Chinese Pre-Built PC Review: ZhaoXin CPU + Knock-Off Windows OS, ft. NeoKylin

by birtanpublished on September 27, 2020

We recently discussed the history and performance of our newly purchased quad-core joshan's exe x86 64 processor that was brought to us by a mix of via s3 graphics the Shanghai Municipal Government and centaur the zxe plus is a BGA CPU that can't be bought on its own

And it can't be socketed so we needed a whole system for this piece and now it's time to review the standalone computer this is the chain high tone Fon tz5 61 – b3 a complete system that we think is designed to be sold to the Chinese

Government which has mandated that it move away from all external CPUs for any of its internal affairs note again that users can still build with AMD and Intel in China but that government offices are supposed to make a move away from that

Today we'll be evaluating the entire system value the build quality and the performance of this $1000 computer that contains a cpu with atom level performance before that this video is brought to you by Thermaltake stuff ram

RGB memory available from 3000 hertz up to 40 400 megahertz an 8 gigabyte by two configurations the Thermaltake tough Ram uses 10 addressable RGB LEDs for bright illumination and comes in both black and

White kits of memory learn more at the link in the description below if you want the whole history of the CPU of the Josh 8 and CPU and of what is happening in the world of crossover between silicon politics economics and social

Policy then you can check our CPU review of the J&Z xc+ CPU it's an interesting one to quickly recap it for you although you should go watch the whole piece it's a deep dive into a lot of things the quick recap is that it's strictly for

Our standpoint of performance it's probably closer to something like atom levels of processing power it is not as good as a Sandy Bridge 2500 K in fact very far from it so the CP has got a long way to go

There's another one that's out on market we've had trouble getting but we're trying to it's an 8-quart jatin cpu and that one is supposed to be apparently closer to bulldozer type performance but we're not sure

Because we don't have it yet anyway we started out with our desire to just grab a homegrown Chinese CPU and test it and see how his performance was and there are more options to choose from for that then you might think in the world we all

Live in in the enthusiast space and sit until an AMD and that's really it and that's the way it's been for a long time via is a name that many of you likely remember cyrix is another one and both of those companies were relevant to the

Josh Shan CPU that we looked at so it's quite a history it's got but as far as CPUs that support x86 there's only two even though there are a lot of Chinese homegrown CPUs you've got your options between high gan

Which we think is the anglicized name and Josh Sheen so high gan is a company that licensed and these n1 IP to produce processors and we detailed that in part 1 of this series it's more or less the same as first generation an epoch and

It's also been more or less killed at this point it can't progress further because of legislation between the US government and China that have barred the use of that or have have explicitly ended that agreement so we discussed

That more there but level one text has also been publishing ongoing tests of the CP is if you're curious for more data on high gan we went the opposite direction where level 1 Tex and Wendell whom we respect greatly have been

Working on the high GaN CPUs we've been working with DJ Shaitan CPUs and Joe Shane is a company that was built on via and sent our IP for several years actually to produce increasingly powerful laptop and desktop CPUs this is

The computer that we're working with today there's about a thousand seventeen dollars for this system so that's got the CPU in it the computer is not made by the CPU maker just like Intel and AMD don't make their full systems the

Computer rather is made by Chinua Tom Fong and the older spelling was Tintin ha Tom Fong so it's a pretty common company tht F is the name and you'll likely see in the US it's they stick to an acronym and it's a large company that

Sells many types of hardware and software globally but for the u.s. it mostly sticks to TVs so you may have seen them in Best Buy or something don't Fonz chinese website is a little hard to navigate for an english speaker

But the system we have is the tz5 61 – b3 and it's the only normal desktop that we spotted with a dow shading processor lenovo is also a major customer of joshing and if you look at this you can probably start to see some relationships

Anyone who's been and maybe a school of any kind your kids elementary school your high school your college has probably seen a front panel like this except with red instead of blue and there might be a reason for that

Connection to lenovo's cases but we're here to test the system as its presented and it's presented as tht F even though it uses a case that looks eerily similar to ones that we've seen in school campuses across the country so I

