Chevy 5.7L Engine Teardown #ETCGDadsTruck

by birtanpublished on September 16, 2020

Greetings viewers air at the car guy thanks for tuning in well the engine and transmission have been removed from dad's truck and now it's time to tear it down to the bits that I need or should I say bit really the only thing I'm keeping is the engine block maybe a

Couple of fasteners here and there but that's about it so I'm not going to be nice in this disassembly but in this video I will show you the disassembly of the 350 engine should be fun let's get started

Here's a look at the engine before disassembly with its transmission still attached something else I'm also not keeping but this gives you an idea of what I'm starting with which is virtually everything as it came out of

The truck for me job 1 will be to remove the transmission I have already disconnected the torque converter bolts while it was still in the truck so this should just be a matter of unbolting the bell housing from the block I'm not

Saving the transmission but the fasteners fallen in the category of things I'd like to save these are 14 millimeter I like to save a fastener at the top when I have something big and heavy like this to remove that way I can

Be out of the way when it does its thing in fact I'm gonna let it down a little more before I knock that loose it's already coming apart that's good taking the fasteners I want to keep put them in a bag and I'm gonna

Label them transmission I'm guessing this won't take much expected that doesn't mean I have to like it yeah there's always stuff left in the lock in fact there'll be a mess before this is all done since this will be an

Ongoing problem I'm gonna try to empty out as much of this coolant as I can into something right there on the side of the block that's a plug I can take out and then I'll drain it no this guy's also a 14

Millimeter well it might be scale hoping this makes it so all I have to deal with is oil dripping everywhere I don't get busy well I don't like you I don't like you one bit so have a nice life

So I have to take the power steering pump off yeah just get this water pump so I was smart I would have knocked these loose before I cut the belt but I'm not smart I hope this is the right one my tools

Bottom me out inside of here so I'm just gonna take this little nut put it on here I need something that this will slide over this tool used it's been modified they used to have an end done it in there just for this kind of thing

But I do have to remove this pulley in order to get this power steering pump off there's bolts behind it let's try that it's always this simple thing is that another idea my other idea my nut fell out I feel weird sharing that with

You I think I made it weird it's these little things and uh beating up your whole dang day well I got it off alright engineers we need you to make the emission system on this truck tamper proof all right

Let's use some Torx bits on the air pump so it's funny how they went through all that yet they put a nut or another bolt on the backside here I may not worry about it cuz I'm just taking a whole bracket off anyway so the fasteners that

Are holding the AC compressor on have nuts on the backside that's what I'm doing couldn't quite get on to that one but I didn't care they want you to take the clutch off did I say whatever I have other things to do you

Are seriously going there ok let's see if we can just get this whole bracket off kiss it just made me mad why is it making me mad because of that I'm gonna find out how this bracket is held on and it's out of here radiator hose in front

Of part of that endeavor well that was anticlimactic sorry piers of water pumps in the way you know a couple fasteners down here that I was trying to access and then there's one here last but not least I've got these

Two brackets up here really so now the harmonic balancer has to come off they locked it all in yep right there apparently certain that pulley was not part of the balancer beginning to suspect that was wrong I was wrong

Sorry about that balancer I messed up your pulley you're now junk but I did that so now you don't have to lucky you right gonna need a puller to get this off I'm certain of it you have to put the bolt back in can't press on the

Crank got to do it on the bolt so it's gonna be pushing on the bolt the crank bolt and that's the setup what a regular oil on the bolt help the tool help protect the tool a little wd-40 on the threads

Don't work good now let's see if we can get this monstrosity off well look at that well now it is time to well I think it's time to put it on the engine stand unfortunately and I have bolts that go into the back of this block so have to

Run to the hardware store real quick pick up some fasteners that I can use to mount this to my engine stand for you and only be a couple of seconds but for me well it's kind of inconvenient trip to the hardware store and I now have the

Fasteners that I need they are 3/8 coarse thread I don't remember what the thread pitch was sorry here's my solution I have a little piece of the pipe from when I did the shop between two washers there we are because of the

Modifications I've made to my engine hoist and stand this is now possible what before I'm almost there not this again no yeah I might just give up on this engine stand and go for one with three legs that I never had a

Problem with that's good enough for me oh we have our engine on a stand I'm gonna say the exhaust manifolds are probably getting give me the most trouble here might be wise to start with us it sucks that I actually have to

