China Coronavirus: International Emergency

published on July 3, 2020

the world freaks out over a deadly

Chinese virus how far will it spread


this is China uncensored I'm Chris

Chappell an outbreak of a deadly

coronavirus from the Chinese city of

Wuhan is spreading it's now surpassed

the number of people affected by SARS in

2003 SARS was another deadly disease

that the Chinese Communist Party tried

to cover up which only made it worse it

was a bad idea that time it's a bad idea

now the initial cover-up of this new

corona virus has made the spread worse

and the corona virus has now spread to

every region of China the rest of the

world is freaking out despite the fact

that there are still fewer than 100

cases outside China World Health

Organization officials have now declared

it a global health emergency the rest of

the world is responding to the corona

virus in different ways foreign

companies operating in China are

shutting down

for example Starbucks has closed 2,000

stores in China so hey there you go

there's your silver lining at least

people don't have to suffer from a

terrible disease and terrible coffee

other companies are doing even more to

help the people trapped in China for

instance there's been a huge shortage of

medical masks so Boeing is donating a

quarter million meanwhile a Danish

newspaper printed this political cartoon

which the Chinese economy's party was

really not cool with the Chinese embassy

in Denmark demanded an apology for

hurting the feelings of the Chinese

people but you know I think the Chinese

people would prefer an apology from the

Chinese government for covering up the

virus but the Chinese people won't be

getting an apology the Danish newspaper

refused and to no one's surprise the

Chinese Communist Party is also not

apologizing fortunately for Americans

living in China the US State Department

chartered a plane to evacuate US

citizens in Wuhan back to the United

States don't worry the individuals on

board the flight were screened before

takeoff monitored during the flight by

medical personnel and screened again

when the plane landed they're also being

voluntarily quarantined at a military

base in Southern California for three

days the US is planning more evacuation

flights from Wuhan in other countries

have also been looking at evacuating

their citizens from Wuhan

some like Japan have also been given the

go-ahead by China not Taiwan though

meanwhile Russia is just closing its

entire border with China and when Putin

says close the southern border no one in

his country is allowed to protest and if

you're watching the show illegally from

China now might be a good time to leave

because commercial airlines around the

world are suspending a lot of flights to

and from China it's either an attempt to

halt the spread of the virus or there's

a curious lack of demand for flights to

China right now good news though

Australian scientists have been the

first to recreate the virus outside of

China wait why is that good news well

supposedly this is a major breakthrough

that will hopefully help find a cure

that or some in turn is playing a

real-life version of plague Inc but with

the virus spreading rapidly around the

world international health organizations

are like can we please help China please

and the Chinese regime was like now they

denied help from the CDC that's the US

Centers for Disease Control I mean you

wouldn't want them snooping around and

accidentally exposing a massive cover-up

right but after more begging the Chinese

regime announced it would finally accept

some limited help from the World Health

Organization the organization in turn

praised China's response to the outbreak

including its rapid identification of

the virus and its openness to sharing

information with w-h-o and other

countries the World Health Organization

praised China's response I wonder that

have anything to do with why they got

access to China or maybe it's because

the head of the organization is such

good buddies with Xi Jinping and that's

it for the update on the corona virus

what do you think of how the world is

freaking out and how are you freaking

out tell me in the comments below

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Communist Party yourself join the China

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show going today's question comes from

William aderholt I have a question for

the show what exactly are these live

markets where the epidemic supposedly

started how unsanitary

are they good question the markets are

often called wet markets and Chinese

they're usually open-air markets where

you can buy food from different vendors

to sell everything from fruits and

vegetables to raw meat seafood and live

animals they're a huge part of China's

food supply chain and some of them are

not super sanitary chopping fish on the

floor butchering pork without gloves and

freshly slaughtered chickens just

hanging around this is the one on

seafood market in Wuhan regarded as the

epicenter of the outbreak it's been

closed down now they sold all sorts of

weird stuff this was a menu at one of

the more exotic animal stalls to be fair

according to some reports the first

person reportedly infected with the

corona virus on December 1st never came

into contact with that wet market

there's a lot of conflicting information

right now and it'll be months before we

know what happened if at all but the

virus did somehow spread to that wet

market and wet markets are the perfect

place to spread disease because they're

pretty much unregulated live animals

feces blood and produce all next to each

other it's a little unsanitary but what

doesn't kill you only makes you stronger

right thanks for your question and thank

you for watching hope you all stay safe

and healthy once again I'm Chris


this is China uncensored





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