Chainlink’s Sergey Nazarov Created BITCOIN! Satoshi Revealed!!

by birtanpublished on August 4, 2020

egg-yolk how's it going with this channels faithfuls the Chico army and of course any newbie who I like to call a viewer of the tube if you don't know by now my name is Tyler the host of the only

Crypto channel that first shocks you and then brings the entire house down you know our theists juice it's time for Chico crypto so did my video shock you last week which brought forward the evidence out there that Elon Musk could

Be Satoshi Nakamoto did you hear what I just said he could be because there is so many different possible candidates out there besides mus which makes some sense Hal Finny we died Adam back and even Dave

Climate but there is one more who makes my list as a contender who hasn't been discussed much and it ties back to my number one huddle which is oh so stinky that is chain-link founder SN satoshi nakamoto or Sergey nazarov how is a flan

Man himself a candidate for Satoshi chain-link was a 20-17 ICO didn't Sergey create it around that time well actually no chain link has been in the works for a long time longer than most people realize which relates back to the domain

Smart contract calm which today is a landing page for chain link smart contracts so how does this website domain provide evidence that Sergey could possibly be Satoshi well the first thing is when the domain was registered

Using who has dotnet a domain information and lookup tool we can see that smart contract com was officially registered on October 25th 2008 2008 does that year ring a bell for anything important especially the month of

October well the first email Satoshi sent announcing the release of the Bitcoin white paper was done on October 31st 2008 so just six days before the release of Bitcoin to the masses Sergey nazarov secured the domain smart

Contract calm and the email he used to register with we can do a reverse lookup of it and see what else he has also registered a flurry of domain names from 2008 on names which will become important all of

That right there is weird alone but the fact that smart contract was secured points to something as towards the end of Satoshi's time with Bitcoin he started posting more and more about contracts especially those smart ones

Here's a post in 2010 about an escrow contract Satoshi was coming up with for Bitcoin and then in December of that same year 2010 Satoshi announced will release a version zero point three point one eight of Bitcoin core and as we can

See Satoshi said the main edition in this release is that counts based json-rpc commands that Gavin's been working on json-rpc commands well if we go to a theorem which is the granddaddy of smart contracts we can see from this

Infographic json-rpc is an interface for the smart contract calling function so obviously Satoshi was thinking smart just before leaving Bitcoin as just a few months later he sent this email to a group of core devs he was speaking with

Some of his last words when asked if he was stepping back from the limelight I've moved on to other things it's in good hands with Gavin and everyone were the other thing Satoshi was doing in relation to smart contracts like smart

Contracts calm well let's dive deeper into that domain and see what we can come up with going a bit further we can confirm once again that yes it was registered six days before the Bitcoin white paper but here shows the

Registrant it was indeed Sergey nazarov but there is also something special the registrants organisation which says QED global and here's where things start to really pick up remember that name QED global as Sergey registered it back in

2012 so the domain for smart contract comm it lay dormant from the time of registration 2008 until the launch of the actual website in the latter half of 2014 I wonder what the original smart contract com looked like we know what it

Looks like today all spiked up with those chain links but using web archive for its first published version Oh shoes that's a of Bitcoin isn't it looks like smart contracts for Bitcoin including an

Escrow contract which Sergey or Satoshi termed a conditional Bitcoin escrow contract smart contracts like this from Sergey or Satoshi were meant to happen with Bitcoin one of the last things he posted in the forum's was regarding the

Ability for smart contracts and JSON RPC calls but Bitcoin doesn't use JSON RPC it uses its own thing now called Bitcoin RPC and it is used by authenticated clients and servers to connect to a running instance of Bitcoin the clients

Issue commands to send transactions get status and a variety of other purposes basically to call contract functions but Bitcoin RPC is Bitcoin specific and not friendly to the outside world of api's and more which causes major problems but

JSON RPC was implemented back then with Bitcoin when Satoshi was there as we can see from the Bitcoin wiki they have a whole section on JSON RPC and in it we see Bitcoin supports SSL HTTPS JSON RPC connection beginning with version 03

01 for exactly when Satoshi was still around but what the Freak happened do it while continuing allowing arbitrary messages to access a JSON RPC port is dangerous and strongly discouraged access should be strictly limited to

