to the drain and then so what we're gonna do we're going to take a patient quarter bit and I'm gonna drill a hole near the top of the cabinet at the back and I'm gonna drill one near

The bottom at the back to take care of that so that when I it's time for me to install my dishwasher I'm not gonna be fussing around on my back upside down drilling holes

So our sink and our faucet are supplied by stylish this is a company I met at a Toronto Home Show two years ago it's kind of brilliant they're a Canadian company that got into the designer sink and faucet market but they're bringing a

Really high quality product at a much more affordable price so most homeowners can afford to go delve into that lap of luxury as far as quality is concerned without buying plastic and really cheap stainless steel so there gonna be a link

To the Amazon page where you can actually take a look at these products but I've absolutely just loved the quality this is pasta here right now has got to be humbles 12 pounds me really we're gonna stick that one in first

That's kind of a big hole here we go so we're gonna stick all over water spine lines and our adjustable hose line through the standard one and a quarter inch hole that gets drilled by the courts guy get rid of that we don't need

The snow right okay comes with weight in this middle clip now this bracket goes over all the hoses collectively if you organize them properly they'll all fit nice and comfortable nothing will get bound and then all you do is drive these

Screws into this metal plate underneath the sink it gives you really good tension to hold this in steady for years and years to come oh yeah without a sink here this is actually really easy operation so let's

Get everything nicely organized because the Quick Connect end here they have to go over top of this first and then feed the water supply line through you're going to put it up on a cold there put a hot there go like that okay and then the

One that's moving around will go right through them huh I'm gonna start the thread off nice and simple I want to access to all these screws so we careful where I finish off two screws on the back that's actually a

Good spot no it's important all of this is flexible right we want to square this off really nicely and then drive these screws home great the compression don't over tighten it you'll just strip the screw and then you won't be able to make

Adjustments if you ever need to in the future there we go oh love it all right what a great spot for video image okay now the weight is what gets wrapped around the host so that creates tension to lift up on this and that way you can

Pull down on the way and it'll pull it up into the end of seat really nice here we just have to take the just engage the screw on boys okay here we go install it on this big freakin hose over here so this connects

Quick connect right in there done locked and push them pinch the two you can release it but that's locked in place so now it is hanging and they got some tension on that rod so I want to have this weight right at the bottom okay so

I'm gonna pinched and now I'm going to screw back together most faucets I have a pull-out drain operate with a similar system this is not new technology it's just really really convenient ok so here we are

There's my hot my cold lines and after we'll be able to connect that to our shutoff valves right here piece of cake yeah oh this is done so now we have nothing left to connect ready to put the sink in

Now first Shane what's product placement this is the stylish sink now I contact these guys because I saw them at the Home Show so I reached out to them and I said hey would you be interested in supplying the sink whether I get your

Innovation and then I'm gonna do a review on the product so it's not an unboxing obviously I've already ripped the box apart but first thing I'm noticing is right out of the gate the features and benefits of this sink are

Absolutely phenomenal so we had a little difficulty getting the quartz cut to fit the template because it's such a unique style the guys at the quartz store didn't bother reading the template instructions so if you end up buying

This make sure you beat them over the head with the template instructions so they actually follow it because it has to be very precise you can see that this is the undermount but this track here is for all of the features and benefits to

Operate so it had to be exact and it couldn't be too small which is what happened does frustrating but anyway it comes with a bamboo cutting board and this is brilliant it actually has the drain groove that runs right off back

Into the sink genius right in those little details 16 gauge sink stainless steel silicone wrapped and drying rack goes across the top as well colander hmm check this out okay full stainless steel oh that's cool

It's got the food trap in the basket strainer that hangs underneath that is a cool feature I'm telling you the world is changing companies that don't adapt soon we're gonna get left behind because companies like this are coming on the

Market and they're know these products and bringing them to market for half the traditional cost for these kind of designers inks unbelievable of course if you wanted to buy one there's a link in the Amazon store there we go

Right that goes in the bottom to protect the bottom of the sink from scratches brilliant what we're doing right now is we're gonna install this okay me and my son are gonna install this it's actually quite heavy it's a pretty good sized

Thing and we're not gonna just sell a cone it okay we can't get away with that kind of weight with that capacity of water to just silicone it to the countertop but we're gonna start by silicon again to the set countertop I'm

