Chainlink Complete Review | Price Prediction

by birtanpublished on September 26, 2020

Chain-linked is solving a very critical problem in cryptocurrency if you want to take real-world data right we currently use like the Internet of Things all this little data and put it into a smart contract which is very crucial we know that smart contracts in

Cryptocurrency are one of the biggest value propositions that we have well you can't do it in a decentralized nature so why are smart contracts better than just regular contracts well chain link is decentralizing that process they're

Helping you know connect real world data via API to the blockchain and in this video I'm gonna give you guys a review of chain link you know I liked it it was in my top three all coin picks and then I'm also gonna give you a price

Prediction keep watching what's going on everybody Alex back with another cryptocurrency video and today we're gonna be talking about one of my

Favorite alt coins chain link okay I know I put it in my top three all coin picks right but a lot of people are asking me why why did you pick chain link okay and it's for various reasons right I like to think back to the

Internet boom you know I obviously wasn't old enough but I did a lot of research in my history and a lot of companies out there you know kind of felt they didn't really last right like it'll say like 95% of all the companies

You know creating internet products right internet businesses they eventually went out of business and the reason is is because people were offering everything and anything out there they were just kind of throwing

Ideas into the air getting a crowd funding or you know funding from banks or even like loan sharks right and creating these businesses and the money wasn't real right they weren't actually solving a problem so when I look at

Cryptocurrency I look at it in the same way how you know are these people offering you know everything I've seen these coins that offer you know like some ridiculous claims but I'm not doing anything about it

Chain-link is a little bit different okay very simple big problem in cryptocurrency which is how to connect real world data right that we currently use and put it into a smart contract the biggest value proposition in

Cryptocurrency but before we get started guys if you haven't already subscribed to my channel my name is Alex and I talk about everything internet entrepreneurial if you're looking to make money on the internet this is

Definitely the channel for you do me a favor hit that subscribe button as well as that push notification bell so you can get the videos first just like this I'm not trying to show both guys I'm just giving you the real deal no spiel

Like I'm practical you know knowledge that you can apply like today right so you can go do your own research I'm gonna show you how I research my you know crypto currencies as well as companies so you can follow along and do

It yourself so let me jump into it right so you see right here smart contracts are connected to real world data events and payments now keep in mind there's all this data out there that is not being utilized on the blockchain for

This reason right so smart contracts if you don't know what a smart contract is it's just like a regular contract right so for example let's say you have a contract with your landlord to pay him rent every

Month but they execute automatically so and it's like artificial trust so let's say for example you don't pay rent well you're gonna get Invicta door gonna have to go to a judge and then the judge is gonna roll on if you should pay a

Certain amount or if you know they were wrong and you know your living conditions were bad or something like that right the smart contract is the same thing in a sense that there is no third party right there is no it

Automatically executes if you you know if you put the payment on the blockchain it's gonna automatically send it no matter what it's immutable unhackable just like the blockchain it's basically just sets a certain amount of rules for

People and it executes automatically so we want that right we want that in applications we want there's a lot of use cases like casinos right now that people are using games even you know you could you could have a variety of smart

Contracts in a game but the problem is is that all these all these use cases currently in cryptocurrency are not connected to real-world data like what do I mean by that so for example let's say you wanted to make a smart contract

For yourself to lose weight right and you want to hold yourself accountable and if you don't you basically have a thousand bucks right and maybe you do this with like four or five different people and you guys all put thousand

Bucks each into the smart contract and you hold yourself accountable to working out five times a day and you have to keep your Apple watch on while you work out well real-world data in a sense would be like your heart rate your you

Know your blood pressure like anything any basically measurement that your your SmartWatch can make right so the amount of steps you took right all these things will be calibrated and chain-linked hopes to take that real-world data and

Be able to execute it in a smart contract so for example if you guys said that everybody has to work out you know five times a week or the time you don't work out a percent of that thousand dollars goes to the other people right

You get what I'm saying with a smart contract and you know you didn't track it or you didn't work out that day well it's gonna automatically execute on a smart contract nobody can do anything about it this is the agreement you guys

Made and this is the value you'll get now there's all types of data all over the world there's all types of sensors with doctors you know there's their sensors even you know on the streetlights right like all anything

That has a computer has sensors and we can take this data there's something called the Internet of Things and execute it on the blockchain with chain link that's what they plan on doing now you could technically do it right now

But there's one major you know there's one central point of failure and the whole point of decentralization is that you can't take it down you can't take an API connection down with one point of failure what do i mean by that well for

