Chap-hop is rap for the dignified dandy

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

I have been accused of some heinous

things on this channel horrible and

hurtful things but I do think it's

important to note that I have never

dressed like this or played a banjo

lately chap hop is a term invented by

the man born Jim Burke to describe his

damned defied rapping about cricket

straight out of sorry

attention under my name's mr mr be the

gentleman rhymer debuted in 2008 with

flattery not included an album with

hard-hitting rap songs like more kissing

in porn please we are British and the

YouTube hit straight adversary straight

out of sorry I attacked the ball with

vigor the foresight here yes my score

gets bigger than the best of the morning

nearly I passed it on the scoreboard to

share this I don't want to speak out of

turn but I do think that maybe the

second best song ever recorded about

cricket oh my god that song is so good

but I digress

chap hop is born of the culture

celebrated and promoted by the magazine

to chap

the chap was founded in 1998 and is a

very British magazine about wearing

tweed while smoking a pipe and drinking

tea while touching the tips of your

moustache naturally pairing this

highfalutin English lifestyle where they

sound born on the streets of New York

City makes as much sense as any parody

rap because there is a joke rap song

about everything in the world it's a

smoker joint tonight I'll smoke a joint

tonight me and all these dinosaurs a

road of bones I mean that's amazing

there are no weed dinos in chap hop

unfortunately but there is lots of tea

chapels big moment in the digital video

son came in 2008 and while its

practitioners continue to tour and

perform its steampunk conventions all

around the world mainstream interest in

the genre wasn't peaked again until 2014

when Britain's controversial Education

Secretary Michael Gove professed to be a

fan you've recently said that you quite

like rap music so I was wondering could

you give us a taster of your favorite

rap so the first rap I probably heard

when I was younger was that was it was

actually a vanilla rap which was the ham

rap you know with them Andrew Ridgeley

and George Michael hey everybody take a

look at me I've got street credibility I

may not have a job but I have a good

time with the boys I meet down on the

line gob was asked in an interview what

music he listened to and rather than

saying we would Mack or whatever

politicians are supposed to say he went

deep and name-checked mr B and

Professor elemental now when I say great

yes knees oh great yes please oh great

you see despite their dapper attire and

perfect use of received pronunciation

chap hop artists are not above the

traditional hip hop beef both B and the

prof have dissed each other on record

before which led to an actual rap battle

between two grown men dress like Charles

Dickens characters when you try to win a


I'm neither sensible or hesitant just

rightfully ball now if you watch the

show before you know that I have

opinions about cultural appropriation

so is hip-hop racist the cop-out answer

is sometimes hip-hop is the dominant

cultural force in America and by

imperialist extension the world it's why

we made an episode about whether country

rap is maybe racist

and how I was able to search dinosaur

rap and immediately find that sick Jam

from earlier now my name is on the

fences you call the cops and this really

freaked the Triceratops

but while hiccup can sometimes find

pieces of african-american culture

jammed up against symbols of

african-american repression chopped-up

isn't plagued by that same weirdness I

mean look at Sir Reginald Pike tavant

Esquire as I read the Gazette to catch

up on the news and classify data so I'd

chance to peruse when I saw a category

called steampunk I chat to it you leave

it up to the fuck and it's also clear

that dudes like mr B aren't rapping

just because that's how all music sounds

now Jim Burke did time as a DJ during

the reign of big beat and in the 90s was

the emcee for collapsed lung which you

might remember if you ever skateboard it

or watch soccer then

so here is a man who has been rapping

since the early 90s clearly well

schooled in the rich history of hip-hop

finally finding a global audience on the

internet with a video spoofing NWA on a

bicycle life is weird as hell what do

you think is chap hop just as dodgy as

hiccup how hard is it to maintain a

beautiful mustache like that let us know

you think in the comments and share any

other songs that you like that we didn't

include in this video and subscribe for

new episodes of this exists every week

be excellent to each other last week's

episode which was ostensibly about

SimCity got a little bit hijacked in the

comments when you discovered the secret

meta-narrative of this exist and got

really angry at me about one joke about

how humorless men's rights activists are

I think it's important that we address

that concern and I want to get to that

but first I'm a bit parched we've done

this whole episode and so I just need to

have a glass of some of what was left in

the comments last week it's very salty I

think I think these are your tears these

are these are MRA tears I'm just going

to just take a sip salty


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