China is Using George Floyd Protests for Propaganda

published on July 2, 2020

China is using the George Floyd protest

as a propaganda tool to attack the US


welcome back to China uncensored I'm

Chris Chappell

the United States is reeling after the

killing of George Floyd we've seen

peaceful protests as well as violent

rioting and looting across the US and

this has been a propaganda win for the

Chinese Communist Party yes Chinese

Communist Party is using civil unrest

and racism in the United States to cover

up its own issues with civil unrest and

racism last week was the anniversary of

the 1989 10min Square massacre that's

when the Communist Party massacred as

many as 10,000 peaceful protesters and

yet every night on Chinese state-run

media we've been seeing this instead

coverage of the protests in the us

along with the police firing tear gas

and in comes a national guard and of

course interviews with Americans talking

about racism as my favorite Chinese

state-run media the Global Times says

this exposes rotten racism in the us

yes the us is very racist and China

should know because they're an expert on

racism like how that state-sponsored new

year event used blackface or that ad for

a laundry detergent so powerful it turns

a dirty black guy into a clean Chinese

guy and how currently black people are

being evicted by Chinese authorities for

being black the Global Times saying the

us is dealing with rotten racism he's

kind of like the pot calling the kettle

I don't know what color I don't see

color what I meant was Chinese media are

experts on American racism like this

program from Guangzhou which goes into

the history of race relations in the

us among other things it implies that

the FBI was involved in the

assassination of Martin Luther King jr

and it praises the Black Panthers for

their Marxism calling their movement the

closest the US has come to socialism it

also accuses

white leads of using black panther the

superhero to cover up the real story of

the greatness of the Black Panther

revolution but since Black Panther the

superhero came before the Black Panther

movement that is not what happened

that Guanche Ivo has over two million

views now while I pulled out some

examples of the propaganda in that video

it also presents a lot of facts that are

accurate but it uses them to frame the

us as a country that has always been

racist so Chinese media is really having

a field day right now

highlighting the racism in America but

there's one thing they love even more

the protest in America this comes as the

Chinese Communist Party scrambles to

deal with the anti-ccp protests

happening in Hong Kong the CCP has

denounced the Hong Kong protesters as

rioters but the international community

has shown a lot of support for the

protesters when the US Congress passed

the Hong Kong human rights and democracy

Act last year Nancy Pelosi said the

protests were a beautiful sight to

behold the Chinese Communist Party hates

this so now they're trying to use the

riots and protests over the death of

George Floyd to accuse the us of

hypocrisy Global Times wrote watch out

beautiful sight in Hong Kong is

spreading across the us this article

says the current situation in the US

will not only expose the hypocrisy of

many US politicians but also encourage

the American people to rethink their

actual national interests

I bet the Communist Party is hoping

those national interests don't include

supporting democracy in Hong Kong by the

way the editor-in-chief of the Global

Times who XI Jin has an unbelievable

conspiracy theory he tweeted vicious

Hong Kong rioters obviously are

mastermind of violent protests across

the us yeah that's not true

also if Americans did things the Hong

Kong way

the protests here would be a lot more

organized with a lot less rioting and

zero looting but the Global Times

editor-in-chief wasn't the only one

taking to Twitter to spread this

propaganda line Chinese Foreign Ministry

spokeswoman hua chunying tweeted all

lives matter we stand firmly with our

African friends right as long as those

African friends aren't in China

otherwise they'll be evicted from their

homes hua chunying also tweeted I can't

breathe in response to a US State

Department officials message of support

for Hong Kong ooh good one so good that

Chinese state-run media took to Chinese

social media to gloat about her sick

burn until some Chinese netizens began

replying with I can't tweet since

Twitter is banned in China Chinese

propagandists didn't miss a beat though

they simply deleted those complaints and

there's a reason for this according to

Daniel Russel at the Asia Society Policy

Institute it's a given that the Chinese

Leninist political system will seek to

exploit racial tensions in the us

today just as Mao Zedong did in the late

60s here's an example this poster from

1968 says statement by comrade Mao

Zedong chairman of the Central Committee

of the Communist Party of China in

support of the afro-american struggle

against violent repression it talks

about how the assassination of Martin

Luther King jr was an act of counter

revolutionary violence and frames the

civil rights movement as a class

struggle against capitalism and

imperialism sound familiar

China's foreign ministry spokesman at

jolly Jin took a page from Mao to also

exploit racial tensions he said what is

happening right now in the us once

again shows the seriousness of racial

discrimination and violent law

enforcement by the police but hey there

are real problems of racism in the us

and there definitely have been instances

of US police using real

excessive force on peaceful protesters

so maybe the Chinese commies party has a

point well yes and no the reason that

the Chinese Communist Party loves to

talk about racism in America is that

they treat it as a type of original sin

the idea is that America was racist

which shows it will always be racist and

that makes it a giant hypocrite when it

criticizes other countries they want

this kind of moral relativism so they

can get away with all their crimes

against humanity because think about it

what happened to George Floyd was

horrendous and you know about it because

US citizens shot footage of it and

uploaded it to the Internet this footage

was then spread freely on social media

where we were all free to discuss it and

be outraged media were allowed to report

on it people were allowed to protest and

the officers involved have been charged

and even when some protests to send it

into rioting and looting the rule of law

still applied police didn't start mass

shooting people with live bullets in the

US the right to peacefully protest is

guaranteed in the Constitution in Hong

Kong people are protesting because

they're rapidly losing their freedoms

and even their right to peacefully

protest is gradually being taken away by

an authoritarian regime they don't get

to elect one that has no rule of law

it's okay to support the protesters in

the US and in Hong Kong it's also okay

to denounce the rioters and looters and

still support protesters in general of

course the Chinese Communist Party will

use any bad thing that happens in

America for propaganda but just because

America has problems which we can fully

acknowledge and talk about doesn't mean

Americans can't also point out China's

problems the Chinese Communist Party

says that's époque recei but it's not if

none of us were allowed to point out

other people's problems


we were perfect ourselves then we'd all

have to allow each other to behave badly

because we couldn't say anything well

except for me I'm perfect what's that

Shelley how dare you correct me correct

yourself first and now it's time for me

to answer a question from one of you a

fan who supports China uncensored on

patreon bill Smith asks Chris is it

likely that the CCP will make a comeback

after the CCP virus is over and overtake

the US a really interesting question so

there are two sides to this how the CCP

is perceived inside of China and outside

inside of China it's really hard to know

what's going on but there are

indications that the CCP virus what I've

been calling the corona virus was way

worse than they said and there already

may be a second wave hitting the country

the virus was a huge blow to the

regime's credibility and on top of that

the lockdown is wrecking China's economy

the Chinese economy's party uses

propaganda about the corona virus and

the us protest to tell Chinese people

that China is still better than the rest

of the world and some people will

believe that but if the Chinese economy

doesn't recover the Chinese Communist

Party may still be dealing with

crippling unrest but overseas the CCP

virus has made many countries around the

world completely distrust the Chinese

regime the CCP's cover-up of the disease

is why hundreds of thousands have died

in economies everywhere have suffered

add to that how transparently the

Chinese regime lied about Hong Kong and

I think it will be increasingly hard for

the Chinese regime to raise itself up as

a responsible international player

the CCP has always used money to push

its rule but now people are coming to

understand how much a little money cost

the world thanks for your question bill

and if you'd like me to answer your

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us protests where we go into more

depth on China unscripted the links are

below once again I'm Chris Chappell see

you next time


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