China’s BIG Coronavirus Testing Declare: Information or propaganda?

published on July 2, 2020

western media are reporting that to

fight the coronavirus Wuhan is testing

11 million people in just 10 days

what is this real news or just

propaganda welcome back to China

uncensored I'm Chris Chappell

with Chinese Communist Party propaganda

sometimes it's really obvious other

times it's more subtle like when they

talk about cooperation but they really

mean the US had better do things the

Communist Party's way but the worst is

when Western media pickup the Communist

Party's propaganda and report it without

thinking about it like this BBC article

that uses the Communist Party's

propaganda footage and propaganda

narrative to show how great they are

look China built a hospital in ten days

so much better than us in the West even

though with some critical thinking you

would know it's not really a proper

hospital it's just a temporary

quarantine hospital that's why the world

clearly needs our new segment news

propaganda earlier this week Western

media started publishing stories about

how the city of Wuhan where the corona

virus outbreak started was going to test

11 million people for the virus in just

10 days here's the CNN headline which

emphasizes that all residents of Wuhan

will be tested in ten days meanwhile the

Washington Post talks about the fact

that all 11 million residents will be

tested after only six new cases were

found the post says that authorities in

the Chinese city of Wuhan plan to test

all 11 million residents for the novel


by the end of next week and it says the

all-encompassing mission contrasts with

shortages of testing kits in some other

countries including the United States

where people have complained about not

being able to get a test despite having

coronavirus symptoms

Wow China

just so great their system can really

get things done unlike America a lot of

other Western media are carrying similar

stories now this was first reported by

Chinese state-run media and the origin

of these stories is this government

order which came after a new cluster of

coronavirus cases in Wuhan but here's

the thing about the story it's not true

the city of Wuhan cannot actually test

11 million people in the span of ten

days sure it sounds amazing Wow so much

better than the US but it's not possible

yet many of the prominent Western media

reported this verbatim while completely

failing to question whether Chinese

authorities could actually do it Chinese

state-run health daily reports that if

pushed to the absolute limit the Wuhan

government's current testing capability

is a hundred thousand tests per day and

a bit of third grade math would tell you

if you want to test 11 million people at

that rate it could not be done in 10

days it would take more than three and a

half months now some of the Western

media reports do kind of mention the

numbers The Guardian says that Chinese

newspapers seishun global reported that

the rate of testing was limited to a

maximum of a hundred thousand a day

Croy ders also hints at this saying that

since Wuhan lockdown was lifted on April

8th the city has conducted an average of

47 thousand tests a day but the main

takeaway from the vast majority of

Western media stories is that Wuhan

authorities will test 11 million people

in 10 days some Chinese media have tried

to break down the numbers according to

state-run ESI news there are also

private labs in Wuhan that could do at

max 360,000 tests a day but adding that

to the hundred thousand tests from the

government still doesn't get you close

to the 1 million a day that they need

meanwhile Health Daily reported that if


subtract the number of people who have

recently been tested then the government

only needs to do about 730,000 tests a

day but they're still not anywhere near

that but that's not a problem because it

looks like the Wuhan government never

intended to test the entire population

of the city in ten days

remember that government order I showed

you earlier the wording around the ten

days part was unclear now the government

is saying that each district in Wuhan

will have ten days to carry out their

own testing and the districts will

stagger their testing to manage the high

demand districts will start testing on

different days and each will be given

ten days to complete the task according

to an official at Wuhan CDC so it looks

like Wuhan authorities will test

everyone for the corona virus but just

not in ten days or maybe they won't test

everyone after all the chief

epidemiologists at the Chinese CDC told

state-run media this week that it's not

actually necessary to test everyone in

the city and as the LA Times which has

reporters in Wuhan points out the ten

day time frame appeared implausible

based on the city's testing capacity it

was also somewhat impractical given that

the limited accuracy of the nucleic acid

virus tests were not followed by

restrictions on movement so someone

could still get infected after they've

been tested which means you don't get a

good count of how many people are

infected the more you look at this story

the weirder it gets remember according

to the government this all started

because they found a cluster of six

corona virus cases in Wuhan if they're

testing everyone in Wuhan because of

this you've got to suspect that they're

either freaking out because they

actually found way more than six cases

or this big testing push is just a

massive propaganda campaign or maybe a

little from column a a little from

column B now one thing that's definitely

true is that testing has started in

Wuhan we know that because of propaganda

footage released by

state-run media that footage delivered

to hundreds of Western TV networks will

now be used by Western media as proof of

how Wuhan is testing 11 million people

in 10 days but now we know that's not


still that line is being pushed in

English by Chinese state-run media they

know a good propaganda opportunity when

they see it

so is Western media picking up the story

news or propaganda the answer is both

because it's definitely propaganda but

it's also important to know how the

Chinese regime is reacting to new

coronavirus outbreaks I need a new word

for this may be news a ganda thanks for

watching this episode of China

uncensored now it's the time for me to

answer questions from you my loyal

50-cent army fans of the show who

support what we do through the

crowdfunding website patreon Joe ray

asks I know it can seem like the CCP is

making moves in Hong Kong and Taiwan and

the South China Sea while the world is

distracted by the virus they delivered

to us do they actually have the funding

or power to do anything decisive at this

time maybe it's all bluster great

question I would say that the CCP

definitely has the power to keep

cracking down on hong kong while the

world is distracted by the corona virus

I've talked about this in several recent

videos and they're only going to keep

going that's because the government of

Hong Kong is pretty much already under

their control in terms of Taiwan and the

South China Sea part of it is indeed

bluster but even if the CCP doesn't have

the power right now to make a big move

they still are trying to push the

boundary of what they've been able to do

before that's because they're looking

for how other countries will respond if

other countries don't push back they'll

keep going a good example of this is

back in 2012 the Chinese Communist Party

used Chinese fishing vessels and Chinese

Coast Guard ships to block access to the

Scarborough Shoal this led to a standoff

between Chinese ships and Philippine

Navy ships but in that case the us

didn't send ships to support the


and the Chinese Coast Guard has been

able to maintain control over the

Scarborough Shoal pretty much to this

day we went to the Scarborough Shoal

back in 2016 on a Filipino fishing boat

that was just weeks after China started

letting Filipino boats back to the shoal

but even then Chinese Coast Guard ships

were guarding the mouth of the shoal and

wouldn't let boats enter that was quite

a trip we'll put a link to that episode

below thanks for your question Jo Roy

and for all of you watching if you want

to stand up to the Chinese Communist

Party and YouTube censorship consider

joining the China uncensored 50-cent

army you'll have a chance to ask me

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