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published on July 20, 2020

Hello team fd and welcome back to the penultimate episode of winners and losers i'm sure we'll recycle it a little bit we'll get some transfer winners and losers in there but of course we're in the last premier league match week when look at the highs

And the lows from the weekend just passed joining me for the second week in a row it's dj lab how are you sir yeah not too bad thank you mate not too bad better after

Uh sunday's a result which i'm sure we'll get on to yeah i saw you baiting out liverpool fans i saw you baiting out joe on twitter taking no prisoners this week any uh any time any time a chelsea win happens i'm uh

I'm i'm not good on twitter let's put it that way when we lose i'm not seen on twitter so either one or the other muted yeah anyway no shortage of talking points this week

Let's start with the head of the show uh because we've got quite a lot of sub topics to get through haven't we yeah indeed we do and we start with an honorary mention

For leeds united as suggested by abbydass dom rick van damme and many many more as they secured premier league football for the first time in 16 years on friday as rivals west brom

Fell to huddersfield now where 15 managers have failed often in perilous conditions to be fair to them el loco has succeeded and it never really looked in doubt they haven't been outside of

The top two in the championship since november and we've done a whole video on this so if you want to check it out then it'll be in the top right hand corner right now

By pressing the i button so we'll keep it short here rounding off our congratulations with this clip of the director victor ortiz celebrating promotion against rivals derby county

And how focused the manager is that's victor water there he's got the binoculars front and center oh deary me who let him in with those a massive shout out to chelsea as well who beat a lackluster manchester united side

3-1 to reach the fa cup final with goals from giroux and mason mount amongst others securing their route massive shout out to giro as

Well he loves that competition 16 goals in it kudos to the frenchman now we don't want to talk about them too much chelsea because we covered them on last week's show we're going to talk about a transfer rumor in just

A second that might tickle your pickle but i did dig out a stat on mason mound that i want to reveal no player has scored more goals for super frankie lampard in his fledgling managerial career

Than the englishman after that shot squirmed under david de gea it was an error yeah but you know credit where credit's due because frank lampard did reveal that he had a word with his player at half time

About changing his shooting technique in order to you know overcome the spaniard all i did say to mason at halftime was that i want to see him strike through balls more he had a shot in the first half he

Tried to kind of whip it or bend it and for me you've got to try and outside the box against top keepers and dahey is a top keeper you have to strike through them of

Course he didn't catch it brilliantly and it goes in probably down as a mistake but um it's more i was actually um worried all about my job is to worry about my players and with mason i just

Want him to shoot more fortunately three minutes after i said it um he did now it's the sixth time the blues have knocked the red devils out of the fa cup and the third time in the

Last four seasons now it's becoming a tradition they also ended manchester united's unbeaten run of 19 games stretching back to that burnley defeat

In january only arsenal and united have reached more fa cup finals than chelsea's 14 with 21 and 20 respectively and chelsea will be out for revenge two with arsenal beating

Them in the last two fa cup finals they've played off against each other the latest being in 2017 but there's even more exciting news for chelsea fans isn't there chris

Yeah this morning the athletic were reporting that they're extremely close to signing bear leverkusen prodigy kai havertz now of course there's been a number of top top sides linked with him in the summer window as in the real

Madrid bayern munich liverpool he's been extremely good in an amc position for leverkusen this season very prolific for them and as such it was expected that there'd be a massive tussle for his signature but the blues

Appear to be the only side willing to meet leverkusen's 80 million euro valuation now our understanding is chelsea wouldn't pay that fee up front and it would be staggering there'd be performance related

Bonuses in there etc um but with chelsea you know having not spent a dime in january owing to that ban they do have money that other top clubs don't have

To play around with you know in in lieu of ffp which of course is a bit of a joke now okay um but that aside because we spoke about it enough last week it appears

That the blues have taken pole position and personal terms are said to to be close to being agreed the player has spoken to frank lampard and he must have been brushing up on his german jet lab

Because that's teemo werner that is wooed and kai verse i think uh a certain antonio rudiger has definitely helped he's been texting them so agent rudiger's been doing some

