CHEAP Minecraft Server Computer | Step by Step Guide 2020

by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

Hey what's up guys Jack and Matt here with the toaster Grizz and today we're gonna be showing you how to build a cheap minecraft server this is a second version of a video we did last year and this one it's gonna be a lot better but before we dive into it let's hear more

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Let's go ahead and talk about these parts and how it makes up this beautiful minecraft server so the total price for this computer was about three hundred and fifty dollars – a little bit because we decided to actually go with 3rd gen

Risin on this which we'll talk about the parts in just a minute but the main reason we did that was because we wanted this to be something that someone can just order all the parts for right now and it is a hundred percent ready to go

To make your minecraft server and honestly be able to play minecraft while hosting a service so this computer could actually play games as well and has a really good upgrade path and this also is gonna be a full tutorial video what

We're gonna do is put the system together if you do want a full PC build guide hit the I in the top right corner that is our full pc build guide pretty self-explanatory if you follow through that the only thing you're not gonna do

With this is adding a graphics card and then we're gonna be going through installing a mine OS which is a linux distro which basically has all the minecraft server properties baked into one install so we'll be doing that at

The end of this video but if you're ready to build a minecraft server let's talk about each part and exactly how it makes up this minecraft server so for the process where we decided to go with the rise in 32 energy this is 3rd gen

Rise and the reason we went for it is because the cores really don't matter a ton you don't need like a ton of cores or anything these days for a minecraft server so we wanted something that had good integrated graphics that could

Actually well play a little bit of Minecraft along with running the server well 3200 G is probably one of the best bang for bucks right now in that category and another thing that we decided needed to be pretty good was

Going with good Ram so we got ddr4 2666 16 gigs that's important to have a large capacity for really anything that's server based you've probably heard that Ram is like one of the most important parts you need a lot of it because

Servers well they like to use up a lot of memory so we went with 16 gigs for this for the motherboard with the gigabyte 8 320 M this is really the cheapest am4 motherboard you can get that's what

We want with it there's really nothing good about it's an eight through 20 and dozenal up to Rison v which is you know good enough you ever did want to upgrade it could go 1600 AF for around the same prices it's actually a

Little bit cheaper if you can't get your hands on ones so we do recommend going with an a320 if you're just on a really tight budget which you were but if you can get a be 450 go with that just because it's overall a better board and

Now for storage we just went with this a data in bad to SSD it's not even nvme it's just a standard 256 gigabyte SSD this system could be used to run multiple game servers if you're wanting to host different kinds of games that

Actually allow you to run a dedicated server so having it more storage might be more important to you if you plan on running multiple servers but this is more than enough for mine OS which is the main thing we're using this for and

It's gonna be fast now these two products right here are the kind of cheap products that we went with to make this really cost-effective first up the power supply we went with this a PBA Astro 450 watt power supply now it's a

PBA it's not a brand you normally go with if you're getting a power supply but the reviews are pretty solid it is really cheap at $22 and I rather spend $22 right onto power supply than overpay and you know have it well you know just

Good value but if you do want to offer something that is a little bit more mainstream you could with thermal tape but the prices are pretty expensive right now with just situations going on in the world but just keep that in mind

When building this there are a lot of power supply options you can go with we decided to up for the Astro power so before you comment down below this a crap power supply we're gonna find out and now for the case it's a server it

Doesn't need to be pretty but you know here at the toaster rods we'd like to make things look pretty and we have the raid backs neon which is basically a RGB case with just like a acrylic side panel nothing special but it does come with

RGB fans 3 to be exact and it comes with a power supply basement so we can cable man just thing to look really nice if you were going to double this as a gaming PC on the side and have it like dual boot with Windows and Minow s what

You could do this would be a good option because it could actually be use as a gaming PC or a spare computer that you can actually use then it won't look like a total piece of crap but this is a really awesome case to add some RGB and

Around 40 bucks really can't go wrong so how about we quickly put this thing together because it's an APU system doesn't take too long and then we'll be diving into the tutorial part of this video let's do it

Alright guys so now that we have this pc all put together let's go to the tutorial section of this guide now we're gonna be installing what is known as mine OS more specifically mine OS turnkey which is basically a bootable

