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published on July 20, 2020

Trying to stay with curry catches one dribble steps back puts up a three won't go rebound tip taken by spades final seconds it's over it's over cleveland is a city of champions once again i came back home to win a championship

And energize northeast ohio but in a place like cleveland there's so much more work to do thirty three hundred acres of land sits vacant almost two percent of the population has left in the past three

Years to revitalize cleveland we need to work block by block street and street by street i wanted to invest my time and influence to create a movement that can maybe strengthen our community

And transform neighborhoods sounds like the underdog around here so i recruited four local investors that share my passion to put their own money into four new businesses in a neighborhood that's on

The rebound but still has too many empty storefronts we're doing something great for the community we're bringing neighborhoods together we can help rebuild one quarter in the city

We can create jobs and growth two on six hey nothing is given all right guys team meeting everything is on i can't support you we have a line stacking up you work for what you get

This is cleveland hustles i needed somebody to drive this initiative so i reached out to bonnie bow he's a marketing and technology rock star and he's used his genius to grow some of

The biggest brands in the world we have to hack our entire notion of media if anyone can help a business launch and succeed in a neighborhood that poses some challenges

It's bonding this is an incredible opportunity but it's not going to be an easy task to establish these new businesses we've chosen gordon square as our home for cleveland hustle it's an old cleveland neighborhood two

Miles west of downtown that's had its fair share of unemployment and population decline they're starting to see some growth but there's still a lot of turnover and stores there tend to struggle we

Hope that the entrepreneurs that we back will bring new jobs and help gordon square start to thrive again

What really revitalizes cities are young emerging entrepreneurs that we have here today we invited 20 of cleveland's most promising entrepreneurs to a rec center in the gordon square

Area to pitch their business concepts the world's first portable recording studio for smartphones and tablets the best premium hemp denim products available in the world from the hive to

The jar real easy to do four cleveland investors willing to put their own money into the right idea heard the pitches we reused vacant land and buildings and turned

Them into something profitable then each investor selected the two businesses that they liked the most we'll chat again their task to put the chosen

Entrepreneurs through a series of challenges to determine whom they want to invest in how many are you guys producing right now in every episode we'll focus on one investor as they make this important

Decision that's great that's why i like you in the end each small company that gets an investment will open a store in gordon square and hopefully give the neighborhood a

Giant boost welcome welcome tonight it's cleveland native alan glazen's turn this former ad executive turned innovative neighborhood developer

Has built a cadre of coffee shops bars and restaurants throughout the city i picked two different very exciting concepts the cleveland bagel company over the next couple years we'd like to

Venture into the realm of clean label frozen with an eye on national chains down the road we'd be a bagel empire operated out of cleveland cleven bagel company has a real

Following in cleveland but it sure would be exciting if they can create and perfect that frozen bagel to sell it nationwide and add more jobs here in cleveland the second business i chose as a

Potential investment was styles of success a hair salon sweets concept stylists are missing the opportunity to own and operate their own salon we will lease fully equipped salon units

What gets me really excited with shireen is the magnificent real estate deal and she's gonna rent space for one price and then rent it out for four times that that caught my attention right away we're providing jobs in this

I want to choose a company that has the best chance to grow and the best chance of helping us grow more jobs at gordon square i'm definitely not a guy that's all about numbers i invest in people and

Their character i mean it's critical i have to know them before i can even begin to make a decision the first business that i'm interested in is styles of success

The owner of shireen fountain her personality burst at the seams you just want to latch on to whatever train she's operating i can't wait to see how her business

Operates in person shannon good at this oh yeah pretty good top of the morning to you time for the morning and the rest of the day well this is how it all happens

Yes this is it this is it you had a building down the street and what happened to the building i went outside and this whole side of the building was on fire we were working just like this when my salon burned down i was ready to

Retire but i had 17 employees dependent on me my salon is back on his feet and is doing great but now i want to launch a new beauty business i'm asking alan to invest a hundred thousand dollars to

Build out a salon with 12 suites that styles will lease for me and i'm going to offer him 50 stake in my company how do we guarantee we succeed let's look at the numbers okay right so we have rent maybe three 3

500 the math works great for sharing she's gonna rent space for 3 500 a month it'll cost 500 a month for utilities and maintenance and 2 000 for the one

Employee that you'll need so you have 12 suites you're running for a thousand dollars a month that's 12 000 so your overhead 6 000 12 000 sounds like a winner

If she can grow more of these sweets the financial potential just grows you're going to feel it i'm going to feel it right now you can count on that it's sold sign sealed and delivered honey since it

Is a real estate business i want to know can you lease real estate let me tell you alex i'm like the underdog around here you bet on sea biscuit i promise you you will hit the trifecta

With me i promise you guys hear this would you back her i think you are seabiscuit oh definitely i wouldn't want to be the wall blocking you from where you're going

This woman has a personality that does not quit my concern is can she get people to commit to these lofts and can they draw their customers to gordon square

The other business i'm interested in is the cleveland bagel company i know the grocery business from my advertising days this is an economy that is building rapidly around artisanal brands

Why can't cleben bake will become a national brand that's based in cleveland gentlemen hey hello good morning how's the bagels looking this morning how they're getting there when we started cleveland bagel company i mean

We started with nothing we've been grinding it out so i haven't had a paycheck in like nine months dan at one point was sleeping out of his car but he was sleeping by the kitchen so he'd make sure to get there

On time what's in there flour and our secret recipe if i invest in you do i get to know anything about that secret probably not no how many bagels do you put out of it we put out a couple hundred dozen a week

I mean we could we could crank out thousands a day it was really something to see these two guys hand making bagels see that's a cleveland work ethic that's something that i look up to quite a bit

When you get your own space what percent of the space will be production what percent will be retail 75 production 25 retail i mean just a simple place serve some sandwiches a few seeds to sit down

No cocktail list no but isn't that where the money is that's true but there's money in bagels we'll have a flask i like allen cause he's a lunatic and he

Gets things done how long you've been doing it in this space about a year and a half right now we're operating out of another company's kitchen we're looking to get into our own production facility and retail space

To expand our business we'd like to expand into the frozen market we're looking for 100 000 and access to money down the line for 25 percent steak in our company the ingredients cost what is probably

About nine cents a bagel labor is how much uh probably add another 25 cents all right so we're at 34 cents a bagel and what do you uh sell these for about uh a dollar bagel cleveland bagel has a

Great profit percentage around 70 percent so obviously they've got to look at increasing the sales and increasing the production they need to open a retail storefront

Plus an expanded production facility i think that's the magic formula here what is your background that would give me comfort that you actually know how to operate a hospitality storefront well i mean

Hospitality i don't know about that my concern is do they know the first thing about operating is to our friend and can they create a first class frozen bagel which would enable them to expand their

Footprint and turn cleveland bagel into a huge business the missing part here may be nobody has any experience actually in that game we didn't know how to do this two years

Ago now we're the best bagel in the city

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