Cloud Mining 2019

by birtanpublished on October 2, 2020

So you learned a little bit about cryptocurrency mining but maybe it was just a little bit too expensive upfront for you or maybe it's just too complex maybe you just don't have the time to execute something like that keep these servers running in your house

Continuously and you just want somebody to do it for you or maybe you just want your money to work for you well I'm gonna offer you a solution it's called cloud mining here a third party service will do the mining for you and you'll

Reap the rewards keep watching what's going on everybody Alex back with another cryptocurrency video and of course we're talking about cloud mining okay these guys take all the hard work and headaches out of the

Picture all you have to do is rent hashes off of their miners and you can make a profit in the long run I love it for the simplicity I love it because it's mining and I love it because of course they're supporting the

Cryptocurrency ecosystem before we get started guys if you have a hard to subscribe to my channel my name is Alex I talk about everything entrepreneurial ok internet entrepreneur that's my thing and I'm not trying to

Mislead anybody I'm not pulling up in Lamborghinis I'm not trying to show you something I'm not ok you're getting the most legitimate advice this is not advice not financial advice we're getting the most legitimate content on

The Internet so do me a favor hit that subscribe button as well as the push notification bell so you can get the videos like this first who knows my making money in the future let's jump right into it so Genesis Mining Genesis

Mining I love Genesis mining why because they're never in the news they're not controversial they're legitimate there upfront you know they've been here since 2013 no lawsuits nothing like that these guys are clean

You know if I'm putting my money into something long-term I mean I will take a loss of profitability for a legitimate company any day and that's just me because you know cryptocurrency is already risky enough I don't need to go

Out there and try to you know Bank my bet on some super sketchy mining facility that just came out I just want the hashing power man I just want the legitimate hashing power by the way guys there's a video right here you need to

Watch it ok it's men 48 seconds explained everything and great detail of course they're gonna try to sell you guys you know that's where these videos are made for but there's good information in it all you have to do is

Click the link below hit on over the website use my affiliate link to support my channel guys if you don't mind okay this is how I make a living and you know obviously I'm not shilling these other cryptocurrency mining facilities that

Are a little bit more profitable you know I there's a lot out there don't get me wrong I'll give you guys the most legitimate stuff where I put my money where my mouth is so yeah use a little filly a link below and check it out

Check out this you know video right here it's great but the reason why I came to this page because they've been out since 2013 you know they stood the test of time you stood the test of all the ups and downs

Of cryptocurrency even those can really wipe out some a huge industry so as we come here they just had these new – mining you know hashing power that just came out there back in stock as you look here a lot of these things are out of

Stock you know people are jumping on this you know look at this everything's out of stock right now except for this like I said you're gonna get it right now I said in the beginning you guys are gonna get the stuff that's most popular

Right now watch these videos quick you know study on share it to a friend whatever you know if you don't know what I'm talking about at least watch the video and then go research whatever you have to to understand it watch it a

Couple times if you have to but look these guys got contracts right now I'm gonna do the math on all three of these let's pull up a – mining calculator so really simple guys there's no power consumption zero okay no power

Consumption and then they have so let's just do this one right right – pretty easy this is like a baby can do this stuff right no you just gotta take the comma out of there let me just make sure to get anxious all right it's mega

Hashes okay so it changes to mega hashes boom no power consumption so you're gonna be making 131 dollars by the end of the year you're gonna get about two – okay and it's it's 80 bucks

So I mean okay again guys I said this in my last video all this profit stuff depends on the difficulty of the network and the price of – now I always like to say they kind of even out as the price goes up you know the difficulty you

Increase and there will be little periods where you know things are more profitable and then there will be other periods where you're not really making that much money on the money but it always works out to about even you know

That's just my that's the way I look at it because it's just the most realistic way to look at it there's no way to tell the future right so you really when you're investing in something like this think about it like you're contributing

To the network and if cryptocurrency works as a whole you're gonna make money as simple as that right but it's nice to look at this because it tells you how profitable is right now right so you're gonna make that one 31 that's all you're

Almost doubling your money now I don't recommend that at all okay I would recommend something here or here okay and again I'm depreciating another contract soon I think I'm gonna get the medium one right here and you can make

Your own custom contracts right you don't you can spend a thousand bucks you've spent whatever you want because guys I'm just do this math for you it's gonna kind of blow your mind but look if I plug this in right here this is gonna

Be giving us $1300 today I'm only putting up let's just say 800 bucks okay I'm almost doubling my money at the current price of – now – was the number one producer in like 2018 and don't quote me on that but I remember for a

Fact seeing an article saying that this multiplied more than any other coin in crypto currency that's includes Bitcoin which is crazy and a lot of other you know baller coins and aetherium it did better right and so this coin is

Protected I mean guys do you believe in cryptocurrency or not that's the question right we're in the lowest point like crypto currency so down right now so if you believe it in the future if you believe it in a 1 to 2 to 3 years

It's safe to say it's safe to say that – is going to reach back to its ultimate glory i justö i don't know how people don't see that right so I mean I could be wrong but the way I look at cryptocurrency in

General is that you can't you can't stop it unless you turn off the internet I'll explain that more in another video it's specific but if they're turning off the internet man you know people gonna go crazy people are gonna not be able to