Currently own or approximately a thousand 17 USD and again it's about 30 199 RMB so at the time of writing it's expensive plus cost of getting it to the US if you were to buy it just to get this out of the way first we don't

Recommend actually buying it unless you're also a reviewer and you're doing something with it for content it is not good value but we're gonna talk about that today let's start with the benchmarks so it did arrive upon

Unpacking the system there was one glaring issue the 220 volt power supply had no voltage switch for 115 volt operation we were forced to take the system apart earlier than planned in order to connect a normal ATX

Power supply and we ordered a different tf-x PSU to install inside the system for thermal testing later on if you watched our recent atx12v o peace you probably heard the form factor T FX that's what this is and this is what

Came in it like stated we don't have 220 volt outlets in our office could've taken at home but then I'd have to unplug the dryer so we did buy another T FX power supply they're pretty easy to find and they're not expensive and

They're basically made for systems exactly like this slim desktops that are typically in some kind of corporate educational or government deployment opening the system is pretty convenient given that it's a compact proprietary

Office computer the table cover comes off and the optical drive SSD flip up together like a cassette and a tape player or like every school computer we've ever worked on repairing opening this does require breaking the

Warranty see well we're not really sure what it is we don't know if this is a warranty seal or not because none of us can Kendyl don't whant so anytime in the about we can't read Chinese so let's move on

Warranty seal broke and it's easy enough to get inside of we'll talk more system internals after the benchmarks with the power supply swapped and the system functional we could swap out the stock Linux boot drive for a Windows 10

Install and get some of our usual testing done don't worry we're gonna come back to that boot drive in a bit because it has a custom OS on it called neo khylin and there's a lot of misinformation about the various

Offshoots of that OS and Patrick has gone through the painstaking measures to figure out what all of them are and spent a couple days on just writing that part of the research we'll break that out into another video too but it's got

A special OS on of that will revisit but we need Windows on there to do something familiar for the audience and for our own testing so again light CPU testing was in part 1 including blender we had civilization 6 turn times just for fun

We did some Cinebench stuff some power consumption but in parts here we're covering the whole system so that includes a 2 gigabyte r7 430 it's an AM d GPU it's quite old and it wasn't a high-end when it came out four

Years ago either this was never meant to be a gaming PC to be fair to th TF but it's so priced like one and ultimately our testing options are limited because we mostly work on gaming systems so we couldn't just run our normal CPU test

Bench and walk away like we might do otherwise we can't run our normal GPU test bench this thing had to be somewhat customized for the hardware that's in it because it's also low-end the first test we tried was the Final Fantasy 14 shadow

Brainers benchmark final fantasy xiv is an MMO that launched at its current iteration in 2013 so the graphical requirements are fairly low even for the recent shadow brainers expansion the game is minimum required AMD G

He's listed as an AR 7 260x and the minimum CPU as a 2.4 gigahertz I five fortunately we've got an r7 430 and two gigahertz zxe + quad-core for the CPU we ran the dx11 bench at 1920 by 1080 on the high preset which was ambitious and

Scored 1415 points if you don't know what this means the software tries to help out by informing us that it's low thanks we had no idea to clarify what they really mean is unplayable oh it's a slideshow trying again with the lowest

Preset for desktops standard again at 1080p we got a score of 24 76 with an average frame rate of 16 point 6 8 FPS to clarify that's awfully close to the 60 FPS frame time division of sixteen point six 67 milliseconds and the unit

We're using here is frame rate not frame time so again that's sixteen point six eight frames per second not frames is in frame times the reported minimum frame rate was three yeah like the single digit that's reported via the benchmarks

Log file rather than our usual login method because frankly more overhead seems unfair but we believe it based on the stuttering you could almost sort of play this game at a resolution below 1080 if you didn't stare directly at

Particle effects too often total loading time for the five scenes was 55 points you seconds or 11 seconds on average not as bad as it could be but this is off of an SSD this benchmark is free to download if you'd like to play along at

Home and compare the points but for now we can scratch Final Fantasy 14 off the list of playable games for this PC next up was the oldest game we still regularly test GTA 5 we ran one pass at 1080p with all

