Cold Slither was G.I. Joes’ heavy metal nemesis

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

December 2nd 1985 the debut of the

world's greatest most powerful rock band

born of desperation like so much great

art cold slither was a broke Cobra

Commander's last chance to take over

America with beautiful riffs and

subliminal messages

Jojo was the first ever product marketed

as an action figure

launched by Hasbro in 1964 the

prevailing wisdom of the time was that

boys wouldn't play with dolls and so the

Joe's while very doll-like were marketed

as America's movable fighting-man this

is the original 1964 patent-pending

GI Geo the very similar Johnny hero came

out about a year later but was marketed

as a boys doll and that's why Channing

Tatum does not star in a Johnny Hero

doll movie GI Joe evolved quickly Hasbro

licensed the figures to the UK where

they were known as Action Man into

Germany where they became the Action

Team in the 1970s there was an attempt

to distance them from the actual

American army which was fighting a

rather unpopular war overseas and then

they added the black guy and kungfu grip

and that's trouble buchiach oh you gotta

get out your jia cho copters waiting

and go got a rescue jihad Joe they also

added lifelike hair which was evidently

a major selling point during the little

disgust great hair crisis of 1973 Joe

would like right here bro

in 1982 GI Joe evolved again this time

mimicking this size and hopefully

success of the 3 and 3/4 size Star Wars

figures and with the new look came a new

tagline a Real American Hero

nothing can stop Cobra what about GI Joe

you fight for freedom wherever there's

trouble GI Joe is there

even though it was technically illegal

to use a cartoon to advertise for a toy

until the mid-1980s Hasbro launched the

GI Joe miniseries in 1983 and by 1985 it

was a full-blown show forever those guys

over there GI Joe created by son boat

productions the animation arm of the

very same advertising firm that Co

engineered the GI Joe 1980s rebrand

alongside Marvel the GI Joe cartoon

launched these toys into the toy

stratosphere it ran for 95 episodes and

one of those episodes one perfect

episode was called cold slither

so the Joe's raid Cobras secret cave and

bankrupt Cobra and proving of this

cartoon was definitely made in the 80s

Cobra Commander's genius plan for

getting all of his money back is called

Operation cold slither start abandoned

enlisting Zartan in the Dreadnoks to

record a song that he will later insert

subliminal messages into Cobra Commander

has the band film a music video and soon

the song tops the charts cold slither

are the world's most popular rock band

and everyone is brainwashed

but don't worry by disguising themselves

as groupies which is kind of messed up

the female joes take out the Dreadnoks

and stop the subliminal messaging

everyone is saved but what about the

crowd that spent all this money to come

to a rock show and now wants to hear

something and party don't worry the jaws

of that one covered they have been a

rock band secretly this entire time

but here's the thing Colts Lowther

actually still lives on inside the

transformers universe also Bruce placed

on about numerous early episodes

features an instrumental version of

Colts mother's self-titled song it bangs

on Jazz's radio blaster enjoys it when

he heads to a stadium show and it kills

at the dance-a-tron cold slither is

everywhere do you remember this episode

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