Get food from grocery stores right you know there's a lot to think about when you don't no one's gonna turn off the intern and that's the only way to stop blockchain technology guys that is the only way to stop it is if they turn off

The internet you know other than that it's the people's choice what do people want all right hard to explain I'll go in more detail leave a comment below if you want me to talk more about that but look – at one

Point was that $1200 so again like I always say you don't want to look at the USD price never look at the USD price you want to look at how many coins you're gonna get out of it okay that's what it is the the best mindset in my

Opinion and this is the test that I have multiple years I don't want somebody coming up to me you know trading you know stocks I'm gonna have to mean saying oh that that's not the way you should be looking at your finding

Because this is not funny this is not a currency this is a technology of currency you know a community it's a lot more a lot more to it no one come to me and say this is an asset don't use you know those regular terms right because

It's just something we've never seen before a lot of people calling it you know internet 3.0 blockchain technology is one of the most revolutionary technologies we have ever seen before it's almost like explaining the internet

Before the internet came out so don't come to me odds it's a monetary guys know we're collecting this stuff I'm collecting it I am a collector that is my investment strategy so I don't look at the USD value as I can care less why

Because what happens when you collect you just buy it and hold it for a long period of time hey that's what I do hey I buy and hold it for long periods of time so it's 20 to 20 – right there right so let's say

We pull out the calculator we get 20 – let's say 19 because it's not completely 20 you see and this all varies from the difficulty of the network you place your bets like that the difficulty of network and how how

Much how much the coin is worth right now you can cash out on a daily basis so if you're making you know twenty five dollars per week cash up every week but that would change according to the market so say we have 19 – right

19 – at the price of $1,200 so 19 times $1,200 its former glory that's twenty two thousand eight hundred dollars off of what a 763 dollar investment and for you people out there it's like oh I mean no way out this is not true I have

Videos and I'll show you guys videos of me being able to turn a thousand bucks until like twenty five thousand dollars okay through my my girlfriend I have a video my girlfriend show you the proof right

Proof is in the pudding I'm not lying to you guys I'll put it up here and I made a lot of money from look this is how cryptocurrency work this is why I love you right and I like in that wolf of wallstreet business the way he came up

Is investing in penny stocks small amounts of money in penny stocks they're very risky but when they do hit you make a ridiculous amount of money from little now I'm not saying you're gonna make you know thirty thousand dollars it's not

Financial advice what I'm telling you is that there's a potential to do it a pretty good potential okay cryptocurrency as a whole always makes a return when people look at cryptocurrency they're always looking at

The negative side to it but they never see that there's a big positive like for example Bitcoin right now right everybody's looking at the price oh yeah that's eight thousand bucks what happen Alex it's only eight thousand it's

Falling its falling but guess what it's still the best producing asset of 2019 there is no even if we calculated at eight thousand dollars from what it was before I like what it's like but three thousand bucks it has a bigger

Percentage game than any other asset in the world right now in 2019 and the past decade so think about that right think about it in that perspective don't think about it oh we just lost a whole bunch of money what you probably shouldn't

Have been buying Bitcoin at 20,000 all right nobody told you to buy a Bitcoin at 20,000 if you did that that was your fault right and I'm sorry for people that actually did are watching this video I'm not trying to hurt you or

Anything like that I'm just being honest with you okay don't burn a bridge or an opportunity because you got a little bit emotionally struck you know everybody loses money I've lost thousands of dollars you know just one time I lost 25

Grand and one day and cryptocurrency but do you see me you know letting go something so revolutionary something I've never even seen in my life I came to fathom you know I've done too much research in this industry to not know

That this is a guarantee it's not a guaranteed bet I know for a fact cryptocurrency staying the value of the coins it's out of my hands I'm not gonna speculate I'm just gonna collect right so you know $1,200 returning to its

Former glory that doesn't seem far-fetched right and you know these cloud mining opportunities great because you know they're giving you an extra three months – algorithm okay – Arvind now there's

Maintenance fees okay and you gotta take those in consideration right here.look may need to be do that math right do the math it's all there for you guys you know I gave you enough I'm breaking it down for you I'm showing you everything

Let's just do the math on this contract just for shits and giggles good you know nobody has six thousand dollars to throw around maybe you do maybe you do have six thousand dollars to throw around but you know personally if I'm gonna divide

Six thousand dollars I'm gonna be buying my own – but let's say you don't want to deal with that look 10 K a year at the current price of – I don't want to do this right now but I'm gonna do it because I know you want to know 157 all

Right 157 times $1,200 former glory right hundred and eighty-eight thousand dollars now these are over estimations guys I'm gonna say this again over estimations but who wouldn't want to turn 6k into

$200,000 I don't know man I don't know guys I'm gonna be some miners I don't know about you I'm just being honest but that's it for this video guys short sweet to the point if you want to get into cloud mining genesis mining is my

Recommendation I do not recommend anything else and I say that for a reason do me a favor use my affiliate link below support my channel so I keep making videos like this keep making you guys money we thought grow together as

One okay you like the quality is time to hit like if you don't leave some constructive criticism subscribe for more video updates of course and like I always say if you don't get with it you will be left behind cut you guys in the

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