China Blames America for the Coronavirus Outbreak

published on July 3, 2020

the Chinese regime is using the corona

virus outbreak as a form of propaganda

warfare and the backlash is huge


this is China uncensored I'm Chris


as more information comes out about the

deadly coronavirus we are finally

getting answers there's been a lot of

questions about where the blame for the

viruses spread should lay Chinese people

eating bat soup a leak from a Chinese

bio lab a cover-up at the highest levels

of the Chinese Communist Party no turns

out America's to blame Johnny social

media sites are pushing the idea that

the virus really originated in the

United States clips from Taiwanese TV

and mistranslated captions from American

reporting are used to back up the case

like this one where the Chinese caption

says that the CDC confirms the first

case of the corona virus originated in

the us it's not clear whether that

translation was state backed or if it's

just a reading comprehension issue by

whoever made the Chinese caption but the

Chinese Communist Party is turning the

corona virus outbreak into a big

propaganda push they published this huge

glossy book called a battle against

epidemic China combating in 2020 it

basically compiles all official state

media reporting about the corona virus

and guess what the message is the

Chinese Communist Party despite all

evidence to the contrary and despite the

broad undercurrent of popular anger on

Chinese social media has faced the

epidemic with great wisdom and

effectiveness from the start I get it we

all believe we're the hero of our own

story even if we're an authoritarian

dictatorship that routinely kills our

own citizens to be clear I'm not using

the Royal we here anyway the book has

gotten rave reviews in Chinese media not

least because it was published by their

ultimate boss the Central Committee

publicity department formerly known as

the propaganda department the Chinese

regime is also taking the prop

ganda battle two American social media

banned in China like this poll by

state-run Xinhua news in China's fight

against the corona virus outbreak which

part impresses you most gosh there are

so many good choices it also doesn't

help that the World Health Organization

is lavishing praise on how the Chinese

Communist Party has responded to the

outbreak one w-h-o official even said

this if I had cope in nineteen I want to

be treated in China yes will it be the

Box treatment for you sir or the welded

in your home to starve treatment or

perhaps the more plebeian thrown into a

hastily built overcrowded quarantine

center treatment meanwhile the popular

WeChat messaging app has been censoring

coronavirus content for months and many

citizen journalists and whistleblowers

who have spoken out about the corona

virus have been jailed or simply

disappeared but Chinese coronavirus

propaganda doesn't always go as planned

state-run media released this video of

female medical workers getting their

heads shaved it was supposed to be a Wow

look at how dedicated these women are

shaving their heads so they can fit into

their medical gear better but it came

off more as a group of men humiliating a

bunch of women in tears Chinese internet

users were furious one person wrote on

WeChat stopped using women's bodies as

propaganda tools don't worry that person

won't be posting comments like that for

a long the Chinese Communist Party is

also using coronavirus misinformation to

attack shun um– shun Yoon is a new

york-based performing arts company

according to its website its mission is

to revive traditional Chinese culture

through the Arts it was also started by

Falun Gong practitioners so the Chinese

Communist Party really hates shun you

but since it's based in the US they

can't touch it so they've started

spreading rumors that the dancers are

infected with the corona virus even

though shun youn performers are the

least likely Chinese people to be

infected because they're literally

banned from traveling to China the

communist parties

Buganda got so bad that in one american

city where she onion was performing the

health department had to step in and be

like guys the dancers are not infected

the Salt Lake County Health Department

made it clear that shun Yoon is based in

NYC not China this kind of propaganda

attack isn't just happening in the us

in South Korea where the corona virus

outbreak is really severe a theater

manager received a phone call from a TV

reporter who said that the Chinese

consulate had told the reporter that

shun Eun performers were from Wuhan

that's where the corona virus outbreak

began but all of the Communist Party's

attempts to spread propaganda and lies

about the corona virus are only damaging

its reputation abroad and even inside

China what the party calls rumors are

now being taken as truths rumor is just

a prophecy far ahead of our times says

they quote widely shared online in China

in recent weeks Taiwan is also accusing

the Chinese regime of spreading

disinformation calling it cyber war this

week Taiwan's government reported an

increase in fake online reports about

the corona virus on the island and

blamed China's internet army for being

behind the misinformation I mean just

because there's an outbreak of a deadly

disease doesn't mean you have to stop

being petty so what do you think about

how the Chinese regime has turned the

corona virus outbreak into propaganda

warfare tell me in the comments below

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questions at the end of some of my

episodes today's question comes from

William aderholt the WH owes name for

the coronavirus Cove in nineteen hasn't

caught on any idea why and

would be a good replacement name good

question coronavirus is actually the

name of a family of diseases for example

SARS is another type of corona virus so

in mid-february the World Health

Organization dubbed this new corona

virus disease kovat 19 this was their

reasoning behind the name we had to find

a name that did not refer to a

geographical location an animal and an

individual or group of people and which

is also pronounceable and related to the

disease having a name matters to prevent

the use of other names that can be

inaccurate or stigmatizing and obviously

the WHL wouldn't want to do anything

that would hurt the feelings of the

Chinese Communist Party but this was

already weeks after they declared the

corona virus outbreak a global health

emergency and months after the virus

first began to spread in China that was

a long time for the public to only have

corona virus as a name people got used

to it and it sounds better than kovat 19

what would be a better name for a deadly

disease spreading around the world and

killing people well sounds like

communism to me but I think calling it

that might just be confusing thanks for

your question William and thank you for

watching if you'd like to hear your

question answered on the show join the

China uncensored 50-cent army they're

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uncensored once again I'm Chris Chappell

see you next time





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