China Must “Prepare for War:” Xi Jinping | India and China Military Build Up

published on July 2, 2020

China must prepare for war

according a Chinese leader Xi Jingping

and Indian and Chinese troops mass on a

disputed border that and more on this

week's China News headlines


this is China uncensored I'm Chris


Chinese leader Xi Jinping has told

troops to prepare for war

so I guess Xi Jinping is no longer going

with the stronger International

Cooperation line anymore now to be fair

this is not the first time she has told

troops to prepare for war

he does it every so often this time Xi


didn't say specifically who the troops

should prepare for war against but he

did say the purpose is to resolutely

safeguard national sovereignty I guess

that could mean one of several countries

and that includes India the border

dispute between India and China seems to

be heating up China and India share one

of the world's longest unmarked borders

called the line of actual control which

is less like a formal border and more

like a line of actual control Indian and

Chinese troops have clashed here several

times already in just may both sides

have tried to downplay the clashes but

satellite images may be telling a

different story both sides appear to be

bolstering that presence an Australian

security analyst posted these satellite

pictures on Twitter last week they

appear to show both sides building more

tents and roads within five kilometers

of the line of actual control which

separates the two armies India and China

once fought a serious war over their

border that was back in 1962 there was

also a series of military clashes along

the border in 1967 so could it happen


well never fear because President Donald

Trump says he's ready to mediate the


I assume world pieces now just around

the corner but just in case it is

the US is selling 180 million dollars

worth of torpedoes to Taiwan my favorite

Chinese state-run media the Global Times

is calling the torpedoes useless against

the Chinese mainland military and the

Global Times raises a good point

torpedoes are absolutely useless against

troops stationed on land that's some

good thinking which is why I also

suggest selling Taiwan nuclear weapons

other that Chinese economies party would

probably consider that the nuclear

option speaking of selling things the US

Commerce Department will add 33 Chinese

firms and institutions to an economic

blacklist for helping Beijing spy on its

minority Weger population or because of

ties to weapons of mass destruction and

China's military wait we shouldn't do

business with companies that help the

Chinese regime lock people up and grow a

military that threatens US allies what a

crazy idea and on Wednesday Congress

passed a major Weger human rights bill

it would sanction Chinese officials

responsible for detaining up to two

million members of the ethnic minority

in forced labor camps in Shenyang and on

top of that Secretary of State Mike

Pompeo has told Congress Hong Kong is no

longer autonomous from China then

there's democratic representative Brad

Sherman of California he wants to delist

Chinese stocks saying it's time for

China to blink first well it's clear

that when it comes to China the US

government now has its eyes wide open

but not everyone feels the same for

example the Harvard professor who

oh no not not the Harvard professor who

was arrested for concealing Chinese

funding another Harvard professor one

who says the us-china rivalry is

lose-lose probably should listen to him


I mean Harvard professors are pretty

smart and all that money Harvard gets

from China each year probably makes the


is even smarter over in the UK the

broadcast regulator Ofcom has made a big

ruling against Chinese state-run TV

network CG Tien Ofcom ruled that CG Tien

breached UK media rules by providing

biased coverage of the Hong Kong

protests and broadcasting it to UK

viewers apparently the propaganda

mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist

Party gave disproportionate weight to

the positions of government authorities

in Hong Kong and China while not

exploring the views or motivations of

protesters what do you mean they didn't

explore the motivations of protesters CG

GM clearly showed that these radical

protesters were there to manipulate

chaos and collude with the foreign power

the UK is also apparently giving the axe

to Chinese telecom Huawei you know when

Prime Minister Boris Johnson got the

coronavirus in April who would have

guessed that it would open his eyes to

the Chinese Communist Party at least

that's one good side effect of the CCP

virus and in Canada a court has ruled

against Huawei CFO moong Wong Joe

basically that means instead of mung

going free her extradition trial will


she was arrested in December 2018 and

faces extradition to the US for

violating sanctions on Iran as the CFO

of Huawei in response the Chinese

Communist Party arrested two Canadian

citizens Michel Kovarik and Michael's


they've been detained for more than a

year and not in a big house like mum

their detention probably looks more like

this the Chinese economies party

literally kidnapped two Canadians in

retaliation for the arrest of a Chinese

businesswoman and they're still trying

to threaten Canada into releasing her an

independent judiciary is not something

the party understands remember how the

Chinese Communist Party built the

African Union Building in Ethiopia as a

generous gift but and it turned out they


the whole place up and down well

according to this report by the Heritage

Foundation that wasn't a one-off a lot

of government buildings in Africa are

probably being used for Chinese spying

at least 40 of Africa's 54 countries

have a government building constructed

by a Chinese company Chinese companies

have built expanded or renovated at

least 24 presidential or Prime Minister

residences or offices at least 26

Parliament's or parliamentary offices at

least 32 military or police

installations and at least 19 ministries

of Foreign Affairs buildings and Beijing

almost certainly uses its engagements in

Africa to surveil American and African

officials and business leaders did I

mention that the Chinese regime has been

fighting a war against the world for a

long time which is why I'm not surprised

that a Chinese team recently scaled

Mount Everest they're probably trying to

get as far away from that war as

possible and now it's the time when I

answer questions from you

my loyal 50-cent army fans of the show

who support what we do to the

crowdfunding website patreon jokowi asks

China uncensored has been holding the

CCP's feet to the fire for many years

now that there appears to be hope that

the CCP may be swept away to the ash

heap of history what are the plans for

see you after the downfall have you

dared to actually imagine this Wow

I think the first thing I do is probably

take a nap a really long nap I've been

working pretty much non-stop on the show

for eight years but the next thing I do

is maybe go to mainland China there are

many amazing things and wonderful people

there but of course even in a post CCP

China there's a lot of work to do

for example sifting through all the

internal documents that would come to

light just like after the collapse of

the Soviet Union there would be a period

where the world has to really take stock

of what the CCP was

what it did and how we all played a part

in helping it and on top of all the

China stuff we do still have our other

show America uncovered and somehow I

don't imagine American politics ever

becoming truly sane but as for China

maybe after China is finally no longer

censored we could talk about all the

good things in China and Chinese culture

I for one would really enjoy doing that

thanks for your question Joe and for all

of you watching if you want to see a

China without the CCP consider joining

the China uncensored 50-cent army you'll

have a chance to ask me questions on the

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