Chinese company charged for faulty masks; ‘Laughable propaganda’:US slams China; Racial tension high

published on July 2, 2020

federal authorities are charging a

Chinese company for selling faulty masks

claiming to be n95 respirators

prosecutors say these masks cost us

buyers more than 1 million dollars and

could put frontline workers in danger

three Chinese nationals were murdered in

Zambia Africa as tensions ran high

between Chinese immigrants and local

Africans a new survey from a Chinese

university reveals two hundred and

twenty million citizens earn less than

70 USD a month far below the poverty

line this despite China having the

world's second highest GDP and a new

global alliance forms as lawmakers

united to tackle the challenges posed by

the Chinese regime they say

international order is everyone's

responsibility welcome to China InFocus

I'm Tiffany Mayer lawmakers from around

the world are uniting to form a new

coalition in response to the global

challenges posed by the Chinese regime

the inter-parliamentary alliance on

china or IP AC consists of 18

politicians the group's mission to hold

a Chinese regime accountable to

international order the effort comes

amid rising tensions between the US and

China over issues like virus bred and

Beijing's new hong kong long china under

the rule of the Chinese Communist Party

represents a global challenge one which

will define the next century it is a

challenge which touches all of us in

fact today China is authoritarian at

home and ever more assertive abroad by

standing together we will be able to

keep the rules based on human rights

systems true to that finding purposes

the group aims to safeguard

international order uphold human rights

promote free trade strengthen security

and protect national integrity countries

represented include the US Australia

Canada Germany Japan Lithuania the

Netherlands Norway Sweden the UK and

members of the European Parliament US

Secretary of State – Mike Pompeo today

slammed Beijing's me

exploiting the George Floyd protests in

the us calling it obscene propaganda

this comes as many say the regime is

taking advantage of the situation to

stoked tensions domestically divert

attention away from its tightening grip

on Hong Kong and undermine the

credibility of the US and democratic

governments state-run media Global Times

last Saturday ran a commentary titled

watch out beautiful sight in Hong Kong

as spreading across the us the

headline was a dig at remarks made by

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi last year

when she said the pro-democracy protest

in Hong Kong were a beautiful sight to


Pompeyo called out ccp propaganda saying

attempts to compare the US response

following Floyd's death Wistar regime

suppression of basic human rights and

freedom was a fraud he wrote the CCP's

callous exploitation of the tragic death

of George Floyd to justify its

authoritarian denial of basic human

dignity exposes its true colors yet

again as with dictatorships throughout

history no lie is too obscene so long as

it serves the party's lust for power and

Japan has postponed Chinese leader Xi

Jinping's state visit it was already

delayed due to the pandemic but now

government sources suggest it may not

happen at all after Beijing imposed its

new Hong Kong bill Japan a key ally of

the US has been revising its strategy on

dealing with China while the state visit

appears to have been pushed into next

year or later government sources suggest

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe a is unlikely

to give up on receiving he as a state

guest China and the EU have agreed a

postpone a summit planned for this fall

the meeting was originally planned for

September in Germany but had to be

reconsidered due to the pandemic the EU

has positioned itself as a mediator

between the US and China but recent

concerns over the Hong Kong bill telecom

giant Huawei an economic rivalry have

strained diplomatic relations Chinese

authorities issued an alert on Friday

warning Chinese citizens not to travel

to Australia for their safety

Beijing claimed discrimination and

violent behavior against Chinese and

other Asian people is on the rise in

Australia something Australian officials

say has no basis in fact this after

prime minister Scott Morrison called for

an independent probe into the origins of

the CCP virus in Wuhan which China

refused instead Beijing imposed tariffs

on barley shipments from Australia China

is Australia's largest trading partner

in Australia is the most China reliant

economy in the developed world making it

vulnerable to diplomatic blowback in a

rare move Singapore's Prime Minister

warned China not to take over the us

security role in Southeast Asia

he wrote the us security presence

remains vital to the asia-pacific region

adding China's naval and military

presence leads countries in the region

to view it as an encroachment on US

security he also said those nations are

extremely sensitive about any influence

from China on their ethnic Chinese

minorities noting China's support for

communist insurgencies in that area in

the early 1980s this comes amid

escalating tensions between the two

countries especially admit the pandemic

and on the issues of trade Singapore is

heavily dependent on both countries for

trade he added asia-pacific countries do

not wish to be forced to choose between

the US and China because of the close

proximity Singapore has also strived to