Going to show you a different trick than I've shown in other sink videos so that you can install this at home and you don't have to pay the premium price at the quartz counter shop to get this done you can buy your course and haven't

Delivered on site and then you can finish all the installation yourself and save a ton of money so let's get into this I'm gonna set this aside and wait for him to come back just go in to the store for a few minutes to grab me

Something that I forgot so a secret here is it take a two-by-four and I cut the bottom piece just a little bit smaller than the sink and I set it underneath the sink and I marked two locations in the middle of

The drain so that I can do this I can take half inch threaded rod okay put it through the hole all right washer and a nut and I can use this underneath the sink to lift it in place while I have compression from on top see

This drilled the hole may be too exact it'll get there in a second there we go washer and nut okay and so I can build this assembly with the sink underneath in the cavity put all this together then I can lift the bottom into place and

Then do the using compression to pull it all together nice and tight it's a good little system and it'll make sure that my bond is perfect to the underside of the counter and it gives me the ability to have all that weight carrying and

Transferred to the gable ends of the counter so that I can locate it in the perfect position before I use the wrench to tighten it into position once it's all dried I'm going to put in supports for the weight underneath I'll show you

That a little later but here we go Matthew's back let's pull this apart and get this installed okay so I've got my nuts and my washers ready we're short two by four with my holes drilled already I got my sink I got my

Rod bracket I got my math you all right here we go gonna reach in grab that seat no I'm just gonna go connect not so much yours underneath here hey how you doing that I'm good okay no real quick suggesting new flexed silicone okay I've

Been using this stuff for the last six or seven years never had a countertop fail on me now in conjunction with the silicone I'm gonna put a support rod in there we're gonna add that in the little later in the video

So no new flex is not sponsoring Austin or anything is just when you know something that you love you share it with the world so here we go now I'm ready to go I've got my weight being held by my rod on my 2×4 the sink is

Just kind of swinging around it's cantilevered because the drains are to the back okay so my front is wide open what I'm gonna do is run a bead of silicone all across the front it's about

One inch around the corner then I'm gonna lift it into place clamp it and then I'm gonna run the bead around the rest of that and then tighten up all the nut and thread assembly until everything's under compression and in

Place waiting to be cured no note make sure your countertop is at room temperature before you do this the quartz company that brought this in actually set it in place and was about to silicone everything but it was so

Cold that day I told them I said just don't touch anything with your silicone because it's not gonna bond what's the point of doing it now if you're gonna do something you know you got to make sure it works and I don't want to say do it

Right that would just be wrong so here we go nice and simple now my overhang is about one inch okay I'm actually using this tip nozzle to push the silicone towards the backside of that one-inch when it's all said and done I'll be able

To do a decorative bead all around the joint but I don't want to have it all squeezing all over the place and making a mess so I'm going to start out here it takes a little bit of patience and precision this is an adhesive

Application so less is more just doing a huge amount of silicone is just gonna make a bigger bigger mess here we go like that this little piece of wood here when they situation is just nice to have an extra pair of hands okay

Well everything is nice and wet take a drive finger just wipe away any excess now I'm just gonna simply comb the rest of that sink alright I'm gonna lift it up now get this in position here right before we

Compress everything within the nuts just want to look for a little extra but it's a silicone get rid of okay knees up not a everything under compression all the way around so there we go that is the rough-in for the sink now we are going

To be back here again in about 48 hours to do the finishing off now I know a lot of guys in the business they'll do something like this at the end of the day the next morning they're right in there doing the plumbing and that's a

Secret to why so many of these sinks fail because we're dealing with stone and stainless steel and those materials don't stay very warm okay so give it a 24 hours to 48 hours depending on the temperature conditions let that silicone

Finish its curium bonding process and before you take off your rods and assembly you're gonna want to follow the next step but we'll show you that after the end and we're back here we are it's been a couple of days actually since we

Put the sink in unfortunately max has had himself a little accident and he's unable to come and film for us so we have our friend Chris thanks Chris for coming out today chris is gonna take care of the rest of

The filming for today and hopefully I'm actually better soon anyway we you're just gonna disassemble our sink rods now which is relatively simple it would be easier if my son didn't buy such a long threaded rod

okay okay there we go get this out of here okay so we got a little rods out and our clamps are gone we can see our sinks in really good condition here stainless