Settings at normal after which the game refused to cooperate and launch in full-screen mode again but one was enough to get the picture average frame rate was a shockingly good ish 34.8 FBS but the 1% lows for 5.5 FPS and 0.1%

Louis were 2.4 FPS we're talking frame times averaging twenty eight point seven milliseconds at best with some really long stutters to frame times at 416 milliseconds at worst a few frames held for

Half a second and that's a really long study so to use a technical phrase it it uh it sucked constant texture pop-in and long painful hitches while flying made it hard to even watch for what it's worth GTA 5 warned us every time we

Launch the game that our hardware didn't meet the minimum specs and we obviously knew that too but it illustrates the point this isn't a gaming PC it is $1000 though finally we ran 3dmark to at least get

Some number on the screen that we compared to other hardware the overall score for the standard 1080p firestrike test was 12 32 with sub scores of 4 21 23 31 and 1472 for combined physics and graphics respectively that translates to

A frame rate of 2 there in the combined test 7.4 for physics the cpu test 7.3 for graphics 1 and 5.7 FPS for graphics to GT 1 is more core intensive GT 2 is more men are memory intensive so this makes sense

The CPS score was really dragging though so you could build obviously a much better computer than this for $1000 even if you're in China Intel and AMD are still there it's not like you can't buy them or you aren't supposed to buy them

The only difference is that within a couple years the Chinese government wants to move away from them but if you're an enthusiast you could still build with Andy or Intel CPUs so there's really no value here in general but

That's not the long-term play the long-term play for the again Shawn high-backed Josh Shane is not to immediately or directly compete with AMD or Intel it's so that China can have its own CPU and give them that government

Money's behind it given that there's a dubious history of intellectual property there's a decent chance that the company making the CPU can catch up a whole lot faster than the Trailblazers of AMD or Intel took to get to the point they are

Now it's always easier when you're not first unless you're a YouTube commenter in which case there's probably several of you who said first already but this is a matter of while joshing is already

Getting up to eight core parts that are supposed to be on parity with and that's pretty far jump from where this was and this was one of the earlier generations whereas there's some newer stuff for 2020 that we haven't been able

To get yet but we're trying so you have to keep the scope of the project in mind which is that there's a greater play here than competing now today anyway moving on to inside of the system next in the process of replacing the power

Supply having the case open gave us the opportunity to check out the rest of the internals earlier than planned even with the case as small as it is there's still a surprising amount of empty space inside especially since the hard drive

Bay was left empty there's a single 256 gigabyte 4c brand SSD which we've never heard of before this and a CD DVD RW Drive both connected via SATA hardware info 64 reports SATA 2 speeds at 3 gigabits per second which lines up with

The chipsets clean specs memory is two sticks of a data 1600 megahertz CL 11 ddr3 ram FSB speed is 1333 megahertz boss speed is 333 megahertz CPU clocks can range from by four at one point three three gigahertz two by six at two

Gigahertz and RAM runs at a multiplier of two point four or 800 megahertz but 1600 megahertz since it's DDR the GPU is connected to a full length PCIe slot there's also one PCIe by one and one PCI slot that are available on the board for

Older devices graphics handled by the previously-mentioned to r7 430 but this motherboard is equipped with an unused in this case integrated graphics chip courtesy of its namesake the via VX 11 pH chipset yes that same via the chip

Holds basically everything except the CPU cores the memory controller is the most noteworthy and that's a part that moved to the CPU years ago for Intel and AMD like more than a decade ago it supports two slots max it's single

Channel the chips had also hosts IO only to say the two ports supported but three USB three it hosts PCI and PCIe connections six lanes max max configuration by four and an IG P which is a via C at 640 slash 645 the die and

The packet for the chipset are both significantly larger than the actual CPU although the TDP is only 8.8 watts compared to the CPUs 18 watts so it only gets a passive aluminum heatsink for the

Chipset rather than the CPUs tiny heat sink fan combo we don't have much faith in TDP as a means of measurement from any company but hopefully joshan's numbers are at least internally consistent both the chipset and the CPU

Are BGA soldered directly to the board and neither have an IHS putting bare silicon in contact with their heat sinks there's a single Ethernet port for Internet connectivity handled by a gigabit Realtek chip and we were able to

