Traditional Aspect Swept for Males – Hair Tutorial 2019

published on July 2, 2020


hi guys thank you very much for tuning

in on slick hair TV my name is amal and

today we invited our house model esker

in the studio welcome thanks it's nice

to be here and for all of you who

followed slick hair TV for many years

ESCA was model last time four years ago


ESCA told us that he wants some classic

what do you have in mind today we are

doing a classic hair style with a side

parting so it's kind of side swept I

think we should get to it before we do

it brushes around and he got some crazy

stuff done with his hair all bleached

and he will in between the haircuts have

a tone you tone so let's see how it's

gonna look right let's get started







all right now asker got his hair cut and

I have to say these shootings was in the

the baddest one we have had I got my

side trimmed and rasmus got a tone in

his hair and while we shut this awesome

hairstyle I hope you like it because you

can't undo it okay alright Mary can you

tell us about the links yeah we use nine

millimeters on the bottom and then

there's around six or seven centimeters

on the top thing looks quite decent and

would like you guys to comment in the

comment section down below and let us

know what you think about the haircut

and you'll be a part of the competition

if you write the comment hit the like

button and your subscribers to this

channel and will randomly pick out the

winning comment in the next episode

alright guys soon




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