cultivate good relations with China but

the Prime Minister warns if a rivalry

flares up between China and the US it

could lead to a cold war he's calling

for an agreement between the countries

before it spirals out of control China

has the second highest gross domestic

product or GDP in the world surpassed

only by the US but despite its wealth

poverty is still a major problem in

China last week Chinese Prime Minister

Likud Chung said over 40 percent of

Chinese people have a monthly income of

around 1,000 yen which is equal to about

a hundred and forty US dollars a survey

from a Chinese university confirmed the

figure and revealed even more according

to the survey 220

million people in China have an average

monthly income below 70 dollars making

up 16 percent of the country's

population that's almost 70 percent of

China's population or about 1 billion

people take home an average monthly

income of less than two hundred and

eighty dollars for years the Chinese

Communist Party has boasted about how

rich and powerful China is becoming

under what it calls the leadership of

the party the Prime Minister statement

is an unusual one it's rare for a top

official to say publicly that the

Chinese people are actually very poor

soon after netizens took to the Internet

in response some said they felt they had

been deceived by the CCP one user wrote

one thought is always circling around in

my head everything in China is fake

except the fake itself is real according

to China Civil Aviation Administration

flight incentives will now be calculated

for the inbound flights based on the

passenger virus test results if five

positive virus cases are found in an

incoming flight the airline will suspend

flights along that route for one week if

it reaches 10 cases the suspension will

be extended for a month due to the

number of available flights being

reduced thousands of Chinese people have

been waiting for months and paid a very

high price for a ticket home complaints

have flooded in over the new regulation

one end isn't asked how about those who

have gotten rid of their possessions are

packed and ready for their flights next

week are you saying they have to live on

the street because their flights are

canceled and their flights are cancelled

because more than five passengers tested

positive the previous week federal

prosecutors are suing a Chinese company

for selling masks claiming to be n95

respirators they say the faulty masks

could put the frontline workers in

harm's way and us buyers paid more than

1 million dollars for these masks

federal authorities seized the masks and

the JFK April in New York this April

prosecutors said in the same month the

company manufactured and exported almost

500,000 faulty masks declaring they were

n95 masks but the masks don't meet n95

filtration standard

the Chinese manufacturers stamped NIOSH

logos on the packaging despite no

approval given by the government agency

Zambian officials are probing a case

involving murders of three Chinese

nationals as tensions arise between

locals and Chinese immigrants three

Chinese nationals were attacked with

iron bars and then set alight in the

southern central african countries AM

BIA the gruesome murder case happened on

May 24th at a Chinese owned clothing

factory Zambian police have arrested

three people suspected of the murder and

local officials about to investigate the

victims are 52 year-old wife of the

clothing factory owner and her two male

employees so far the suspects motive is

unclear a Chinese media reported that

they previously had business contact

with the victims

Zambia's ambassador to China said this

is a single incident that does not

affect the relationships between Zambia

and China but media reports show that in

recent years the African country has

seen an increase in tension between

locals and Chinese immigrants according

to a BBC report some Chinese factory

managers have been forcing local

employees to sleep at work to stop the

spread of the CCP virus Zambia is a key

partner of China's belt and Road

initiative where the Chinese regime

lends money to local governments to

build their infrastructure although the

contracts for the construction often end

up in the hands of China state-owned

companies some analysts have warned the

project is really debt trap diplomacy

from China researcher by Johns Hopkins

University estimates that as of 2017

China's loans account for 44% of

Zambia's total national debt some

Zambians worried China is having too

much control over the country about

20,000 Chinese nationals live in Zambia

most of them are business owners and

workers one week before the murder case

local media Zambian watchdog reported

that a Chinese shop in the Zambian city

of Lusaka

turned away a Zambian man but allowed

his Chinese wife in an employee of this

shop said it's to prevent local people

from bringing the virus into the shop

the video caused strong reactions from

the local community Lusaka mayor miles

Sampha ordered the Chinese shop

to close and later he closed the Chinese

barber shop that refused local customers

for discriminating against blacks

the mayor accused Chinese bosses of

slavery reloaded and called them

Chinaman he reminded the public in a

video posted on his Facebook account

that black Zambians did not originate

coronavirus it originated in China a

week later the mayor apologized for

closing those Chinese stores and using

derogatory language Zambia is currently

seeking to negotiate deals with

