CNBC Is Against Tesla Stock. Here is Proof

by birtanpublished on August 16, 2020

Well guys in today's video I have one goal in one goal only for this video I want to expose the systemic hatred of Tesla coming out of CNBC a company that has almost like a monopoly type market share on the financial information in interviews and opinion that comes out

Around stocks in this organization essentially has it's like like a like a systemic hatred of Tesla stock and I want you guys to judge for yourself after seeing this video now some of you guys you might have already recognized

This over time especially if you've been watching the network for a while and you care anything about Tesla even if you're not a shareholder Tesla you might have recognized this okay but I want you to really watch this video judge for

Yourself and tell me if you see a trend okay I want you guys to do me a favor at them in this video hit a thumbs up if you agree with me that you know they treat Tesla different and when I say different in a very

Negative light and if you don't agree with me and you think oh no they just treat us it like every other stock out there hit a thumbs down I don't really care what you do but let me know your opinion and let me know in the comments

Section what your opinion is as well that's all I want from you guys okay so let me first start out by saying I have nothing against CNBC okay I have nothing against them but I will call them out on their BS in regards to subject I will

Absolutely do that okay CNBC the app is on my front page of my iPad the device I use more than any other device it's right on the front page this is an app I use pretty much in daily CNBC I go there just kind of see like what's going on

The markets as far as the Dow and as that guess p500 what are kind of some big headlines is there something I missed out there it's going on in the market I use CNBC almost on a daily basis and it be on my front page is a

Big deal okay you know we got the ovo app on there okay if you're on there with the ovo cap man you have to be pretty important to my life okay and I started watching CNBC a long time ago okay back when basically I started tiny

In the stock market and it was phenomenal for learning a ton of terminology in regards to stocks you know when you when you basically start in the stock market learning stock market terms

It's literally like learning a foreign language you hear these words like eBay da and net income and gross in Balanchine all these different items and you just like you know you're just like trying to figure it all out and

Share delusion and dividend yield and you don't really if you know if you don't know this stuff like it's literally like learning a foreign language and I'd never had anybody to teach me any of this stuff so I would

Watch the NBC and I learned a ton and I would watch all the different shows Mad Money with Jim Cramer and and fast money and squawk on the street and the closing bell and all those different shows and I would just pick up on terminology over

Time so that was actually how I learned a ton about stock market terminology and just like listening to these folks talk back and forth and be like oh that's what this means oh they're talking about this okay so I have nothing literally

Against CNBC but there's a clear as day biased against Tesla stock from this massive news organization and CNBC is by far and away the biggest and most dominant player when it comes to the financial markets the stock market any

News coming out anything they're dominant okay so what would I even start with this I mean there's so much data and so much proof I can show you here okay so there's a there's a very popular show on CNBC this show is called fast

Money okay and it's a show I think it comes on around two o'clock Vegas time and sometimes in the background while I'm prepping a video I'll put on you know the CNBC fast money showing I'll just kind of have it on in the

Background and every once in a while they talk about something that kind of piqued my interest and I'll kind of listen for a minute and this show they have these two guys okay I think one of them's name is Dan Nathan I want to say

That wouldn't believe is Tim Seymour okay and these guys are consistent hustle haters they are very consistent I mean everything every single time it seems like Tesla's brought up they always have a negative tone toward Tesla

And what Tess is doing and valuation and it just seems like they're always negative it's just a question of how negative will they be today will it be like a negative on like a five scale or more like all the way up to a ten okay

That's basically the question okay so I go out of my way to record fast money on Friday you know kind of thinking oh they're gonna have to do a segment on this right I mean after all Tesla went up that day a hundred and

Fifty dollars this year over a ten percent move they're gonna have to do they're gonna have to do a segment on Tesla stock okay and so I set the DVR to record an hour and a half of fast money okay which I actually

Don't get to watch until actually Saturday night I record an hour and a half of it I go through the entire thing okay and by the way the shows usually only an hour but for whatever reason they did an hour and a half I guess

Because Kramer was off for the week or something like that so record an hour and a half of the show okay and they never even do a segment on it okay not a peep from the Tesla haters out there an hour and a half show and you'd think

You'd think oh my gosh with that massive a move a hundred and fifty dollars in one day that you have to do a segment they don't even do a segment absolutely unbelievable okay so here we are today I went ahead and I

Set fast money to record again because I'm like hmm I bet you they're gonna talk about it here today okay you know why cuz Tesla it went up a bunch and then a fell in Tesla stock actually went down 3% today and so I was like I bet

You any money they're gonna they're gonna do a little piece and mention a little bit about Tesla stock here today even though it's not nearly as interesting and talk about Tesla stock today on a 3% downward move as it was on

