China’s Tencent Buys Stake in Warner Music

published on July 3, 2020

chyna social media giant just bought a

piece of Warner music an important move

for its overseas expansion but this

company has a track record of

facilitating Beijing surveillance and

Deedee's Juliet song reports a Chinese

tech giant under the thumb of the

Chinese communist regime now owns a

piece of Warner music this June

China's $010 bought an almost 2 percent

stake in the world's third-largest music

company Warner Music Group while it

doesn't look like a big piece of the pie

the move is still significant for the

overseas expansion of the Chinese

internet conglomerate with the deal it

now owns minority stakes in two of the

world's three biggest record labels just

three months ago $010 bought 10% of the

world's largest music company Universal

Music Group the company has the option

to increase the stake to as much as 20%

Universal is home to big names such as

Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber

aside from record labels $010 also owns

9% of Spotify the music streaming giant

but $010 is also a company that has a

track record of helping the ruling party

to spy in its own people it owns China's

largest social network WeChat the

platform boasts over 1 billion monthly

active users around the world the apps

soaring popularity gives the company a

treasure trove of data to which Chinese

authorities have access to including

deleted messages under the Chinese law

internet companies have to hand over

user data if regime officials want it

also in big Internet companies like

10-cent China's authorities have

stationed web police whose job it is to

crack down on information the regime

deems harmful the state calls these

rumors one such example is whistleblower

dr Lee wen Liang last December before

China's authorities admitted the

existence of the CCP virus he warned his

colleagues about it in a we chat group

four days later he ended up in a local

police station he was reprimanded for

spreading false rumors on the Internet

Lee later caught the virus himself and

died four months before his son was born

for the apps overseas users politically

sensitive posts may not land you in a

Chinese jail but the messages on the

platform don't escape Beijing's I this

may a Canadian security research group

found communications between we chats

overseas users are subject to the same

pervasive content surveillance because

of the apps popularity among overseas

Chinese many Western politicians opened

accounts on the platform to engage their

Chinese immigrant constituents in 2017

Jenny Quan a Canadian Parliament member

posted a statement on her WeChat in the

post she praised the young pro-democracy

Hong Kong protesters saying they stood

up and fought for what they believe in

and for the betterment of their society

WeChat quietly took down the statement

last year a BBC reporter posted photos

of Hong Kong's Tiananmen Square

anniversary vigil on WeChat his account

was later suspended for spreading

malicious rumors he was able to regain

his account after the app scanned his

face and collected his voice in a

previous statement Tencent said content

shared among international users of

WeChat is private and that their

policies and procedures comply with all

laws and regulations in each country in

which they operate reporting by Juliet

song and T dnews

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