Steel package there we go here we can install our dreams connect all of our water supply take this baby for a test run so here are the two baskets trainers that come wet the sink and hopefully they have a gasket because I don't have

Any primers for me today yes we are in business so assembling the sink trainer is a little bit complicated to do on camera so I'm going to show you up here first that is we dropped this piece in and has

The foam gasket that seals up against the sink and then we have this can here that goes underneath with this rubber gasket and that's designed to have perfect compression with the sink itself and we have this locking nut here which

Will be what gives us that compression okay that'll tighten that assembly together and then we have another ring with another washer and the tailpiece which has got a flirt end so you put the rubber gasket inside of here and then

We'll throw that on Wow and that'll be how the whole thing is assembled underneath now I gotta get underneath the sink and put all this together okay here we go don't forget this locking ring on will

Be alright come on baby secret here's to go backwards until you feel it there it catch and this is just a little bit of an OCD moment here but I'll show you this inside the drain it has the stylish name on it so I am

Trying to position that at the 12 o'clock position inside the sink tell me crazy but I know then if it's not in the right spot it's gonna look real funny forever and ever and ever

Okay you know the secret to doing plumbing on your own is making sure that everywhere there's a connection you have a seal whether it's a gasket or a pipe thread or putty or tape everything needs a seal don't ever just rely on metal the

Metal okay in this fitting here these are awesome be careful when you go to the store because they also make the same fitting with a smaller hole that's for bathroom sinks kitchen sinks this is inch and a

Half make sure you get the right size all right whoo all right so all we got to do now is connect our p-trap with their joints love my rigid pipe cutting tool has little tooth on it here and we just want to make enough type to go

Inside the fitting to connect everything together so we just need about an inch in a bit easier than that we would still want to have a bit of a slope here so I cut two pieces I took the short one I'll put on this side the long one on this

Side that just makes my life easier okay a little hint for you when you're working with your adhesive a nice thick shop towel in case you drip all right so that's the basics of that

We're also going to connect the p-trap okay and we need this little thing here now this is for the dishwasher so we are have installed on the dishwasher right now so I'm going to finish this part of the installation along with the sink if

You're watching the install a dishwasher video you're gonna see this twice it's important to show so we're gonna need a ring clamp and we put that hose over here and one of the things we want to do when we're working like this is work

From the back to the front of the sink alright so we have all of our main elements in place here as far as the plumbing is concerned there we're just going to finish hooking up all of our water supply back here first okay

Let's connect all of the drain it'll be really difficult to work on the back I'm gonna connect the water line to my shutoff valve first and then I'm attached to the pipe first gonna take my decorative cap ring just a little bit of

A pinch I'll keep it from sliding around all right well that's the cold water now you'll notice that in this situation actually I'm bringing the hot water on the opposite side of a traditional but

My dishwasher is coming from this side so that's why we're doing that while I'm for the dishwasher is the same three hose so that is nice and simple there we go always when you're putting on a line that has a gasket give it a couple of

Turns on the wrench after you go finger tight because here there's just a lot of room left in that gasket okay now these are quarter turns and when the handle is across the pipe that's off and when it's in line with the pipe it's on so we're

Gonna leave everything off for now just for the purpose of doing a water test now you can see assembling plumbing what these crimpers is really quite easy and you can always rotate your hoses and your vows after the fact there we go so

We'll connect this supply line now okay so now you can see we have our pullout faucet on our weighted line hot and cold supply line teed off for the dishwasher a connection for our drain make sure that the connection is

Pointing in the direction of the water's going to be flowing and now we have to do is just assemble at all of course we're gonna want a p-trap when you're under a sink like this you want a p-trap that gives you an access here okay this

Is in case of the wedding ring folks hopefully your wedding ring is real and it'll be heavy enough that I'll sit in the bottom of that p-trap if it doesn't you know apply the teflon in the same direction that you're gonna be threading

Your pieces together okay what that does is it allows you to get a good good seal hand tight without having to over torque it just the problem with these fittings with plastic especially is that if you tighten it too much we're using a wrench

You'll actually force it into an oblong shape like an oval I mean it goes oval it's not watertight anymore all right so you look at teflon because it allows you to tighten this water tight with your fingers you don't need to use any any

