China’s “Extraordinarily Vile” Response to Novel Coronavirus

published on July 3, 2020

a cover-up of the deadly coronavirus was

only the beginning of the cruelty

china's response to the corona virus can

only be described as a file


this is China uncensored I'm Chris


now this may shock you but it turns out

an authoritarian regime that's killed

millions of its own people over the

years doesn't really care if people die

from an epidemic not if the bigger

threat is to its own rule

the Chinese commies party spent the

first crucial weeks of the Wuhan

coronavirus outbreak trying to cover it

up which meant more people got sick and

that's bad because it makes the party

look bad like that international media

are calling it China's governance

failure even more humiliating Chinese

people are actually praising Japan's

response to the virus and the help

they've given China and that is


given the Chinese Communist Party's

decades of propaganda about how terrible

the Japanese are don't worry there's

still something that Chinese Communist

Party can hate even more than Japan and

that is America China's foreign ministry

is accusing the us of not helping with

the corona virus and spreading fear and

chaos by evacuating its citizens from

Wuhan and instituting a travel ban on

foreign nationals coming in from China

just like many other countries including

Japan and while Chinese state-run media

accused the us of not offering help

that's a lie the US had offered to send

CDC experts to help in Wuhan that was

back in early January when officials

were still trying to pretend things were

fine China rejected the us s offer now

US experts will be joining a w-h-o

delegation to help with the corona virus

meanwhile the Chinese central government

is demanding that local Wuhan officials

round up everyone who may be infected

forced them to go to quarantine centers

a Beijing official has demanded that

city investigators should go to each

home to check the temperatures of every

resident and that during these wartime

conditions there must be no deserters or

they will be nailed to the pillar of

historical shame forever it should be

noted that the quarantine centers don't

actually have nearly enough beds for

everyone and many of them don't have

enough doctors or supplies or even basic

conditions to prevent the spread of

infection although mentioning that might

also get you nailed to that pillar of

historical shame here's a photo from

inside a Wuhan gymnasium that's being

converted into a quarantine center that

does not look like a good isolation ward

to me and anyone trying to get real news

out from Wuhan

is being targeted one citizen journalist

named Fung bin spent days travelling to

hospitals documenting overcrowded

conditions and a lot of dead bodies then

the police showed up at his door well

technically they were just a group of

men hazmat suits saying they had to see

if he was infected

obviously test if he had the corona

virus these men had to break into his

home and take away his laptop desktop

and cell phone and then they took him to

a police station as his common procedure

for well-trained medical staff the

police accused him of taking money from

foreign forces and threatened to

quarantine him for creating fear yeah

somehow I don't think that's a

quarantine you'd ever come back from

luckily others quickly spread word of

Fung bins detention online and he was

released but beyond citizen journalists

there are also doctors who have spoken

out dr lee hwon liang was one of the

eight doctors detained by Wuhan police

after he warned other colleagues about

the corona virus his mistake speaking

the truth while the Communist Party was

trying to cover it up police let him go

after he signed a statement that he

would no longer commit unlawful

full ax unfortunately none of that

matters now because he died this week

after contracting the corona virus he

tried to expose he leaves behind his

pregnant wife and five year old child

but the tragedy Justin and their after

initial reports from state-run media

that doctor Lee had died there was a

furious backlash on Chinese social media

and then dr Lee was suddenly no longer

dead instead the hospital said he was in

critical condition and on life support

there were reports that dr Lee had been

put on life-support hours after he had

already passed away due to the backlash

hours later after the hospital finally

announced his death the online anger

continued people posted images like this

one with dr Lee's mask replaced by

barbed wire they used references to lay

Miz and Chernobyl to mourn dr Lee and

hashtags like I want freedom of speech

and after that was censored we demand

freedom of speech they even posted

protest videos on tik-tok but don't

worry the Chinese economies party knows

how to handle this first control the

online reaction and then send officials

to investigate dr Lee's death the only

question is who will be the scapegoat

and it's not just doctors and citizen

journalists the party is going after

they've turned anyone from Wuhan into

pariahs turning neighbors against

neighbors in one case authorities used

metal poles to barricade a family that

had been to Wuhan and if you're

wondering how that family gets food they

rely on neighbors to lower something

down to their rear balcony window and

some local officials are even offering

bounties to people who turn in Wuhan

residents who are hiding in other cities

as the New York Times says across the

country the response from local

authorities often resembles the mass

mobilizations of the Mao era and I wish

I could say that was the worst of it but

I found with the Chinese Communist Party

the worst can always get war

check out this story authorities

quarantined the father of a boy who had

cerebral palsy so the father posted on

Chinese social media platform Weibo

appealing for help and explaining that

his son had been left alone without food

or water well that didn't go so well

without adequate care the boy died two

local officials were fired in connection

to this case but this is what always

happens systemic corruption leads to

tragedy and the Communist Party tries to

push the blame on local officials while

the ultimate source of the problem

remains untouched

meanwhile the Communist Party for more

than a week denied Taiwan's requests to

evacuate its citizens from mainland

China since you know they don't allow

Taiwan to have their own citizens

because they consider Taiwan to be a

part of China but finally on February

3rd a charter flight was arranged but

not through the Taiwanese government

because the Communist Party can't admit

there's a separate Taiwanese government

instead the flight was arranged through

a Taiwanese businessman it was supposed

to get the most vulnerable people at

first frail and elderly Taiwan citizens

at least that's who was on the flight

manifest but it turns out dozens of the

passengers who actually boarded the

plane were not people with urgent needs

but instead the spouses and children of

wealthy Taiwanese businesspeople there

are also reports that one person added

to the flight was already confirmed to

have the coronavirus as you can imagine

people in Taiwan are a little upset

about this speaking of Taiwan the

Chinese Communist Party is using its

position in the United Nations to turn

the deadly outbreak into a political

weapon against Taiwan the World Health

Organization is a UN body at Beijing's

behest the w-h-o has given Taiwan the

pariah treatment the w-h-o has held two

emergency meetings since the corona

virus outbreak Taiwan wasn't permitted


attend yes the Chinese Communist Party

is using the coronavirus to play

politics so it really undermines the

credibility of the w-h-o when its

director praised the seriousness with

which china is taking this outbreak

especially the commitment from top

leadership and the transparency they

have demonstrated I think Taiwan's

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman explained

it a little better we have seen the

Chinese government rudely and

unreasonably pressuring Taiwan on the

international stage and putting

political considerations above human

health we have seen that the disease has

no national boundaries and epidemic

prevention around the world should have

no loopholes so that they are putting

political considerations over people's

health and safety this basically is

extremely vile see what sounds a face

halleluyah them extremely vile sounds

about right so what do you think about

how the Chinese Communist Party has

responded to the corona virus tell me

what you think in the comments below and

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today's question comes from Logan is

there any truth to the drones with

disinfectant story I've been hearing

about wow you know what

it's true according to Chinese state-run

media they're using drones to spray

disinfectant I guess in China chemtrails

are real drones are actually being used

in a lot of ways to combat the corona

virus in some cases drones are

delivering groceries to people in

quarantine villages and my favorite

state-run media the Global Times

reposted online videos of drones yelling

at people to go home some of the drones

were used by local traffic police others

like the

were from a local social-media

influencer working with his village

communist party committee but I told you

we always you play all run low key don't

we yeah we got social log off too easily

the robbers who are going on the windows

I mean that's only marginally less scary

than actually getting sick from the

corona virus thanks for your question

Logan and if you'd like to join the

China uncensored 50-cent army head over

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learn more thanks for watching China

uncensored once again I'm Chris Chappell

see you next time



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