China Testing Nukes? | North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un Dying?

published on July 2, 2020

China might be testing nuclear weapons

what happens if kim jeong-hoon dies Hong

Kong is under attack that and more on

this week's China News headlines


this is China uncensored

I'm Chris Chappell China may be

conducting secret nuclear tests that's

according to a new report from the US

government there's an international

agreement called the comprehensive

nuclear-test-ban treaty China the US and

182 other countries have signed it but

China may have violated the tree by

testing nuclear weapons this Wall Street

Journal article shows the Chinese

nuclear testing site called lop nerve

the US government believes there are

nuclear tests going on there that

violate the treaty the accusations

originally came from the State

Department report which says China

maintained a high level of activity at

its Lawton or nuclear weapons test site

throughout 2019 while it offers no

actual proof of nuclear testing it does

raise concerns regarding China's

adherence to the zero yield standard

adhered to by the United States the

United Kingdom and France of course

China completely denies it

Buju position will be China will never

accept the accusations made by the US

and strongly opposes them but here's the

funny thing

China could be testing nukes but not

actually violating the nuclear test ban

treaty because while China signed the

treaty in 1996 they still haven't Atta

fide it so technically they're not bound

by it that being said the US has also

signed it but not ratified it both the

US and China say they're still abiding

by the treaty even though they don't

have to because they didn't ratify it

but they're not alone in fact the treaty

isn't even legally enforced because not

enough nations have ratified it so

there's no point in arguing over a

treaty that the US and China technically

never agreed to they can't do anything

anyway because not enough cont

technically agreed to it I mean the US

has enough trouble getting the Chinese

Communist Party to make good on the

things it has agreed to and by the way

if you're interested in a look at

American issues we have a whole show

dedicated to it it's called America

uncovered subscribe on YouTube you'll

love it

speaking of secret nuclear testing North

Korea and a real bomb has just dropped

kim jeong-hoon may be dying according to

the CNN report the north korean leader

is in grave danger after surgery us

intelligence reporting indicates kim

recently underwent cardiovascular

surgery some officials saying the

intelligence suggests he may be

incapacitated a source was quoted as

saying kim had been struggling with

cardiovascular problems since last

August which worsened after repeated

visits to the country's sacred mountain

mount peak – what are you telling me

that this young man had heart problems

after climbing a mountain I mean he is

in shape and that shape is a circle so

what do we know

first the president Trump would be

heartbroken oh I've had a very good

relationship with him I wouldn't you

know I can only say this I wish him well

second the death of Kim jong-un could be

catastrophic for China the collapse of

the Kim regime could send a wave of

refugees flooding into China bad under

any circumstance but especially bad when

there's a deadly pandemic still going

around that's why some experts call it

China's worst nightmare on the other

hand Kim jong-un might be fine

President Trump who is well known for

reining in exaggerated claims said this

nobody's confirmed that it's – was

seeing then that came out so when CNN

comes out with the report

I don't place too much credence in it on

top of dealing with North Korea

obviously the deadly CCP virus the

Chinese Communist Party still seems to

have time for other activities like

harassing Taiwan with fighter jets or

using ethnic minorities as slay

to restart its economy and now attacking

the people of Hong Kong again Beijing

has once again started pushing so-called

national security in response to foreign

forces trying to interfere in Hong Kong

because the only thing that could

possibly make Hong Kongers not love the

Communist Party is hostile foreign

forces or maybe it's how the police

arrested 15 Hong Kong pro-democracy

figures last week

if the Communist Party was hoping

everyone would be too distracted by the

coronavirus to notice they were wrong

but that won't stop the Communist Party

from continuing to dismantle the one

country two systems policy that is

supposed to give Hong Kong autonomy also

last week the China liaison office

China's top office in Hong Kong

announced that they aren't restricted by

the basic law which is Hong Kong's

Constitution so things are not going

well for Hong Kong dr Anthony pouchy

one of the leaders of the us's

coronavirus response team is for some

reason questioning China's coronavirus

numbers I think any of us who have been

dealing with this now for the last few

months don't feel confident at all that

we have all of the data of the

originally infected individuals how long

there were people in the circulation or

even now how many deaths there really

are in China that numbers really rather

a low number that number surprises me

that that number is so low well yeah if

you look at the actual numbers they're

reporting it doesn't make sense but if

you look at this face I mean how can a

face like that lie to you the Chinese

Communist Party has been doing its best

to make the world forget that the CCP

virus was their fault now Chinese

state-run media are floating the theory

that maybe the corona virus didn't come

from Wuhan because it may have multiple

birth places around the globe yes that

is a great theory if you completely

ignore science

fortunately the

of the world isn't buying it Missouri is

suing China over the coronavirus so is

Mississippi thousands of Americans in

Florida have signed a class-action


China's foreign ministry has called

these lawsuits frivolous because a US

Court has no jurisdiction over at the

Chinese government however this lawsuit

