China loses landmark WTO dispute; 20 Indian troops killed in clash with China; Beijing virus updates

published on July 2, 2020

border clashes between India and China

took a fatal turn at least 20 Indian

soldiers killed in a violent face-off

the Chinese side also suffering

casualties the situation in Beijing

getting more severe virus cases now

exceed 100 with thousands being tested

30 neighbourhoods now on lockdown 70% of

US universities working with Confucius

Institutes failed to disclose financial

links to Beijing the Department of

Education requires all universities

disclose gifts that exceed two hundred

and fifty thousand dollars

investigations by the National

Institutes of Health result in the

firing of over 50 scientists the report

found out of the nearly two hundred

scientists investigated over 90 percent

had received undisclosed funding from

China and the Chinese regime facing

international backlash as it bears down

on Hong Kong and may be trying the same

strategy as in 1989 but will it work

again welcome to China InFocus I'm

Tiffany Mayer CCP virus cases in Beijing

now exceed 109 of the city's 18

districts are affected so far according

to local officials 11 markets are now

closed about 300 more have increased

sanitation measures about 30

neighbourhoods have also been put under


according to Chinese media over 70,000

people have been tested for the CCP

virus about 60 of them tested positive

as for schools all students from

kindergarten to the college level have

returned home to continue their lessons

online many shops have also closed again

though still open get few customers and

are having a hard time making ends meet

Young Saeng young sound tell about me

I'm affected hugely impacted there were

no customers now not even one comes into

my shop I have been losing money by

paying rents in Spring Festival in

January I can't even make enough money

for food so baldanado don't rely market

notices also declare that all the meats

and seafood is currently

suspended high-risk groups in Beijing

including those who have been in close

contact with a confirmed virus patient

are forbidden from leaving the city all

outbound taxi and car hailing services

in Beijing have been suspended many

provinces have also imposed quarantine

requirements on people coming from

Beijing most long-distance bus routes

between Beijing and nearby provinces

have been suspended but highways out of

the capital city remain open the World

Health Organization called the Beijing

outbreak a significant event and asked

China to share the virus's genome

sequence Beijing has a population of

over 20 million twice that of Wuhan on

the front page of the Communist Party's

official media outlet study times an

article was published on Monday praising

so-called Xi Jinping thought as 21st

century Marxism it was published on

Chinese leader Xi Jinping's 67th

birthday previously the regime had been

reinforcing Xi Jinping thought via

schools and education Hong kong-based

China affairs commentator Johnny Y as

Lao discussed the measures with Hong

Kong's Apple Daily newspaper now said

the education tactics and the comparison

between XI and Karl Marx the founder of

communism are part of a series of

initiatives to deifies he according to a

report from the Stockholm International

Peace Research Institute China and North

Korea are increasing nuclear weapons

research the report explains that the

Chinese Communist Party is undertaking a

massive modernization of its nuclear

weapons adding that North Korea

continues to prioritize its military

nuclear program as a central element of

a national security strategy the US and

Russia introduced their nuclear weapons

back in 2019 together they possess more

than 90 percent of the world's nuclear

weapons the weeks-long clashes at the

India China border turned fatal on

Monday when over 20 Indian soldiers were

killed the Chinese side also suffered

casualties and concerns of escalade

linger at least 20 Indian soldiers have

died from a violent face office Chinese

troops on Monday night the two sides

clashes with iron rods and stones at

their disputed border in the Western

Himalayas Indian military officials say

three soldiers were killed during the

clashes while 17 more were critically

injured and due to the sub-zero

temperatures in the high altitude

terrain died of the injuries on Tuesday

chinese state media Global Times editor

in chief tweeted that the Chinese side

also suffered casualties but authorities

did not disclose the exact number Indian

media reported that China suffered 43

casualties including death and serious

injuries this is the first time in

decades since clashes at the two

countries border has led to casualties

although border patrol soldiers often

engage in fistfights and stone-throwing

the two nuclear-armed neighbors had

agreed not to open fire so fatal clashes

had been rare on Tuesday Indian

authorities accused the Chinese soldiers

of operating in an area under Indian

control and say the clash is a result of

an attempt by the Chinese sides to

unilaterally change the status quo there

while a Chinese commander and military

spokesman blamed India saying it's

proactively attacked an area under

China's control

he asked India not to stir up trouble

and move in the same direction as China

an Indian expert is concerned the

clashes could escalate this democracy is

a more aggressive posture Chinese which

looks like a deliberate policy to create

confusion between India or rather