Fantastic things for the blues not only on the pitch as well however we move on from chelsea and finally we have to give commiserations to nigel pearson who despite having the best

Points per game ratio of any manager in watford history was given the boot with two games to go now watford are the first side in premier league history

To sack three managers or to see three managers leave during a single season it's quite mental to be honest but if there's one team that was going to do it it was going to be watford this week's

Winner comes from leo guidy1 and it is the gooners no surprise that george chose to script this section now before we get started just a quick reminder to subscribe to football daily euro

Football daily if you're not already turn notifications on it's extremely important to us in this time that you guys get fed the video in your subox youtube not always the most reliable

Uh in terms of doing that is it and also go and subscribe to football daily podcast which has got off to a fantastic start only two weeks old already 14 000 subs uh go and hit those boys up because

We're gonna be moving all the podcasts over from this channel to the new one in the future not too distant future hopefully anyway let's get on with the game at hand because arsenal were the

First side to book their place at wembley at the start of august when they after a two-nil victory over manchester city meant a fourth fa cup final in the past

Seven seasons bloody love this competition don't they um and despite that monumental win against liverpool in the midweek they were still underdogs uh approaching this fixture weren't they that safe to

Say they'd lost their last seven meetings to manchester city by an aggregate scoreline of 20 to two that is outrageous isn't it and the citizens last defeating domestic

Cup and the citizens last defeat in domestic cup competition stretch back to december of 2018 they've just been bloody imperious haven't they however

That record started to unravel after the 20 minute mark when a bemyang made up for a glaring miss didn't they uh with a fine finish at the near post clipped

I was followed up by a fantastic team goal which really embodied arteta's new philosophy is a huge deviation from what we've seen at arsenal in previous years and it just shows the

Importance of building it and building it adeptly from the back i think there was 18 passes in the build-up nine of those were in their own box of course drawing manchester city out of their

Shape into the arsenal half and hitting them really well on the counter attack what a great pass from pepe as well um and boss mikhail arteta was

Absolutely delighted with both the performance and the commitment in what could probably be described as you know somewhat of a turning point i'm really happy for what happened in the last four or five days to beat

Probably the best two teams in europe in reality things to do so a lot of credit for the players for what they are doing their performances and and the level of fighting decision that they are showing the pitch

The captain aubameyang became the fourth arsenal player ever to score a competitive brace at wembley and as a result has now scored 66 goals in all competitions since he joined in january 2018 only

One other premier league player has scored more in that period and that's mohamed salah and despite the stats having city ahead on xg with 18 arsenal's 09 and pep city dominating

With 71 possession it was clear to everyone watching that michael arteta side deserved the win and he can thank two players who have been battered by the fans

Too with david luiz and granit xhaka putting in commanding displays no other arsenal player matched the swiss's 28 completed passes with over half driving the ball forward

To help the team progress and break on the counter whilst david louise provided the experience needed to keep city's relentless crosses and ventures forward out of their box the brazilian made four interceptions 11

Clearances and won four aerial jewels all match highs and also played an inch perfect ball for aubameyang to miss in the first half so arsenal reached the fa cup final for the 21st time

A record in the competition and like we said earlier it will be a third time lucky for lampard's men it's around off the show then we have this week's losers it's leicester city

That are going in the bin they're on football's scrap heap for another week and this suggestion comes from at ah junior 10 and their champions league ambitions have just gone down at the

Swany haven't they taken another huge hit after losing three-nil to tottenham hotspur in what was a pretty drab affair in the end now after southampton's last-minute

Equaliser against manchester united and that pretty commanding performance against sheffield united at the king power where they won 2-0 the foxes were actually in pole position for champions league football

Something the first half of their season definitely deserves the latter half not so much um they've been in free fall haven't they recently um and they came into this game on the back of dreadful away form hadn't

Secured three points away from home in seven attempts that is their worst return in the last three years so it's pretty ominous from the start they had they they faced an uphill task

And they just weren't up to it after six minutes they're already one nil down that sun shot deflecting in off james justin just disastrous and ryan bennett who was hauled off at halftime next to wes morgan just not