Pull down files from our server at the usual 111 megabytes per second speed that we get from gigabit cart note that th TF has chosen a Taiwanese Realtek part over an Intel part which is the common choice on a lot of enthusiasts

Grade motherboards the C 640 and 645 also known as the chrome line of s3 GPUs developed by s3 graphics that's another old name was made while they were owned by via prior to their sale in 2011 which we talked about briefly in part 1 a

Search of the Microsoft Update catalog something that we do in our free time for fun implies that these GPUs were released sometime in 2012 after s3 sale to HTC these 640 and 645 aren't really differentiated the C 640 or 645 is how

They're collectively identified everywhere 640 / 645 included in CPU Z the IGP and our system is fully functional but th TF evidently decided that an 8 year old GPU that hasn't had any windows updates for drivers since

2015 wasn't up to snuff despite using its own OS we bring the GPU up specifically because there's some uncertainty as to whether Jason is still using s3's Chrome based I GP s some newer ZX c and z XE plus boards use the

Jousting developed zx100 as chipset as an alternative to V as V X 11 pH which does have some legitimate upgrades like additional PCIe lanes and dual channel memory support but the IGP may be the same the model isn't listed it seems

Likely that Josh Aten would continue to use or at least iterate on the C 645 rather than starting from scratch especially if via still has the rights to the s3 GPU IP developed under that either way the chipset in this system is

Openly made by via and s3 and the discrete GPU is made by AMD so this system isn't as close to 100% Chinese as Jane's more recent SOC offerings the cooling solution for the CPU is absolutely minimal just a tiny aluminum

Heatsink and fan that look like together they might barely cool an x5 70 chipset which is nearly the same power consumption by the way well cover thermals more later but for now suffice to say that the heatsink barely gets

Warm even under 100% CPU load we talked power consumption the CPU review but the entire system is under 50 watts total system power with a heavy CPU workload so it's not much concerned the CPU fan is also the only fan other than the GPUs

And the power supplies the latter of which is solely responsible for exhausting air from the case making the whole system nearly silent it all goes through the power supply at some point seriously even the CPU fan is inaudible

With air conditioning running a P via 300 watt supply we bought to replace the original great wall 200 watt supply generates most of the noise in the system so we can't say what the actual noise of the original system would have

Been with complete fairness because we can test that power supply under full CPU and GPU load we measured it to be 36.2 DBA at 20 inch distance from the front approximately where a user would be seated with the tiny fans wearing

Away it really wasn't that loud at idle the noise level is much the same but again the power supply's annoys your than anything else the four chords exe plus has an 18 watt TDP as does a vias CPU that it's based on or the 8 core

Simply doubles this for a 35 watt TDP we still say TDP is basically made of but even so this is an extremely low power part our power measurements barely registered the CPU on the ammeter with power consumption up to about 0.7 amps

On the 4 pin connector the stock power supply was only 200 watts and lacked a 4 pin CPU power connector so tht F simply split off the plus 4 pins from the ATX xx + 4 pin connector and rerouted them which is more than enough in this

Instance the dinky CPU heatsink keeps things reasonably cool even under full load assuming vias perk or thermal sensors are accurate using the prime95 and fur mark workload we usually do as a torture task for PC cases we measured an

Average CPU DT under load of twenty eight point seven degrees Celsius over ambient that translates to a raw temperature reading of about 50 degrees across all cores I don't want a hundred percent load with this heatsink the GPU

Is just a regular old r7 430 with a low-profile design so it didn't fare as well but it still maintained an average of 52 point one degrees over ambient which is fine there are no case fans but the tf-x power supply exhaust the air as

Aggressively as it can which seems intended given the fan orientation there is ventilation at the front of the case with an optional fan mount as well as a vent on the side of the case that together offer all the air that this

System ever needs for cooling itself overclocking if we look in BIOS is not possible at least not on this systems BIOS options are limited to enabling or disabling ports selecting the primary GPU and other equally vanilla features

Luckily for us anyway UEFI boot is one of the options that's in here if you some reason bought this and then wanted Windows the BIOS does repeatedly refer to via and via features if any further confirmation was needed that zxc is a