deteriorate the relationship between

India and China at the highest level

that is the feeling like that small

clashes have been happening since May

Indian and Chinese army generals have

been in talks aiming to de-escalate

border disputes between the two have

continued since 1962 when China attacked

India at the desolate and hardly

inhabited border covered in rock and ice

experts say then Chinese communist

leader Mao Zedong started the war to

counter an internal power struggle

within the party and we establish his

authority while the situation differs

for today's tea Jinping who is already

in total control of the Chinese army the

latest major clash with

in 2017 when both Indian and China

ramped up military deployments at the

border for two months both countries are

currently suffering from the virus

pandemic Beijing is now bracing for a

potential second wave with an already

struggling national economy penny Jo and

TD news a new report is out on an

ongoing inquiry by the National

Institute of Health or NIH it's looking

into the undisclosed foreign ties of

professors and scientists who receive

grants from other countries currently

more than 50 scientists have resigned or

been fired out of the nearly two hundred

scientists investigated 93 percent of

them had received undisclosed funding

from China as a result nearly 80 have

been removed from the agency system NIH

deputy director Michael Lauer revealed

the numbers on Friday

according to Lauer out of the almost 190

scientists investigated nearly 1/3 were

already on the FBI's radar 70 percent of

them fail to report for insan' dover

half failed to disclose talents awards

at the time of the investigation over a

hundred and forty scientists and 27

states held active grants worth around a

hundred and sixty million dollars the

NIH s effort dates back to 2018 that's

when the Organization warned

universities across the nation that some

foreign entities systematically target

NIH researchers in order to obtain

confidential research and it's not just

researchers who have been getting

undisclosed funding from the Chinese

regime universities are also targets

more than 100 universities in the US

have worked with Confucius Institutes

either in the past or currently which

are tied to the regime the Department of

Education requires that all universities

disclose foreign gifts that exceed two

hundred and fifty thousand dollars but

according to online news outlet the

Washington free beacon federal records

show only 30 percent of institutions

have disclosed their financial links to

Beijing concerns are rising about the

millions the Chinese regime is pouring

into American Universities according to

a Senate report Confucius Institute

funding comes with

strings that can compromise academic

freedom the report adds since the

Chinese regime chooses all teachers

events and speakers for the Confucius

Institutes there is no leeway for debate

surrounding controversial topics like

Taiwan's independence or the 1989

Tiananmen Square massacre experts are

worried that the funding could stifle

free speech damaging the academic

integrity of American institutions the

Department of Education has since

cracked down on universities and is more

strongly enforcing the disclosure

requirement it seems to be working

universities have disclosed six and a

half a billion dollars of previously

unreported funding it also shows the

majority of the funding came from the

Chinese regime and the Middle East but

the Education Department told House

Republicans that some colleges are

hindering the investigations and

refusing to disclose foreign funding

despite the resistance the influence of

Confucius Institutes in the us has

been on the decline

there are currently just over 80

programs in operation that's down from

over one hundred and twenty seventeen US

lawmakers are weary of a Chinese company

pushing for US Airport contracts the

companies say imc tiendas was found to

be guilty of stealing info from the US

once before in 1998 it stole

intellectual property from US company

jetway systems since then it's been

largely absent but now the company is

back to bidding on airport projects in

the States according to Politico tiendas

has found a small us-based company as a

proxy bidder members of Congress are

pushing a bipartisan bill to protect US

airports from foreign intellectual

property theft this comes after a letter

to the FAA to restrict bidding from such

foreign entities citing security

concerns the FAA has since says it is

taking steps to identify such entities

that have stolen trade secrets or

intellectual property congressman gai

Russian dollar has introduced a new bill

to stop Chinese Communist Party members

from receiving green cards it's called

the end Chinese Communist Citizenship

Act Russian thaller says the Chinese

régime engages in aggressive and

reckless behavior on the global stage I

think that members of the party do not

share American ideals and values three

out of the us Navy seven active

aircraft carriers are patrolling the

Pacific Ocean it represents the biggest

deployment since 2017 some of the

carrier's returned to the sea in May

after virus infections broke out on

board in March it's the first time that

three US vessels have patrolled the area

in years and China isn't happy about it

the tensions are running high between

China and its smaller neighbors at the

South China Sea as well as Taiwan as the

supporter of these smaller countries the