filed with a Chinese Court against the

US government for China bashing that's

not frivolous it's totally justified but

it's not just the us suing China a

bridge think-tank says that lawsuits

against China over its handling of Kovan

19 could total at least 4 trillion US

dollars from just the g7 countries and a

German tabloid said China is endangering

the world and owes reparations of a

hundred sixty billion dollars Oh Germany

you should know better don't demand

reparations it never turns out well so

it might surprise you to learn that

Americans old an increasingly negative

view of China don't worry the Communist

Party knows just what to do spread

propaganda US officials say Chinese

agents were responsible for spreading

panic in the US with fake text messages

they apparently didn't create the fake

messages but did help push them out the

fake messages claimed that Trump was

about to lock down the United States

under martial law

obviously that never happened Chinese

state-run media have supplemented the

martial law rumors with their own

blatant lies like that the US military

was really behind the coronavirus

epidemic or that Trump is more to blame

for the corona virus than the w-h-o or


oh wait that wasn't Chinese state-run

media it was Western media this is

Chinese state-run media sorry for the

confusion but just in case you thought

we'd learned something from the CCP

virus we haven't a Chinese drone company

that's been accused of spying on US

citizens has donated drones to American

police the drones do

ái a Chinese company have gone to 43

agencies in 22 states all to help

enforce social distancing rules failure

to comply could lead to a summons or

$1,000 fine if these drones save one

life it is clearly worth the activity

and the information that the drones are

sending yes what would be the problem

with states taking drones from DJI the

same Chinese company that the US

government believes it's targeting

government and private entities to

expand its ability to collect and

exploit sensitive US data there's a

dangerous virus going around but it's

not the corona virus it's stupidity you

know it's been a while since we talked

about the ongoing factional power

struggle within the Chinese Communist

Party but there's been an update a top

public security official is now being

investigated for serious violations of

party discipline soon Li Jun was a vice

minister within China's Ministry of

Public Security that means he was

basically in charge of China's police

and had a key role in the coronavirus

response but he isn't the only one as

the virus continues to spread in China

18 officials in northern China have been

purged and for clarity when Chinese

Communist Party officials get punished

for doing something bad keep in mind

that they're usually not much worse than

the party officials who are carrying out

the punishment

I'd call that a power struggle but

despite all of the Communist Party's

internal challenges they're still

sending aid to other countries to help

with the CCP virus they caused sometimes

they take impressive photos in front of

the piles and piles of aid like here in

Venezuela other times it's a little less

impressive on April 15th Chinese

officials arrived in war-torn Syria to

deliver boxes of kovat 19 test kits and

when I say boxes plural I mean it there

were two boxes there were more of

officials there for the photo-op then

there were boxes of aid well that's


and finally some good news from China

citizen journalists leads a hua who had

disappeared for almost two months after

being chased by Wuhan Police has

reappeared it turns out he was put in

quarantine by the police he had to give

up his electronics but he was served

three meals a day monitored by security

guards and able to watch state

broadcaster CCTVs evening newscast

so no internet or communication with the

outside world and only able to watch

Chinese state-run media that is truly

the worst quarantine after being

released from this long quarantine Lee

was allowed to go home this week he

released a video on his YouTube channel

in which he thanks the police for taking

good care of him but he also ended the

video by quoting a line from a Confucian

texts about staying true to one's

beliefs the human heart is unpredictable

Restless its affinity to what is right

is small be discriminating be uniform so

that you may hold fast clearly hoping

that people can read between the lines

there two other citizen journalists

chuncho sure and Fung bin are still

missing next I'll answer a question from

a member of the China uncensored 50-cent

army since YouTube has been de

monetizing a lot of our videos the China

uncensored 50-cent army has stepped up

there viewers like you who help us keep

up the fight of truthful uncensored

information by supporting China

uncensored through the crowdfunding

website patreon today's question comes

from joe roy china lied people died do

you embrace this or do you consider the

use of the word china in this context to

imply the people of china to maybe CCP

lied people died is more appropriate

yeah I'm glad you brought that up yeah I

kind of feel that phrase is like calling

the coronavirus the Chinese virus it is

important to hold the Chinese Communist

Party accountable

it's lies and coverup and to distinguish

the CCP from the Chinese people and the

Chinese nation saying China lied people

died has a nice cadence to it but it's

not really accurate China has existed

for thousands of years and had a long

and beautiful culture that actually

valued and respected life the Chinese

Communist Party on the other hand is a

Marxist regime that has taken over the

country and kills people with impunity

someday when the party is over China

will still be there so will the Chinese

people it's just the CCP virus that will

be gone thanks for your question Joe if

you'd like to hear your question

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uncensored 50-cent army over at

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see you next time




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