Remove them because there's some cylinder head bolts that are underneath them when you're deep 14 just isn't deep enough it wasn't a nice of GM to put these little lock things on here thanks guys that was in the car I would not be

Happy right now so I didn't want to say anything until I actually got the last one out but Wow can't believe that worked look at how crusty those exhaust valves are they're rusty

Looks like the dipstick is bolted to the exhaust manifold maybe that's fine this will give me some room to maneuver tubes are bugging me they're also attached to cylinder heads and the exhaust manifold it's got to go away well there's

Something that's never gonna work again I think the chain came over and broke that so if you're pulling one of these engines and you've gotta save stuff I would remove the eat here this heater hose before you ever hook up because I'm

Pretty sure that the hook from the chain came into this and just snap that off I don't care cuz I'm getting a whole new setup whole new intake manifold whole new everything but if you're not in that same situation beware and what I'm

Talking about is the hook for the engine hoist that I came in through here and hooked so it came over and probably broke that well maybe I'm lucky come on be lucky yay

I will take that this also has to come off but we're saving it I could tell there was a lot of love put into those sparkplug wires yes I get this knock sensor off I hope it's not into a cool it passage we're

About to find out it is leave that in there for the moment well why we're stripping this down and nothing seems weird they put a knock sensor in a water jacket but oh well he's a lot left in you didn't you wait

To find out what kind of oil you got left I'm just gonna let those things drip even though I'm replaced again I want to get this oil pressure sender off and the part sticking up here from using an

Adjustable but I believe these are usually like in China 16th here's the guy jamming up it works it's a vacuum port you know what though that's good for me taking the intake manifold off next

Anyway it's like they purposely like put a bunch of stuff in the way of stuff it's almost like they did it on purpose I know they didn't but it's almost like that

It's been bugging me long enough it has I don't throw away these tubes I find uses for them I cut them up into smaller things they just sometimes find a home so let's have a box or a scrap pile then I keep this stuff in then it comes in

Handy sometimes oops I dropped the bolt down in the intake I think I'm gonna destroy the engine Oh No let's get this intake manifold off let some dirt down into the engine you

Realize it doesn't matter right on account of it's getting a hot tanked it's uh it's got a date with a machine shop aside from the dirt I just made it looks pretty clean down in there won't see

What's under the timing cover oh yeah that goes with the oil pan oil pan comes off first I just leave one of you in there let's get one of these solder heads off just asking for it just like please take me off please so many head

Bolts I'm gonna go see if I can find their own box not that I'm not replacing them but it's just easier to find a place to put them well they insist on tearing everything apart they just really do you can't get to this fastener

Head bolt without taking the rocker arms off mmm there's four on this side and there's four on the other

that was exciting oh no the hundred horsepower cylinder head just fell on the floor I guess I'm gonna have to get new ones well just an overall view combustion looks good and

There are four more over here and I really should have done this sooner I've switched over my catch to a oil drain coolant I think it's pretty much dealt with but oil on the other hand well that's gonna be dripping for a minute so

What I should have done is I should have knocked this loose and let this drain for a bit because there's always at least another quart left in there you sort of see it wanting but I'll pull the filter off also let that drain out

Seriously dad you're the best I can't stand having a fight with oil filters should be able to unscrew them by hand this is the fuel pump block off I'm gonna take this with me any time we're gonna say your block off off to the

Machine shop keep everything everything you can anyway this way they don't have to worry about losing it on you before I flip this over we'll pull the lifters out at least try to I know you want to come out come on come on yeah that's it

You know what this is gonna be a pain I'm just gonna turn it upside down and see who falls out oh come out eventually there's my oil this is why we have a GU catcher check it out my engine is upside down if I want to lose this guy

I'm keepin the oil pan I don't under the fancy oil pans unless I need one this one perfectly fine clean it up a little paint like brand new oil pan bolts are gonna get their own little baggie big reveal with this one we're gonna find

Out if this has 4 bolt main I know many Chevy trucks came with 4 volt mains I hope this was one of them given that it was a sport although at least in my experience the performance did not feel anything close to sporty or to my

Standards even had to quit my little 4-cylinder GSR would destroy this thing although this was a workhorse it towed a boat it did bunches of stuff so I can't really complain ones on the ends were 13 these could be 10 millimeter but I'm