Thinly-veiled via CPU and again part one for more detail on that the BIOS is dated 2017 a year after the zxe plus is launched and right before the kx5 thousands end of year release the full system that was shipped to us consists

Of a PC monitor keyboard and mouse all of these are standard office fare the monitor is a thk 23 e8 1hg a name which turns up absolutely no results on Google yet still manages to keep the illegible monitor naming scheme

It measures 23.8 inches diagonally it has BGA DVI DisplayPort and HDMI inputs no speakers it runs at 60 Hertz 75 watts some lower resolutions and it supports 120 volt input without a special adapter we're not monitor reviewers and we don't

Want to be but the display isn't pure garbage and it isn't just a throw away the stand however is but viewing angles are good and the are narrow this is one of the lightest cheapest built monitors we've ever

Worked with and it feels like it's barely held together physically but the display itself is actually fine and we'll probably use it for thermal test benches th TF manufactures its own displays and in fact they license the

Westinghouse name to sell them in the US the keyboards model number is DK 35 90 you and the mouse is the DM 35 80 you the mouse is an extremely generic two button optical design that wouldn't look out of place at any point in the past 20

Years the keyboard is a low-profile rubber dome design with a US layout and Chinese text on the back siding the usual FCC regulations and Microsoft's trademark for the windows keys this particular all-in-one system is only

Sold in China but tht F evidently cares about being able to sell their peripherals in the u.s. our sets change to ignore that as for who would pay a thousand dollars for a system that can barely run anything it's probably the

Same answer for every country and that's the government this is where just like part one we have to issue a quick disclaimer we're not here to provide any political commentary or social commentary on the situation just the

Facts on how the technology is being handled by much larger political entities then we could have any impact on there's a distinct difference we're only providing information here this section will deep dive into China's

Upcoming alternatives to Windows and other traditional operating systems like the common Linux variants out there the Chinese market is flooded with variations that are all mostly named Kylin that we're talking about today but

They're all variations of that naming so it's very confusing to put it all together and most of the entangled web of operating systems that were referencing here have been in some form improperly linked and other articles

Online so we've tried to correct that as best we can this should become a fairly complete source detailing the different khylin distributions in at least their most basic elements of how they're marketed

What connections it has with the other one some of them are connected with Ubuntu and so forth as mentioned in part one the Chinese government is planning to use homegrown Chinese technology to fully supplant u.s. hardware and

Software and it's government offices by 2022 and not to be confused with the consumer market there and it's for a variety of reasons again politics isn't really our focus here most of the reasons relate to

Ongoing trade disputes between the two countries that we won't really get into because the US government has banned sales of certain products like Xeon CPUs intended for super computer use to the Chinese government by the u.s. suppliers

Like Intel this th TF office computer has minimum foreign involvement ignoring the Texas origins of a CPU architecture and it comes pre-installed with neo khylin Linux despite being compatible with Windows

The vast majority of computers in th TFS China catalogue come with normal intel and AMD processors and normal Windows licenses this one is specifically designed for we think the government market where China's government agencies

Are forced to replace their foreign Hardware at some point in the next few years khylin is an interesting subject in itself the name is an anglicized version of Chi lean Kirin beer and the unicorn

From Monster Hunter are also named after the same animal khylin the OS is actually a group of different operating systems that are developed by the National University of Defense technology predictably this is a

State-owned organization and it's been developed since at least 2001 the first iteration was based on and almost entirely identical to open BSD which is a unix-like operating system and from the beginning all of the versions of

Khylin have been intentionally skinned to look like Microsoft Windows such that it would help aid workers in transitioning from Windows into the local made operating system because it minimizes the amount you'd have to learn

At some point the open BSD based operating system was abandoned and the Linux based khylin 3.0 was released it's difficult to pinpoint the exact release date but it must have been in or before 2009 in 2010 the nu DT partnered with

China standard software or cs2 see the makers of neo shine Linux to fork neo khylin Linux the distro which came with our desktop at some point development of the main neo Kylin linux distro was handed over to Tianjin khylin

Information technology co limited or TK c and remains in development to this day under the name of in kochi lean a name that translates the galaxy khylin this main branch is often referred to as plain old khylin in English at