creditors as the country's economy

struggles with a pandemic reporting by

penedes au entity news Hong Kong's

finance minister says he'll defend their

currencies fixed exchange rate with the

US dollar even if the regime so-called

national security law is enforced but

the law could erode investor confidence

in the region which would make this

difficult entities Miguel Moreno has

more on that Hong Kong is trying to

defuse any fears investors may have

about the Hong Kong dollar potentially

being unpaid to the US dollar for trade

and economic reasons the Hong Kong

dollar is pegged to or has a fixed

exchange rate with the US dollar this

works as long as investors don't lose

confidence in Hong Kong's currency and

begin exchanging big amounts of it for

other currencies but concern about

investor confidence went off after the

Chinese Communist Party proposed its

so-called national security law a law

that could potentially threaten the rule

of law in Hong Kong

if enforced financial analyst Joseph

Trevisani says confidence in the Hong

Kong dollar would be damaged if you

don't have confidence in the bank you

don't do business there if you don't

think the bank is going to be there in

two years you don't do business there if

you think that the banks records or the

bank's decisions are in the future going

to be conditioned or coloured by outside


considerations it's dangerous for the

confidence and if investors do lose

confidence in the Hong Kong dollar and

start to sell it on masse Hong Kong's

central bank will need a plentiful

supply of US dollars to maintain the peg

if it doesn't have enough

US dollars and the pig breaks the

region's currency could see sharp

devaluation which could lead to an

economic disaster to make things worse

Trevisani says it is possible but

unlikely that President Trump will cut

off the free exchange of currencies

between Hong Kong and the US if it deems

Hong Kong no longer autonomous from the

mainland yeah and it would be a drastic

step and wallet I do not think the

administration would take but if they

start unless things escalate much more

but if they move to limit Hong Kong and

Hong Kong banks access to dollar funding

that would be a huge blow to the ability

of companies to finance their operations

in China mainland China also relies

heavily on Hong Kong's economic

prosperity the region enjoys special

trading privileges that the mainland

does not and works like a funnel a

foreign money into China in this light

it looks like China would be shooting

itself in the foot with its national

security law but analysts are also

speculating that this could be a way of

stomping out the widely covered Hong

Kong protests Miguel Moreno NTD news

while the us plans to revoke Hong Kong

special status and sanction individuals

who undermine the autonomy Europe's

response to Beijing's so-called national

security law for Hong Kong has been

muted and Deedee's Germany correspondent

christian watson has the story

one day after china's rubber stamp

Parliament voted to impose a so-called

national security law on hong kong some

germans only had one thing on their mind

back to china on May 29th around 400

German managers workers and family began

returning to China as multinational

companies restart operations there and

under a special deal they don't need to

undergo two weeks quarantine with the

national security law beijing is widely

seen as breaking its international

commitments for Hong Kong's autonomy and

undermining the freedom and rule of law

for its citizens some German lawmakers

though want the CCP to know that Europe

is paying attention to wellness on

outside it is time that Europe and as

strongest country within Europe Germany

to send a clear message to the outside

world for us it can't go on like this

even though we are strongly connected

economically we must stand up for human

rights for democracy and for freedom of

Hong Kong the European Union released a

joint statements expressing its grave

concern at Beijing infringing on the one

country two systems' principle promised

for Hong Kong the German government

though is wary of taking any action that

could antagonize Beijing instead it

seats dialogue albeit critical

constructive as the way to influence its

leaders if we respond now with economic

pressure or sanctions and individuals

we're more likely to achieve a hardening

of the position in Beijing Germany will

take on the six months long rotating EU

president seat starting July 1st one of

the top priorities for German Chancellor

Angela Merkel will be China Germany had

planned an EU China summit with Chinese

leader Xi Jinping for September it could

have been the crowning achievement of

Merkel's reign with the sealing of an

investment agreement years in the making

this week the event was canceled citing

virus concerns the EU finds itself

increasingly in a tricky position on how

to deal with China this follows

Beijing's virus cover-up its move on

Hong Kong so-called facemask diplomacy

and other initiatives like the Belton

Road to divide Europe starting with how

to view the regime is China a competitor

or as China arrival and if the pendulum

swings in the direction of rivalry or

even adversity this will lead the

European Union to suspensive ly change

its policy toward China China is

Germany's most important trading partner

by far with around 230 billion dollars

worth of goods traded in 2019 some are

concerned that export oriented Germany's

