China clashes with India to shift focus from domestic crisis: Analyst; Beijing virus escalation

published on July 2, 2020

a Chinese social media giant now owns a

piece of Warner music the move comes

after buying stakes and other industry

giants like Universal and Spotify but

what are its ties with a communist

regime back home more details about the

border clash between Indian and Chinese

soldiers an analyst says Beijing might

be trying to create issues at the

borders to shift Chinese people's focus

from the domestic crisis Chinese

authorities say the situation in Beijing

is still escalating over 350,000 people

have been tested for the virus so far

results are coming in severe floods

continue to threaten China millions are

impacted as rains trench 70% of the

country's provinces a local tells us

what it's like and a study warns the

Chinese regime may try and use the

economic fallout from the virus to

expand its market share in the US it's a

strategy the regime used during the 2008

financial crisis welcome to China

InFocus I'm Tiffany Mayer according to

Chinese state-run media over 350,000

people and Beijing have been tested for

the CCP virus so far more than 100 of

them have tested positive but these

numbers cannot be independently verified

and the Chinese Communist Party has been

known to grossly under report virus


images of Beijing citizens waiting to

get tested have prompted concern of

cross infection Chinese authorities say

the situation is still escalating about

60% of flights from Beijing have been


most of them domestic all neighborhoods

in the city have been or will be put on

your lockdown the tactic is part of

what's called warning level one the

highest alert and virus epidemic warning

systems yet so far China only announced

warning level two for its capital city 1

Beijing citizen who lives close to the

Shing Fatih market posted a call for

help on social media

Ching fatty Market is the source of the

second outbreak cluster he wrote that

since last weekend his neighborhood has

been under over a lockdown that means no

one is allowed to leave the house to go

shopping in the beginning residents

could use an app to buy things online

but roads are now blocked and delivery

vehicles can't enter the neighborhood

residents are left with only one option

to help each other no volunteers or

official aid workers have brought food

or other necessities to the neighborhood

for five days the citizen aid hotline is

also not reachable as a last resort the

netizens appeal to others online in an

effort to get authorities attention one

that is in commented that family should

stockpile food and supplies in advance

they added that the regime's fake news

harms people and expressed hope that

through the pandemic people will wake up

to what's going on another netizen noted

that chinese state media has been

extensively reporting about the protests

and riots in the us they wrote that

ironically the Chinese regime cares

about the black lives matter issue in

the US but has not time to take care of

its own people severe floods are still

drenching China and happened for weeks

70% of the country's provinces and over

8 million people have been affected over

one and a half million acres of crops

have also been hit along just one river

in central China 17 reservoirs have

exceeded their maximum water levels

the flooding began in southern China but

now a new round of heavy rainfall is

also soaking central China

a man from Guangxi province named mr Wu

told us that in his area a storm of this

strength comes along once in 50 years in

order to protect his identity were using

his last name only he described how rain

and darkened skies have persisted for 10

days and adding that one of the storms

even lasted for over 10 hours excessive

rainfall reservoir collapses and

flooding from the mountains stand as to

three biggest dangers some dams also

collapsed while authorities open the

flood gates of others without notifying

nearby residents mr Wu said the same

thing happened in his area he explained

that many of the areas younger people

work in other towns so when they're gone

only children in the elderly remain that

means that during the flooding when some

people went missing no one was around to

help search for them as a result the

corpse of a local elderly person was

found floating in the floodwater this

week Chinese human rights law Ryo UN

Shen was sentenced to four years in

prison for inciting subversion of state


two years ago you published an article

online titled recommendation for

constitutional amendment in it he

suggested holding an election to decide

the president of the state among other

ideas one day later he was arrested his

wife told us she hadn't been informed of

her husband's court process instead she

received a phone call from the

prosecutor's office after the

proceedings to inform her of the result

she was also told that her husband wants

to appeal to the court's decision as

early as 2014 he was detained for 99

days because of his support for

Democratic movements in Hong Kong he was

tortured while in custody following his

release he joined the China human rights

lawyers group where he represented many

Falun Gong practitioners prisoners of

conscience and other arrested human

rights lawyers Falun Gong is a spiritual

meditation discipline that has been

persecuted in China for over 20 years

last month used wife

published a video online asking the