Friday when the stock was up a hundred and fifty dollars a share and was up over ten percent okay but still I bet you they'll talk about it and sure enough seven minutes into the program there they are talking about how Tesla

Stock fell three percent and it's just it's so typical let's talk about it in depth and give opinion when there's something negative to talk about but if there's something positive like a 10% move now it's just like you're like they

Sweep it under the door essentially this is what happens there okay no I go on to the CNBC yeah remember I said this on my front page right go on they're literally just you know recently and two hours ago I see this

Post Tesla gives up 16% pop to close negative and wild speculative trading Wow you know this is a type of terminology we can't we can come to expect when when the discussion is around Tesla stock

Know if this was some other stocks out there no we won't call it wild speculative trading we'll just call it volatility okay I mean here we are with stocks like zoom right that have gone from a 19 billion dollar market cap to a

77 billion dollar market cap and I've never seen CNBC put out some headline talking about wild speculative trading in regards to zoom stock zoom trades at a 97 price to sales ratio versus Tesla which trades at a nine okay

We're talking about a 10x price to sales ratio on Zoom versus Tesla but once again I've never seen the headline come out of CNBC Carr talking about wild speculative trading in regards to zoom stockade Shopify has seen this valuation

In a matter of a few months go from 35 billion to a hundred and twenty billion it has seen that's for P go to ten thousand it's seen as price to sales ratio go to sixty seven and I've never seen them described Shopify stock as

Wild speculative trading around Shopify stock today Amazon has added seven hundred billion dollars of market caps in the matter of what nine months or so seven hundred billion dollars in market cap and never hear him describe words

Like that but these this is literally what we should expect from CNBC when it comes to the way they write articles the way they come at Tesla consistently may use terminology like this that puts down the stock and just treats it as it's

Some wild speculative stock and let's just get caught up in the stock price and how wild and speculative it is let's not worry all about what what the company is actually doing it's what we have to expect okay Kathy wood has gone

On CNBC several times okay and you ever been able to just pick up like vibes of an interview and what not so every time Kathy wood goes on I always feel you know whoever is kind of interviewing her asking her questions

This just kind of like that vibe out there that like she's crazy like oh my gosh her price targets are crazy she's a crazy lady talking crazy about this wild speculative stock called Tesla right every single time I watched her go on

Almost every single time there's just that mad that underlying vibe that's just coming from the people that are interviewing her and they just consistently bring up the the bearish case around this stock and trying to

Make her you know try to back her in a corner essentially it's so ugly man it is so ugly but it's consistence what you have to expect from CNBC okay you know let's look at this k-member and Tesla yeah there was an analyst that came out

Tuflow $10 isn't it funny that all the financial networks were like talking about this like crazy and who is the main one and great at that top okay of course it is CNBC oh my gosh did they have a field day with that one they

Loved that day when when all of a sudden that guy comes out from Morgan Stanley he says you know Tesla's going to $10 a share which was just a great call by him yeah when today wouldn't attend hookers all right okay and I mean holy smokes

They couldn't they couldn't stop talking about it on that date I mean they could they just did you know a piece after piece after piece after piece on CNBC television that day just talking about all out this guy believes that tussles

Going in $10 and hahaha you know this is so funny it's amazing okay now they've had other Tesla Bulls on other than Kathy wood in the past somebody like Ron Baron okay an unbelievably successful investor and every time he tries to talk

Positive about Tesla on the program he's a big believer in the company big investor in the company they continually bring up the short thesis again and again and again and they consistently try to back him in a corner and

Consistently try to give the short thesis out there it is on it is absolutely unbelievable I watched you know several interviews of him in the past and it's like they they don't they never give like a positive spin to the

Question it's always coming from a negative angle every single time and he'll try to you know talk about his bullish points around the stock and what they're doing and they come right back with a bear thesis they come back right

With the bear talking points every single time and it's like this guy is an incredibly you know a high-level investor and all you keep bringing him is negativity in short thesis talk and you never talk about what the company's

Doing positive and they'd much rather talk about you know what you on must was involved with with the SEC and things like that rather than talk about what Tesla's doing right now the technology they don't seem that interested in that

Let's just bring up short thesis after short thesis cake in one interview oh gosh it was hilarious you know they were trying to basically ask him questions and tell him essentially that like dealerships the dealership model is a

Good model in that Tesla a disadvantage because of dealerships and what's your opinion on that you know just always coming from that negative angle and it's hilarious it's absolutely hilarious like any of us that