Enough speed or physicality to deal with tottenham's defense and they probed and probed that side of the pitch and it paid you know dividends throughout the first

45 harry kane absolutely excellent back to his best regained what felt like two yards of pace running beyond the sort of forward line although you know who he

Was up against may have uh struck up that illusion in my head and less than now um it looked like they're gonna have to contend with europa league football they

Have thrown it away to an extent you've got to sympathise with them because of the injuries um but brendon rogers still thinks on the balance

Of things over the course of a season that fifth place is still a good achievement for the midlands side for me we achieved the the goals we initially set out um to achieve by by having european

Football and we have a game to have a shot at the champions league and and that for us as i said for some that'll be a disappointment but for others

They'll they'll be gratified by what the players have given them this season and like i said we've got one more game to go we'll give absolutely everything we can now rogers may consider fifth decent but

Let's not forget by january 1st leicester city was second in the premier league 14 points clear of manchester united in fifth place now that gap may have dropped to just eight points by the time

Football returned but a dismal return of nine points in the last eight games has left that buffer in tatters now against tottenham leicester were incredibly wasteful particularly

Jamie vardy who only registered a single shot on target from six attempts but they did run into hugo laurice in def in a defiant mood i should say

With the tottenham captain making six saves in total including a quality reflex save from a yoshi perez in what was arguably his best performance of the season now he held on to his sixth clean sheet

Of the 2019 2020 season despite leicester having an xg of 17 in the game showing just how well he performed but with their backline riddled with

Injuries aside from johnny evans the foxes lined up with a back five who had only played 1439 minutes of football between them with james justin making up for just over

Half of that as well so it shows you how much lack of football the defenders had played and they proved to be no match for an in-form harry kane who has now reached 16 goals in just 14 games

Against leicester city the most he's ever scored against a single club that club must hate it when they see kane starting against them now leicester

City's champions league dreams now hang on the results going their way while tottenham hotspur closed in on the europa league spot of their own but hamill being a part-time leicester fan

How do you think this season's been so far yeah i'm glad you cleared that up i've got to say i'm not going to lose any sleep over leicester not qualifying for the champions league you know seeing brendon rodgers um fall

Out of the competition after leaving us in such acrimonious circumstances you know some might say it's karma no but it is a shame for the fan base it's a shame for the city

Um it's great to see you know leicester in the champions league but they just they don't really have the squad depth at the minute to deal with with losing influential players uh the team is vastly inferior with that madison we've

Discussed that a lot already ricardo pereira has almost become an afterthought um and and he was you know in the top three creators was at one point the top tackler uh in the premier league

So they've lost a dominant force down that right hand side and they've had to kind of replace them with with youngsters or or rotation options not people that are necessarily

Geared to coming in and making an impression so i do do have a certain amount of sympathy for them um but yeah they're gonna have to do some smarter recruitment

In the summer if if they wanna compete for challenge league football yet again i i do think it'll be europa league football what about you yeah i think i think unfortunately as you said like you you can't

You can't help it with injuries but i guess that's what makes you into a top four club having that depth where players can kind of come in and out of that squad throughout the season um i think that's just been a bit

Unfortunate for leicester but i think yeah getting into the europa league isn't necessarily a bad thing um and and after the season they've had is probably

What they deserve so i think they've had a um yeah a deserved season but can you imagine it mate lester celtic when we crash out of the championship wow fourth fourth qualifying round of the

Playoffs or wherever it's called now playing leicester in the europa league brendan rodgers back at parkhead that would be very good what a video i might just livestream it on my own anyway that is the end of this week's

Show like we said if you're not subscribed to all the football daily channels then please do so now turn notifications on make sure you check out the new podcast channel yeah zach what else have we got

Going on uh well if you've not already seen the leads video everything you need to know about marcelo bielsa and how he got them into the premier league then please

Check that out as well it's a fantastic video really enjoyed viewing it as well and why not follow us on snapchat the football daily snapchat story where we give you stories every single day every day baby bye

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