Example if you like this is a bad picture of it but guys by the way I'm basically giving you the overall just you can go read the white paper for yourself but to make it simple for my viewers I like to do this so for example

Right now if you were to connect the API somebody can technically hack the API right just the central point of that that one point of failure right and the thing about that is that if that's the case well then you might as well go

Write a regular contract because you know they have one point of failure which is the paper contract somebody could rip it up burn it right that's one point of failure but blockchain is decentralized by nature so for example

It's the difference between blockchain and like a cloud service or something like that is that the cloud service has one database maybe multiple databases but if you were to take one download it would have you know substantial losses

To that cloud server or you might be able to lose it all right it has one point of failure well blockchain we have hundreds of nodes out there and if you were to take down one node it will not compromise the

Blockchain that's the whole point right so they are doing the same thing with api's they are decentralizing the API so that there's not one point of failure so if somebody attacks one point of that API connection

All right connect to an external API then it will not take down the whole connection to the real-world data it's very hard to explain but as you can see and end reality reliability so you you any input right any real-world data into

The chain link right then it goes through the blockchain all right with the blockchain is very secure back to chain link and then any output which is the output and usually gonna be a smart contract right so you guys can read into

This for yourself I highly recommend you know going through all white papers and everything like that looking at the various features right as you can see here connect to a teapot API send paintings payments anywhere you

Know this explains it in more detail smart contracts require middleware to connect to the real world data this external data will trigger the contract creating the need for this higher reliability you see how I'm saying one

Point of failure right now they decentralize it there's multiple points to where if you take this one point right here down the other two are still running that's the nature of decentralization a highly reliable

Decentralized oracle Network now these guys are actually doing stuff right they Google I mean they partnered with Google as well as Oracle so like I said you know from the beginning of this this video I like to work with companies that

Are actually executing they are executing hence why they have a partnership with Google and this is another reason why I picked the coin right so they are they have all types of you know they're just solving a very

Simple problem they're actually executing on it and they're having some very strategic partnerships keep in mind guys Google is they have a monopoly on our data all right so remember how you can

Take real world data and put it into a smart contract well guess what who has all the real world data Google has all the real world data okay keep in mind when you guys go on for example Gmail you go to Google sheets you go to Google

Docs are these not all free back in the day before we had Google sheets and stuff like that which I remember when it came out Google Docs I remember I used it I was in class when it came out you know we had to pay for Microsoft Word we

Paid a subscription Oh either a one-time fee where you'll buy the disk or now you have to pay like a month-to-month or a yearly subscription all right and it'll cost hundreds of dollars I remember you can go buy a you go buy

It you could have bought it for three four hundred bucks right for that disk but for some reason we get Google Docs for free why it's because all these services like Google sheets which buys by the way we're gonna use this price

Predictor guys Google sheets and all that and Google Docs and all these free services that Google provide they make money on the back end they create these free services for you so that you can go input your data and they can

Use it for whatever right and sell your information to the highest bidder so someone can advertise to your characteristic type and make some money on it right maybe maybe you bought something online from an advertisement

Have you I have and that's how it works right these people make money by selling your information to the highest bidder okay so think about it chain link partnered with the biggest data hoarder in the world they have a monopoly on

Data right now what do you do when you want to know if know something you go to Google or YouTube they own both okay not only that but you're probably using Gmail think about it guys so they partnered with the biggest data hoarders

They're gonna be they're gonna have the most use cases for this API connection I have no doubt about it if as long as they execute on what they're saying everything's gonna fall into place so I believe that this is gonna be a major

Player player in crypto currency by far just for those small reasons but they're very powerful reasons guys I'm not you know a lot of people go into the technical indicators start talking about this this narrow this piece of news or

This you know when I make an investment strategy it's typically very long term I do not care about the short-term price of the coins I only care if they're gonna last for five to ten years that's it okay and that's how I make my

Decisions and you know typically from if you look at investors throughout time that's how you should be making your decisions in cryptocurrency because it's the most volatile market in the whole entire world and you know most

People can't trade successfully on cryptocurrency when China is putting out some weird news or you know they love cryptocurrency one day and then they hated another when China does the most volume and out of any you know country

In the whole entire world into Bitcoin so keep in mind you know this is a different game if you're coming from forex if you're coming from traditional investing and I'm not really worried about that I'm just worried about are

They gonna execute on the problem it's as simple as that to me so that's why I picked chain-linked now let's jump into some price predictions let's see exactly what I think you know is gonna happen in the future by the way guys I have

Called the price predictive calculator you didn't already know I just recently dropped the course okay call blockchain basics you can go below and click the link and check it out for yourself

