China ties get Ex-Harvard prof indicted; Student shocked about CCP truth; Virus follows CCP ties

published on July 2, 2020

workers digging up Graves hospitals

pushed to the brink Brazil is now among

the worst hit by the CCP virus water

it's ties to China and how did the

communist regime gobble up Brazil's key

resources it's called the Gestapo of

China a notorious Chinese agency tasked

with cracking down on dissidents was

said to be disbanded two years ago but

an internal document shows the agency

still actively operates under a

different name an eye-opening experience

a Chinese student studying abroad in the

UK for two years discovered the truth

about the CCP but he found helped him

understand the pandemic in a grand jury

has indicted a Harvard professor for

allegedly lying about his ties to China

this is one of the Justice Department's

highest profile cases in a China

initiative to counter Chinese espionage


welcome to China InFocus I'm Tiffany

Mayer during the first week of June the

northeastern Chinese city of mood and

Jung tested its entire population for

the virus around six hundred and sixty

thousand people according to the

official results in a mere 19 people

tested asymptomatic but showed no

symptoms on like other countries China

does not include asymptomatic cases in

its virus tally we spoke to one of the

city's residents who says she doesn't

believe the official figure she

explained that on one particular day she

heard a hundred and eighty people had

tested positive in the early days I

heard that a hundred eighty people

tested positive in one single day in our

city and there were more than a thousand

people who came into close contact with

these people their testing results

remain unknown no one dares to pass on

this information now she says she feels

that her city has become a second Wuhan

when three people walk together they'll

be arrested and detained you're not

allowed to stay outside since yesterday

everything's been closed except big


joong-won video shows the entrance of

one of the city's neighborhoods just

outside a large red sign reads no taxis

and cars allowed from outside according

to the person recording the video no one

from outside the neighborhood is allowed

to enter a different video captured the

situation of another neighborhood

the person who filmed the clip says two

cases of the ccp virus were detecting

nearby and that the building of the

house of the virus patients has been

blocked off one that has imposed a

critical question if authorities are

announcing so few virus cases why are

they strengthening protective measures a

recent study by a chair professor of

microbiology at the university of hong

kong may hold an explanation the data

shows out of 452 people who return to

Hong Kong after visiting who Bay

Province 17 of them or about 4% tested

positive for the virus antibodies that

means they had previously been infected

based on the 4% infection rate found by

the study over 2 million people may have

been infected but the Chinese regime

says only about 70,000 people in Hebei

province had been infected that means

around 97% of infected patients may

never have been diagnosed the European

Union is cracking down on virus related

misinformation and has accused Russia

and China of running what I called

targeted influence operations and

disinformation campaigns in the EU its

neighborhood and globally the EU since

set out a plan to tackle a huge wave of

false claims about the pandemic

according to two senior EU officials

Facebook Google and Twitter should

report monthly on how they're fighting

fake news hundreds of thousand seafarers

have been stranded at sea some for

several months due to lockdown measures

in some countries many of them reported

physical and mental health issues as a

result the International Labour

Organization has now called on

governments around the world to allow

the sailors to return home

students from mainland China who choose

to study abroad often gain access to


information strictly forbidden in China

after seeing uncensored information for

the first time they have a choice to

make some of them still cling to the

Communist Party's propaganda while

others start to question it and barking

on a journey to find the truth we talked

to one of them mr Lee who's been

studying in the UK for two years

we gave him a pseudonym to protect his

identity on June 4th of this year he lit

a candle at his home in the UK to

remember those killed by the Chinese

regime during the 1989 Tiananmen

Massacre mr Lee told us that when the

pandemic hit he found himself staying

home and had more free time to hunt down

information online he said he was

shocked by the seriousness of the

situation in ohan but his family in

China knew nothing about it and it

worried him he later found an overseas

Chinese person on YouTube talking about

the pandemic that person was actually a

student leader in China's 1989

democratic movement and was later

sentenced by the regime to ten years in

jail mr Lee described what it felt like

to see the video of the massacre from

thirty one years ago the bloody scenes

were hard for me to accept we have been

deceived a strong feeling of outrage and

sorrow struck me I've never had such a

strong feeling before it's as if you

were told you're not the biological

child of your parents it's an

unforgettable feeling of being

completely deceived mr Lee says he has

a long journey ahead of him still and

still has much to learn he's also afraid

of facing persecution in China he

explained that while reading stories of

Chinese human rights lawyers or others

who criticized the regime who were

killed some fifty years ago he began to

shake with fear but he says he has great

