Chinese Navy Base in Pakistan? | Hong Kong Under New Threat

published on July 2, 2020

China may be taking steps toward a naval

base in Pakistan a Chinese general

threatens taiwan hong kongers can now be

thrown in prison for insulting china's

national anthem and by trusting an

agreement with china is a bad idea that

and more on this week's China News

headline this is China uncensored I'm

Chris Chappell

China may be taking steps toward

building a naval base in Pakistan I

wonder if that should concern India at

all the base would be here in Guatemala

is the site of a port that is being

expanded and run by a Chinese

state-owned company as part of the

china-pakistan economic corridor there's

also a huge amount of construction in

the area that's being financed with

loans from Chinese state-run banks there

have been reports for years that China

will build a naval base in Guate now

this Forbes article is saying that a new

high-security compound in water may

indicate these naval plans satellite

images show a newly constructed

high-security compound it's being built

by the China communications construction

company it's mostly owned by the Chinese

government and it's a key player in Xi

Jinping's belt

and Road initiative and the security

features of this place are unusual

it has anti-vehicle sea berms security

fences and a high wall sentry posts and

elevated guard towers cover the

perimeter between the fence and the

inner wall this suggests armed guards

with rifles the article doesn't say this

is proof of a coming naval base but it

does show that the next phase of port

construction is underway and a potential

naval base in water along with an

existing Chinese base in Djibouti would

give China

a lot more

control over the Indian Ocean speaking

of the Chinese military a top Chinese

general has said that China will attack

Taiwan if there is no other way of

stopping it from becoming independent

the Communist Party is threatened to

invade Taiwan before but now the talk is

more aggressive and I really hope the

Communist Party doesn't realize Taiwan

is already independent with its own

government currency and military

otherwise the Communist Party might have

to accept objective reality and really

it's unfair to ask communists to do that

it's also unfair to expect the Chinese

Communist Party to admit their mistakes

like that time in 1989 when they killed

all those protesters near Tiananmen

Square but the people of Hong Kong

haven't forgotten every year they've

held a vigil on June 4th to commemorate

the massacre but this year the Hong Kong

government banned the vigil you know

because the corona virus is very

dangerous and people shouldn't gather in

large groups the people of Hong Kong

felt that the ban was probably less

about health and more about stopping

their political protests so they

gathered anyway here's Victoria Park on

June 4th the traditional location for

the vigil additional protests also

popped up in other parts of Hong Kong as

they marched out of the vigil people

were chanting one nation one Hong Kong

as one protester put it on Twitter

great job CCP you're intense and

unrelenting efforts to prevent Hong Kong

from becoming a hotbed of revolution

have turned it into a hotbed of

revolution how did the Hong Kong police

react they arrested people it's what

they do

but congratulations Hong Kong on being

the only place ruled by China that's

held a Tiananmen Square memorial for 31

years let's all help you make it to 32

speaking of the Hong Kong government the

legislature has

that bill we told you about before the

one that criminalizes insults to the

Chinese national anthem it was pretty

much inevitable as the pro Beijing

lawmaker is outnumbered the

pro-democracy ones the national anthem

why is very reasonable law the Communist

Party is sensitive and it's mean to

insult them so mean that anyone in Hong

Kong who insults the Chinese national

anthem now faces up to three years in

prison I mean sure the Chinese

Constitution guarantees freedom of

speech but that doesn't include the

freedom to make fun of the Communist


you may remember Chinese whistleblowing

dr lee hwon liang dr Lee had been

silenced for speaking out about the

corona virus and when he died of the

corona virus there was a big public


well another doctor who worked at the

same hospital as dr Li has also died of

the corona virus Doctor Who wave fun

and Chinese citizens are outraged they

say doctor who was sacrificed to the

coronavirus the public had watched

Doctor Who's condition deteriorate at

one point his skin turned black because

of liver dysfunction tragically after

that photo surfaced doctor who was

evicted from his apartment Chinese

Premier Li Keqiang has some dire

economic news 600 million people in

China make just $140 a month that's less

than $5 a day which is not even enough

to pay rent on a one-bedroom apartment

in a mid-sized Chinese city now keep in

mind Premier Li Keqiang said that and

he's the man who once said China's GDP

is man-made and unreliable in other

words the Communist Party invents

numbers to make itself look good so if

he's saying things are this bad you have

to suspect that means it's actually much

worse speaking of being bad for the

regime the US has threatened to block

flights by

Chinese Airlines this is in response to

the Chinese regime stopping US airlines

from flying to China and to block these

flights I assumed Trump is going to

build a sky wall don't worry he'll get

China to pay for it

last week the US Senate passed the Weger

human rights bill almost unanimously now

US lawmakers are pushing a bill that

would ban investing in firms tied to

China's military to which I say US

companies are currently investing in

firms tied to China's military why why

would they do that

oh right money but never fear we may be

getting a new batch of entrepreneurs in

this country Hong Kongers Secretary of

State Mike Pompeo says the US may

welcome Hong Kong people and

entrepreneurs if they feel the need to

flee Hong Kong though considering the

state of things in the US this week the

Hong Kongers might not notice too much

of a difference the UK is also

considering changing immigration rules

for Hong Kongers it would offer millions

of people in hong kong a route to

citizenship speaking of the UK back in

1984 China and the UK had signed an

agreement where the UK would hand Hong

Kong to China and in exchange China

wouldn't interfere with Hong Kong's

political system for 50 years well this

past Wednesday Chinese foreign ministry

spokesman jolly gen said the sino UK

joint declaration had been a unilateral

policy announcement by China not a

promise from China to the UK even less

so a so-called international commitment

yeah the signing ceremony looks real

unilateral with Margaret Thatcher and

the Chinese premier jiaozi young both

signing it and then shaking on it

of course the Communist Party purged

premier chiaotzu young only a few years

later so it's no surprise they purged

their agreement with the UK

– and just goes to show if you sign an

agreement with the Chinese Communist

Party you might get purged – and now

it's the time when I answer questions

from you my loyal 50-cent army fans of

the show who support what we do through

the crowdfunding website patreon today's

question comes from David Lea Smith

given the staggering incompetence of

President Xi's administration in

handling the CCP virus crisis and active

efforts to seemingly alienate almost

every nation on the planet what is the

likelihood that he will be deposed by

another faction in the CCP that's a

really interesting question I've talked

a lot about how Xi Jinping has been

locked in a battle for power with a

faction tie to former Chinese leader

Jung soo min Jeong is a seriously bad

dude of course that doesn't mean she is

a good guy either nobody who makes it to

the top leadership of the Chinese

Communist Party is a good guy but

basically in order to keep from getting

purged she has had to amass tremendous

personal power but that has also meant

that he has become the face of

everything that goes wrong and lots has

been going wrong for the Chinese regime

the trade war the coronavirus Hong Kong

I'm sure there are a lot of people in

China who would love to get rid of XI

but he's become so much the face of the

regime I don't think they can get rid of

him without losing a lot of face for the

party as well so I think the fate of Xi

Jinping and the Communist Party are now

intertwined thanks for your question

David and for all of you watching

consider joining the China uncensored

50-cent army you'll have a chance to ask

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can't see that once again I'm Chris

Chappell see you next time




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