Basically all it does is teaches you how to buy sell send receive and store cryptocurrency that's really the only thing you need to know to navigate this new Internet 3.0 so like you guys know my strategy I just you know collect

Coins over time and if that's all you're willing to do you don't want to worry about you know trading and everything like that well and you can't confidently send your crypto currency from coin base to you know for example a cold storage

Wallet if you don't know what a cold storage well if all this sounds crazy to you please check that course out I made it for a reason it's very fundamental I'm not trying to promise anybody riches simply how to navigate this new three

Internet 3.0 and I do offer the price predictor calculator for free in this course you get it for free I teach you how to use it and you're gonna see it in a lot of my videos so let's jump into some price

Predictions so to make a prediction on a future you know coin right it's like how what's the price of the coin in the future we have to take in consideration the market cap divided by the coin circulating supply okay so first let's

Just do some you know fun math here so if you were to invest $1,000 into chain-link okay when it was at its all-time low right which is all-time low is at 12 cents yeah 12 cents twelve point six

Cents okay you would have got seven thousand nine hundred and seventeen coins okay the percentage increased to the all-time high which the all-time high was at four dollars and fifty four cents okay

Would have been you know a three thousand four hundred and ninety four percent increase your profit would have been 35 grand okay that's great right a thousand and thirty five thousand it's kind of unheard of

Okay so if you would invest a thousand dollars today you would have got four hundred and sixty five coins now I believe I wrote this out yesterday so it could be a little bit different let's recalibrate so we'll have two dollars

And 19 cents let's come back here oh it went up five percent let's put the 19 cents in there see it automatically is not made-up numbers here guys this is actually calculated in the back end so if you take a thousand dollars you

Invested today you got four hundred and fifty-six coins if it goes back to the all-time high that's a hundred percent one hundred and seven percent increase and your part you double your money your profit would be two hundred dollars I

Mean – sorry two thousand dollars two thousand seventy three dollars okay now that's good to look at right because it most likely it's gonna go to its all-time high eventually right you guys know how cryptocurrency works it's

Making the next infrastructure of the Internet chances are the Internet's going to be run on the blockchain in the future like I'm talking in five ten years probably even longer than that and you know if

That's ever a reality then cryptocurrency is gonna make some money that's a fact they're gonna have some more market share as you can see right here bitcoins at 105 billion dollars if we ever even pass Apple right or Amazon

Right we're gonna see like for example if you look at Amazon here it's at 105 billion guys we're gonna see a four five six x on all the crypto currencies if you pick the right ones and wave and even way more than that and you know

That's that's what I predict in the future people have different opinions if they have a different opinion ninety-nine percent of the time they're looking at the value of the coins they're not looking at how the internet

Works currently how the infrastructure is unofficially running right now and it's basically a dictatorship it's basically a monopoly and blockchain technology is decentralizing that giving people's you know power back to the

People with their data but that's for another topic we're talking about the future value of chain links so let's go back into it so if you take a thousand bucks and invest it today into chain link you're getting the four

Hundred and fifty six coins and city you know four hundred fifty six point sixty two coins now we have to figure out a prediction on the future circulating supply in the future market cap now there's two reasons there's two ways I

Do this okay typically I'll look at this but this is a little bit different I want to calibrate it according to for example alt point so if you know what x RP is you know it's one of the biggest coins I believe it's a coin number three

Right now it's yeah ranked number three on the corn market Capcom now I like to calculate this if you come here to the last Bull Run so keep in mind this calculation is gonna be like a three to five year calculation whenever the next

Bull Run comes that's what I'm predicting okay so if we come here and we look at the the market cap so we can see at one point the market cap was at a hundred and nineteen billion dollars yeah that's a hundred thousand yeah one

Hundred and nineteen billion dollars okay now that's pretty crazy I'm not gonna calculate the market cap to be a hundred and nineteen billion dollars because that's unrealistic if we look at ethereal really quickly we could look at

One point and the bull market the market cap was a hundred and thirty two billion dollars okay so you can see where I'm getting you know these numbers from right so if I take one you know one fifth that one one sixth that one fourth

Whatever right I kind of threw it in at as you can see here forty five billion dollars so that's realistic right it's not over passing you know XRP or aetherium they're still the top dogs right this is just jumping up a couple

Of spaces in the bull market you know top ten maybe top fifteen coin where is it out right now it's right sixteen so let's say it gets to position seven or eight yeah we can even look at a light coin for example because that's like a

Top ten coin let's look at litecoin and eos right like if we click like coin let's see how much of their market cap was in the bull market let's look at right here so as you can see here at one point it