respect for them because they were

willing to face death to stay enough for

their beliefs lastly he explained that

while the Wuhan virus made him doubt the

Chinese Communist Party the Tiananmen

Square massacre helped him see through


tensions are rising between China and

the West Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

has accused Beijing of coercive bullying

tactics now he's calling on the UK to


side he says the us stands ready to

assist the UK with any needs they have

including building nuclear power plants

and developing 5g technology under

pressure from Beijing British bank HSBC

recently signed a petition supporting

Beijing's plan to impose a so-called

national security law in Hong Kong the

new law would effectively end Hong

Kong's autonomy

Pompeyo called HSBC's corporate

cow-house received little and return

from the Chinese Communist Party

similarly NATO chief yen Stoltenberg

warns that China is multiplying the

threats to open societies and individual

freedoms he also says the pandemic

magnified existing tensions and trends

to their security

he's now urging more countries to stand

up to the regime's bullying and coercion

but when asked he deny that China was

not NATO's enemy the North Atlantic

Treaty Organization or NATO is a

military alliance of North American and

European countries set up during the

Cold War to fight against the Soviet

Union according to a Japanese media

outlet Huawei is inviting its microchip

and printed circuit board suppliers to

set up plants in China so far they

haven't responded the impact of the CCP

virus and the us sanctions imposed on

Huawei are thought to be the main

reasons for suppliers hesitation and an

update on Beijing's new Hong Kong law

Japan says it hopes to take the lead on

a g7 statement based on China's one

country two systems framework China has

since issued a protest the US UK Canada

and Australia had already signed a

similar joint statement before the

president of the Czech Republic Senate

has announced an upcoming visit to

Taiwan Taiwan has a democratic system

despite China's claim of Taiwan as one

of its provinces the Czech senators move

anger the CCP according to a Chinese

state-run media outlet china plans to

retaliate against the senator soon after

a thousands of people took to the

streets in Prague the Czech Republic's

capital to protest against the country's

ties to the CCP and support the Senate

president's visit to Taiwan

the CCP claims the right to speak on

behalf of minority groups and thus has

power over them and then uses that power

to interfere in Foreign Affairs an

in-depth report by an analyst at the

international cyber policy center maps

out the structures and method of the

Chinese regime's global foreign

interference machine it details how the

party uses the United Front work

Department to suppress criticism

interfere in foreign politics and

education and separate communities the

report draws on government documents

media websites and online posts and

photos from platforms and social media

outlets like WeChat United Front members

have been accused of interview non

Australian politics stealing tech from

the US and suppressing academic freedom

on campuses through Confucius Institutes

and their members the United fronts

reach has also surface amid the pandemic

groups in the US the UK Australia Canada

Argentina Japan and the Czech Republic

were able to rapidly gather medical

supplies and send him to China this

despite those countries having a scarce

amount of medical supplies themselves

according to a 2015 meeting for the

United Front Chinese leader Xi Jinping

said the United Front is an imported

magic weapon for strengthening the

party's ruling position and an important

magic weapon for realizing the China

dream according to the department's

director the United Front is a political

alliance and the work is political work

the United Front work department has

been an official part of the CCP since

1979 while the Chinese regime claims the

work it carries out is democratic its

own documents show it has a wide

propaganda reach it controls China News

Service one of the largest media

networks in China which also has several

overseas bureaus so what kind of work

falls under the United Front it covers

everything from espionage to foreign

interference as well as influence

according to the author the work is

constantly evolving to reflect the CCP's

global ambitions his research found the

group ties all the way back to the

highest level of the regime and has

several tiers

a massive reach around the globe which

poses threats to other countries he

recommends government's take steps to

recognize the issue at hand raise

awareness of the risks posed by the

United Front work in foreign

interference work with universities to

develop responses and then have laws in

place for transparency and to hold

foreign agents accountable that means

denying visas or expelling people who

engage in foreign interference with

infections hitting a record high Brazil

is now one of the world's top hot spots

for the CCP virus as of today Brazil has

over 700,000 confirmed cases in nearly

40,000 deaths the country's health

system is on the brink of collapse and

workers had to dig large-scale graves to

keep up with burrial demands countries

hit hardest by the virus appear to share

one common thread close ties was the

Chinese communist regime it's the same

with Brazil as South America's largest

nation Brazil's economy is highly

reliant on exports China has been its

largest trading partner and export

market for the past decade over a

quarter of Brazil's exports go to China

while the United States in second place

gets only 12% economic dependence on

