CGI Artists Battle to Make Art Before Their Laptop Batteries Die!

published on July 19, 2020

And video reached out to us and challenged us to do something cool with their new mobile workstation laptop so I reached out to Sam and challenged him to an art duel he and I are gonna sit down each one of us with a laptop and see who can bust up the coolest render but

Here's the catch we are going to be on battery power only so you need to finish it in the time of one charge of a battery nothing else no mice no keyboards the winner of this contest gets to keep one of these laptops and

The loser has to take the other person's wallpaper image and make it the background in their phone for at least one week all right Sam's waiting for me let's do this

so we're on battery power I got an hour and 15 minutes remaining 94% already oh my gosh as you can see within our social distancing here not gonna lie feels pretty risky my wife

Sarah she advised me not to come today but I did it anyway just for you guys let's see what else we got in this asset pack Beluga Soros we would falling statue I want to do that this cool freaking robot

Here not rigged it's just a collection of random parts so rigging is when you have like a skeleton in place and you can animate something to move a bio mutant that sounds cool Pizza Steve hopefully we don't pick Pizza Steve but

The thing is I haven't seen his 3d model yet and if he's good alright Pizza Steve let's see what you got Pizza Steve almost made me lose my mask Pizza Steve literally almost filthy he's not rigged

So he's stuck in that pose forever but why would you ever need to change anything about Pizza Steve so this is the sounds what we both have eats of Steve and we're trying to make them we're trying to do pizza Steve justice

First thing I got to do is give Pizza Steve a makeover this cheese was like too yellow and I want to get it more of that like on a nice luscious white and orange you know and I'm saying like that toasty

Toasty oven cheese he needs to have the meat sweats dripping off them you know when you pull up a fresh pie out of the oven that's got the meat sweats I'm at 77% Wow oh boy my battery 77% that's fast but

It's probably because I've got all this super high-tech rendering going on right now you know it's been really rainy in LA during the whole pandemic here and it's really like suited the the mood of the

Whole thing blankets skimpy really kept people indoors which is a good thing well it's definitely making my fingers nice and stiff perfect it is hard to be fast in the trackpad this trackpad it works

Pretty well as long as you make sure you bind the middle mouse button there's something because it's a crucial button for cinema 4d without it you can't move around in your viewport people taught me these rendered challenges are all about

Figuring out your composition as early as possible once you know where your cameras gonna be and your framing you get to just worry about what you're gonna see and not what you're not gonna see I'm gonna call this piece I think

That the toppling of Papa John the fall of the Papa the fall of the father I mean Pizza Steve is gonna be a recurring nightmare for him for the next year Sam can't replace that picture of his new baby with a picture of pizza

Steve thrown this man off a pedestal that's doing the audience the votes for my piece he wants this videos up it's too late to vote but if you haven't followed our Instagram that you go follow it it's at corridor digital you

Know vote on things you can help us know what you're looking for the quarter digital Instagram page go follow it I am at 66% oh man having this live view or update I really didn't think that battery Sam what are

You at 68 oh I'm not doing too bad you know lighting is like what lets you hide what you are missing the lighting gives me a mood it gives you shading it gives you volume without light you don't have an ocean feel it'll work and in slow if

You like that maybe it's because he got this matrix glasses on your in bullet time this pizzas pies in the oven you can't take the heat of my pizza oven fifty-two percent oh Jesus 57 percent

Why didn't you tell me that they were gonna die when we started actually using the fetus for super intensive rendering actually designed for creators the razorblade 15 studio edition was crafted to unlock workstation class performance

With mobility of one of the most compact 15-inch laptops in the world so I'm using you know the NVIDIA Quadro r-tx 5000 which is a workstation GPU it has more memory than gaming GPUs do so for things like like octane here where

Everything's being rendered on the GPU all your textures need to be stored on the GPU so this workstation GPU less we have more higher resolution textures versus like a gaming GPU remember when I was telling you about the temperature of

My oven I'm setting the scene for mr pizza man's demise this is the : crust rising 50 percent 44 percent I'm reaching the end here save as to the last second the first book Lord even started working I saved the file and I'm

Like this is the file music I got I got post-processing I got it all enabled and every freakin spot I possibly can yet I'm not seeing it I cut my bloom no work I still not working give any thoughts on why I suck Oh book though I'm making

Valuable time I have to reimpose a scene they oh he's full of color and life and this is looking sick I am quite happy with this I'm glad I'm glad he feels like he's a real hotshot today seen that

Finish line is the best I'm really like bust right through it and I guess I should render it huh he's doing 39% of England final touches for my

Lighting changing settings oops that caustic valuable time my battery is at 24% 17 minutes left alright I just wish my Bloom was working second render here we go

I guess doing this render I can tell you live about this computer and video also it has something called video studio where they basically worked with all these different companies in the cinema 4d and octane to Adobe to Blackmagic

