Claim Your .Crypto Blockchain Domain From Unstoppable Domains Before I Do!

by birtanpublished on September 10, 2020

The centralized wallets the centralized exchanges decentralized domains that actually has a nice wrinkle are you going to be in the right place at the right time because that's one of the key components for success in the crypt overs unstoppable domains and get ready

Because you're going to hear about this new asset class a heck of a lot more in the very near future especially here on YouTube but don't worry man I got you covered it's almost as though I have tomorrow's

Newspapers today and in this very video you're gonna know why you need to secure your very own dot crypto blocking domain for someone else you guys think this is a joke the website 1.0 sold for $10,000 bitcoin got crypto which the option will

Start at $10,000 imagine the tragedy two three five years from now when this is full-blown mainstream and now you decide okay well I want to purchase my blockchain domain now because everybody else is doing it only to find out that

Some freaking squatter is on your land who already bought it before you and here's the real heartbreaker he's gonna sell to you fourth it's the crypto lifestyle thing welcome back to another video if this is your

First time here my name is Francis and if you want to learn the importance of the centralization and other cryptocurrency related stuff well do that by subscribing and also hit the bell notifications button so you don't

Miss anything I need you to pay very close attention to the words that are I don't you can aim at my tower block in domains are on the rise this is a new asset class you will be hearing about over and over and over again I can

Assure you so I'm making this video because I wanted to give you guys my fellow cup the lifestyle is the heads up before it becomes widespread this way you will have an edge on everybody else

Before we get into the key benefits and why you need to have your very own dark crypto or decentralize domain blocking domain you first need to comprehend the significance of this market so according to Google the global web hosting market

Is predicted to touch seventy six billion dollars and today's websites are worth anywhere from a few dollars to over a hundred thousand dollars depending if it's a premium web site which sells on average for about $5,000

To $20,000 why our domain names so valuable while domain names command so much value due to the intrinsic value of the underlying asset and a great example of this is in

Real estate so see I actually bought a piece of property about eight years ago in an undeveloped location for say fifty thousand dollars let's fast forward eight years later today that same piece of property has gone up

In value we got schools we got shopping centers and now we got even some homes being built around the infrastructure now that same property is worth today two hundred fifty thousand dollars this is exactly

How you should view the value proposition of domain names so here's the bottom line web hosting and domain names is a lucrative business where millions of dollars exchanges hands on a daily basis

So as investors as hustlers as ninjas goddamnit as the fellow crypto lifestyles we need to ask ourselves hopefully get a piece of this market share what opportunities are being overlooked here so what is

Unstoppable domains I'm stoppable domains are like calm web sites but instead all of the data is actually stored on the blockchain network opposed to being stored on a centralized network this is very similar

To you owning your private keys to your decentralized wallet where only you have control and full ownership of the wallet the same is true for your decentralized domain there are two networks you can choose from which are dark crypto

Domains which operates on the etherium network you can also opportunity Godzilla domain which is built on the silica blockchain having your one website or literally your own website okay this comes with a number of key

Benefits such as eliminating middlemen like GoDaddy it's 100 percent in your website that could never be taken down your freedom of speech could never be suppressed and there are no monthly or even yearly fees so no need to worry

About any sort of like hosting fees or hidden fees whatsoever before we visit unstoppable domains website for those of you who already understand the value of this holes the registration link to purchase your domain will be provided

For you in the description box and the com section below it roughly costs about twenty to forty dollars and you can pay with cryptocurrency or even your credit card also I must say this is full

Transparency I do earn a small Commission for those who use t crypto lifestyles link in the description box on the con section below so I just want to thank everybody in advance for helping to support the

Channel and allowing me to create valuable content just like this so one of the features I absolutely love about unstoppable domains is they make it super duper easy to sell except Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in a human

Readable way what do I mean by that well let's first look at the problem so one of the biggest inconveniences in my opinion anyways within the crypto space is remembering your wallet address or someone else's wallet address right how

Many times you ask someone Oh what's your wallet address then they replied Oh give me a sec I gotta go write it down right well with your dark crypto odds ill domain for example say the crypto lifestyle dog crypto you

Could send a me Bitcoin or aetherium or whatever cryptocurrency you you choose to buy using my domain name instead of a bunch of numbers and letters jumbled up together so we're at unstoppable domains website and I'm actually gonna show you

Guys how to purchase your domain so you're gonna see this search box right here and what you're gonna do is whatever you want your domain name to be this is the boxes where you're gonna check to see if it's still available so

In my case I already bought mines because I'm not messing around imagine the tragedy two three five years from now when this is full-blown mainstream and now you decide okay well I want to purchase my blocks in domain

Now because everybody else is doing it only to find out that some freaking squatter is on your land who already bought it before you and here's the real heartbreaker he's gonna sell to you for 30 times the price

Get rekt you guys think this is a joke just look right here the website 1.0 sold for $10,000 Bitcoin crypto which the auction will start at $10,000 and this is why I'm making this video so you can save

Yourself a lot of pain if you act now just don't be that guy that pays 30 40 50 times the price for his own property now okay so what you guys are looking at right here is actually a friends of mine this is his business

Called protein chefs he owns a meal prep and delivery business right here locally in Toronto Canada okay but I'm gonna see on the website on unstoppable domains website if his thing is there which protein

Chefs search look at that I can now buy his website his brand for $40 and I'm gonna give him a call and say hey bro do you want to buy your own property okay I want to sell to you for $200 this is what people are doing

Flipping websites is a legitimate business and people are making a darn good income doing so do not make the mistake of overlooking this one bit so if you wanted to see if your domain name is still available whatever it may

Be perhaps you're on YouTube and you want to carry over that brand two blocks into me such as like how I did what you would do is for example senior your youtube name was crypto Francis that's actually

My name Francis you'll type that in right here and you want to click this button here search and see if that's available the system will tell you right away crypto Francis dark crypto is available for 40 bucks crypto Francis

Dawns ill which is on Silica's Network blockchain that's worth twenty dollars that's gonna cost me 20 bucks and conversely what you could do is you could also check it by premiums right just to see what's going on what the

Marketplace has and as this populate you're gonna see a number of different websites that cost much more than 40 bucks so bit still anybody wants to buy it it's gonna cost you a thousand dollars you know we got hash functions

Ill two hundred and fifty dollars two hundred fifty one thousand pounds ill right so on and so forth and it goes down these companies and conglomerates like Amazon and Apple their brand is already saved so let's actually type

That in right now and see what comes up so we'll put an apple apple dark crypto so this is going to be on auction as you can see apple dark crypto they're reserving the rights for Apple and if they don't claim it it's going to go on

Auction and I could only imagine how much that's going to be worth so guys this is what I'm trying to bring to your attention there's a number of ways for you not only you just have the domain to make money but you want to have it

Because it's your property and you want to get it before someone else gets it before you and they will sell to you at a much higher price once again the link is provided for you in the comment section and the

Description box below if you're interested on is but again ask yourself this question are you going to be the one who beats the crowd to these gems or are you just going to be another number who formas in when things are hyped up

And overvalued do let me know in the comments section which category you fall under and you can expect more unstoppable videos from me in the weeks to come so do be on the lookout for that so you know what they ain't really much

Left to say other than til the next video you're on your own don't fake the shit on your channel time to create it came from PC yo ok hard but even though I'm gon wish you well

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