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What is up crypto gang welcome back to another episode if you guys are new here we do a giveaway at the beginning of every single episode and today's winner is sirs –ax thanks so much for commenting on the previous videos or Zechs just

Sent you some crypto if you guys are brand new to the channel if you guys like comment with your wallet address about the video and the product that I'm about to talk about you can have a chance to win on the next video on this

Episode I am going to go through Club Swan a new financial management platform but the last year I've been really interested in different financial management tools and I came across Club Swan I reach out to them and wanted them

To jump on the channel with that said full disclaimer this video is sponsored by Club Swan I reached out to them to work on a video together showcasing what the product looks like and talked about some of the awesome benefits of smart

Financial management including the cryptocurrency space since foremost one of the big issues that we run into with cryptocurrency is a lot of regulation and one of the things that popped out to me about Club Swan first and foremost

Was the fact that it's available in 50 countries so there's no sort of VPN needed around here you literally can just go to the website sign up for the membership and you don't have to worry about where you're based I think that

That is a very big issue in the cryptocurrency space as it stands today because it's kind of the opposite of what cryptocurrency is trying to accomplish a borderless money so it's really interesting that a lot of other

Companies out there are having you know regulatory issues and it is very much hindering their ability to grow so it was cool to see that Club Swan is available in 50 countries now the next big component here is on-ramps I talked

About on-ramps a lot because it is effectively where newcomers are coming in to the space where they're getting access to more cryptocurrencies where they're learning about things YouTube definitely counts as a massive on-ramp

For knowledge but in terms of the way the club Swan is developing their on-ramp for newcomers into the space using their membership program so allowing people to liquidate crypto for fiat in a matter of minutes the next

Piece is you're able to manage 8 cryptocurrencies in your count and this is where the on-ramp comes in handy where people can come in and instantly get access to these different 8 cryptocurrencies and are

Able to exchange them for fiat in minutes and that level of liquidity instantly for newcomers into the space is a very healthy way of getting people comfortable with a new asset class like crypto now I've talked a lot in the past

About crypto comm I'm a big fan of them their patrons of the community here and one of the things that I really enjoy about crypto to come and now clubs one is the physical card Bob Swann is rolling out a physical card that is

Accepted at anywhere that credit cards are accepted now this step is huge for the space I'm really excited about various different projects out there that have been talking about this for a long time but part of the reason that

I've been going with crypto calm and have been so adamant about talking about them and now I'm adamant about Club Swan is that physical form factor of a debit card that you can top up with crypto it's a huge psychological block that a

Lot of people have had is there's a current system that works with payments they just want to swipe a card and be done with it they understand that and cryptocurrency is very much like a long encrypted address that can be very

Complicated people feel intimidated by that so bridging that gap with a physical card allowing you to top it up with a wallet is a huge bridge that we really need to focus on in the space the last piece here that I wanted to mention

Is about their support support is fundamental to all crypto projects if you're in the crypto currency space if you're an entrepreneur in the space you're building a business or if you're just a consumer in the space you should

Always be monitoring what people are doing in terms of support support is a fundamental component to helping people understand a new asset class like this and when you have 8 cryptocurrencies on a membership platform like Club Swan you

Need to have some substantial concierge or support helping people and that is one thing that they claim front and center on their website as well as the team made sure to mention that to me they were like hey we are doing our best

With support because we feel that education and hand-holding is a big part to getting people comfortable with this membership program as well as the asset class as a whole what I want to do now is I want to just briefly go

Over there website and show you guys a breakdown it's a pretty fancy website and just show you guys a breakdown of what they are working on all of the different aspects to it and show you guys where you can potentially get

Access so right when you're on the home page you can see better financial management platform one account multiple cryptocurrencies as I said before it has eight different currencies on their global accepted debit card that I was

Mentioning that you can top up from the application or the membership program can send payments to anyone anywhere this is where they're going to be able to disrupt many many different types of wires and different types of payments

Across the world and this is leveraging things like blockchain and different cryptocurrencies and things like that they had that 24/7 24/7 support I was talking about before super bullish on anyone that is offering support for

Newcomers into a space like this they're also offering Express DHL shipping I'm assuming this is for entrepreneurs that are joining this program that are using DHL for their everyday business you can see that you'd spend sell by an exchange

Crypto which is a big one BTC eath Bitcoin cash like coin and more cash back rewards coming soon this is what I'm super excited to be watching I think that there are a lot of companies that talk about doing this but it's cool to

See that they're actually rolling this out and you can save up to 40% on travel so they are very much catering to people like myself as well as many people watching the channel that are entrepreneurs people that are travelling

And using you know programs like this credit cards debit cards and points to be leveraging for their travel virtual assistant in world-class concierge that's pretty awesome along with the 24/7 support obviously you can see that

You can get access to the program within 10 minutes so real quickly I will sign up a for Club Swan in real time to show you guys how fast you can actually sign up for this and get access to the program so there is a bit of an

Application process where you go in you enter in your date of birth your country your city email address phone number all the basic things for signing up for any sort of financial membership program if you guys have not signed up for that

Before it's pretty straightforward information it's not overly excessively asking you for personal information it's just asking you for the high level information that's legal about you in this in the country that

You are based in after you've gone through the registration process you can see all of the different programs that I'll mention the details of in the next few minutes here but this is the breakdown of the different ones that you

Can sign up for you travel discounts or 10% all the way up to 40% off of travel as a discount at the Chairman level and you can see that your ATM withdraws are about $1500 a day you could be liquidations these things like that

Very straightforward plan here on your far left you can see the dashboard the accounts the cards the crypto holdings hotels the payment fees two percent one point five half of half a percent and then no payment fees for your chairman

Card there and real-time foreign exchange rate quote provided at the time of transaction so they're doing it instantaneously which is quite cool they have their wallet wallet transfer fee three percent and then half a percent

For chairman and one percent for the VIP and two percent for the Premier so it's a pretty extensive list of different aspects to the membership and I think that these things are very very very compelling for people that are very

Immersed in their own careers they're traveling a lot they're doing a lot of things for business I think it makes a lot of sense to have the different travel discounts so as you can see here car rentals are taken care of you can

See the 10% travel discounts negotiated rates on the first and business class airfare so you can actually get access to low rates on business class which is a phenomenal way to travel if you guys haven't done that you download it on the

App Store and also be Google Play Store so both both Android and iOS also last thing I want to do is just cover the actual cards themselves cuz I think it's really cool detected accepted at million locations

Worldwide and there is the black card the Chairman black card that is pretty rad right there the VIP like blue and then a starter and premiere are the light blue or darker blue I guess you could say and the Chairman here is

Effectively like a Amex black card which is such a iconic membership program that everyone in the entrepreneurial world and business world has talked about at some point in time many people have brought it up to me I've seen one before

And they are kind of like this white buffalo that walks around in the wilderness that people are always searching for but it is really cool that they did that because they are going after that that specific customer

Segment for the chairman piece here because if you're getting a chairman card and the one-time fee of 2,500 bucks you do you probably are familiar with the Amex black card so yeah these are these are pretty cool and I just want to

Show you guys the images of these different cards because I think that it's it's pretty rad that is it for my overview of Club Swan this is super exciting project one definitely to watch because they have that physical form

Factor debit card and they have this 24/7 concierge support they're allowing people to get rewards back awesome and the membership program is very inexpensive so you guys can get access to it with the link in the description

Below it is going to be a referral link so you guys can check out what the referral program looks like as well and that is it for this episode I hope you guys liked it if you did slap a like definitely show them some love in the

Link in the description below and do not forget to hack your crypto education I will see you guys on the next one

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