Using a 3/8 put these supports someplace safe they will get reconditioned okay while pan show me what I want to see more weren't weren't to bolt main darn it these are two bolts so 4 bolt main will

Be a larger main cap with another set of bolts on either side here it's only two bolts yeah general motors in the 90s what are you gonna do it's for everything's ending up not everything wants to stay where I put

It Tommy cover should come off now a little bit of slack only a little so you're not that type of gear are you fine stay with the crank see if I care

I have a morbid curiosity about the cam I don't know why I just want to get it out of here open this will inspire some of the lifters to leave this is one of those things where you're like yeah I don't think so

Oh bump stick that looks like normal wear to me I don't see any it's like totally worn down or whatever but you know thirty-year-old just emissions cam garbage to me great for the environment

Sort of some regretting not removing this before I put the engine stand on because I'm sort of blocked in now this whole rear main seal is one piece I could still get it off I can get down in there it's just it would have been

Easier to do before I put it on the engine stand so if you're tearing one of these apart recommend taking this off first just for fasteners holding this on I believe yeah I don't feel anymore it

Almost looks like I could not have taken us off because the oil pan was held on here and sort of looks like these studs are a part of this assembly so kind of had no choice based on what I'm seeing yep I had no choice so I did it right

But yeah this isn't gonna come off without the crank that's okay though we'll get that crank out hmm the derive is attached well now that I like no place for this well not much place for this to go but I like the fact

That it's attached and together that's cool I'm gonna borrow the balancer so I could spin the engine more easily there we are this way I can just knock the Pistons out there 14s I had doubts if they were

Metric whoops berrak you're some reckless yeah maybe a little but given that I'm not saving any of this yeah so what save that one one thing I'm noticing on these these are wrist pins they're like super stiff yeah

Now that they loosen up after a fact though they're pretty Steph and the hits just keep on coming

There it is free of any pistons the business of the engine spins around and spin stuff awesome right let's get this crankshaft out now I'll lay these out of the bench I'm ready yet on my cart in order so that I can put them back in the

Same order I'm also keeping the same direction look that crank has some sharp edges on it so thrust bearing is on the back on this instead of the center so this guy's got

Its thrust bearing it's time for you to leave 30 years is plenty of time crank chefs are fantastic beasts and they need special treatment I like to be set up right I mean if they set on their side for long enough they can like warp

But anytime I've ever seen them stored they store them like this even though this is a junk crank I'm just showing you basically what I got that's not exactly junk but I'm not using it let's have some fun

Lift your pokin leave you know what I'm gonna get a brass drift so I don't screw up the lifter bores there we are nice and soft I'm now gonna remove the remaining bearings starting with this here

Thrust bearing so what is a thrust bearing well notice it's it's special and it has these edges on it and it keeps the crankshaft from moving back and forth this way especially with a manual transmission this is important

Because every time you step on the clutch you're actually pushing the crankshaft forward this is the kind of thing that keeps it in check in fact you do a measurement of this whenever you do a rebuild

Once now we will reassemble I'm not taking this than the machine shop for a couple of days what I'm gonna do so this doesn't leak all over the inside of my vehicle is flip it around and just let it drain as I'm sure it will it's

Designed oil is designed to flow in this direction gonna give it plenty of time to drip itself out I'm sure some of you want to know what kind of shape the bearings we're in they look like normal ware to me for something that's been in

There for thirty years and a lot of what happened with this truck is it sat for long periods of time and then was started up and that's what's gonna well I hate to say it but accelerate ware and these bearings because there is no oil

That is present at startup during those times because it all drains back into the oil pan but overall you know looks good and pistons well I dropped a couple but hey they just look like regular old Pistons that just like I said the wrist

Pins seem to be a little stiff but other than that they look like pistons anyway it's all getting replaced well viewers this brings us to the end of the disassembly of the 350 engine that was in dad's truck I hope you enjoyed it I

Hope it was educational if you have any questions about anything you saw in this video tools things like that I will link those things down in the description I will also link air at the car guide calm in the description which is where I

Asked you to go if you have automotive questions please like comment subscribe to all those things that help me make a living super appreciate that be safe have fun stay dirty thanks so much for watching and I'll see you next time

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