China’s Taiwan Invasion Plan | China’s Beef with Australia

published on July 2, 2020

Chinese military will be training to

invade Taiwan China has major beef with

Australia and a Chinese rocket crashes

into Earth that and more on this week's

China news headlines


this is China uncensored I'm Chris


you know 2020 just keeps getting better

the POA the People's Liberation Army is

planning to hold large-scale landing


near the Chinese island of Hainan in

August those drills are a training

simulation for an invasion of the

dong-ha islands which are Taiwanese

territory my favorite Chinese state-run

media the Global Times has a friendly

reminder for Taiwan they say the Chinese

army can turn any exercise into action

if Taiwan secessionists insist on


you know those Taiwanese secessionists

making the crazy claim that Taiwan does

not need secession from China because

it's already an independent country but

just because those training exercises

aren't until August doesn't mean you

can't use them to threaten Taiwan now

landing exercises aimed at taking over

Islands have become PLA s regular

training subjects dong sha pong who and

Taiwan are all Islands hmm nice Islands

you've got there it'd be a shame if

anyone landed on them using military

force the PLA is also currently

conducting military exercises on China's

northern coast which may or may not be a

warning to Taiwanese secessionists now

you might think hey instead of training

for an invasion of Taiwan shouldn't the

Chinese Communist Party be more focused

on fighting the coronavirus or maybe

even that black death outbreak in Inner

Mongolia but no the CCP is using the

corona virus pandemic to increase

military pressure on Taiwan according to

a new congressional report that includes

holding military exercises near Taiwan

last month in fact while the rest of the

world is trying to help their own

citizens not die the Chinese regime is

ramping up the pressure on all its

neighbors in the South China Sea us


even had to come to Malaysia's aid this

week after Chinese pressure so yeah

2020 is great the Chinese Communist

Party is also waging a global war

against anyone who criticizes the regime

activists in Canada are being bullied a

student in Australia is facing expulsion

for it incidentally the vice-chancellor

of that Australian University got a 200

thousand dollar bonus for improving the

school's relationship with China and a

polish illustrator is facing death

threats for her work on the coronavirus

Tiananmen Square massacre and the Hong

Kong protests and the British website

she works for wants to fire her for it

unless she deletes this image from her

personal website which she refused to do

incidents like these make it clear the

world isn't suffering from the corona

virus it's suffering from the CCP virus

speaking of look what activists from the

anti totalitarian Chinese alliance

projected on to the Chinese consulate in

Los Angeles now I don't know whether

whoever did that is a fan of China

uncensored but I'm definitely a fan of

them I'm also a fan of the US ambassador

at large for International Religious

Freedom Sam Brownback because he just

sent out a tweet that's guaranteed to

enrage the Chinese Communist Party he

tweeted we strive to uphold the

universal tenets of truthfulness

compassion and forbearance ideals that

are fundamental to the expression of the

Falun Gong faith and we reiterate that

no one should be persecuted for their

beliefs including Falun Gong in China oh

man I wish I could see former Chinese

leader Jiang Zemin's face right now yeah

he's definitely upset but the Chinese

Communist Party isn't just threatening

Taiwan or its neighbors in the South

China Sea or activists worldwide China

also has beef with Australia

rather it doesn't have beef because

China has cut beef imports from

Australia you see what I did there yeah

this is big brain time the reason China

is cutting Australian beef imports is

because Australian prime minister Scott

Morrison is calling for a global

investigation into the origin of the

corona virus which the Chinese Communist

Party does not want for some reason but

this is a friendly reminder of Beijing's

ability to inflict economic pain but hey

you know who's facing a meat shortage

right now the US so now the us is just

buying Australia's extra beef now that

could be some real win-win mutual

cooperation without Chinese

characteristics so you may remember that

the NBA has had some difficulties in

China last year Houston Rockets general

manager Daryl Morey tweeted his support

for Hong Kong protesters and suddenly

the NBA's four billion-dollar China

market vanished

but now the NBA has a new CEO in China

and he needs to make up with Beijing

this is the new boss Michael ma he's a

Chinese national will that be enough to

appease the Chinese Communist Party no

at least according to the Global Times

because what the Chinese Communist Party

really wants is to be able to get

Americans who criticized the party fired

inside America state-run Global Times

spells it out if the NBA wants to win

its way back to the Chinese mainland

market it should properly handle Houston

Rockets general manager Daryl Morey now

if you think there's no way the NBA

would do that remember the NBA has

already censored Americans in America

from criticizing the Communist Party

last year some NBA fans began showing up

to Games in free

Hong Kong t-shirts holding banners of

support for Hong Kong and we girls in