Was 16 billion but the reason why the price is so high as I believe because of the supply was low so that's not really a good coin to look at because our supplies a lot is supply so much lower let's look at for example a OS a CEOs

And see how much their let's see at one point in the bull market they're out of fifteen but maybe maybe we should lower the yeah I think after looking at those two numbers let's put this out like 20 billion let's say it passes EOS which a

OS is technically doing nothing right now this is let's say 25 billion see it passed the z/os passes like coin okay now we have to look at the circulating supply so when this coin was created it was pretty minted it wasn't like Bitcoin

Where you have to mine it to mint to coins okay and basically I'm not gonna read this article this is just the one part I want to look at right here 35 percent were sold as a ICO or cried sale right 35 percent went to the note

Operator so these are and Bitcoin would have been you know the people that run the miners right so 35 percent went to them right and then 30 percent went to the company for the development of the cryptocurrency let's keep so let's say

For example Oh obviously all these were sold to the people right let's say for example they dumped like eighty percent of all their so eighty four eighty percent of the tokens are in circulation they've sold it off for whatever reason

And this is a worst case scenario I love doing worst-case scenarios because you know obviously you want to overestimate you don't want to underestimate so let's let's go let's say they dumped eighty percent so if we look here at the price

Of chain link or the actual coin of chain link let me just jump back over here to corn market cap let's go – let's go to link all right chain-link we can look at the basically total supply that we will ever

See in distribution or in circulation which is gonna be one billion all right so 1 billion link will ever be in the market well I calculate it for 800 million so you can see where I can get I got you know 80% of the total

Supply is in circulation in three to five years there's no way to predict this because of how they distributed the tokens but again we can be we can overestimate so that will basically make okay the value of this coin $31.25

Which is from $2.99 that is a pretty big jump okay so you could turn a thousand dollars into 14,000 dollars guys you know I know a lot of you come to this channel thinking that you're gonna you know get ridiculously rich right you

Think you're gonna come here and make a hundred thousand dollars or four hundred bucks I know a lot of people want to make you think that so you can buy their courses and you can spend money with them but that's just not the reality

Something like this is not even reality right this is the future reality okay in the current reality you don't see jumps like that okay you don't see you know 14x returns on your money it just doesn't happen in traditional market

Unless you're extremely lucky you more like see 50% if you're really good and like in like you know you're one of the best in the world you're making fifty to seventy percent a year and your money okay you do not see you know three

Thousand five hundred percent just doesn't happen okay now this is for a lot of people that don't like the 14th the husband dollar number thing is too small that is a crazy return on your money and I do not mind making fourteen

Thousand dollars on my money now let me let me give you a perspective right so let's say you invested twenty grand well that just turned into two hundred and eighty five thousand dollars now I don't recommend to people to put

You know go take a loan out on their house go sell their car to put it into chain-link obviously not but if let's say for example you had $100,000 sitting in your bank account from savings or whatever the case may be

You took one-fifth of your money and put it into cryptocurrency and you got a two hundred and eighty five thousand dollar return I know for a fact you're not gonna be mad about that so this is pretty realistic in my

Opinion maybe you can play around with it maybe you say oh well they're not gonna distribute you know sev 80% of their coins maybe they're gonna distribute 70% of their coins well if they do that it's gonna be even

More expensive because of how economics works so say you've invested thousand bucks well it's gonna be worth thirty five dollars all right and you make sixteen thousand sort of fourteen thousand oh well let's say it does get

To a XRP you know type of market cap let's say that much money gets into chain-linked which i believe is a little bit more realistic just because more money in general is coming in so to see you know a fifty billion dollar market

Cap valuation is not going to be far fetched for a lot of coins that it is far-fetched right now because we are you know we're not in a bull market right so let's just say we see 50 billion dollar market cap

Well $71 chain-linked now we're turning a thousand into 32,000 a lot of your eyes are like oh okay again I was astir under estimating this a lot okay I think cryptocurrency is going to pass the value of for example

You know definitely Apple I don't see why it wouldn't right I would see you know I think you know one trillion is very realistic in the next ten years one trillion in general with all cryptocurrency and I believe that if

Chain-link keeps doing what it's doing it's gonna capture a lot of that a lot of that market cap but that's my price prediction on chain-link you guys let me know what you think in the comment section below do you think I was being

Too greedy or under estimating or do you think it was pretty accurate let me know below in the comment section if you like the quality's content hit like if you don't leave some constructive criticism subscribe for more video updates and

Like I always say if you don't get with this technology you will get left behind thanks for watching this video guys I'll catch you in the next one

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