Understand Tasos talking on a high level understand that one of Tesla's you know let's say five or ten biggest competitive advantages is the fact that Tesla doesn't have to deal with a dealer network where all these other guys do

And that's why most of these other car companies are gonna fail when it comes to electric vehicles because the the dealerships they want to make money on service and electric vehicles aren't gonna have as much service that's not

Good for the dealership model so this is another reason why you know the majority of these automakers are likely gonna go under over the next five to ten years or have to consolidate it so it's literally hilarious to watch these interviews okay

And so Ron Baron has consistently asked negative question after negative question which by the way I'm not going to show any of the interview cuz I don't want to get copyright strikes or anything like that and I would hate for

This video to get taken down because I think I'm gonna bring some useful information here and kind of you know showing that you know when exposing this so I want to get any copyright strikes but you can watch these interviews for

Yourself you know and where I'm Barron consistently gets attacked on the negative side has to bring it back to the positive and he goes into you know Tesla could be a trillion dollar company by 2030 and oh my gosh that joke guy at

The end the desk he looked like his head was just gonna explode out of madness okay which by the way I don't think I've ever seen that guy really you have a big smile in my life okay until a few weeks ago when of course they bring on a

Bearish guy in regards to Tesla okay and it's hilarious joke racks the biggest smile I've ever seen on that guy I've been watching CNBC for a long long time okay and I you know I'm not biggest fan of that guy personally I can tell you

That and he he has the biggest smile on his face when a when a bear comes on in regards to Tesla stock these just can't wait it's just such a very Tesla stock just talk negative about it and he just he just has the smile ear to ear like

I've never seen before it's literally comical and meanwhile there's no like bring up the bowl points around Tesla star and let's have this guy let's try to back him in a corner and really prove his bare thesis no it's just like let

Just run wild just run wild on the stock and of course then your video the entire video that guy gets to talk non-stop you can confirm this stuff if you want to watch these

Videos non-stop the guy just talks and talks and talks about his bare thesis and why Tesla is doomed in the back half of the year blah blah blah that's all he does no interruptions no like well did you see what Tesla just did no like oh

Let's give the bullish case and make this try to back him in a corner and let's make him bring out his is bearish thesis no none of that yeah you know the Bears don't have to go through anything like the Bulls have to go through on

CNBC ok one of the faces of CNBC is a guy named Jim Cramer ok you know arguably the face of CNBC are definitely one of the faces right and he was for a long time seen as somebody that was very negative around Tesla stock maybe not as

Much as some of the other folks on CNBC but he was somebody that was seen as negative and then the tide turn you know earlier this year essentially in Jim Cramer went to the bullish side of Tesla and starts speaking you know pause about

Tests and now keep in mind Tesla stock had already made a big run at that time and it had gone up considerably whereas before Tesla stock was in the 200s and made a run all the way up to almost $500 and then Jim Cramer you know all of a

Sudden he's you know positive around Tesla start and that's cool he you know he went from basically being a bear in the stock to kind of being bullish on the stock but for a lot of the folks on CNBC it is not that way ok Jim Chanos

Jim Chanos has been able to go on CNBC several different times and be able to talk so freely non-stop about his bearish thesis around tests of stock and why Tesla stock is doomed and why it's gonna go down so much and you know all

This stuff ok including just three months ago Jim Chanos said he was maximum short Tesla which I say that's rough ok Tesla was in the 400s when that video came out he said maximum short I think Tesla is I don't know fourteen or

Fifteen hundred dollars today so it's a long way from the 400 swear he was quote-unquote maxima short and keep in mind he would go on and CNBC all the time when Tesla was $200 and $300 and consistently talked about he was so

Short in the stock so a lot of his shares are probably short in the to hundreds of 300s and today at fourteen or fifteen hundred dollars like the losses must just be I can't imagine literally losses especially when

You're talking about things like your maximum short that's absolutely incredible Jim Chanos has always been able to go in there and just give his his bearish thesis and just talk negative about Tesla stock over and over

And over again and people see Jim Chanos as you know somebody that you know had made a lot of money in the market way back in the day like Jim Chanos had a success in the market that was a really big success but it was like literally 20

Years ago but because he had that one really big success like like people really like look at him as like you know some people like idolize him and some people probably just you know latched onto his bearish thesis around this

Stock and I've been shortly in the 200s and you know you know who knows a Tesla stock will ever see the 200s again like that's a long day away from these guys ever even thinking about making a profit but when you watch interviews with Jim

Chanos they never really give the the bullish thesis they just let him talk and talk and talk about his Baer thesis and what Tesla's doomed okay this is a funny video this one's called Tesla is a must own

