by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

what's up crypto gaming welcome back to
another episode if you guys are new here
we do a giveaway at the beginning of
every single episode and today's winner
is charlie oh one thanks so much for
commenting on the previous video Charlie
and I just sent you some crypto on this
very special announcement video I'm
going to be announcing that we are doing
a full video series on crypto
collectibles I've partnered with amazing
developers publishers and also the
platform open sea we're gonna be
promoting on the platform grow your base
that you guys are familiar with it if
you watch the channel and I'm very
excited to announce the first five
projects before I announce the first
five projects as well as the first
project we're gonna dive into today that
you probably can already tell what it is
from the title of this video I do want
to give a big shout-out to to open sea
I've connected with open sea after
making the previous video and it is a
platform where you can buy and sell and
exchange all of these cool ERC 7:21
tokens and it's a very exciting platform
and that's pioneering this space and
it's really cool to be working directly
with their team and just as a quick
disclaimer that I'm gonna be doing for
each one of the videos in this series
this is not sponsored the developers
themselves are sending me these nft SR
non fungible tokens to do giveaways for
everyone the format of each of the
videos in this series is going to be
uniform it's going to be straight across
the board I'm going to be going through
the different aspects of these different
projects to show you guys everything
from the front end all the way through
to the back end and game demos of these
individual blockchain games and all of
this is kind of inspired by the fact
that I won the crypto gamer of the Year
2019 and I wanted to give back to
everyone that voted and supported me
we're starting with the market cap of
the individual crypto collectible we're
going by volume so the amount of
training that's going on on open sea the
platform over actual game demos so I'm
going to be showing you guys glimpses of
every single one of these projects in
the game demos that the developers send
me or I'm actually gonna dive in myself
also the different properties that are
involved with each non fungible token so
without further ado I want to announce
at the first five
that we're going to be going over the
first one is going to be chain breakers
chain breakers is a RPG game that is
based on the etherium blockchain it's
super exciting because you're going to
be accessing it through D central land
and that's what we're going to be going
over today I'm going to show you guys a
demo of the actual game itself in the
game play and then I'm also going to be
going over the numbers on the open sea
platform as well as giving away one of
the items in the game next for that
we're gonna be going over after this are
going to be my crypto heroes crypto
voxels foot battle nifty football and
then after those I'm going to be
announcing it the next five so the whole
series will be ten videos and we're
going to be diving a deep into each one
of these projects so you guys get a
chance to see the top crypto collectible
games as they're rolling out you get a
chance to actually win some of these
collectables through the channel through
grow your base at i/o and you will be
able to go in and actually participate
in these games so I'm gonna dive onto
the open sea platform and show you guys
the market cap the volume the count some
of the many different properties of the
NFT zon chain breakers and you guys will
get a chance to see some of the live
game demo footage that the developers
have sent me and you will be able to win
this item that I'm gonna show at the end
of the video in the comment section
below so you guys do have to actually
comment about the item that we're going
to be giving away for this video and all
of the videos in this series we'll be
giving away a NFT or non fungible token
so you guys will get a chance to sign up
for the game get an exclusive in-game
smart contract and token that you guys
can play around with and it is going to
be a one-of-a-kind series here so very
excited about it but let's dive into the
overview of chain breakers the RPG game
that's set in this ancient Greece world
you guys can see here when you're on the
open sea platform and you go to chain
breakers you can see a little bit more
information about the project itself you
can see some of the assets that are
available for you to get whether they're
in bundles or directly what I like to do
is I like to go to the activity showing
on the open sea platform I
this box here and you can see everything
that's going on on the platform how much
mana is being used on the platform to
transact with the different collectibles
so you can see here that Michael did a
bid for the armor of strategy with 2,000
mana you can see to the moon sold the
battle hammer for 50 mana you can see
all the different transactions here and
then all the way on the left hand side
you will see the ones that I mentioned
before that we're going to be going over
for all of the projects in the series so
the market cap on open sea is marked at
thirty five point four nine aetherium so
that's about eight thousand US dollars
in relation to the actual aetherium each
being around two hundred and thirty
dollars the time of making this video
and then below that we have the average
price of 0.78 etherium per asset that
you can purchase on the platform below
market cap you will see the volume and
this week they've done about point zero
to etherium and volume and a total
volume of just under $50,000 worth of
etherium the last bit is for the count
and the count is the number of tokens
that are on the platform is 2881 and
then the number of holders on the
platform is 1181
to show you guys a glimpse as to the
popularity of some of the different
collectibles the chain breakers has
available this one is called me Midas
Club so this one is going to classify as
a weapon within the game and you can see
here it alas sold for fifteen thousand
five hundred fifty three mana on the
platform as we scroll down you can see
that there are three different
properties associated with this
collectible itself you have legendary as
far as the rarity of it so there's only
nine of these so this is one of nine you
can see the zero percent have this trait
the role that it plays is it's a tank so
one out of eight hundred and thirteen
and that is 28% have this trait and that
is game wide and then the last is it
it's a mace one of five hundred four and
seventeen percent of this trait the last
piece about this – is Club the weapon
that I wanted to show you guys is the
it has the ledger of everything in the
history that has gone on with the crypto
collectible itself so the sale started
at 40,000 mana and then there are
different bids you can see that there
are four bids placed and that that was
six months ago so it has changed hands
over the past few months and it's very
cool that they show this entire ledger
of everything that's happened with this
super rare asset that you could collect
and add to the game so with everything
that you guys know now I want to show
you guys an exclusive look at their
gameplay in chain breakers that is going
to be widely available very soon and it
is launching on decentraland so a
strategic RPG set in a fictional and
stylized rendition of ancient Greece the
story revolves around a corrupt evil
government and the various factions of
rebels the players who must join forces
and cooperate in order to sexually
successfully topple the ruling class so
it's a very cool mission here and let's
go ahead and dive right into the look at
the game itself

working with open seat has been a lot of
fun there are a lot of publications then
we are partnered with that I will be
announcing over the next couple of
episodes here that are going to be
helping distribute these videos so if
you guys really want to help grow the
series and help grow these projects
share this video on social media with
your friends with your family whatever
it may be and get them interested in
crypto collectibles so that we can grow
the N of T space and also open sea for
basically being the central exchange for
all of these different collectible with
that said the exclusive collectible that
we're giving away for chain breakers is
called the Warhammer of brilliance and
to one lucky commenter in the section
below and also people that participate
on grow your base and sign up for
everything in the description below and
follow the instructions you will get a
chance to win the Warhammer brilliant
sorties of this collectible are the
rarity or one out of 520 rule or the
Warhammer brilliance is that it has the
ability to heal which is 1 out of 1,000
and 9 the rarity of this overall is one
out of 524 and the last property is that
it is a weapon and it is classified as a
mace which is 1 out of 504 so applying
these different rarities to the unique
different tokens in chain breakers gives
people a sense for urgency to get
involved with these tokens and it also
allows for scarcity to work fluidly
amongst a marketplace like open sea so
it's very exciting to see these
different properties applying to
something like the Warhammer our
brilliance and you guys have the chance
to get involved with that by following
the instructions through the link below
so that is it for the first episode of
the series I'm super excited about this
and I hope you guys are too if you're
new to the channel subscribe but to
follow along with the series and like
this video and comment for a chance to
win on the next video for the crypto
giveaway as well as for the crypto
collectible and that's it for this
episode I will see you guys on the next
episode of hot crypto

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