reliance on the Chinese market

overwhelmingly shapes its view of the

regime the dolphin meat Viton we cannot

continue to see only the economic

benefits of our relationship with China

otherwise we will wake up one day in a

Chinese Communist reality and that is

not what Europe wants

we are based on democracy freedom and

liberty for many observers a rethinking

of the EU China relationship is urgent

and hard to avoid as –use biggest

economy and being at his helm

six months Germany's position will be

key reporting by Christian watch n

entity news Berlin New York Governor

Andrew Cuomo is ramping up reopening

plans as CCP virus deaths and new cases

reach record lows New York Governor

Andrew Cuomo is set to reopen houses of

worship earlier than expected as CCP

virus deaths continue to fall the

governor is ramping up reopening efforts

deaths drop to 35 in the past 24 hours

that's down from a high of over 700

deaths on some days in April Cuomo is

allowing houses of worship to open a 25%

capacity at first

the governor says people will still need

to practice social distancing houses of

worship can welcome visitors back when

the region hits phase 2 and reopening

plans some areas of New York State are

already there New York City is set to

begin phase 1 on Monday on June 3rd New

York City reported no new deaths as

after a series of deadly months that

began in March and peaked in April

confirmed cases have also been declining

in late May daily cases drop below 100

with the lowest number of confirmed

cases on May 25th when only 73 people

tested positive for the CCP virus New

York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says

between 200 and 400 thousand people will

return to work when phase one starts

construction and wholesale operations

will resume while furniture and clothing

stores will reopen for curbside pickup

the mayor also said the city's subways

and buses are increasing service but de

Blasio threatened that any business

reopening before it's eligible will face

the consequences few people are as

accustomed to self isolation as Wendell

and Marion Harding who have lived in the

wilderness of New Mexico for three

decades social distancing may be a

recent phenomenon for most Americans but

Marian Hardy and her partner Wendell are

long accustomed to the rigors of

sheltering in place for them there was

no need for panic buying a barring

shipping container in their yard is

stocked like an underground Walmart all

this is the stuff we've canned over the

years and it goes all the way behind


I've got notes that tell me what is back

there so if I'm looking for something

like flower you know I can look on these

lists and know exactly which box it is

for Marion and Wendell home is a 25 acre

plot bought for $40,000 in 1986 near a

cougar inhabited gorge called hogwash

Canyon tucked into a remote corner of

New Mexico they named it el medio de

nada Spanish for the middle of nowhere

you just have to be independent to the

factory I gotta think of things a little

bit more than just go to the store and

get some food I can go weeks without

seeing anybody especially if the river

is up it goes up to three times a year

to where we have no access to the

outside world they get by on very little

a fixed retirement income and some


don't misunderstand there were a lot of

struggles a lot of pain conflict and a

lot of physical pain along with daily

hardships and dangers like mountain

lions and rattlesnakes the biggest

challenge for the couple these days is

how to maintain their isolation as they

grow older

Wendall's suffered from a genetic

disorder since 2002 for now it's under

control but he's dependent on insulin

for diabetes and has already survived

liver cancer even so he's adamant their

days of living among others are behind

them we're lucky and pleased for every

day we get to live out here a handful of

rubber floats tumbled down the giant

slide at South Korea's largest water

park Caribbean Bay its first date back

in business since the pandemic hit

rubber floats tumbled down the giant

slide at South Korea's largest water

park on Friday its first day back in

business as restrictions in the country

only one ride was operating a Caribbean

Bay located in gongjin southeast of

Seoul but for nine-year-olds lee jiwoo

this was more than enough

after weeks of closures and

self-isolation it was so boring and

stuffy studying and watching TV at home

so it's really exciting to be outside

while South Koreans will now be able to

splish splash through the summer at

Caribbean bay new social distancing

rules will make cooling off more

complicated under government guidelines

announced for South Korea's water parks

people will have to maintain distance in

pools as well as locker rooms plus the

operators of Caribbean Bay Samsung C&T

are implementing additional restrictions

visitors must first fill out an online

health form and then have their

temperatures checked before being

allowed in inside employees carry out

disinfection operations every hour and

everyone is asked to wear face masks

when not in the water the park provides

plastic bags to keep masks dry when not

in use while there were fewer visitors

than usual on its first day open more

are expected a summer gets underway here

at China InFocus we dedicate ourselves

to bringing you truthful unbiased

reporting don't forget to Like and

subscribe for the latest updates and see

you next time


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