Linux distro that allows you to make a remote accessible minecraft server so what we can do is set this thing up in the other room over there here's Jackson by the way we can set this thing up in the other room and when we do set it up

We can remotely access it from another computer without having any issues and it could just kind of stay in a closet or wherever you want to put it so you know got the distraction behind but anyways here is mine os this is the

Website for mine OS all you have to do to install my no wes is a couple of things one you need a USB flash drive super simple then you need to download mine OS from right here it is an ISO file so all you're going to need to do

Is download this get a flash drive that can support for under 50 megabytes and then download a bootable USB tool I just use Rufus it's the easiest way to do it download Rufus and then what you'll need to do is open up a Rufus throw the ISO

On there which we'll go ahead and do again real quick just so we have an extra demo and then right now as you can tell you would find your device which would be your flash drive you'll pick which ISO file you want what you hit

Select which right here is our ISO file mine o s and then you just hit start make sure you know that you will be erasing this flash drive so if you do this you were going to lose any files on the flash drive and then once you've run

That you should have a bootable Drive that allow you to throw it in the computer that you just built go into your boot order settings and boot to that drive and then it's pretty much self-explanatory you set a password to

Free to be able to access the online interface which will show you after we get everything set up we're gonna go ahead and move over to the computer and walk you through the installation process just to make sure

You don't get lost along the way and to be fair this is my first time doing this so we're gonna go ahead and do it alright guys now that we have this PC all put together and the bootable USB ready to go we're gonna go ahead and

Boot to it now if you do have Windows installed or anything install there any on the computers are gonna be using this on keep in mind you ready to change the boot order to make sure it actually boots to the usb but because we don't

Have anything installed well before we actually forced it to boot to the usb we're it's gonna go ahead and do this now you can't do it one of two ways you could try it live on the USB stick first if

You do have Windows installed in your computer you just want to see how this works you can most definitely just install without it or you can install directly to the hard disk which is we're gonna be doing so we're gonna click on

Install the hard disk and pretty much the install is self explanatory and as I mentioned in the beginning after we do this we'll be able to promote indirectly to this computer and manage all our minecraft server stuff so what we'll do

Is go ahead and use the guided entire disk we're gonna go ahead and do that or you can just do guided use a larger continue it's free space where you don't make up where you don't take up any other space on the drive but we're gonna

Go ahead and use the entire thing because why not let's see did you do that's fine yes okay cool okay continue yes so our drive wasn't totally wiped so it's asking us to do a bunch of partitioning to the drive to

Make sure it's good for this Linux distro so we're gonna go ahead and let it do that so we can get rid of everything that's on there we're gonna copy the data to the disk then from here we're just gonna basically make the root

Password in the other pass where we need to access our minecraft server and everything should be pretty easy from the web interface so we'll dive into that after everything installs here but pretty simple we will leave a link to

The forum down below for mine OS it will give you more step-by-step instructions if you do want to check that out it seems that the new installation is only on the operating system of the computer if so would be safe to install the grub

Bootloader yes we'll do that so we're install a bootloader to make sure we can actually boot to the thing when it's installed and then when that's done we should continue through the installation process

If restart the computer in order to use the new installation would you like to restart now yes and then we might need to go back into the BIOS and turn on the SSD because I think the installation will probably finish from the SSD save

And exit and we'll see if this actually will post properly that is fingers crossed okay we're moving I see a lot of numbers on the screen it's kind of scary cool okay please enter a new password for the

Root account must be 8 characters long we'll just go ahead and type in a password for that search for the Minecraft account must be at least eight characters long will do okay so turn key backup migration stays

Follow the changes the database it can be on like restored from here turn key you can start using service immediately if you initialize now or you can manually later let's widen hit apply enable locals as notifications to be

Forwarded to your regular inbox and no games include security updates the system message is I'm not gonna do that for right now we'll just actually kind of skip it yeah I'll just skip that we don't really need a manual updates enter

Our email but if the system is figure to automatically install security updates I will do yes that's fine make sure we have all the security updates we need this is based on Linux in theory the concept of going the extra route to do

This as opposed to installing Windows and having just the server launcher running on Windows is you have much better stability and now it says welcome to mine OS this will be all blurred out but basically everything else should be