Stock it was basically a piper Jeffrey analyst you know basically said earlier this year that you know Tesla was a must own stock Tesla at that time was in the 300s during this this video if I recall and you know the guy that kind of like

Hosts a program he's one that in my opinions already you know another talking head that's negative around Tesla stock and he says none of you guys think this because none of you guys own this stock and in all those people none

Of them own Tesla stock okay and it's just another video that comes from a negative angle around Tesla stock and just like it like gives a full like negative vibe around this particular stock with all these different people

And they're all laughing at the fact that none of them owned Tesla stock and you know who would own a Tesla stock and this is just crazy this guy talked about this as a must own stock give me a break okay this video is

Unbelievable I had to watch this one okay in the lot will tell you you know when you look at thumbs-up and thumbs-down ratios it's gonna tell you a lot about video let's just you know just just put it that way okay this one was

Quite funny okay you know is Gordon Johnson so there's 64 percent downside ahead for tests okay and what's amazing about this this guy's you know full bearish around Tesla stock rate and he's about to talk super negative about Tesla

Stock and why the stock's doomed and why it's going to go down 64 and all these sorts of things and so you'd think like the the talking head that hosts a show you would think oh he's gonna probably see like give a

Little bit of bold case and try to make this guy argue a little bit no he goes the other way he gives a full bear case for the guy he says well you're negative point is this but what about all these other negative points around Tesla stock

It is it literally unbelievable you can't make this stuff up it's absolutely ridiculous it is absolutely he gives a full bear case there's this negative there's this point there's this point this is this

Point you should have brought out all this you should be even more Perish unbelievable and is this guy really in a place where he should be giving his opinion and making a bearish thesis for the guy that's already bearish is you

Know like it's just unbelievable this is how it works at CNBC if you go on CNBC and you're a Tesla bull okay you're somebody that believes in the stock you're an investor star you have to hear nothing but the bear case and the

Negative points around Tesla interview after interview you can go through them you have to hear nothing but the bear case okay meanwhile a Tesla Bear goes on CNBC and you get smiles you get a bear case made for you you get you know just

All the talking time you need you don't need to get interrupted you can talk for two minutes three minutes four minutes straight about why hustle stocks gonna go down so much and why the stock is just a piece of junk and this and that

It's it's quite amazing guys it is literally quite amazing and I've noticed this time and time again from the CNBC Network okay what I asked for you guys is share this video around ok share this video around and write to CNBC tell

These folks to be somewhat fair when it comes to test of stock because it's clear as day for anybody that watches this network or ever is a you know it cares to watch this networker use this app or website or anything it's very

Clear they're not fair when it comes to stock and that the issue with this is is CNBC has almost a monopoly Titan market share on financial information that's given out there they have literally almost a monopoly share on all the news

That comes out in these interviews and opinion around different stocks and things like that be able know something like there's no real competition for them ok I'm surely not competition with my few videos a

Week I put out you know what between my two channels maybe like seven to nine videos or something like that a week versus CNBC that puts out hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of videos a week I'm no

Competition for them with my 500 thousand subscribers and 100k on the other channel when they got almost 1.7 million 750,000 never mind if you want to watch any type of financial information on cable news they're really

The only ones you really have nowadays I mean I got a million channels out there and I don't know of one other financial news network I get on my television with all those channels other than CNBC they have literally like a monopoly market

Share on the financial media landscape and so this is why it's important that we hold these guys and gals to a higher standard and we say treat this company like you treat the other companies be you know try to be somewhat impartial

Here okay you know try to be somewhat impartial especially when you guys are like the only game in town because you know a lot of folks have never gotten in the stock maybe because they've heard so much

Negativity put out there around Tesla stock and they miss out a lot of money just because they had this guy on and they just seem to always be bearish bears bears and just that type of vibe consistently against the stock so hope

You guys enjoyed today's video as always once again I have nothing against CNBC I'm sure folks at CNBC you're gonna end up seeing this video I have nothing against you guys okay I don't want any drama because I'm sure I'm surely not in

A position to fight you guys okay you're a little bit bigger than me to say the least but I will absolutely you know speak my mind in the subject this is something I've seen and I don't think it's right let's just put it that

Way especially when you're the only game in town you know somebody turns on their television and they want to watch you know any type of stock market news they have one option it's CNBC there's really

No other options like I said I got a million channels and I don't have another Financial Network I can watch rather than CNBC and when you're when you're coming at at negative all the time I just think there's something

Wrong with that in my personal opinion so anyways hope you guys enjoyed today's video make sure you smash the thumbs up or thumbs down if you don't agree with my stance on this I would love to you know see what you guys think about this

And leave me a comment down there thank you for watching have a great day

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