Chico’s #1 Crypto Pick 2020? 100x ALTCOIN Soon!?

by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

hey yo what is going on and what is right with the viewers of the tube let me first introduce myself as Tyler the host of the crypto channel that keeps you waiting and winds up for the punch kind of like this little putty tat you

Know how we rattled them domes it's time for Chico crypto well it's time to revisit a favorite blockchain project of mine who has been striding forward week after week after visiting some of the d5 projects in the same ecosystem as them

Polka dot yesterday I hope you know what I'm talking about because the blockchain is the energy web chain there are so many good things with energy web it's hard to keep track of and I have covered multiple things their involvement with

Decentralized energy origin certificate with te o the energy origin which involves ledger origin the hardware component of this take on origin certificates which is already live and in production going on

To 'the energy web change then there was our deep involvement with who dey l'm 2.0 where this dutch neighborhood was coming together interconnecting their renewable energy equipment to become their own mini electric grid and produce

And sell their energy back in the new energy marketplace powered by energy web and their d3 a decentralized energy marketplace there is so much more to the energy web big energy partners from all walks of life

Tesla connections with a virtual power plant project going on in South Australia and more all this research we have performed prior is in the description if you want to check it out and get the full

Pictures now I hope more people understand how the energy web chain and polka dot are closely related will have a similar structure as energy web will be hosting pair of chains on its own relay chain for example their white

Paper these pair of chains ie parallel block chains paralyzed block chains do not need to be aware of the data passing through the others they could overlay on the same geographic region but perform different functions and catalog

Different data or they could serve entirely different markets and/or geographies for example imagine two separate energy web chains each responsible for the electricity grids in north america and europe connected

Through an EWS relay chain based on the polka dot protocol so a basic design of that structure it looks like this relay chain the para change but there is also another thing the theory Umbridge chain and that is what I want to get into and

Show everybody an opportunity hiding in plain sight actually it could be more than a few so the bridge to aetherium how is this going down in polka dot well the Gavin would put out a medium post titled polka dot substrate and aetherium

Explaining just that in October of last year he spoke on the interoperability with aetherium and says our commitment takes three distinct projects which I'd like to take some time to explain a polka dot aetherium public network

Bridge a substrate parody Assyrian Pio a bridge and an aetherium compatible EVM smart contract execution module in substrate with the first one he says there are obstacles with aetherium current design although efforts are

Underway to solve this a like chain X then the important one for right now the substrate parody ethereum POA bridge and he says to support the vision of supporting aetherium right now they will create this bridge which is very similar

To the existing parody bridge that sits at the heart of the ex dye chain yeah that ex dye stake so these tools regarding POA they are already out there ex die as an example and guess what energy web has a Pio a bridge to the

Etherion main net so I'm going to show you how to do this use the bridge now if you're using maida mask which I am you need to connect your wallet or wallet ledger combo by clicking login with wallet in the top right hand corner or

It should just automatically sign in and as we can see the bridge is set up for the Asteria main net back to the energy web-based chain which we don't want we want to go from the energy web chain to etherium so there is a step

With Maeda mass as we need to connect to their chain I have included the documentation for those who want to read below on this step but let's do it right now in the video inmate a mask we need to connect to the energy webs remote RPC

By adding a custom node and to do this we got to go to networks and click on custom RPC and here's exactly what you need to fill in name energy web RPC new RPC URL is HTTP colon forward slash forward slash RPC energy web org ford

Slash chain ID is 246 symbol is e WT and the block Explorer you can fill in with HTTP colon forward slash forward slash explored energy web org forward slash make sure everything is right and then click Save and you should be connected

To the energy web chain now going back to the bridge the two should be swapped so you should have energy web chain to the cerium main net and if your ewt is stored in mate amass they should show up if they are on a ledger you need to send

Them from a ledger to a mate amass address only as of right now I have included awesome documentation on how to do all of this in the description as well now we should see our ewt in the bridge app and the next step is to

Transfer I'll do one of the two ewt to save some of that for gas confirm that you want to do it and click continue confirm on made a mask and the transaction should go through on both mask and the bridge now we have ewt