China comes with a flipside this March

president bowls inaros son enraged

Beijing with a single tweet eduardo

bowls Inara a lawmaker criticized the

Chinese communist regime for concealing

the scale of the virus outbreak he

tweeted it's China's fault and freedom

is the solution the Chinese embassy

responded that the president's son

contracted a mento virus the embassy

added we would advise you not to be in

such a hurry to be the US a spokesperson

in Brazil you'll fall flat on your face

a Chinese consulate general also

published an op-ed in the nation's major

newspaper he threatened should any

country insist on being China's enemy we

will be its most sophisticated enemy

many Brazilian authorities criticize

adorable scenario for endangering

relationships with China they also

contact the Chinese embassy to apologize

this include

the head of Brazil's Senate he

apologized in the name of Brazilian

Parliament and praised China saying its

crisis management set an example to the

world a day before the apology he tested

positive for the CCP virus a week after

the diplomatic spat Brazil's largest

city Sao Paulo had a strange incident

residents in over 70 neighborhoods of

the city and its metropolitan region

reported a water shortage and decrease

in flow this couldn't come at a worse

time when proper hygiene is needed for

lowering virus infection residents

suspected water rationing but

authorities denied it they also said

there's no shortage of state water

resources one of the region's water

suppliers was acquired by a Chinese

construction company two years ago after

the takeover at China state media

reports the water supply system will

serve 15 million people in Sao Paulo

and help ease the water shortage in the

region the company delivers water to Sao

Paulo's metropolitan region and is

interconnected with other systems that

supply greater são Paulo it's unclear if

the water shortage was related to the

diplomatic incident authorities didn't

give reasons for the water shortage

aside from the water supply company

china owns other key assets in brazil

and 2017 china state grid bought one of

brazil's largest power distributors CPW

FM this company provides electricity to

10 million customers China's investment

came at a time when the Brazilian

government was in need of quick money

around 2017 bugged by budget deficits in

eager to raise money the previous

administration planned to privatized and

sell off state assets from the national

mint airports and highways to the

country's largest power company China

shopping spree also raised concerns

President bowls Inara warned before that

the Chinese are not buying in Brazil

they are buying Brazil he has repeatedly

criticized Chinese investment as a

threat to national security and economic

sovereignty in 2016 China took over two

of the largest hydroelectric dams in

Brazil with the deal the Chinese company

became one of the biggest

power producers in the country China

also bought control of one of Brazil's

most profitable container terminals its

second busiest International Airport and

a third of its niobium the shiny white

metal is highly sought after niobium is

widely used in jet engines that power

military aircraft a Brazilian company

CBMM produces 80% of the world's niobium

supply and China owns 50% of the company

not everyone is happy with a buyers

growing influence in the tropical

country two months after the Twitter

spat the Chinese embassy sent a letter

to brazil's parliament members asking

them to not congratulate taiwan's

president on her inauguration beijing

considers Taiwan a part of its own

territory while Taiwan says it doesn't

accept rule under the communist regime a

congress member leaked the letter on

twitter and congratulated taiwan's

president the tweet sparked a trending

hashtag Viva Taiwan meaning long live

Taiwan many Brazilians followed suit

one netizens said to congratulate or not

as a decision of Brazil who do you think

you are to instruct them to follow your

order CCP it's been called the Gestapo

of China the 610 office is one of the

Chinese regime's most notorious agencies

tasked with cracking down on dissidents

and religious minorities it was

supposedly disbanded two years ago but

internal documents indicate its

functions are still actively carried out

in China only under a different name the

Chinese regime established the 610

office On June 10th 1999 twenty-one

years ago a Chinese human rights lawyer

has compared it to Hitler's Gestapo

although it's little known outside China

it is extremely powerful the Chinese

regime set up this extra legal

organization in 1999 to persecute the

spiritual practice Falun Gong it later

expanded to also targeting people who

believed in other so-called unapproved

spiritual practices like house church

Christians and Buddhists as well as

human rights lawyers the 610 office

operates at every level of Chinese

society and reported directly to the top

Chinese communist

party leader at the time John zooming on

the surface the CCP says this

organization no longer exists

current communist leader Xi Jinping

gradually weakened and eventually

disbanded the office through structural

reforms after he took power in 2012 but

an internal document recently obtained

by entity's sister media The Epoch Times

presents a different reality the 610

office may have just changed the name

due to pressure from international human

rights groups and may be operating under

a different group called the anti

heretical religion guidance branch

Beijing's Fung sent district issued a

report from the agency in 2019 it shows

the agency giving scores on how well 93

different Communist Party and government

institutions are implementing the CCP's