international community to demand that

the Chinese regime immediately release

her husband in the video she said she'll

never give up we have more details about

the border clash between Indian and

Chinese soldiers analysts say Beijing

might be trying to create an enemy

abroad to ease domestic pressure

high-level military talks between India

and China failed to break a standoff

over a deadly border clash in the

Himalaya Mountains at least 20 Indian

soldiers are dead Indian media reports

is the first loss of life in border

clashes in at least 45 years under an

old agreement between the two countries

no shots are to be fired at the border

an Indian official told the BBC there

were 55 Indians against 300 Chinese he

said quote they hit our boys on the head

with metal batons wrapped in barbed wire

our boys fought with bare hands

in a TV address to the nation Indian

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the

soldier's death will not be in vain I

want to assure the nation that the

sacrifice of our soldiers will not go to


for us the integrity of India and

sovereignty is at the top and nobody can

stop us from protecting them nobody

should have an illusion or doubt in this

matter the Chinese side has not released

a number of death angry sentiments

against China are high in India and

cause to avoid call China make products

are erupting across the country tensions

at the border went up in May when China

surprised India by deploying troops to

disputed areas it's unclear why Beijing

did it

but China affairs commentator line shoe

told us it's a common tactic Beijing

uses it creates small border clashes

when faced with domestic or

international pressure shifting focus

away from the ccp's wrongdoings the

India China issue is a historical issue

the issue has already existed for a very

long time but why does it break out now

it is because when the Chinese Communist

Party is in trouble it needs to find an

enemy from abroad so as to shift the

focus from its domestic problems its

main purpose is to transfer the focus of


examples include China announcing war

against Vietnam in 1979 at that time the

regime was in deep political and

economic crisis after the Cultural

Revolution Beijing also ramped up

anti-japan propaganda in 2012 when

current comest leader Xi Jinping was

about to take power and internal party

struggle was tense Beijing is currently

facing a potential second wave of the

virus outbreak and a struggling economy

the conflict may escalate but whether it

will indeed lead to a war that depends

on how deep the conflict is inside China

because the domestic conflict involves

the stability of the communist rule if

the CCP cannot solve the domestic

problem it is facing it may create

larger scale conflicts this is possible

China is also stepping up his activity

near Taiwan on Wednesday Chinese

aircraft entered Taiwan's air defense

identification zone for the fourth time

in nine days meanwhile Japan reported

that Chinese government ships have

recently been seen moving near disputed

islands in the East China Sea Japan had

protested to China and vowed to respond

panel and TV news House Republicans have

issued a report on the origins of the

pandemic the 50-page interim report

alleges the Chinese regime violated the

World Health Organization's

international health regulations in the

outbreaks early days it focuses on an

analysis of the early days of the

Chinese Communist Party virus

particularly the face before the w-h-o

declared a public health emergency of

international concern On January 30th

the report notes that China never

officially notify the w-h-o of the

outbreak it states despite public

reporting to the contrary the PRC never

notified the w-h-o about the outbreak in

Wuhan it says the CCP tried to limit

information about the virus by covering

it up it also notes the silencing of

whistleblower dr Lee wen Leung the

report calls for an international

investigation into the regime's coverup

and failure to slow the spread of the

virus and

also raises questions about what role

the WHL played and letting the Chinese

regime delay information the report

points out that the w-h-o ignored early

warnings of human to human transmission

it says w-h-o director-general ted rules

responded to the CCP's cover-up by

praising the regime for its transparency

adding that the organization repeatedly

parroted ccp talking points while

ignoring conflicting information it also

called ted Rosa's full-throated defense

of the CCP's response and embrace of the

revisionist history incredibly

concerning the report concludes that

despite Chinese authorities claims that

they notify the w-h-o about the pandemic

in a timely manner

the Chinese regime in fact never

officially notified the organization

about the Wuhan outbreak nor did it

provide the WHL with relevant

information in the early stages of the

epidemic both points are in violation of

the WH OHS international health


that's after one study found that about

95 percent of virus cases could have

been prevented if the regime took action

sooner documents obtained by Canadian

Network CBC revealed deadly viruses from

Canada's national microbiology lab were

sent to China before Canada's federal

police service or RCMP began to

investigate the lab the documents found

that in March of last year live–i bola

and Henning papyruses were sent to

Beijing the viruses are classified as

level 4 pathogens meaning they're among