Good to go please note it out of the box only these ports are open and service run manually this way and then we'll go into the advanced menu and pretty much everything is golden here you should have everything ready to go all you have

To do is then go into your I'll see I don't want to quit awesome now we're gonna go ahead and see and make sure everything's up and running properly which should be other remote into this alright guys now we are back to the

Computer that we started this whole thing on we have the computer running in the other room and all you're gonna do is go to the IP address display it on the screen once you finish the install and then you will get the Sign In screen

Right here the username is M C and the password is whatever the password is that you set in the other room so be sure you remember that password and then once you sign in you'll be greeted with you will be greeted with this this is

Your minecraft server dashboard through mine OS so all you have to do from here is go to create a server you can basically decide whatever you want to call this server you can call it towstee server whatever server you want to call

It and then go through everything you leave the fault settings you can set the difficulty the game-mode out sort of fun stuff then we can do is hit create server now I've already created a server it's called toasty server and we're

Gonna go into the actual server settings so under server status here's our server right now it currently down so what you need to do society exactly what you're gonna run on your server so to do that you go under

Profiles and under profiles you can do numerous amounts of things you do a forge serving you do a spigot server you can do a lot of different types of servers and you can find different ways to important different ones if you're

Interested like feed the beast and what you can do is go through and download whatever version you want which I downloaded the latest version one 15.2 and then we're gonna do is go back to server status pick that profile right

Here which we mean to server needs to know what profile to run on click that we're going to broadcast it to the land then you can broadcast it to a network also in the future if you want be able to join from outside your room which is

Most likely what you want to do but we're gonna do this on the land just for demonstration purposes and then you're gonna hit start and then you have to actually hit the jar file which I forgot to do and hit start and then from here

It says I need to accept the EULA which is required by the minecraft developers so accept the EULA and then hit start and then from here your server should be online so you can go to the dashboard real quick and you can see that the

Server is up you can see how much RAM you're actually using on the server and then you can just connect to the server in theory so what we're gonna do is go ahead and pull up minecraft which should be installed on this computer alright so

Now that we have minecraft open we're gonna go to multiplayer proceed we should be able to add a server so as you can see right here our land server is actually up and running so we can go ahead and click on this and then in

Theory the server should be working encrypting joining world and boom look at that we're on a minecraft server so we are running this through LAN you can configure it through opening your ports if you want to to actually open it up to

People to join on the outside world but you have to give out your IP address so keep that in mind if you do get all your IP address only give it to people that you trust but hey it's working can't seem to have any issues there let me get

Jackson real quick to come in and load it up on alright guys we are now testing out the minecraft server I got Matt right over here load up the LAN see what oh look at that smooth all right well where are you at where you at kids I

Found you why'd she spawn so far away yes so we got we got full bars and everything I mean obviously we're we're playing land so of course I'd work but basically we have all the essentials setup of a minecraft server the only

Thing is if you're wanting it to actually be over a network rather than having to be you know in your house you are gonna have to do port forwarding and whatnot which I don't believe we're gonna go into this video because that's

A whole process and a lot of private information if you wanna see ways to port forwards check in the description down below and we can show you guys how to do it so of course as you guys might be wondering how could you double this

As a gaming PC to actually better play minecraft well kind of be a little bit hard to do that if you're running the Linux version on here because you're literally booting into Linux and you don't have windows but you could put

Linux as a VM and then have windows alongside that the only downside is it would still be kind of hard to get into one of the others so another option that you do have is just running the standard minecraft server in Windows 10 and then

You can play it as well and honestly the standard one works almost just as well now if you have any problems installing mine OS throw be links in the description down below to some of the guides I use to make sure everything was

Up and running again I kind of did this learning as I went so some of the stuff may be a little bit back and forth so I would highly suggest if you want a step-by-step guide link in the description now below come back to this

If you get stuck anywhere and I really do like the install – it's really cool it's super easy to set up if you are really really passionate about Minecraft and want to have a minecraft server this thing would be great to just put

Together and really not touch ever and have it in a closet or wherever you want to put it and then you can access it whenever you want via the web OS so pretty self-explanatory to put together and very excited with how it turned out

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Guys in the next one peace good bye paste please

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