anti religious policies things like

whether they successfully prevented

religious gatherings or if they have

successfully transformed and educated

religious believers to renounce their

faith the agencies being assessed range

across all sectors of the government

from the powerful political and legal

affairs Commission PLA C to the

organisation Department which is in

charge of assigning officials posts and

promotions to local police bureaus local

prosecutors offices and courts among

others some seem completely unrelated to

religious affairs like the local tax

Bureau the meteorological administration

the earthquake administration the Red

Cross and the urban greening Bureau the

report shows none of these agencies

escapes the scrutiny of the de-facto 610

office the urban greening Bureau for

example was scored down for not having

enough people taking a so-called

anti-cult quiz the quiz asks people what

to do when they spot a religious

gathering and the right answer is to

report it to the Chinese police another

document from 2018 shows the agency is

even involved in foreign affairs at that

time the function district 610 office

paid for Communist Party officials to

visit Canada they carried out a campaign

against heretic all religions in

Montreal Toronto and Ottawa the so

called overseas struggle activities in

focused on promoting hatred of Falun

Gong the Communist agency held

symposiums and paid local Chinese

language media to run propaganda against

the practice for instance 610 office

members teamed up with a Beijing linked

China press to run anti Falun Gong

content every week and produce 400,000

propaganda leaflets

according to Ming hawaiiorg a website

that documents the CCP's persecution of

Falun Gong over 4,000 Falun Gong

adherents in China have been killed due

to the persecution in the first quarter

of 20 2017 Falun Gong practitioners lost

their lives for refusing to denounce

their faith new findings from the State

Department today as part of its annual

report on International Religious


it follows president Trump's executive

order last week to prioritize religious

freedom and foreign aid programs

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on

Wednesday unveiling the office of

international religious freedoms latest

report to Congress ambassador of the

Alliance said repression of faith is

unfortunately still too common in many

places of the world individuals have

become more familiar with religious

oppression than religious freedom in the

worst cases people are persecuted for

their faith and forced to abandon their

beliefs or face government backlash

China continues its decades-long war on

faith the report reveals last year the

Chinese Communist Party regime arrested

and detained more than 6,000 people who

practice Falun Gong a meditation

discipline that focuses on the

principles of truthfulness compassion

and forbearance the regime banned the

practice in 1999 and continues even now

to harass and detain Falun Gong

practitioners and people of other faiths

the Chinese Communist Party is now

ordering religious organizations to obey

CCP leadership and infuse communist

dogma into their teachings and practice

of their faith the mass detentions of we

curse in Shenyang continues so does the

repression of Tibetans and Buddhists and

Falun Gong and Christians

there are reports that the regime

forcibly harvests organs from these

prisoners of conscience while they are

detained another focus of Pompeo and his

team is freeing six American oil

executives who have been detained in

Venezuela for two and a half years

without trial as for the Western


Pompeyo says the us is working to end

forced labor of over ten thousand Cuban

health care workers among other

initiatives Molina Y scub ng dnews a

bipartisan Senate report asks Congress

to clamp down on three Chinese telecom

carriers the report describes how these

companies got a foothold in the US

telecommunications industry and how they

undermine the safety of American

communications a new bipartisan Senate

subcommittee report says Congress should

move quickly to strengthen the

government's ability to oversee major

Chinese telecommunications companies

operating in the US the report called

threats to us networks focuses on

carriers owned by the Chinese communist

regime it states that three Chinese

state-owned carriers in operation in the

us for nearly two decades have only

recently been scrutinized by various

security agencies the three are China

Mobile China Telecom and China Unicom

the team behind the report is led by

Senator Rob Portman while Senator Tom

Carper is the ranking minority member

Portman said in a statement that the

Chinese Communist Party had exploited US

telecoms networks and Carper said more

has to be done to protect national

security against spies and hackers the

report recommends greater transparency

and reciprocity such as for Congress to

require a regular review of Chinese

telecom activities with the results to

be reported to the legislative branch it

also recommended that Congress required

China to grant fair access to its

domestic markets for US telecom

companies a grand jury indicted one of

the country's top chemists yesterday for

making false statements the Harvard

professor allegedly lied about receiving

money from the Chinese regime and for

his involvement in China's thousand

talents program on Tuesday a federal

grand jury indicted Harvard professor

Charles Lieber for making false

statements to federal authorities Lieber

is charged with lying

his involvement in China's thousand

talents program Libre has denied the

accusations according to the Justice

Department the Chinese regime uses the

program to lure foreign experts to bring