Least but the translation helps to avoid confusion that's because there's a lot of others like John B ouchy Lane which translates to winning bid khylin and is what English speakers typically called neo Kyle nee Oak Island is based on Red

Hat Linux so we assume galaxy khylin is as well there's a widely cited report by The Wall Street Journal that we can't read because we refuse to make an account on a paywall newspaper website but it's also referenced elsewhere and

Apparently that said that 40% of Dell pcs came with me oak island installed installation on pre belts is a huge part of neo kylene's claims success we know this because see STC bragged about the report on its own website note that this

Report specifically names knee Oak Island not galaxy khylin or Ubuntu Kylin which has confused some outlets like the verge our desktop came with neo khylin 7 the latest public version galaxy khylin by the way is on version 10.2 and it's

Skins to look like Windows 7 while we've seen older screenshots skins to look like Vista or XP the developers are fully open about their intention to make a Windows like OS galaxy khylin for example openly advertises this as a

Feature we mentioned Ubuntu Kylin or yochi lean a minute ago this is yet another separate distro that was launched in 2013 and has had updates as recently as October 2019 it's an official collaboration between the

Developers canonical and the Nu DT this is perhaps the easiest of the kyln operating systems to Google in the West but it isn't khylin or knee Oak Island it's explicitly different Ubuntu Kylin didn't fail we went to khylin is not

Older than me Oak Island an Ubuntu Kylin is not the original OS names khylin if someone says all three of these things in one article like perhaps the verge and it's 2017 expose on its own intelligence they're wrong Ubuntu Kylin

Is partnered with galaxy khylin and uses a version of their logo just to make things extra confusing versions of both galaxy khylin and Ubuntu Kylin are available to download from their respective websites if you're curious

About them and want to try it out yourself as stated earlier the Chinese government is trying to rid the government offices of foreign technology and software by 2022 the Kyle

Family has found itself in an extremely strong position since its Chinese developed and advertises compatibility with Chinese built CPUs not just the x86 64 couching and high GaN ships but also the long-chain mips chip the fate hung

Spark chip and the clinton arm chip in december of 2019 tkc and CS to see how the press conference to announce that together they were forming a new company which translates to khylin software co limited to once again merge the two

Branches of khylin into one as of yet unnamed domestic operating system combining the strengths of neo Cullen's hardware compatibility and galaxy kinds of mobile server and desktop variants it will probably have khylin in the name as

Well if you feel the need to research any of the saga on your own will direct you to a ZDNet article that we can put on the screen this is the single most coherent explanation that we've seen of this messy concoction so far some form

Of khylin is also the current operating system by the way of the chinese tiana who won a and tiana ha to a super computers tiana ha to a was in the number four spot on the top 500 supercomputers list as of november 2019

And held the number one spot from 2013 to 2015 top 500 and other sources cite the OS as simply linux thailand this is based on a 2013 report by jack dong guerra compiler of the top 500 list and based on dong garre's wording and the

Number of other top 500 supercomputers using RHEL or the RHEL based CentOS we would logically assume that tiene 2a is running galaxy khylin however during a 2014 canonical keynote founder Mark Shuttleworth presented a slide with the

Text quote world's fastest computer runs Ubuntu OpenStack with an Ubuntu Kylin logo on it a slide show from 2013 OpenStack summit on the same subject uses the Neo khylin logo with a cloud on every page there is a neo khylin cloud

OS by the way a blog post on the official Ubuntu website says TN aha – the world's fastest supercomputer runs on Ubuntu Kylin and quote nu DT designed and built en hua – which runs on its own chi-ling cloud Linux operating system in

The same article our best guess is that galaxy khylin runs tiene ho – and that a boon to khylin can be run on TN huh – we're not super computer experts or Linux as experts but this is kind of how we've been able to boil down the

Confusion this is now doubly complicated by the fact that tiene huh – a switch to homegrown matrix 2000 128 core Ras C accelerators in 2017 rather than the planned Intel Xeon Phi's due to the US embargo is on those parts so th to a

Ron's quote a heterogeneous computing software stack so after all of that you might be wondering okay well why our experience with neo khylin was underwhelming we spent a significant amount of time trying to figure out just