the deadliest in the world they were

sent from Canada's Winnipeg lept the

only p4 lab with the highest level of

biohazard safety clearance in the

country the documents found that an RCMP

investigation located the scientists

responsible for sending the viruses to

Wu Hans Institute of biology three

months later on July 5th

the RCMP escorted two Chinese research

scientists and several Chinese students

from the lab on suspicions of a policy

breach but Canada's public health agency

says the RCMP investigation and the

virus shipments were unrelated adding

the samples were strictly for research

purposes both agencies have since said

there's no

evidence the virus shipments led to the

current pandemic they say there were no

samples of coronavirus sent but some

experts aren't convinced the documents

confirm that two vials each of 15

strains of virus were sent to China they

also confirmed that the labs shipper

almost sent the viruses in inappropriate

packaging but corrected it after the

Chinese clients caught the problem the

documents say the package was shipped on

a commercial air canada flight from

Winnipeg to Beijing via Toronto on March

31st 2019

it arrived at the Wuhan lab the next day

the head of Canada's public health

agency says the investigation is ongoing

according to a new study conducted by

the Alliance for American manufacturing

or aam the Chinese Communist Party may

view the current global economic crisis

as a chance to expand its position in US

markets supply chains and critical

infrastructure the report warns US

lawmakers to be cautious of China's

moves to target vulnerable American

assets and expand its market share it

also described how Beijing used a

similar tactic during the 2003 global

financial crisis and how the Chinese

regime position itself to benefit from

increased US infrastructure spending

am is currently working with lawmakers

to safeguard funds that were reserved

for US companies the Alliance is trying

to ensure that the money doesn't wind up

in the hands of Chinese state-owned

firms or investors Chinese investors are

already subjected to strict inspection

an effort to determine their possible

impacts on national security according

to the aam now they should face even

firmer treatment that's because foreign

takeovers could increase if the pandemic

left as many distressed assets as

expected China social media giant just

bought a piece of Warner music an

important move for its overseas

expansion but this company has a track

record of facilitating Beijing

surveillance entities Juliette song


a Chinese tech giant under the thumb of

the Chinese communist regime now owns a

piece of Warner music this June China's

$010 bought an almost two percent stake

in the world's third-largest music

company Warner Music Group

while it doesn't look like a big piece

of the pie the move is still significant

for the overseas expansion of the

Chinese internet conglomerate with the

deal and now owns minority stakes in two

of the world's three biggest record

labels just three months ago $010

bought ten percent of the world's

largest music company Universal Music

Group the company has the option to

increase the stake to as much as 20

percent Universal is home to big names

such as Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber

aside from record labels $010 also owns

9% of Spotify the music streaming giant

but $010 is also a company that has a

track record of helping the ruling party

to spy in its own people it owns China's

largest social network WeChat the

platform boasts over 1 billion monthly

active users around the world the app

soaring popularity gives the company a

treasure trove of data to which Chinese

authorities have access to including

deleted messages under the Chinese law

internet companies have to hand over

user data

if regime officials want it also in big

Internet companies like 10-cent Chinese

authorities have stationed web police

whose job it is to crack down on

information the regime deems harmful the

state calls these rumors one such

example is whistleblower dr Lee wen

Liang last December before China's

authorities admitted the existence of

the CCP virus he warned his colleagues

about it in a we chat group four days

later he ended up in a local police

station he was reprimanded for spreading

false rumors on the Internet Lee later

caught the virus himself and died four

months before his son was born aside

from a trip to the police station

WeChat posts can also lead to other

consequences in 2016 a Chinese activist

was sentenced to 19 years in prison

his crime was 69 WeChat posts and 205


most critical of state policies for the

apps overseas users politically

sensitive posts may not land you in a

Chinese Jail but the messages on the

platform don't escape Beijing's eye this

may a Canadian security research group

found communications between we chats

overseas users are subject to the same

pervasive content surveillance because

of the apps popularity among overseas

Chinese many Western politicians opened

accounts on the platform to engage their

Chinese immigrant constituents in 2017

Jenny Quan a Canadian Parliament member

posted a statement on her WeChat in the

post she praised the young pro-democracy

Hong Kong protesters saying they stood

up and fought for what they believe in

and for the betterment of their society

WeChat quietly took down the statement

last year a BBC reporter posted photos

of Hong Kong's Tiananmen Square