their knowledge and experience to China

and rewards them for stealing

intellectual property the court

documents say Liebherr specializes in

research on nanoscience and he has

received over 15 million dollars in

grants from the National Institutes of

Health and the Department of Defense but

to get those grants one has to be open

about any other sources of funding

conflicts of interest and foreign

collaboration the charging documents

allege that without Harvard's knowledge

Libre became a strategic scientists at

the Wuhan University of Technology in

China in 2011 the court alleges Liebherr

entered into a contract with China's

thousand talents program at least from

2012 to 2015 in the contract the Chinese

university allegedly paid Lieber fifty

thousand dollars a month it paid him one

and a half million dollars to establish

a research lab in Wuhan in 2018 and 2019

the Harvard professor allegedly lied

about his involvement in the program the

charge of making false statements

carries a sentence of up to five years

in prison three years of supervised

release and a fine of a quarter million

dollars liebherr is set to be arraigned

at a later date

in France construction workers are

returning to note Saddam after weeks of

lockdown preparing for restoration is a

delicate undertaking a year since a fire

gutted a Cathedral our France

correspondent David de bez has the story

after delays in restoration workers

started removing the twisted scaffolding

around Paris's notre-dame Cathedral the

work of human hands is absolutely

decisive for those under ropes in

clamber all over the structure with all

the agility they have they run ropes at

40 metres high

it's a crucial first step before the

cathedrals restoration can begin this

scaffolding was installed prior to the

blaze for restoration work on the error

of not Widom but after the blaze last

year it became a constant threat because

it could have collapsed on the Cathedral

at any time the damaged scaffolding has

been surrounded by yet more scaffolding

and an enormous crane was brought in

the operation will cut away 200 tons of

metal and debris from the roof still

needs to be cleaned up its precision

work but some parts of the Cathedral

might not be stable camor seduces and as

everyone knows if one stone falls from a

part of the vote the entire vote could

be wicked only after this step which

should last three to four months will

there be a plan for restoration and

maybe even redesign president Emmanuel

macron is pledging the Cathedral will be

fully restored within five years

reporting by David vivaz NTD News Paris

according to the UN a huge amount of

North Korea's population is in need of

humanitarian aid the country is

currently experiencing a worsening of

widespread food shortages

according to UN Human Rights expert

North Korea is suffering widespread food

shortages and malnutrition while North

Korea has a history of food shortages

the situation is even worse now thanks

to a nearly five months border closure

with China and strict quarantine

measures according to the UN medicine

prices are skyrocketing

and some people have only corn to eat

while others are starving in the mid-90s

a famine killed around 3 million people

in the isolated country as of now over

10 million people almost 40% of the

population suffered from food and

security and are in urgent need of food

assistance due to the shortage of

suitable agricultural land North Korea

always faces a challenge in growing

enough staple food to feed its

population it's a crucial time for rice

growers who are currently moving young

rice seedlings from the crowded beds

where they were planted to the big

fields so far farmers have seen less

than ideal weather and there are other

problems to tackle at the moment the UN

urged North Korea to free prisoners

during the pandemic because people in

their prisons are dying as a result of

contagious diseases overcrowding and

hard work with a lack of food the true

state of the CCP virus situation in the

country is uncertain as North Korea

refuses to report its case numbers to

the whu-oh in the latest partnership

between big tech and Wall Street Amazon

and Goldman Sachs are joining forces to

offer small businesses low

here's more in today's business briefs

CNBC reports Amazon is teaming up with

Goldman Sachs to offer credit lines to

some of its sellers the loan can be

drawn in paid like a regular credit card

the amount is up to 1 million dollars

and the annual interest rate is between

six point nine nine percent and twenty

point nine nine percent this is also

part of Goldman's push into Main Street

finance Starbucks says it expects its

current quarter revenue to plunge by

three billion dollars it's also

forecasting sales will decline for the

rest of the year the world's largest

coffee chain says it will close about

400 of its Us stores for good over the

next 18 months and cut half of its

planned new store openings the leader of

a European Bank told Bloomberg in it be

wrong to expect remote working to last

after the crisis since people need to

work with people a recent US survey says

half of the workers telecommuting due to

the virus crisis are experiencing

burnout AMC Theaters the world's largest

theater operator plans to reopen most of

its theaters globally by mid-july while

limiting audience sizes for social

distancing the theater chain has lost

over two billion dollars in the second

quarter the question remains whether

moviegoers will feel safe returning to

theaters here at China InFocus we

dedicate ourselves to bringing you

truthful unbiased reporting don't forget

to Like and subscribe for the latest

updates and see you tomorrow


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