Called ewt be on the etherium main net I'm sure you're like cool Tyler what's a frickin point well the point is an opportunity in unis WAP now everyone knows since energy web and it's token is its own chain getting it isn't the most

Simple of things to do I've had so many comments in my telegram it's only on two exchanges that some do not have access to but look at the bottom on coin gecko there it's trading on Yuna swop v2 and the volume is really low and why is that

Well because nobody really knows about it just yet as it was just released earlier sweet the energy web unis lot pools as we can see the pools total is just over only 1k only 131 dollars in trading

Volume of which was for transactions over the past 24 hours so if you didn't know about you know swap and it's decentralized swapping protocol those who provide liquidity to the pools they earn the trading fees and since this is

A new pool of which many could come to use with the limitations on exchanges those who provide the liquidity could be earning fees like an exchange but as always learn on providing liquidity to unis WAP before understand the risks

Involved which I have covered in this video posted earlier this year and I have left a pool tracking and performance link for ewt be on unis WAP so you can see what's going on and the average returns as the pool grows so the

Bridge and the defy explosion with energy web will only accelerate and eventually we just might see a blossoming ewt be die pool and trading pairs across a multitude of other assets and sample points on aetherium this is

Only the beginning my friend so POA bridges trading and pools is grave but I know you guys love the Chico Research and me digging to uncover those gems so let's get into it right now so energy webs chain is in version 1.0

Right now it's live validating blocks transactions and running it's based on POA from documentation to establish consensus about the current station canonical history of transactions ewc and the e w test networks currently used

The Aurora proof of authority consensus algorithm in this Pio a consensus model only defined group of nodes called validators are permission to validate transactions and create new blocks and earn the fees now I wonder who are these

Validators well we know this the likes of Shell TEPCO SB group wire pot alia group a yes ng students and other power players across the energy industry but right now it's the big boys getting the tokens from validating but with the

Polka release in Kusama functioning without a hitch energy web is about to move to the next stage of their blockchain energy web chain 2.0 you could call it like mentioned we'll be closely related to polka dot

And Gavin woods a creator of DA and the EVM and aetherium solidity actually said this to the ewf team he proposed that they should be their own real a chain with POA consensus where token holders like us can nominate validators in

Participate in the block rewards so you could actually stake with shell pretty cool huh well it gets even better so when e WT begins this transition and it's eventually finished ews new chains will

Mirror dot or Kusama and staking will be enabled so imagine this energy web is the main relay chain each validator building infrastructure on energy webs will have their own pair of chains for each D app like the d3 a

Decentralized autonomous area agents a new transactive energy grid product of which is a strong focus of those behind this project like grid singularity which many of these companies as validators are already working on and in the

Documentation on d3 a you see how this works it will build itself on up from smart device origin think ledger origin and energy origin up to buildings to neighborhoods to regions to an entire grid and as we know from who's gay l'm

They are already up to the neighborhood bar once region gets going think who is on this who de l'm with energy web one of their validators stead in and from their wikipedia sedin is responsible for the transport of electricity and gas to

Approximately 2 million households and industrial customers seddon has a total of almost 4 million connections in addition to three of the four major cities of the hog utrecht and rotterdam and the port of rotterdam also falls

Under this network operators area yeah region meaning an entire city like rotterdam could eventually be its own d3 a and a pair of chain within the stead an ecosystem and eventually students main pair of chain which is in an

Interconnected group of d3 a d a pair of chains for each region you could eventually stake with them stead in if you think the company in this case is going to grow like a steak Oh bull share in their grid and all this is going on

The energy web chain and the growth of the validator ecosystem will be something dope behold once this gets going growing and expanding by the second that is the future not far out but it is the future

Now let's go a little bit farther out and there's something I believe might be of future use for the energy web chain Ocean Protocol and their AI and data marketplaces so there has actually been innovation proposals submitted to energy

Web for an e w AI device hierarchy an e w AI ocean data marketplace and even AWA IAB I now these are just innovation proposals nothing commercial or concrete but there are connections and proposals being made so I'm keeping my eye on this

One well viewers I hope this video did a great job at explaining why I am researching and digging like I am into the energy web chain and I hope I brought forward some opportunities in

The crypto space Pio a chain X you know swap ocean protocol Cheers I'll see you next time

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