Tools we're gonna leave that a little loose for now because we want to get this right and exactly the right location okay so first thing here get this fitting here ready to go now the connections process is simple we need to

Go from here to here with this interrupting on the way and then there's the peach up over here and then connect to the down drain this is just sitting in here right now and I'll make that the right height as I go

I'm leaving myself lots of room okay there we go I'm on a nice distance between here and here of at least two inches so there's room for adding this fitting to take the water back down okay here we go can you work

Pretty quick with this stuff just remember I always saw both sides the pipe end the fitting you want to measure from this point here the edge to the edge all right so we're not doing a seven inch piece we're actually cutting

It at eight-and-a-half is right you do this whole pipe all at once you just close it together nice now loosen up these and lift all of this up as far as it goes well that one is already okay and a quarter turn okay so here we go

The bubble is just a little bit to the left now that's level pushing down until the bubble is on the other side of my little line here that's how I know I got the right slope okay you tighten that you position plus a quarter all right no

We got to do just get this over to here yeah so I'm gonna hold this fitting in position and then mark the bottom of this pipe well that line there represents the bottom of the fitting so I'm actually gonna cut it up here

Because the pipe goes inside the fitting the depth of that really the pipe and then we just need to measure the right depth here and the same thing as before so then we'll tighten this up there we go

Now the only thing that's left for me to do here now is to connect the pipe to my my main straighter pump in the basement and then we turn the water back on and give this a test all right so the last couple connections are gonna be right

Down here in the basement just got to take that pipe that came through the ceiling run over to my macerator and the installation this is awesome for flexibility I used it to run my other bathroom and I'm gonna use it now and

Then later on in the next video series at this house we're gonna be putting in an ice bar in the front room as well and I'll take all that plumbing down here as well so flexible so what we're gonna do we're

Just gonna expose the cap I had that done the last video if you want to know how to install this bad boy I'll put a card up in the description here you know is take a look at that but basically this is plug and play it's just some

Gear clamps rubber gaskets ties everything together and it has two motors that work independently so they actually take turns operating one than the other it has an alarm system on it if anything fails it's just brilliant

It's total DIY plumbing there we go now I'm connected to my sewer system what this does is has the ability to pump sewage after it's been blended up and Mesa rated up 30 feet no 100 it's no matter where you are in your building

This will get the sewage over to your septic tank and it'll extend the life your tank as well because it comes pre whipped up beautiful the only thing now to do couple mark lube fittings and then we're going to turn the water back on

And try this thing out okay really all right all right so I've got the waterlines charged I got the drain all hooked up to the mace Raider just gonna go through the last few details about this sink and listen if

You're interested in taking a look at the stylish products the faucet and the sink will have descriptions in the link below and you can go check them out you can get some of these products from Amazon as well so we have sink

Protectors they go in the bottom Wow and they've got rubber feet and extra corners and the cool thing is that came a little bag with extra hardware so if you lose any overtime good to have that hanging around in the back way that we

Got the basket strainer so these are awesome because they're really recessed and they hold lots of food and then they got the caps that's beautiful other features of this we have a stainless steel drying rail system here

So you can put things on there it's coated in silicone and this entire sink is designed to function correct the even the cutting board has groove lines in it to drain back into the sink that's awesome you also have the colander so if

You're having a party you can fill that up full of ice I'm just loving my new sink but pretty is one thing now we're gonna find out if it actually works okay open the shut-off valves so when you're testing your sink the seam is

Functioning there's a couple of different pieces of the process you want to go through one is you want to turn it on and try each strain okay give it about 30 seconds okay let it run for a little while then try the other one and

Make sure that every one of these fittings is tested with the sink filled up with water and then a quick release on the drain you'll give the ultimate test so just check the drain real quick right out of the gate and see if it

Leaks and then if you're happy with everything they need to test it by filling your sink because if you can fill the sink and it doesn't leak then you know you're in good shape I'm kind of funny

You gotta get the air out of the system here first so far so good so what I'll do is I'll actually take a blue towel and put it underneath each of these drains and check for any drips but right now I've not seen anything check

This side so that's the information how to install and double check the plumbing on your sink if you want to see how this whole kitchen project turned out you can click the link here to follow through beginning and watch this demolition and

Rebuild an entire 1884 motive

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