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by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

ladies and gentlemen today we are gonna
talk about two more browsers that are
prime candidates for you to switch from
Chrome if you're looking for
alternatives completely free of all
things chrome or chromium if you've
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towards the end of last year I made a
video about three alternatives to Google
Chrome for those of us who are looking
to switch because of ads poor privacy
features the controversial manifest v3
updates that are gonna break ad blockers
or things like that in that video I
recommended three browsers that I
personally use and enjoy and you can see
that video up here in the YouTube card
above if you have not yet seen it but
today I have two more browsers to share
with you that I really really like and
because the theme of the last video was
to provide you chrome alternatives that
were similar enough in terms of UI UX in
terms of features terms of the feel the
browser I wanted to suggest browsers
that are based on the open source
chromium framework and the Google blink
rendering engine in that video there
were a lot of people that commented in
that video of course that they wanted a
video about other browsers that don't
use chromium in the first place so one
topic that needs to be addressed is that
homogeneity in browsers there are so
many browsers that use the open source
framework behind Google Chrome chromium
and the blink rendering engine and while
it doesn't mean these browsers that use
that engine are chrome it means that
there's very little competition in the
browser space quite frankly the two
browsers that I'm gonna talk about today
are two of the only ones that I can
think of off the top of my head that
really compete with chrome in any way
shape or form so today I have two
browsers that are not chromium based and
the obvious first choice is the tried
and true of Mozilla Firefox Mozilla
Firefox was developed and released in
2002 as an open source browser project
really as the child project of the
original netscape browser which is
thought of as the moment that brought
the internet to the mainstream instead
of using the blink engine and the
chromium framework firefox uses the
in-house gecko rendering engine which is
buttery smooth and my experience and
it's built by mozilla themselves as a
general rule of thumb firefox is also
designed for privacy and security first
if you go on their website there's a ton
of talk about privacy and security when
you open up the browser the first time
it gives you a page open that talks
about their privacy perspective and how
they handle
data I love that transparency is awesome
and following closely behind security
and privacy there is a plethora of
customizable features within the browser
itself so speaking of those customizable
features pretty much every UI element
and option can be customized in terms of
the location you can move things around
and there are a ton of color themes and
such and for people who like dark mode
like myself there is a dark mode in
Firefox which I really enjoy
Chrome in my opinion is really lacking
in this regard there's not a lot of
customization available in the browser
and you can hack it a little bit if you
know your way around it in the
background but quite frankly it's just
not enough and most of the browser's
that use the chromium open-source
framework also suffer from this in terms
of security and privacy though there is
a fair bit to unpack so I'm going to go
at a really high level first and
foremost Firefox has the normal bells
and whistles like popup blockers HTTP
warnings automatic updates at a large
and high frequency which is highly
necessary you want your browser always
to be up to date with the latest patches
don't let it sit there uh nup dated for
a long period of time and finally they
have a continuously improved and
upgraded customizable tracker blocking
feature built in you can pick and choose
what works for you and your browsing
habits privacy wise Firefox doesn't
collect your information and mass in the
cloud when they do cross device sync so
that's obviously a positive sign and any
data they do collect is for development
purposes or for performance purposes and
they're very clear about what they
collect and very clear about how they
protect it and when they delete it and
all that sort of thing
so these are all good things and Firefox
is a fantastic browser in fact it's the
competitor for google chrome that
doesn't use the chromium framework in my
opinion it is the only competitor from
that perspective and in terms of
performance Firefox is quite efficient
especially under heavy load although I
did notice that the RAM usage when it's
with one tab open there's not a lot
going on is a little high but then as
you scale it up and you start working
more it's awesome so maybe that's just
something that happens on my computer
I've had some tests go wonky on me like
that but just letting you know what I
there are however some things that I
don't love and the first is that Firefox
is password syncing app lock wise
doesn't really work that well and I
don't understand why it's not integrated
into their standard mobile app rather
than being a standalone app itself and
I'm also not a huge fan of the fact that
the default setting for DNS over HTTPS
or do H is set to on without queuing the
user to say do you want this on or not I
think most people don't really know what
it is or care but it really routes your
traffic to another centralized entity
like CloudFlare under the guise of a
privacy improvement and while this might
have a benefit in terms of privacy if
there were more than just one or two
partners providing DNS over HTTPS and
I'd say yes but I think this one should
be queued up when you log into the
browser the first time to say hey do you
want this on just my opinion and then
finally the mobile version of Firefox is
not quite up to snuff compared to where
I want it to be but these are just my
personal opinions so take them with a
grain of salt now number two on this
list is ice dragon which was developed
by the ubiquitous security firm komodo
you may have heard of Komodo if you know
anything about SSL Certificates and as
you might be able to guess the focus of
ice dragon the browser is to be a secure
browser puts up the necessary guardrails
so you don't Carine into the world of
malware phishing and all of the like
with features native to Komodo is
offering ice dragon touts
integrated webpage scanning using their
own plugin I think you can get that
plug-in on Firefox so to that point you
could probably get this functionality in
Firefox but it also has default blocking
of known phishing and spyware sites
it has a integrated secure DNS system to
resolve domains within the browser and
there's also a plethora of tracker
blocking and ad blocking features at
your disposal if you so choose to use
them so you can customize these things
in options if you're into social media
it has this really cool drag-and-drop
feature where you can drag content from
into a I guess an extension or into the
menu bar and automatically share it to
social I think Facebook and LinkedIn are
definitely supported I don't use it but
I've heard people like it to be honest
ice dragon is very much
so a clone of Firefox which an extra
feature is built on top of it and this
also means that it need of Lee supports
Firefox extensions as well and from a UX
UI perspective it's pretty much exactly
the same so it doesn't feel like a
Windows 98 browser like some of the
other ones do and it's gonna have all
the features that you're really used to
two things to note though when
installing this browser make sure you do
so from Komodo site only don't go on
CNET or some other website and make sure
to uncheck the box when it asks you to
install Komodos anti-virus if it does
ask you
I personally installed it again today to
check and it didn't queue me and didn't
ask me and it didn't install anything
else but just make sure you're aware and
then secondly this is a Windows only
browser so Mac and Linux are out of luck
here but it's also a 100% second choice
to Firefox which is available
cross-platform if I had to pick between
the two I pick Firefox every single day
of the week these two browsers though
are keeping the torch lit for non
chromium browsers out there on the
market today with Microsoft edge moving
towards chromium actually they just
launched their chromium browser and
safari rumored to be moving that way as
well Firefox and it's related open
source projects may soon be the only
remaining browsers that don't use
Google's engine and frameworks to be
honest with you as someone who loves
technology that's not something we want
monopolization of technology is not
something we want
I like standards I like commonly shared
ideas I like when open source stuff is
created but not when it dominates
everything and despite some of my
trepidation with the moves that Mozilla
was made with Firefox in some cases like
DNS over HTTP in some cases reason
enough to keep supporting them is that
they are one of the browsers that's out
there that's really going up against
Chrome and I have immense respect for
that so hats off to Firefox in the
Mozilla team behind it I really do like
Firefox and this year I'm gonna give it
a try as my secondary I'm gonna kick
opera to the curb and I'm really
enjoying it so far it's been a week now
using Firefox instead of opera as my
as always though guys do not forget to
check out some more of my content which
I will link up right here and right here
somewhere on the screen and I want to
wish you a fantastic rest of your week /
weekend and give you a big thank you for
watching Cheers

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