us also has a tense relationship with

China in this area China accuses the

us of using policies it deems

dominating and says the patrols could be

a threat to Chinese troops in the South

China Sea Britain's ambassador to the UN

Julian braithwaite said at United Nation

Rights forum that China's new national

security law would undermine the

autonomy and freedoms of Hong Kong he

urged China to ensure Hong Kong

maintains its high degree of autonomy

rights and freedom Britain's foreign

secretary Dominic Raab voiced criticism

of uk-based bank HSBC this comes because

the bank back China's national security

law for Hong Kong contradicting the

British government's opposition to the

new law he said that Britain will not

sacrifice Hong Kong people for banker

bonuses HSBC also faced criticism from

several other senior British and US

politicians over its backing for

Beijing's controversial law Rob added

that with this new law Beijing is now in

direct conflict of the sino UK

declaration Britain returned Hong Kong

to Chinese rule in 1997 before this

China signed a sino UK declaration which

guaranteed the city's rights and

freedoms until 2047 such as two

independent judiciary and the right to

protest North Korea's claim the Hong

Kong issue regarded only China and was

China's domestic affairs

a russian arctic scientist has been

charged with treason for passing state

secrets to China 78 year old Valery

mitko now faces up to 20 years in prison

mitko had allegedly agreed to collect

information a military nature for the

Chinese secret services according to one

source this information contains

submarine detection technology China is

bowing out after losing a landmark

trading dispute against the EU now the

European Union is imposing tariffs to

counter China's dumping of products in

the European market a tactic used to out

price competitors and gain market share

by selling at well below the whole

markets usual prices China's hopes have

been recognized as a market economy went

out on a whimper today a World Trade

Organization ruling said that the

European Union did not have to treat

China like a market economy China had

until Monday to challenge the ruling but

chose not to PRC knew that they would

lose the case the EU put tariffs on

Chinese goods because the Chinese

Communist Party supports private

companies in ways that Western countries

do not it'll often subsidize Chinese

exporters so that cheap Chinese Goods

can flood the international market and

undercut foreign businesses this creates

an unlevel playing field for

international trade because they have

governmental support when they're

competing with companies that are

privately or that have to source their

capital and in the private sector so to

level the playing field the EU in the

United States placed tariffs on Chinese

imports they base the tariffs on what

the price would be if China actually was

a market economy so Chinese goods then

get tariffs or get higher tariffs

offsetting tariffs and that displeases

the Chinese Communist Party to be

recognized as a market economy the CCP

should allow prices to be set by the

market allow Western companies like

Facebook access to the Chinese market

and allow its citizens a say in the

country's political process the CCP

doesn't allow any of these things

the Chinese regime is facing

international backlash as it bears down

on Hong Kong the last time this happened

after the Tiananmen Square massacre in


Beijing had a solution it may be trying

the same tactic again but the question

remains whether this time it will work

Beijing plans to build a new free trade

hub in the southern island province of

Hainan the move comes amid the crisis in

Hong Kong

if Beijing imposes its national security

law on the region it effectively marks

the end of freedom in Hong Kong which is

expected to end its role as a global

business hub in 1989 Beijing faced a

similar crisis after the Tiananmen

Square massacre the West imposed

economic sanctions on China in response

the CCP made a gesture of relaxing the

economy establishing Shenzhen city as

communist China's first free trade zone

once a fishing village 16 miles north of

Hong Kong today Shenzhen is a major

manufacturing center a cosmopolitan hub

of 12 million people it seems Beijing is

making the same moves this time why

would she Jinping launch the Hainan free

trade port planet I think it's very

clear that he wants to copy sunshine

tong thinks the move won't be very

successful for two key reasons first the

West has learned that when Beijing

loosens control economically it doesn't

alter its political motives how does it

change to the movie its truest purpose

is to strengthen the socialist organism

with the nourishment of capitalism by

means of attracting foreign investment

Champa so the tea tea for decades the

theory in the West was that open trade

with China would eventually lead it down

a path of democratization that never


as long as the system is still in place

and mainland China is still ruled by the

CCP it is simply impossible for it to

change anything politically or the Kaiba

the second reason Tong thinks the

strategy will fail is that this time the

West feels threatened by the CCP more

directly Hong Kong as a former British

colony is seen as

part of the family of Western economies

many Western nationals and businesses

call it home

Beijing's national security law means

the CCP has broken its promise of one

country two systems'