anniversary vigil on WeChat his account

was later suspended for spreading

malicious rumors he was able to regain

his account after the app scanned his

face and collected his voice in a

previous statement Tencent said content

shared among international users of

WeChat is private and that their

policies and procedures comply with all

laws and regulations in each country in

which they operate reporting by Juliet

song and T dnews already challenged by a

long economic slowdown in the us-china

trade war

China's job market has seen yet another

blow as the pandemic devastates the

economies bread and butter Chinese

Premier Li Keqiang revealed that the

jobs of nearly 200 million Chinese

people rely on companies doing import

and export with a labor force of around

775 million people the new data suggests

that over a quarter of all jobs in China

depend on foreign trade the pandemic has

forced factories in China to halt

production and the widespread closure of

businesses in Western countries has

caused orders from Chinese factories to

drastically fall experts from various

financial institutions have predicted

that China will suffer job loss

20 to 30% this year nearly four times

the new unemployment numbers the Chinese

government released this week and in

other news the FDA is warning Americans

that while their pets don't spread the

CCP virus infected people can give it to

their pets some house cats as well as

big cats and zoos have been found a test

positive in a video posted online the

FDA says that cats and ferrets are the

most susceptible pets to the virus but

dogs can catch it too in the video the

FDA also recommends avoiding dog parks

for the time being the six-foot social

distancing rule is recommended for

leashed animals as well the Food and

Drug Administration suggests that if you

get sick with the virus you might

consider getting a pet sitter if

possible the CDC says the number of

infected cats and dogs has been low but

that they'd like to keep it that way and

thrift stores join nationwide reopening

donors are lining up to give things away

after months of stay at home orders gave

them the rare extra time needed to clean

and declutter their homes Goodwill and

Salvation Army thrift stores are

reopening after months of closures just

at the same time many are emerging from

their homes and relaxing self-isolation

practices the result lines of traffic

are constant outside the stores donation

centers some donors are waiting in line

for up to 40 minutes to drop off their

items so of course we're in the time of

spring cleaning and everyone who was

sitting home for over two months was

looking at the items and saying I don't

need this anymore that's what brought

Howard Cohen to the goodwill industries

donation center in Skokie Illinois he

says he spent the last few months

cleaning out his closets garage and

other areas around his house paying home

inspired me to be more productive at the

house to actually help clean and you

know get rid of things that I wasn't

using they were just taking up space

once received donated items will first

be marked with the date they were

dropped off then they're stored

separately for three days in order for

any bacteria on the surface to die in

the meantime the items are cleaned and


the months-long store closures cost the

Salvation Army around 15 million dollars

in their Midwest locations alone the

organization says it doesn't know how

long it will take to recoup but that

stores are seeing a huge influx of

donations and shoppers are coming out to

support the mission the Commerce

Department's May sales report is

encouraging although it was strong

overall sales are still 8% below where

they were in February here's a look at

some of the highlights May sales boom

owes a lot to the automotive sector it

rose by over thirty billion dollars from

April and accounts for over 40 percent

of the overall sales increase Americans

also spent more money on their homes

sales at home and garden centers surged

to a record high last month they're one

of just three major retail categories up

from a year earlier

along with grocery stores and online

retailers sales at restaurants and bars

shot up nearly 30 percent but that only

brought the sector back to where it was

a decade ago clothing retailers increase

the most in May a stunning 188 percent

but sales are still at just a third of

February's level as businesses reopened

they're facing a new situation getting

sued for someone catching the virus some

businesses are using waivers for

protection from liability but workers

groups say it isn't fair on employees

many US businesses are asking customers

and employees to sign forms saying they

won't sue if they get the virus the

liabilities waivers protect businesses

and states that don't have any liability

limits or immunity from virus related

lawsuits at least five states already

have these limits and more are

considering them but critics say the

waivers would allow corporations to

skirt safety protocols and workers

rights groups say the forms force

employees to sign away their rights if

they get sick however in many states

workers risk losing unemployment

benefits if they refuse to go back to

work because they won't sign here at

China in folk has we dedicate ourselves

to bringing you true

full unbiased reporting don't forget to

Like and subscribe for the latest

updates and see you tomorrow

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