Design to make sure that their software is accelerated by these cards that these cars are being leveraged to their maximum potential you're leveraging the power of the card for more than just playing video games whether you're

Encoding video or editing things engineer or doing effects and After Effects lots of cool stuff you can do with a a workstation card like rendering this really high res render I'm at 52 percent of the way there

Renderer version one let's just make a render just in case my entire world collapses assuming I didn't screw anything up I can get it out but if there's anything screwed up and I'm in trouble

So I'm getting so close you can paste this slides this screen up real nice yeah this is pretty sweet 28 too low for comfort come on let's go to Gmail come on phone this is actually okay concerning why are you so slow right now

I'm gonna stand up so my resolutions jacked I'll take a photo of the screen like Clint did I should have used the mouse let's go Gmail finish that loading bar a varies at 18 percent 20 percent remaining 14 percent remaining on the

Battery I am done what do they end up with 18% not bad we're gonna text them to each other all right okay all right I'm ready are you ready all right ready three two

One cool these are the mutant men went at Briony hot he gets sweaty or are they just tears it's pretty good I'm not gonna lie I like your environment he made to like his metal grids and a cool background

Your camerawork just makes it wait look way more intense it's framed really nicely by my phone Jen did it on a laptop on battery power the computer never slowed me down the only slowness what's in here I

Should also mention that if you end up picking up an RTS studio laptop you get three months of Adobe for free so access to all their programs for three months to learn more about invidious studio and razor blade studio laptops check out the

Links in the top of our description all right so Sam and I have stayed off Instagram and so we don't know who the winner is Christian here has the tally but before we find out we wanted to hear from a couple of different professionals

Here as their opinion we're joined by Clint CG master Jake creator of crazy ideas here at corridor and Griffin who is our art guy he is the professional who we must impress the most and the winner they get the laptop yeah when

They have a Video Creator studio laptops image 1 all right here we go what pepperoni hot he gets sweaty this is tears the lighting is first thing that I noticed after the initial obvious stuff

Which is I just realized this is an oven oh I just realized this – no and – Wow Sam you are a misunderstood artist man this really speaks to the duality of the image cuz you know he's standing there like he's not afraid to die doesn't have

A care world but behind those sunglasses there might actually be a whole world with the pain to me that's art I like that that's my honest statement my artists statement I'm also wondering his is crossed hair

Or is crossed hat at the end of the day the things that I appreciate technically are that the material properties of everything in the image are consistent on a technical level the two things that I have an issue with that haven't been

Discussed so far are the sunglasses are apparently totally opaque and made of a substance which absorbs all light because there is absolute perfection and the leathers in the second half of the sentence it is legible but I find that

The values between the yellow letters and the gray pan are a little too close and they tend to blend I just find that a little bit distracting but overall I am very impressed and very saddened by this piece of grip and I I appreciate

Your feedback and honestly next time I'll I'll try and incorporate some of these ideas and with that we have render to this is an eco s sign he's got a lot of

Yeah this is an eco vendor for sure are they jumping out room are they tossing him into hell it's hard to tell this piece is titled the rising crusts and it's about pizza the common man rising to the top overthrowing Papa John

I think composition is great I think the Lighting's great your message is that this is the pizza crust the rising crust it leaves me wondering who the real tyrant is when when one man with an army of pepperoni monster zombies topples

Another man I'm wondering who the pizza king is really the difference between materials is a little bit more noticeable on this even in the the pizza man he appears to have a little bit less intravenous to him but overall I do

Think the composition is very nice it's a very kind of classical composition the light leads you through the page and allows you to explore with your eyes I'm a big fan of how much full frontal nudity there is in this image that's

That's working really strongly here I'll take that to heart all righty why don't Clint Griffin and Jake provide their personal votes on what their favorite render was I gotta go with Niko's if I had to pick a

Background for my phone for a week it'd be Niko's Sam's makes me feel something and believe in something and forgiving faith giving me that that glimmer of hope in this trying time my vote goes to Sam all righty well the votes are in and

Adding those votes to the Instagram contest we've been running the winner is render to Niko's fall rising crust rising crust thank you thank you everybody thank you to the voters I give you guys thank you to pizza pepperoni in

Particular I just want to thank all the pepperoni pizzas out there can't wait to make some more sick renders well Sam you're gonna have to uh you're gonna have to die on this on your phone that was a wonderful render challenge

And I'm happy to post this beautiful image let's see it there yeah wow that looks pretty good phone background yeah enjoy that laptop Nico yeah that laptop Nico you know you guys I did some heavy thinking I'm gonna

Donate that laptop to court or digital because corridor digital is much more need of a workstation laptop and I'm using right now that's right any time you want it belongs to all of us yeah thanks for watching everybody and falsi

At corridor digital on instagram he won't miss on the next one if you're following us now I'll see I'm gonna go in the hyperspace see y'all later good drive out of here bye

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