How to switch the locale to en us' and we also tried to get basic things installed like steam for example we couldn't get the RHEL or the sanitized versions of steam working which limited our options as a gaming focused website

At least as of now there are a couple of pre-installed games for example solitaire chess and one that's called mines we're not sure what that is yet but there's nothing unique other than that this is just a Linux distro that's

Trying to look comfortingly like Windows 7 and it's by its own admission that it's doing that for productivity the WPS and Fox at office suites are installed so you've got something basic there under appearance options there's also a

Classic mode which brings back the previously publicized XP skin from the old Ernie oak island releases as far as the computer then because the CP is not socketable you can only buy it with the system or with a motherboard in the

Least there's absolutely no reason anyone should buy this computer for personal use especially in the West's where you've got plenty of options for even lower prices but even in China it's over priced at $1000 it just it doesn't

Make sense for personal use for non-government office or work use it's just the only reason this really exists as far as we can tell is to target the government offices where they're being forced to switch off of

External hardware and software at some point so specs wise this is massively overpriced joshan's CPUs are becoming promising the newer ones that we don't have yet like the eight core are competitive with older and the bulldozer

Chips which at least as far as we understand now which although they were a bit of a joke and a meme in this community that's a big jump so the older zxe plus is a rehash of a lower power vs cpu in the vein of an Intel Atom and

Everything else in the system is built around that the chipset handles a ton of the computer's functionality it's old its outdated the memory controller isn't even on the CPU the IGP lacks the performance or the driver

Support to the extent that thdf felt it necessary to install on our 7 4:30 in the system and the system is basically it's a fun novelty to play with but the idea of spending a thousand dollars on a system for well really any use that we

Can think of in an hour core use cases in our audience just makes it obviously not worth it it's not even close the best thing you get out of it is in OS that feels comfortingly similar to Windows 7 the peripherals are functional

They're very generic there's nothing wrong with them really but they're also not higher tier gaming peripherals modders actually surprisingly fine other than the stand being extremely cheap the price then is just because of the no

Foreign tech policy that's being put in place by the government there's one other PC in the same line as this one on th TFS website and it comes equipped with a run-of-the-mill 4 core 4th red bulldozer chip that's an 8/10 8770 and

Nvidia's GT 720 and also Windows 7 license but it still only costs about six hundred ninety dollars so significantly cheaper woefully outdated and overpriced but that's a much better deal for the performance than this

System is and we'll keep an eye out for higher-end joshan based systems in the future to see whether they start approaching Intel and AMD and price to performance this is going to be an emerging battleground as things advance

And it'll be interesting at least from a technology standpoint to see how it develops but obviously we wouldn't recommend buying this computer it was interesting for a review but that's about where we recap

It that's it for this one watch part 1 for more information on the history behind the cpu and why it exists and what's going to happen and you can support us directly in this type of content if I going to and access or store doctor in his ex it's done that thanks for watching we'll see you all next time

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We thought we'd found the limits of viewer interest when he posted our tour of a screw factory last year as poor Freight it was more of a screw shop than a ...
Everyone welcome back to another hardware news recap for the week we're in Taiwan where we venture outside to film things that's always a nice change of...
Hey how's it going guys Jack and Matt here with the toasty rose and today we're gonna be doing a 350 dollar gaming PC build it's gonna be really awe...
out of all the factory tours we've done until today we'd never gotten an opportunity to see how water blocks and open-loop cooling components like fitti...
Paints is one of the chief processes to dial in for product manufacturing and today's tour will bring us to a taiwanese factory replete with a mix of automa...
hey what's up guys Jack I'm Matt here with the tasty bros and today we're gonna be showing you our 2020 CES recap live from our CES Airbnb but befor...
except you can't wipe your ass with it well I mean we're going to take a gamble on the YouTube D monetization system and talk about the impact of corona...
everyone we're closing out our trip in Taipei for our factory tourists we have a lot of factory footage live already and we have more coming to the the chan...
hey what's up guys Jack and Matt here with the Thai stereos and today we're gonna be finding out is a six hundred dollar laptop worth it in 2020 it'...