many cases those were confiscated and

they were told they'd be kicked out of

the game if they kept it up like I said

the CCP virus is everywhere now many US

states including California Florida

Nevada Pennsylvania and Missouri are

suing China in federal courts over the

corona virus John Bolton Trump's former

national security adviser says it's a

bad idea because US civil courts are not

a good way to handle international

disputes but he does say the Chinese

Communist Party needs to be held

responsible and that governments should

put together something analogous to the

black book of communism I think we need

a black book of coronavirus meanwhile

George Soros is warning against working

with China on the corona virus in an

interview with a German newspaper he

said there are a lot of people who say

we should be working very closely with

China on tackling the crisis but I am

NOT in favor of doing that we must

protect our democratic open society

which shows the Chinese Communist Party

has done more than just bring Democrats

and Republicans together it's also

brought together George Soros and

conspiracy theorists the White House has

said federal pension funds cannot invest

in Chinese stocks to which you might be

thinking wait federal pension funds were

investing in China well no not yet but

they were planning to but for some

reason the Trump administration thinks

that's a bad idea the US State

Department suspects China of using a

Twitter bot army to spread

disinformation about the corona virus

now if you've ever used Twitter you

would say yeah obviously but this is

based on a new report by the State

Department's global engagement center

which among other things exposes foreign

disinformation efforts

the report says these inauthentic

Twitter accounts ranging in the

thousands are being used to positively

paint China's response to covin 19 and

to criticize anti PRC content however

Twitter denies this and so I have to ask

myself who do I trust more the

government or Twitter you know I think

the only thing I can really trust is

that the Chinese Communist Party will

keep spreading disinformation especially

after this next piece of news

the CCP talks a lot about cooperation

especially over the corona virus and now

they're forcing that cooperation by

hacking coronavirus vaccine research

Chinese hackers are targeting American

universities pharmaceutical and other

healthcare firms in a bid to steal

intellectual property related to

coronavirus treatments and vaccines and

the intrusion may be jeopardizing

progress on medical research which to be

fair is just the Communist way of

sharing we steal your hard work and

redistribute it to ourselves the FBI

just arrested a NASA researcher for

failing to report his ties to China he's

being charged with defrauding NASA by

failing to disclose that he held other

positions at a Chinese university and

Chinese companies in violation of

conflict of interest policies this comes

just months after a Harvard professor

was arrested for sketchy ties to a

Chinese University which itself had

sketchy ties to the Chinese government

and finally on Monday a massive

out-of-control Chinese rocket fell out

of the sky off the west coast of Africa

becoming one of the largest human-made

objects ever to make an uncontrolled

descent to Earth from space the 20 tons

of Chinese rocket debris missed New York

City by just 15 minutes instead the

debris crash-landed in the Atlantic

Ocean just off the coast of Mauritania I

hope it didn't hurt Mauritania swish


the ones that China is already

destroying over the years the Chinese

space program has shown great skill at

creating dangerous space junk in 2007 an

anti-satellite test created a cloud of

debris that still circles the earth to

this day in fact in 2012 some of it

almost hit the international space

station and in 2013 it actually did hit

a Russian satellite the new us space

force might have to spend a lot of its

time cleaning up all the orbital junk

China left in space and out it's the

time when I answer questions from you my

loyal 50-cent army fans of the show who

support what we do on the crowdfunding

website patreon today's question comes

from Brian Benjamin might get in trouble

for asking but are there any

demonstrations being planned in the US

to commemorate the Tiananmen Square

massacre or any other public gatherings

against the CCP well Brian I don't think

you'll get in trouble for asking that

and unless you're in China usually

there's a bunch of different events

planned throughout the United States to

commemorate the Tiananmen Square

massacre but with the corona virus

pandemic it might be possible there will

be no large-scale demonstrations this

year the same goes for any other

protests against the Chinese regime even

for their responsibility for the corona

virus and if there aren't protests

that's a huge win for the Communist

Party then again maybe this year

there'll be some kind of online

alternative and if I hear anything I'll

be sure to let you all know thanks for

your question Brian and for all of you

watching if you want to stand up to the

Chinese Communist Party and YouTube

censorship consider joining the 50-cent

army too you'll have a chance to ask me

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Friday and Saturday for new episodes

because YouTube isn't always sending out

notifications about new episodes fancy

that once again I'm Chris Chappell see





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