China Pushes “Comfortable Tibet” Propaganda in US Libraries

published on July 3, 2020

the Chinese Communist Party is pushing

propaganda about Tibet to unsuspecting

Americans welcome back to China

uncensored I'm Chris Chappell Tibet it

was an independent country in the early

20th century then in 1951 the Chinese

Communist Party convinced Tibet to

officially become part of their new

People's Republic of China by invading

Tibet and liberating the Tibetan people

from their freedom and their religion

and their lives good thing they believed

in reincarnation although even that

won't save them now to be clear that is

not a joke

China really did ban unauthorized green


anyway the Communist Party quickly

integrated Tibet into Chinese history

books with the new narrative the Tibet

has always been a part of China since

ancient times despite that being clearly

not true because you don't have to

invade a place that's already part of

your country and in the seven decades

since then the Communist Party has

pushed the idea that Tibetans are so

much better off under their benevolent

rule look Tibet has been liberated look

at Tibet bountiful harvest

thanks to Chairman Mao look Tibet's

capital is the happiest city in China

but the challenge with pushing a false

narrative is that you have to repeat it

over and over again to get people to

believe you so in the year 2020 while

the rest of the world is busy worrying

about other terrible things happening in

China the deadly coronavirus the

concentration camps and shins Yong Yong

going protests in Hong Kong and oh the

deadly coronavirus

it's easy to miss how the Communist

Party continues to push false narratives

about Tibet matka nazhde has more Queens

New York famous for America's worst

airport that weird spaceship thing from

the first men in black movie and Chinese

Communist Party propaganda

okay it's not famous for Chinese

propaganda that's part of the problem

Chinese propaganda is hidden in plain

sight it's made its way into the nooks

and crannies of mainstream America even

here at the Queens Public Library

obviously someone at the Chinese

consulate screwed up

I mean who goes to the library the

answer to that rhetorical question is

Tibetans they came here to protest what

they call a politically motivated

oppressive exhibition at the Elmhurst

branch of the Queens Public Library and

when inside and indeed there's a small

exhibit that tells people how great

Tibet is under the Communist Party's

rule unfortunately the library is

supposed to be place where people people

learning a true education true knowledge

however unfortunately we see a some

false propaganda by the by with the

partnership with the Chinese consulate

by Queens library that's right this

exhibit was sponsored directly by the

Chinese consulate in New York of course

it doesn't say that anywhere there's

just this introduction about how China

has improved Tibet's literacy rate

economic development and environmental

protection and there's seven beautiful

photos to prove their point I mean China

built them a train how could they not be

a happy ethnic minority what they have

inside the library right now is an

exhibit talking about Tibetan identity

and Tibetan culture that is created by

the very people that have suppressed

this culture that have tried to

virtually extinct wish our culture and

now they're allowing them to have the

monopoly on telling our story so that's

why we said it's not an issue of points

of views but rather it's an issue of

cultural appropriation and it further

silences Tibetan people who have already

been largely marginalized so you're

upset about the government taking away

your freedom of speech and you're upset

about cultural appropriation

are you far right or far left I see that

it's not a left or right issue it's just

an issue of humanity so Tibetan

activists met with Queens Library

officials officials told them they plan

to keep the exhibit up through the end

of June and that the Chinese consulate

actually plans to sponsor exhibits at

seven public libraries in Queens

officials told me in a statement that

the Queen's

public library is a forum for many

different points of view including those

that stir passionate debate and nothing

stirs passionate debate like blatant

lies from dirty Communists that second

parts not from their statement anyway

the library did agree to at least add a

label saying it's sponsored by the

Chinese consulate but for the roughly

nine thousand Tibetan people living in

Queens that's not enough they want the

propaganda exhibit taken down they say

it doesn't exactly show a truthful

perspective considering that the Chinese

Communist Party is guilty of mass

genocide in Tibet and continues a

campaign of cultural destruction the

Dalai Lama has called Tibet a Hell on

Earth surely Tibetans wouldn't think so

if they would just follow orders and

take down their portraits of the Dalai

Lama and replace them with Chinese party

leaders and show loyalty to the

Communist Party those who refused of

course are tortured so Tibetans in exile

understandably want Americans to know

what's happening in Tibet and not from

the perspective of the Chinese consulate

having an exhibit that is sponsored by

the Chinese Communist Party in our local

library when we have Tibetan American

students like myself that like to visit

these libraries that is silencing that

is silencing for an entire group of

people an entire community and having

this exhibit is an automatic way of

marginalizing a further oppressed

further marginalizing in a press group

so what I'm getting from this is that

young people still go to the library

maybe that's the problem if only people

could be a little Dumber and stop going

to the library

this is Macanese Day in Queens New York

thanks Matt so what do you think leave

your comments below once again I'm Chris


thanks for watching China uncensored



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