budget made the entire Western world

feel that the CCP was absolutely

untrustworthy the whole Western world

feels that the CCP is a huge threat

today many democratic countries are

actively divesting from China

they're moving supply chains rejecting

Chinese 5ji suppliers and taking steps

to fight against intellectual property

theft yep and I say okay you got

something you were supposed to align

yourself with the free world and gain

benefits from it but the leaders of the

free world are now your adversaries

Chung says under these circumstances

it's impossible for the CCP to succeed

with a new opening up policy without any

real fundamental change in China now as

Beijing moves to impose a repressive new

law in Hong Kong there's increasing

pressure on governments to act the law

could be approved as soon as this month

our UK correspondent jean where'll has

more words from the UK foreign secretary

this week urging China again to take a

step back from imposing a new law in

Hong Kong isn't the foregone conclusion

China can step back from the brink and

we urge them to do so the looming

legislation would criminalize what

Beijing considers as a succession

subversion and foreign interference many

fear it will bring communist censorship

to Hong Kong and there's pressure for

countries around the world to act this

month senior lawmakers formed a new

cross party international alliance to

push for a tougher stance on the Chinese

communist regime it was launched by

British politician and former

Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith it

grew from 18 legislators and eight

countries to more than 113 countries in

less than a week so the point is that we

are legislators first and foremost in

democracies that believe in the concept

of human rights and the rule of law and

we have come together and there are more

countries joining us all the time so

there's a lot of take-up of this and the

reason is because everybody now feels

somewhat threatened by the nature of

this Chinese government and their

imposition both in commercial terms and

also of course in

strategic terms so they're coming

together the translated governments it's

actually for you to come together in the

free world no one country can deal with

this alone worries over Hong Kong those

freedoms are shared by lawmakers across

the political sphere you know the light

was shined a bit more on Hong Kong but

within the labour party more people are

taking an interest in this some

politicians say they can relate to what

Hong Kong is are facing on a personal

level like this polish-born Member of

Parliament so I know what communism is

what it feels like and I think we have

all too often sought to set aside the

brutal human rights abuses of this

regime the British prime minister has

offered a path to citizenship to about

29 million Hong Kongers and former

foreign secretaries have called for a

contact group focused on Hong Kong

similar to the one created in the early

1990s for the former Yugoslavia Hong

Kong is not just an important

international financial center it's not

just a place that Britain has particular

responsibilities to I think it really is

the frontline in the struggle between

freedom and authoritarianism and tyranny

though it's in everybody's interests I

think to stand up to the regime in

Beijing and and do whatever we can to

try to prevent them going down this path

he says it's now up to the free world to

decide which side it stands on Jamie

Muro NTD News London

Idaho will begin paying people to go

back to work it's to encourage workers

to return before the enhanced

unemployment benefits program expires at

the end of July Larry Kudlow says the

program is putting some people off

returning to work because they can earn

just as much by staying unemployed Idaho

will give residents a one-time $1500

bonus for going back to their full-time

jobs only those who became unemployed

during the pandemic and go back to work

before July 1st are eligible it's to

encourage people to come off enhance

unemployment benefits sooner White House

economic adviser Larry Kudlow likes the


he believes the pandemics enhanced

unemployment benefits are discouraging

people from going back to work under the

cares Act anyone who becomes unemployed

during the pandemic is entitled to

unemployment benefits plus an extra $600

per week so some people are earning more

by staying at home the program will

expire July 31st Democrats want to

extend it to support people until the

end of the year but GOP lawmakers favor

return to work programs Idaho's program

will use 100 million dollars from the

125 billion dollars it received in

federal coronavirus relief funds House

Republicans write a letter to Speaker

Nancy Pelosi urging her to make official

plans so the house can reopen safely

they hint that the house is falling

behind as the rest of the country eases

lockdown measures House Speaker Nancy

Pelosi has no plans to bring members of

the house back until 2021

House Republicans wrote her a letter

asking how the chamber will keep pace

with the reopening of America the letter

pointed out the lack of a reopening

strategy and no plans to make Congress

building safe from the CCP virus upon an

eventual reopening most House members

also have Capitol Hill office suites

where 15 to 18 staff members work there

are also support staff that prepare food

deliver mail manage parking facilities

and more the letter adds that the House

members local district offices have also

been slow to reopen due to the lack of

official directives from the house the

letter urges Pelosi to come up with a

plan Pelosi has not responded the Senate

returned to work on May 4th

while many House members continued to

conduct their duties remotely House

Republicans previously filed a lawsuit

to question the proxy voting process

they alleged violates the Constitution's

requirement that congressmen be

physically present in the chamber to

vote people attending president Trump's

re election rally in Tulsa Oklahoma this

weekend will get masks and hand

sanitizer according to his campaign

their temperatures will also be checked

before they're allowed in the Trump

campaign says more than a million ticket

requests have been made for what will be

the president's first rally since March

people who attend the rally will

reportedly not be required to wear the

masks or maintain social distance but

when reserving a ticket online

prospective attendees have to check a

box informing them that they cannot sue

the Trump campaign or the venue if they

contract the CCP virus a campaign

spokesperson says the campaign takes the

health and safety of rally goers

seriously and is taking precautions to

make the rally safe here at China

InFocus we dedicate ourselves to

bringing you truthful unbiased reporting

don't forget to Like and subscribe for

the latest updates and see you tomorrow

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