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by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

hey everyone welcome back to my channel today I'm going to do a sponsored review of the project Coco's bcx I think the whole concept of bring the blockchain into the gaming industry is extremely interesting and could prove very useful

So I wanted to do some research on the project and the spirit of transparency Coco's is not in my portfolio I do not hold their tokens a quick reminder to everyone watching if you haven't hit that like button yet or that subscribe

Button please do so also if you haven't heard myself and a bunch of other awesome content creators like crypto crypto zombie Danny from crypto 99 hiding from crypto tips and a bunch of others are collaborating on a crypto

Newsletter we released the first issue for free I'll leave the link down below so you guys can access it if you'd like and if you want to subscribe for it monthly you can do so right on the same website my normal friendly disclaimer is

That I am NOT a financial advisor all investments have inherent risk and please always do your own research Coco's bcx is a decentralized gaming and digital assets development platform built with the Coco's engine Coco's bcx

Is actually the third component of a pre-existing company that was founded by the creators of Coco 2 DX which is the top game engine in Asia and one of the largest game engines worldwide by market share the Coco's family includes cocos2d

X Coco's creator and E SDK SDK box and others they boast one of the largest gaming development communities with 1.1 million developers some of the most well known games that they've been involved with our Angry Birds Badlands and Clash

Of Kings the BC X portion of their name is an acronym for blockchain expedition they want to create an easy-to-use operating infrastructure for game developers the majority of whom are not familiar with decentralized applications

Or the intricacies of blockchain technology the team has reportedly received 40 million in seed funding from leading black chain companies and investors including neo global capital 500 startups finance labs and many

Others let's move on to the team in the project history the project was founded by two individuals in November of 2017 hey Ozzie Chan and Richard yang Koz is a serial internet entrepreneur of 20 years in China with extensive experience in

Global gaming and in the developing community since 2009 he founded kacang technology leading Chinese game development and publisher operations in the US Japan and Korea

Richard yang has 14 years of experience and technology entrepreneurship and investment he co-founded a leading live streaming platform in China in 2005 that later merged with a Chinese listed company with a combined market

Capitalization of five billion in u.s. dollars as far as the ICO goes Coco's is not doing a public sale or ICO however they did note that they are reserving a portion of their tokens for game developers and players themselves more

Information is to be released on that in the future but what we do know is that Coco's bcx tokens will be an ER c20 token meaning they can be stored on a theorem wallets eventually Coco's will transfer

The ERC 20 tokens over to their blockchain but this is a ways down the road the token itself will have three core functions a medium of exchange proof of stake within the Coco's chain and the governance of Coco's bcx

82% of the Coco's tokens are allocated for development of their platform initially all that 82% 38.6 are reserved for delegated proof of state consensus contribution and the Coco's foundation 10% will be distributed to developers

And the users through events like air drops and development funding a percent will be used to create working relationships with strategic partners such as blockchain ecosystems 3% will reward the advisers of the projects and

Then a final 22.4% were exchanged with institutional investors for the project funding up next is the technology Coco's PCX is a blockchain gaming platform for developing operating and managing both assets and gaming applications across

All blockchain platforms Coco's bcx includes a software framework for multi system blockchain development an integrated development environment or IDE for users to create gaps and D assets and a blockchain based on the

Graphene framework which has been customized for high performance applications which they've been calling the Coco's chain I just mentioned that Coco's uses the graphene framework so let's pause for a minute what is the

Graphene framework well it is a blockchain framework that uses delegated proof of stake for its consensus it's an open-source blockchain technology primarily written in C++ graphene source is available in numerous variations as

It's been forked and adapted a lot of different times it was developed in a manner that makes it adaptable to many different use cases some projects that you may have heard of that used the graphene framework would

Bitshares steamin in AOS the white paper states that the platform will offer multi chain interoperability in addition to their token and contract conversion gateway for instance Coco's BC X will support the storage of smart contracts

And data on IP FS in the next phase of development let me pause again here quickly because I myself had to do some googling ipfs stands for interplanetary file system and it's an open source peer-to-peer distributed hypermedia

Protocol that aims to function as an all-encompassing file system for all computing devices further down the rabbit hole we go so what is hyper media hyper media is just another name for everything that we see here and interact

With on the internet meaning information that includes graphics audio video plain text and hyperlinks so the moral of the story is is that Koko's wants to use IP FS to help support their smart contracts storage sounds like a lofty goal but it

Also sounds like a great idea there intergrated developer environment or IDE is a visual script based and data oriented content production platform where developers can directly create and deploy games and applications on

Multiple blockchain systems this will be done by developers using Coco's software development kits which will basically allow developers to not have to cope with the complexity of different blockchain systems I would have to say

One of my favorite features of this project is their concept of contextual circulation of game items they state that they know how many in-game items are used almost the same way amongst other games for example weapon food and

Clothes always have somewhat of the same role to make the games more fun and to reduce the redundancy of asset production an item can be traded into and used in other games under similar contextual narratives I used to play a

Lot of video games in the past and I still do here there when I actually have time but I think it would be so cool to be able to bring different items into different games the Cocos consensus algorithm is based on delegated proof of

Steak or DPOs the Coco's train is designed at a theoretical throughput of a hundred thousand transactions per second and it's able to meet the system requirements for multiplayer online

Games they state that they've observed and tested 3,500 TPS with block intervals of three seconds that brings us to present day in 2018 they announced partnerships with the crypto based project nebulous if you are curious

About that project I did a review video a while back and you can go check it out they also have partnership with neo game ontology u.s. loom network Kingsoft cloud and cell evolution so clearly they're not messing around

What's going on in the future well on the roadmap for q4 this year they have a Coco's BC X beta main launch listed as well as starting development on the next phase of the cocoa BC X chain creating the entire game on chain and also

Starting development of asset exchange for game items on to the pros I have no personal experience with creating video games but I have played a lot of my day I can honestly say that the project seems like a great use case to

Streamline the creation of games but also allow for more crossover interaction and the idea of crossover interaction I think it's pretty amazing and I also think again it's going to be very useful and I think people would

Really appreciate it also they're already extremely well established considering they are a company with a massive community of developers at their disposal they absolutely have an advantage by being known in this space

As the real deal and having that name recognition under the cons this one I would say is probably more of a hurdle than a con but I always say that we're gonna get people in a crypto by making it seamless so they don't even know that

They're using the technology I know that the team states that they plan to make the platform easy for developers who have no blotch and experience to use it but I hope that that's truly the case again I have no experience with coding

Or anything like that but I do know is making people move from something that they're comfortable using to something that they're not is not an easy task but I think this is a pretty awesome project and it's a shame at the moment that the

Average person can't participate in some kind of public sale final thoughts all in all I think the project is gonna be very useful I like the idea that they're bridging the gap between gaming and making game assets actually exist on the

Blockchain while also making the whole process of onboarding developers into the ecosystem easier which is awesome not to mention this project is coming from a company that's already situated and well known for their game

Development I'm really looking forward to seeing how they progress and this is definitely something that I'm gonna be keeping my eye on anyway that's it for me today everyone I want to thank you guys for the support thank you for

Watching and I'll see you all soon hey everyone if you like this video and you want to see some more content that's similar go on my playlist or get lost on my channel I've got a ton of other videos covering

A wide range of topics and usual thanks for watching

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