China Needs Trump to Lose 2020 Election (In response to Trump)

published on July 2, 2020

China once Trump to lose the election

according to Donald Trump and Chinese

state-run media goes on the offensive


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that Donald Trump the Chinese Communist

Party will do anything it can to prevent

him from being reelected in November and

I have a very reliable source for that

Donald Trump that's at least what he

told Reuters in an exclusive interview

he said China will do anything they can

to have me lose this race this is not

the first time president Trump has said

this here he is at the end of April well

China doesn't want to see me elected and

this is from June last year well that's

not true

communist officials aren't allowed to

pray well unless they're praying to the

one true God now of course the Chinese

Communist Party denies that they care

about the US election well what we have

reiterated many times that the us

election is the us is own internal

affair China is not interested in

interfering at the same time we hope the

people of the US will not drag China

into its electoral politics wait

Americans are dragging China into

electoral politics what does that mean

well welcome to the latest propaganda

narrative of the Chinese Communist Party

a lot of people around the world are

saying the Chinese regime must be held

accountable for covering up the corona

virus as well as things like hoarding

medical supplies or as people in Western

diplomatic circles say bro

not cool so now the Communist Party is

trying to paint calls for accountability

as a cover-up by Republicans Republicans

by the way whose party they say is

becoming far-right and also it's to

distract from the fact Trump has turned

the us into a failed state please don't

track China into American politics the

party's propaganda department is good at

what they do the Trump administration is

now looking at putting new tariffs on

China in retaliation for the corona

virus and they're also looking for ways

to move global supply chains out of

China this week Matthew Pottenger a

senior White House adviser delivered a

speech in Mandarin about Chinese

democracy the cliche that Chinese people

can't be trusted with democracy was the

most unpatriotic idea of all Taiwan

today is a living repudiation of that

threadbare miss truth what a dangerous

far-right view

Pottinger also spoke of the democratic

ideals of China's 1919 May 4th movement

which according to my favorite state-run

media means he's totally wrong and

should mind his own business and nobody

liked his stupid May 4th speech anyway I

didn't realize Global Times had such

strong opinions about star wars may the

fourth not be with them also Secretary

of State Mike Pompeo couldn't help but

drag China in to talk about the us

elections we can confirm that the

Chinese Communist Party did all that it

could to make sure that the world didn't

learn in a timely fashion about what was

taking place which the way Communist

Party's opera this is classic communist

disinformation oh the Communist Party

did not like that they've spent the last

few weeks

attacking Pompeo accusing him of things

like betraying Christianity with his

lies the Communist Party would know

since they're an expert on betraying

Christianity it's clear the Chinese

Communist Party does not

like the Trump administration and their

political hooliganism but the real

problem is the us system so remember

anyone suggesting that China had some

role to play in the corona virus

outbreak and should be held accountable

is a far-right enemy of humankind

Republican the please don't drag China

into American politics and now is the

time when I answer questions from you my

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