Trusted machines then there's this from the wiki enabling SSL on the original client daemon but that was removed and no longer available on Bitcoin core as of March 2019 and as we can see from the historical comments it says this no

Longer applies as RPC SSL was removed and below it says JSON RPC over SSL is strongly discouraged even when it was around that doesn't seem like what Satoshi wanted from Bitcoin as he posted on it being worked on just before he

Left and it kind of looks like from sergey's own smart contract comm website that even in 2014 when it went live he wanted Bitcoin to but do you remember from just a bit ago from the Whois registration it said the registrants

Organization was QED global and I said that was important now why well let's just go to their website today and look who is still listed as their managing director a very young picture of Sergey nazarov so who is QED

Well Sergey has him listed as part of his job experience and it says QED capital provided founder friendly venture capital to highly technical founding teams in Russia and Eastern Europe and then says after the first

Bitcoin price spike to $30 + June 2011 QED capitals turned its attention towards cryptocurrency research and mining with the emergence of altcoins offered the first smart contract functionality we refocused on applying

Block chains beyond cryptocurrency and the real-world applicability of smart contracts then it says through research extensive technical due diligence and active participation in multiple cryptocurrency communities QED

Eventually led to the creation of an expert technical team that would make the first blockchain based web mail crypto mail one of the first live widely used decentralized applications that use smart contracts to move real value

Secure asset exchange which if we scroll up of course Sergey was the co-founder and CEO of each of these so why is QED and all of this important well Russia Russia Russia QED is Russian and they have their servers and clients in Russia

And they registered the domain with Sergey and then just a month ago coin Telegraph came out with an article titled Bitcoin code reveals Satoshi Nakamoto used a Russian proxy and the article states as early as 2009 Satoshi

Relied on a Russian proxy and the tell-tale signs appear in the file IRC CCP online q12 although the details of it were hidden with a cipher which they were able to crack the article continues this cipher seems to work by

Removing all the zeros and then converting the numbers from a hexadecimal notation to decimal that produces what looks like an IP address eighty-seven point to five point one four six

The time the proxy was provided by Anders Telecom it has apparently been defunct since 2016 but we can confirm here that yes the proxy was indeed Russian from Anders Telecom and coin Telegraph did a search of the IP use for

The proxy eighty-seven point two five one point one four six and you wouldn't guess what they found they found that same IP proxy posting hotel reviews in December 2008 with the name Sergey and then again in January

2009 Sergey posting from that proxy and a thread about Russian speakers in Vietnam Wow Wow we wha the Russian ties to Satoshi as if you didn't know the Bitcoin talk forum Satoshi created Russian was a first non-english section

Of it but I want to play you something to finish this episode off with Sergey speaking at a 2014 conference about blockchain smart contracts even before aetherium was released let's begin yes so I think a lot of the focus right now

Is on smart contracts and how you can get smart contracts working into some form of minimal Viable Product to get it out into the market because there I think a lot of people are eager to see the potential of the blockchain be

Realized yes he says the full potential of the blockchain now let's just go back to a JSON RPC thread from Bitcoin talk in 2010 Satoshi was a part of regarding JSON RPC he said this as long as the

Interface is designed for things like showing the user last in transactions history it's fine now that we have the account feature making it easier to do payment detection the right way Gavin could list transactions have options to

List transactions for all accounts which who is working on it JSON RPC Gavin Andresen last replied that year 2010 about it yes list transactions is possible other account routines could return a new invalid account name err if

Given I've got two issues with it though which he lists and the next comment about this JSON RPC idea 2013 random user asked what is the new state of affairs regarding this issue after three years

Is there a way to poll or get notified when things happen on the networks no there wasn't development for Bitcoin had failed to get to the full potential to solve some of these problems Satoshi was last talking about which Sergey was

Plainly saying at the conference with the release of aetherium as the crowd sale for it was going on at that time 2014 let's continue and a lot of the conversations about are about how do you make how do you in a trust this way

Verify and then more importantly based on that verification based on did the person do X or Y or something else how do you kick off enforcement in a way that's also trustworthy right so those are those are very big problems but I

Think the technology to solve them is finally emerging and I think that that there are a few people that aren't aren't waiting yeah bitcoin was waiting Sergey and etherium was not cheers viewers I'll see you next time

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